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Pupils are expected to attend school appropriately dressed and we would ask that they come to school in the prescribed uniform. We hope that the Primrose Lane uniform encourages children to identify themselves as one of the school community and to take pride in their appearance. It can also eliminate problems of what to wear, prove cheaper for parents and you are strongly encouraged to follow this policy. 
Our school colours are maroon, white and grey and we have a very simple uniform that the pupils are encouraged to wear. 
This is a maroon* sweatshirt or cardigan*, a white or maroon* shirt or polo shirt, grey trousers, pinafore or skirt and fleece* with zip front.   (* indicates clothing with the school logo)
School uniform can be ordered online from APC Tadcaster at
Children with long hair are expected to tie their hair back. 
It is important for pupils to wear the correct clothing for physical activities. For PE all children should have a PE kit, made up of maroon T-shirt, white shorts and trainers, which should be kept in a suitable, named bag, hung on the child’s peg. Jewellery must not be worn for sporting activities and long hair must be tied back. Stud earrings need to be covered.
Reading book bags and PE bags are also available from
Both boys and girls should wear traditional, black school shoes as part of the uniform. Parents should be aware that shoes with high heels are dangerous in the playground and those with deep tread carry mud into school. Children are not allowed to wear trainers as part of their school uniform.
Naming belongings
Please, please, please name all your children’s clothing, particularly sweatshirts and fleeces.
Lost property
We do keep lost property for a reasonable length of time, but it is often difficult to identify items that are not labelled. If your child does lose something then please check in their classroom first, then in the lost property basket located off the hall.
Jewellery and other adornment
The only items that are considered appropriate for school are watches, and studs or sleepers worn in pierced ears. Please note that staff are not allowed to remove or look after jewellery for children. The safest place is at home.
Children should not come to school wearing make-up or nail varnish.