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Over this academic year, I’m sure your children have enjoyed participating and competing in various sports and small games, as well as learning within their two hours of PE per week. There continues to be more of a focus than ever on PE and Sport in all schools, not just to encourage healthy active lifestyles, but also to develop the children’s social and emotional enjoyment, which has been shown to link to success within other areas of the curriculum.

This year, again, primary schools have received funding called Sport Premium, which is ring-fenced and can only be used to specifically develop Physical Education (PE), sport and physical activity in school. After an evaluation, schools have then been awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum award or nothing at all within the Sainsbury’s School Games Quality Mark. The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

As part of our application, we were asked to fulfill criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded again this year.

Following our recent application, Primrose Lane is very proud to announce that we achieved the Gold for the Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark, maintaining our award, which is a fantastic achievement for a small school!

We would like to congratulate all staff and children for their efforts and cooperation within PE and Sport and hope it continues to progress further. We must recognise and thank the parents and carers of our children who continue to support us and help us achieve our vision within sport and PE.

If you have any questions or suggestions of ways of further developing the PE and Sport here at Primrose Lane, please come and see Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator).

Primrose Lane First Team

Below are the match reports of our league and cup matches, written by the captains of the games:

Rounders Winners!

We went in to this tournament not feeling too confident because of our unfortunate result in the Basketball last term. However, after our first game we realised we had a natural talent for rounders, winning the first match 5-3 and the second game 8-5, which was an amazing result. Whenever possible we bowled first so that we knew our target to aim for. Our fine form continued as we also won the third game putting us ahead of the other teams but we knew we were playing our biggest competition next: Deighton Gates. This game proved more challenging and was a tight contest but the end result was 4-3 to Primrose Lane which put us on the perfect track for the gold medal. In our final match we played amazingly and won 8-3, hitting numerous rounders and fielding expertly, to maintain our perfect record, staying unbeaten and won the first place trophy in the final tournament of the season.
The whole squad of 11 contributed throughout the competition, showing resilience, perseverance and excellent team spirit by encouraging each other in difficult moments and celebrating together after each win.
Author: Marley Critchlow
Squad: Maddie, Herbie, Seb, Sam, Noah, Marley, Jacob, Rupert, Daisie, Chloe and Charlie.

Brownlee Brothers Triathlon!

All of Year 5 enjoyed an exciting afternoon at John Smeaton for the Brownlee Brothers Triathlon event. The children arrived, equipped ready for an unforgettable experience, which began with a 50m swim, followed by an 800m cycle and a 300m run. Once the Brownlee brothers had wished the children good luck via video link, they were ready and equipped to go!

The children were anxious but bursting with excitement! Once briefed at the beginning, they were surprised to discover that they had to go straight from the pool, get changed into their sport gear and continue (without drying off!) with their cycle, followed by the run finish.

The whole of Year 5 thrived on the experience and went with it, all completing the stages and achieving a medal and goody bag.

Upon completion of the course the children congratulated each other on their successes and enjoyed refreshments from their goody bags whilst watching other schools reach the finish line also.

All children behaved excellently and were a credit to Primrose Lane. Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:

Greek Olympics in Year 5!

Year 5 enjoyed their Greek Day and took a lot from the experience. Most children came dressed in authentic Greek clothing, whether that was a warrior, god, goddess, citizen or mythical being.

Some parents/carers joined us from the morning to learn about the origins of Ancient Greece, learn the Greek alphabet and transcribe a description in our Gem groups. We continued with this themed Gem competition within our very own Greek Olympics, which we learnt about, along with consolidating our knowledge of Greek Vases. We produced our personal bests in javelin, discuss, long jump, running and target throwing (rather than boxing!), which all contributed to the group competition. In the afternoon, we had a well-deserved rest, ate some grapes and olives (as the Ancient Greek's grew their own grapes and olives to contribute to many things in that era), as well as discussed the many things we had learnt throughout the half term about the Ancient Greek way of life and how they have influenced us today. A great day had by all, well done Year 5!

West Yorkshire Cross Country Finals Feb 2024

On Thursday 22nd February 2024, children from Years 3 and 4 competed in the West Yorkshire Cross Country competition held at Temple Newsqm due to their achievements in previous heats. The children represented Primrose Lane amazingly; showing impeccable behavior, fabulous sportsmanship and outstanding perseverance.
All the children put in their best efforts as they were striving to achieve a personal best and run with pride for their county (Leeds, not Primrose Lane!). Year 3 girls (Mia Clapham, Amber James, Amber Eteen, Holly Eteen and Everley Lewis) and Jasmine from Year 4 all competed in their respective age group genders to try to get through to Nationals held in Loughborough.
It was an emotional day to say the least! The crowd was screaming with happiness , as all schools were very competitive in a good way, so many people pushing towards the finish line as our teammates gave it their all. By the end, competitors were so fatigued, but demonstrated such effort, enthusiasm and grit to finish as best they could.

The results showed that Jasmine came an amazing 14th (just outside qualifying places!), and all the girls in the Year 3 class came bunched together within the top 60, which is an incredible achievement. We are really proud of our girls getting through to this stage and what they represent.
Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who transported their children and showed their support and help Mr Jackson with the teams. Thank you also to Mrs Bailey for cheering the girls on at Temple Newsam

Racket Festival

Some children in Year 6 enjoyed a brilliant experience at Boston Spa Academy participating in a Badminton Racket Festival. It was led by Debbie Speed who is the SGO for the area and the children attempted a selection of tasks based on badminton skills to introduce them to the game.
The children were brilliant in their teamwork, determination, perseverance and attitude. The balance they had, the coordination and agility was impressive, demonstrating the fundamentals of PE fluently and confidently. It was a pleasure to observe them and see them enjoying participating and achieving personal bests.

Year 6 Haka Dance

In PE this week, Mr Jackson worked with Year 6 and they produced their own version of the traditional maori war dance. The children were fully committed to the dance both physically and vocally and displayed excellent confidence and coordination when performing. The children are looking forward to being able to share these in future!

Year 6 Haka Dance

Some of the videos of the groups!

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Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership Year 5 Football Competition

At the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership Year 5 Football Competition, Primrose Lane did us proud, behaved like true role models and showed excellent resilience throughout the competition.

We began the competition in group stages, where Primrose Lane drew their first game after an excellent strike from Jemima, but unfortunately narrowly lost some others by small margins. Despite this, the team moral was high, everybody stayed positive and this paid off with a fabulous win in our last game, with Alexander scoring twice to secure the win.

Despite us not winning, again to reiterate, it was a pleasure to see such excellent attitudes throughout, great gamesmanship, and all children represented school with pride. It was a delight to see Jemima pick up a recognition trophy for one of the players of the tournament. Well done team, keep staying positive!

Cross Country Competition 2023

This week, 40 children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 competed in a cross country competition held at Brigshaw High School. The children represented Primrose Lane excellently; showing impeccable behaviour, fabulous sportsmanship and great perseverance – it really was pleasing to see such excellent attitudes and desire to do their best!

All the children put in their best efforts and cheered each other through every race! It was fabulous to watch the children striving to achieve a personal best, as well as see some of the Year 6 Sports Leaders supporting the younger children (especially with it being the first year for our Year 3s competing!).

We have now received the results and are pleased to share with you that our Year 3 Boys, Year 3 Girls, Year 4 Girls and Year 6 Girls have all qualified to the City Finals in Spring 2024! Although, the other groups didn’t make it through, they ran their hearts out and achieved some excellent results, just missing out on qualifying by a small margin. Additionally, despite their team not getting through, the following children are through as individuals to the next round: Oliver V, Elizabeth D, Jemima P, Daniel D and Noah T.

Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who helped transport the children on the day, showing their support and helping Mr Jackson with the team. We look forward for the next round to do it all again, but until then, well done all competitors!
Mr Jackson
(PE and Sport Coordinator)