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Academic Year 2021-22
PE Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Primrose Lane have high standards in preparing children to be physically literate and have a broad range of opportunities to succeed in sport. Please access this link, which shows how we intend to implement a quality, 'spiralling' curriculum that provides a progression of skills throughout school to achieve the best outcomes for our children physically and mentally.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m sure your children have still enjoyed participating and competing in various sports and small games, as well as learning within their two hours of PE per week. There is now a huge focus on PE and Sport in all schools, not just to encourage healthy active lifestyles, but also to develop the children’s social and emotional enjoyment, which has been shown to link to success within other areas of the curriculum.

This year, again, primary schools have received funding called Sport Premium, which is ring-fenced and can only be used to specifically develop Physical Education (PE), sport and physical activity in school. After an evaluation, schools have then been awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award or nothing at all within the Sainsbury’s School Games Quality Mark. The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded again this year.

Primrose Lane is very proud that we achieved the Gold for the Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark in 2018-19 and it that is being extended for a second time to the 2020-21 acedmic year (despite the disruption of Covid-19), maintaining our award from the last five years now, which is a fantastic achievement! We would like to congratulate all staff and children for their efforts and cooperation within PE and Sport and hope it continues to progress further. Congratulations have also been received Partnership Development Manager Shaun Mulhern.

If you have any questions or suggestions of ways of further developing the PE and Sport here at Primrose Lane, please come and see Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator).

The importance of PE and Sport

Please see this link to read about the importance of PE and Sport (as suggested by AfPE).

Years 5 and 6 Greek Olympics!

Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful curriculum ‘Greek Day’. We were able to branch out in our learning and experience what it may have been like to transcribe and write in the Greek alphabet, make Greek hummus, eat other Greek food and compete in Gem groups to win our very own Greek Olympics!rnrnBelow, you can see groups competing with the javelin throw, as well as the discus, where we measured the distances and were able to identify the winners and calculate our personal bests. rnrnAdditionally, we competed in the ‘Legendary Long Jump’, again resulting in overall winners for the event and gaining our personal bests. We added in our own creative game, whereby we had to bounce the ball into the basket, which required estimation, precision and control, all of which the Greek Olympians required. Finally, we ran our own ‘Stadion’ running race to determine our personal best times with speed and power.rnrnOverall, the points were counted and the overall winners were Amber, so congratulations to those members! Having said this, the children showed good gamesmanship, team work (‘working together’) and ‘ambition’ - all of which we’ve worked on with our Primrose Lane Learner Values.rn

Brownlee Brothers Triathlon May 2022

All of Year 4 and Year 5 enjoyed an exciting morning at John Charles Centre for Sport at the Brownlee Brothers Triathlon event. The children arrived, equipped ready for an unforgettable experience, which began with a 50m swim, followed by a 300m run and 800m cycle. Once the Brownlee brothers had wished the children good luck via video link, they were ready and equipped to go!

The children were bursting with excitement, but once briefed at the beginning, were surprised to discover that they had to go straight from the pool, get changed into their sport gear and continue (without drying off!) with their cycle, followed by the run finish.

The whole of Year 4 and Year 5 thrived on the experience and went with it, all completing the stages and achieving a medal and goody bag.

Upon completion of the course the children congratulated each other on their successes and enjoyed refreshments from their goody bags whilst watching other schools reach the finish line.
All children behaved excellently and were a credit to Primrose Lane. Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:
Sophia – ‘I really enjoyed the experience because I love swimming and it was fun with the running and cycling. It was my first triathlon experience and I loved it!’
Finlay – ‘I loved doing the triathlon because it was my first time doing the triathlon and it was also my first time doing three events in a short period of time.’
Bella – ‘I liked that if you struggle to ride a bike, you got to use a scooter. I also liked the swimming part.’
Matthew – ‘It was a really fun experience to know what it felt like after doing a triathlon.’
Elliot – ‘I really enjoyed doing the triathlon: I enjoyed swimming, cycling and running.’

Sports Leaders Fun!

This half term, we have FINALLY been able to get our Sports Leaders up and running helping with active play-times, supporting the younger children with structured play and generally making lunch time more fun for lots of children in school! All children in Year 5 showed excellent attitudes in proactively wanting to become Sports Leaders, and wanted to go through the training to achieve this.
Since the start of this half term, each and every member of Year 5 have embraced their responsibility, been organised, prompt and relished the opportunity to wear their ‘Sports Leaders’ t-shirts! The younger children have shown great interest in the activities since they have been advertised and the daily rota of activities is now on-going until the end of the school year!
Here’s what some of the leaders have had to say so far:
Matthew – ‘The first session was a little chaotic and took a lot of effort – as there were an overload of children! It is a great thing to do during dinner time to make nobody feel lonely and give them an opportunity to play.’
Sophia – ‘I like being one of the Sports Leaders, because with the younger children, they may be lonely, but they have lots of fun and learn skills that they have never learnt before.’
Elizabeth – ‘I like having the responsibility to lead the younger children and help them enjoy their break-times.’

Pride of Primrose!

On Saturday 26th March, Elizabeth, Charlie and Isaac all represented West Yorkshire in the National Cross Country Finals in Leicester. This was due to their brilliant achievements and success in numerous rounds regionally beforehand. They represented themselves, as well as combined to make a West Yorkshire team. We are very proud of them as people, but also for their achievements. They are excellent role models for us all, not just in attitude, but effort, perseverance, grit, passion and ultimately achievement.
Elizabeth came 101st, Charlie 42nd and Isaac 18th, which all are amazing to say this is within their age group of the whole country! Isaac also contributed significantly towards his West Yorkshire Team winning, where he achieved a medal – an excellent achievement for a real athlete.
Congratulations to all, you really are the pride of Primrose Lane. We salute you! Thanks must also got to Parents for taking these athletes to the competition.

Cross Country West Yorkshire Finals March 2022

On Tuesday the 8th February 2022, children from Years 4, 5 and 6 competed in a Cross Country competition held at Temple Newsum. The children represented Primrose Lane amazingly; showing impeccable behavior, fabulous sportsmanship and outstanding perseverance.
All the children put in their best efforts as they were striving to achieve a personal best and run with pride for their county. Y5 Boys and Girls, Isaac from Y6 and Jacob from Y4 worked so incredibly hard to get to this stage and have done brilliantly just to represent Leeds.
It was an emotional day to say the least! The crowd was screaming with happiness , as all schools were very competitive in a good way, so many people pushing towards the finish line as our teammates took the lead. By the end, competitors were so fatigued that they all collapsed on the floor! The whole school were extremely proud of all of all our Cross Country teammates.

There must be a particular mention for Elizabeth Y5 (who came 11th), Charlie Y5 (who came 5th) and Isaac Y6 (who came 6th). Good luck to these three in the National Finals at the end of March!
Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who turned up on the day to show their support and help Mr Jackson with the teams.
Written by Nieve B (Year 5)


As many of you are aware, on Thursday we had a football session for girls throughout the school to support the #LetGirlsPlay campaign ( It was a delight to see around 60 girls getting involved in the session, where we enjoyed getting stuck in with some football drills, exercises and generally enjoying being active! This initiative has been promoted by Barclays and the FA to promote girls football and gain respect and acceptance that girls should have the same opportunities as boys with regards to football. At Primrose Lane, as I have mentioned before, we already have a girls football team in Upper KS2, whereby our team train every Monday with Mr Clarke and have games organised to compete against local and willing schools. We also have girls training with the first team regularly with me on a Thursday. It is important to us that girls be treated the same and have the same opportunities as boys and not stereotype - just like what we teach day in, day out within our school curriculum.

It was a pleasure to lead the session with the girls, ranging from Reception to Year 6. We saw the older girls embracing the younger girls by partnering up and helping them. We saw some of the first team squad helping coach and lead activities, teaching the younger children effective techniques. We saw enjoyment on children’s faces! The girls performed brilliantly, they listened well and followed instructions excellently across all ages. It genuinely moved me to see such engagement and effort. This on top of the Year 5 girls coming second in the West Yorkshire County Finals in Cross Country this week (as well as International Women’s Day this week) has been a culmination of pride and achievement amongst our girls. I am very proud of the girls in our school and hope they develop into strong, assertive women, ready to take on the world without boundaries or excuses!

North Leeds Gymnastics Academy (Boys Opportunities)

Attached is a leaflet for boys to access excellent quality gymnastics coaching with North Leeds Gymnastics Academy. Girls can also attend this club, but the advert is for boys in the local area. The taster session at after school recently was very popular, having waiting lists for children who wanted to come but couldn't get a place - so look no further, don't wait, go and join now!

Cross Country City Finals Feb 2022

On Tuesday the 8th February, children from Years 4, 5 and 6 competed in a Cross Country competition held at Temple Newsam. The children represented Primrose Lane amazingly; showing impeccable behavior, fabulous sportsmanship and outstanding perseverance.

All the children put in their best efforts as there were children striving to achieve a personal best . Y4 boys, Evie from Year 4 girls, Y5 boys and Girls, and Isaac and Toby from Y6 worked so incredibly hard to get to this stage and have done brilliantly just to represent our school.

The crowd was screaming with happiness , as all schools were very competitive in a good way, so many people pushing towards the finish line as our teammates took the lead. By the end, competitors were so fatigued that they all collapsed on the floor! The whole school were extremely proud of all of all our Cross Country teammates.

There must be a particular mention for Jacob coming second in the Year 4 Boys race, but all competitors for representing us with pride – some of who achieved top 10 places too!
Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who turned up on the day to show their support and help Mr Jackson with the teams.
Written by Nieve B (Year 5)

Orienteering Festival KS2

In January, all of KS2 enjoyed a thrilling day of orienteering with Simon from ‘Airenteers’. The children loved learning map skills, teamwork and couldn’t believe how tiring map work could be! All children got very competitive with the electronics involved, clocking in at the start of their task and clocking out once finishing (with their ‘dibbers’, then gaining a time (which they were all wanting to beat each other’s time!).

The activities involved ‘slug trails’, where children had to follow a trail and draw it out on their maps with their white board pens. They then ‘followed the leader’ and gave each other challenges. Secondly, children were given ‘kites’, where they had to hide them, identify a starting point (with a triangle) on their maps, as well as the finishing point (with two circles) for their challengers to find. Finally, they finished with the time trials, where they chose various different trails and were timed on their completion (which brought the element of challenge, and resulted in some very tired competitors!).
Children were also given electronic ‘dibbers’ and maps, where they had to navigate to the different ‘kites’ in the correct order and try and achieve the best time in the groups. The navigation skills were essential, as well as speed and stamina. It was impressive to see some of the competitiveness of the children, but also the fitness!
Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:

Ellie – ‘I liked following the maps because I like geography’
Mason – ‘I liked finding all the numbers on the maps with Elliot’
Eloise- ‘I liked playing the games and using the maps to go around too’
Jemima – ‘I liked the dibbers and I think it gives you exercise and it goes very fast the time when you’re doing it. It is fun as well’
Daniel – ‘I liked running around and the beeping of the machines’
Maddie – ‘I liked running around and finding the different codes to put the dibber in’
Harry D – ‘I liked running around and finding the flags and using the map’
Seb- ‘I liked finding the correct numbers on the map’
Elizabeth – ‘I liked seeing at the end seeing my score to know if I had beaten any of the year 4s’
Lily- ‘I liked it because it gave me exercise and I liked doing all of the running’

Henry – ‘It was brilliant and it is really good for both physical and mental health.’
Hughie – ‘It was really good fun and got my blood pumping.’
Gracie – ‘I like it because it is a bit challenging.’
Evie W – ‘I like it because you get to do it with your friends, get good exercise and also do lots of steps.’

Bailey – ‘I think it was interesting because one of us had a map, drop it and remember where the flag was – it was good team work.’
Matthew – ‘I really enjoyed it, because of the exercise we got and the spreading around of the flags was very clever.’
Harris – ‘It was really good with teamwork and how we all worked together well. In the second activity, one of us held the map and one of us had to go to the flags, so we had to encourage each other.’
Nieve – ‘My partner was Henry, we worked well together. Its great for your fitness and your health!’

Athletics Competition Nov 2021

This week, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school and competed in the local Sports Hall Athletics Competition at Boston Spa Academy. The events involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The team did exceptionally well and behaved impeccably, resulting in second place across five team, which is a brilliant achievement!

The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin.
Congratulations to the whole team for their efforts, you did us proud! Hopefully we make it into the next round – we await the result on this, but we are hopeful that we are in the plate final! Thanks must go to the adults who helped Mr Jackson organising the team on the day to ensure the children knew where they were going and when, as well as the patience for the parents/carers picking the children up!

Whole School Skipping Festival!

On Friday, each class from Reception-Year 6 participated in a skipping festival hosted by the company Skipping Schools, led by Jodi. The day was fabulous, with all children learning the benefits of skipping for physical activity and health, as well as socially playing in the playground and outside of school. Children also learnt about persevering and if they struggled, carried on giving it a go. Each class learnt how to safely skip, as well as various different techniques, ranging from ‘double-dutch, hopping, split legs, speed skip, side step, back-to-back, change places, side-swing, criss-cross, pretzel’; and many more! Children and staff alike found how tiring it can be, as our heart rates raced up quite quickly. We all loved the experience. Here are what some of the classes had to say about the day:

Reception really enjoyed their skipping workshop with Jodi. We played the train game and took it in turns to run through the tunnel!

Year 1:
Grace - 'I loved the skipping!'
Logan - 'I liked jumping over the skipping rope.'
Martha - 'I liked skipping and I liked running under the skipping rope.'
Lewis - 'I found it tricky when I had to skip over the big skipping rope, but it was also my favourite!'

Year 2:
Luke - 'I did my first jump with a big rope!'
Lucy - 'I liked the game where we took turns.'
Lillie - 'I enjoyed running through the big rope.'
Evan - 'I felt nervous at first and then I did it'
Oliver S - 'I learnt to hold the skipping rope like a smile.'

Year 3:
Lily Ellerby – ‘’I learnt how to hop and swap, and I've got faster at skipping. I'm getting better at skipping with the big rope."
Elie Roberts - "I learnt how to do the double bounce, it was easy and hard at the same time"
Hugo Maidens - "I learnt how to jump over the rope and skip, I liked doing the big skip."
Daniel Downie- "I demonstrated the big skip, and I discovered that I was going to be the happy hopper."

Year 5:
Sophia – ‘I loved skipping with Jodie. It was really fun and boosted up my energy quickly.’
Phoebe – ‘I enjoyed the red arrows (when you jump in). I enjoy the sessions with Jodi as it is really fun!’
Toby – ‘It was really fun trying out different skills – such as the pretzel.’

Skipping Assembly
Cross Country Competition (Years 4, 5 and 6)

On Monday, 29 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 competed in a cross country competition held at Brigshaw High School. The children represented Primrose Lane excellently; showing impeccable behaviour, fabulous sportsmanship and great perseverance.
All the children put in their best efforts and cheered each other through every race! It was fabulous to watch the children striving to achieve a personal best.
We have now received the results and are pleased to share with you that our Year 4 Boys, Year 5 Girls and Year 5 Boys have all qualified to the City Finals in February 2022! Although, Year 4 Girls and Year 6 Boys didn’t make it through, they ran their hearts out and achieved some excellent results, just missing out on qualifying by a small margin. Additionally, we had some wildcards for those that didn’t get through as a team, where Evie from Year 4 will represent herself for the Year 4 Girls and Isaac and Toby from Year 6 will represent the Year 6 Boys due to their individual achievements. Congratulations to all competitors!
There must be particular mentions for both Year 5 Boys and Year 5 Girls who won their groups by a large margin! Additionally, congratulations must go to some fantastic individual performances: Jacob coming first in the Year 4 Boys race, Charlie E coming second in the Year 5 Boys race, Elizabeth coming third in the Year 5 Girls race and Isaac coming third in the Year 6 Boys race; all this with Top 10s for Toby, Elise and Evie.
Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who turned up on the day to show their support and help Mr Jackson with the team. Thank you to Mrs Warnock for the warm up too! We look forward for next round to do it all again, but until then, well done all competitors!
Mr Jackson
(PE and Sport Coordinator)