The Primrose Lane Curriculum

For a full description of our curriculum, please download The Primrose Lane Curriculum here.

A curriculum that promotes the school’s mission, purpose and values
The mission of this school is to provide excellent learning for all and our purpose is to enable every child to grow and develop and achieve well.

At Primrose Lane our values are:
  • respect and care for each other
  • encourage each other to be the best we can be
  • have pride in who we are and what we do
  • be part of our community
  • have fun and enjoy school

Staff at Primrose Lane create an engaging and purposeful learning environment in which children are highly motivated, happy, eager to learn and are provided with fantastic learning experiences within a rich, broad-balanced curriculum that inspires them.

Our curriculum
At Primrose Lane Primary School, our curriculum is based on the Early Years framework in Nursery and Reception and the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. We aim to provide a curriculum that is engaging, balanced and rigorous. While emphasis is placed on children learning the core skills of English and maths, we place great value on developing the ‘whole child’ and providing an engaging programme of study for all the curriculum areas.

Our Primrose Lane Curriculum is all the planned activities that we as a school organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes, not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the various visits and experiences we organise in order to enrich the children’s learning. It also includes the ‘wider’ curriculum – what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave. This incorporates Values Education, The Primrose Lane Learner and Thrive. Through our Primrose Lane Curriculum we aim to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible young people, who can work and co-operate with others, whilst developing knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning, in order that they achieve well.

Curriculum Intent
Primrose Lane’s curriculum is broad and balanced, taking into account the unique characteristics of our school. The intention of our curriculum is to ensure pupils leave Primrose Lane ready for their next steps, both in and out of a school setting. Through our curriculum we offer children an excellent education in a safe, calm, inclusive and stimulating environment. Every child is valued as an individual; we aim to nurture well rounded, respectful and confident children who will develop skills for life-long learning. We nurture our children on their learning journey; our curriculum is intended to promote resilience and ensure pupils are equipped with the self-help and self-regulation skills required to be successful and independent learners, respectful of themselves and of others in our school, our local community and the wider world. We take our responsibility to prepare children for life in modern Britain very seriously and ensure that the fundamental British Values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the ethos and work of our school.

Values Education
Primrose Lane Primary School is a values-based school. Values are things we believe in that help us to make decisions about how to behave. They are the principles that guide our lives. Some commonly held values include thoughtfulness, trust, love, friendship, courage. There are lots more values and many overlap. We weave the values into our curriculum in order to give a broad range of opportunities for them to be reflected upon and used in the life of the school community. More information on values can be found here.

The Primrose Lane Learner
This is a phrase we’ve introduced and developed so that it is shared and understood by all the staff and pupils in our school. It provides us with a common language of learning and describes the learners that we want to nurture at Primrose Lane. For more information The Primrose Lane Learner click here.