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High expectations and great enthusiasm for learning is reflected in children of all abilities achieving well at Primrose Lane.

Department for Education Performance Tables provide detailed analysis of Primrose Lane's and other schools' performance against a variety of measures.

2022 end of Key Stage 2 outcomes

The government has not published Key Stage 2 data for the 2021-22 academic year. They have archived data from the 2018 to 2019 academic year because they recognise that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance due to the disruptions in education caused by Covid.

2019 end of Key Stage 2 outcomes

Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics: 70%
Percentage of pupils achieving a high level of attainment in reading, writing and mathematics: 4%
Average progress in reading: 1.5
Average progress in writing: -0.4
Average progress in mathematics: -0.5
Average scaled score in reading: 106.4
Average scaled score in mathematics: 105.3


All our results include pupils who are disadvantaged or who have additional learning needs, eg special educational needs and disabilities, or other needs which may create barriers to learning, eg social, emotional and mental health issues. We are very pleased with the achievement of these particular pupils and how their individual success reflects on us as an inclusive school.