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We know parents have a choice when considering primary school places for their children and it’s important that they make the right choice. 

So, what’s it like to attend Primrose Lane Primary School? 
The school is seen as a good school to attend and has been a popular choice amongst parents in the area for some time. The school is very proud of its positive approach to children of all abilities, inclusivity and diversity. The school is also very proud of the wide range of sport, music, drama and educational visits that are available to pupils (including a fantastic residential in Year 6). 

The recent Ofsted report found that Pupils who attend Primrose Lane enjoy the school, are respectful of one another, are well behaved and feel safe. Staff have high expectations on pupil behaviour and the atmosphere in school is calm and purposeful, creating a great environment for learning. Staff and pupils have a respectful relationship towards each other.  

At Primrose Lane, Leaders place a high priority on promoting pupil’s personal development. The school’s Leaders and Governors are continuingly looking to improve all aspects of school life, with a strong focus going forward on the school’s curriculum, along with targeted development in the younger years.  Schools need to be challenged to deliver the highest possible standards for children so that they get the best possible start in life – this starts in Nursery and Reception! New pupils to the school are supported through a ‘buddy’ system, where each Reception child is paired with a child from Year 5, who help them at lunchtime and out on the playground in their first few weeks at school. And in turn, this helps the older children develop a sense of responsibility for others.

Former Primrose Lane pupils reflect very positively on their primary school experience as they move into Year 7 at High School and are able to compare primary school experiences with their new friends.  

Visits to school are welcomed
When making your decision, we invite you to visit the school to see it in action and meet Mrs Holmes, our Staff, Governors and Pupils.
Letter from Mrs Holmes

Below is a link to a copy of the letter that Mrs Holmes sent to parents to accompany the latest Ofsted report, explaining the outcome in full and confirming that Primrose Lane continues to be a very good school.

Latest Ofsted report – December 2019

Below is a link to a copy of the latest Ofsted report, following the school’s inspection in December 2019.