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In literacy this term we have been learning lots about different texts, as well as our VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation). We have also been focussing on different aspects of our writing, including adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns, prepositions, plurals, singulars, and many more! Regarding our punctuation, we have been learning to use most forms, including full stops, commas, inverted commas, exclamation marks, question marks, semi-colons and brackets. In order to help us with our writing, we have been acting out various parts of our drafted writing, which makes it easier for us to remember when we do our 'Big Write' (Final piece of assessed writing). Here are some freeze frames of acting out our own 'Viking at School' stories, as well as our adapted versions of 'The Three Little Pigs'.

In numeracy, we have learnt lots so far, including partitioning, adding, subtracting, learning about shapes, right angles, directions and even coordinates... I know, we get tired just thinking about it too! It has been very important to use specific methods for our calculations, specifically adding (using a partitioning method), as well as subtracting (using a number line method). Additionally, we have learnt new methods for multiplying larger numbers (including the grid method) so that we can solve real life problems. Now that we have got this good knowledge, we can move on to more difficult problems over this next year which we are all excited about!

So far in Year 3, we have learnt lots in science, including all about 'Magnets and Springs', as well as 'Teeth and Healthy Eating'. Throughout all our science units, Nana and Ricky either help us out, or we need to help them out with certain questions. In order to do this, we conduct investigations to get a conclusion to answer the initial question. Recently we have done an investigation within our 'Teeth and Healthy Eating' unit, whereby we used Coca Cola and 2p coins in order to investigate the effect that Coca Cola has on our teeth! The children planned a great method and we concluded that Coca Cola wasn't good for your teeth as it wears away the enamel! Below are some pictures of our investigation for you to see!

Vicious Vikings

Autumn 1 involved Year 3 learning all about the vicious Vikings in the era 793-1066 AD. We learnt all about the way of life of the warriors, as well as women and children, then compared it to the lives that we live today. We were able to act out invasions, as well as visit 'Danelaw' at Murton Park to bring the topic alive. As you can see from the pictures, it was a brilliant experience for the children, whereby they experienced first hand the every day experiences of a Viking. Similarly, they experienced an invasion by the Saxon's, as well as making their own oil lamps so that they could find their way around in the dark!
On top of all this, we then consolidated all this learning and performed an excellent assembly to the rest of the school showing what we had learnt and teaching them about this great period in history.


In PE so far this Autumn term, we have been learning to swim, as well as performing our own shapes and movements within routines in gymnastics and learning how to throw and catch, as well as apply tactics and skills within basketball. Below are some pictures of some of our gymnastics shapes (which include tuck, dish, star, arch and straddle).v

Here are some pictures of us coaching each other in various drills and games focussing on throwing, catching and dribbling in basketball.