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Privacy Notice

Everybody has a right to have their personal information kept confidential, this includes the children who attend Primrose Lane Primary and their families. The school is committed to protecting pupils’ and families’ privacy. These rights are also part of the law, the General Data Protection Regulation which is a European Union regulation that the UK government has decided to keep into the future.

Why does the school have to issue this Privacy Statement?
The school is classed as a Data Processor because the school processes data, for example it shares some attainment data with the Department for Education. Because the school also decides to have some internal systems, such as having systems to make sure the school treats everybody equally, then the school is also a Data Controller. The law requires that we must therefore keep data (personal information) confidential and secure. We must also tell families about what data we keep, why and how we intend to keep it secure.

Why do we keep data?
The School uses data (personal information) for the following main reasons:
  • To record who is on the school roll (our admissions)
  • To record school attendance
  • To assess how well pupils are attaining and to predict how they might attain in the future
  • To help keep children safe and healthy (protecting pupils’ welfare)
  • To make sure that we give equal treatment to all children
  • To support the social life of the school community

The school receives most data, works with it, stores it and shares it with others on the legal basis of Public Task. This means that these activities are tasks that the school has to carry out.

The school will ask for families for consent to our using other data, such as photographs.

Keeping your information private
The school will make every effort to keep your information private. We will lock away paper records and make sure that the computer systems are secure.

We will work hard to:
  • Prevent any data being lost
  • Prevent any data being stolen
  • Prevent any data from being deleted inappropriately
  • Prevent data being seen by people who have no right to see it
  • Prevent data being altered inappropriately

Our laptop computers and other portable devices are protected with passwords and encryption. Any desktop computers that have sensitive information on are also protected with passwords and encryption. Our server is kept secure, the hard disks do not leave the school. The members of staff do not share passwords or leave equipment or paper records in vulnerable places. The school has a robust policy on the use of mobile phones and cameras.

The school receives confirmation from other parties who have access to pupil data (for example a company may help the school to analyse pupil attainment) that they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

To help keep children safe it is important that the adults looking after children know if there are any health issues that they have. Although we will share this information, we will only share it with people who need to know it to keep your children safe and healthy.

The school has asked the headteacher Mrs Holmes to look after pupils’ information. We have also appointed a Data Protection Officer who advises and visits the school. He is Mr Stygall who works for a company called Safeguarding Monitor. He has been a headteacher.

The Governing Body has a governor who also looks after pupils’ information. Their name is Mrs Lyn.

Families’ Data
The sort of data that is personal or sensitive and which should be kept private includes:
  • Your family’s full name, address and other contact details
  • Anything to do with health and welfare
  • Anything to do with your religion (if you follow a religion) and your ethnicity
  • How your children are getting on in school

The school will ask every family to play their part in protecting other people’s personal information (or data) which is why we ask all the children in Key Stage 2 to sign an Acceptable Use Policy. The children and their families have the right to have their data kept confidential and we ask you to share the duty to maintain other people’s confidentiality.

The school might have to change this notice if there are changes to the law or if the school decides policy changes are needed.

Please follow the link below for a copy of Primrose Lane’s Privacy Notice.