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Trip to France

On Friday 11th July Year 2 and Year 1 went on a trip to Paris. We boarded the plane first thing to get there just in time for a French breakfast. After breakfast we had lots of fun climbing the Eiffel Tower, looking at an old French car and doing lots of craft activities. We also learnt a few French words. After lunch we had a second special French lunch of bread and brie before catching the Eurostar back to school. It was a brilliant day and all of the children were beautifully behaved.

World Cup

This half term we have used the World Cup as inspiration for our learning. We have used an atlas and Google Earth to find some of the different countries that are taking part in the World Cup. We used street view on Google Earth to look at what it would be like to live in one of the cities in Brazil. We have learnt about different landmarks in Brazil as well as the capital cities and flags of lots of the countries taking part.


We have been learning all about nocturnal animals, to finish off our topic we baked an owl cake. We all got to help make it and most importantly we all got to taste it! It was delicious!

Learn Pads

Year 2 were very excited to use the Learn Pads in class for the first time. We used them to help us with our times tables. The behaviour in the class during the session was amazing as they were all so engaged with what they were doing.
Harrison and Jamie - The Learn Pads are amazing!
Evie - I thought the Learn Pads were epic because they are like Ipads and we can use them in school.
Imogen - I thought the Learn Pads were fun because they had good games on them to help me with maths.
Elyssia - I loved the Learn Pads because they help you do your times tables.
Maisy - They helped me to get quicker at my times tables because even though I am on my 5s and 10s I am quite slow at them and on the Learn Pad it got me quicker.
Ellice - The Learn Pads helped me with my number bonds, times tables and counting.
Bryn - I think the games I played were quite easy to do but they were fun too.
Jack - It helped me to get better at my times tables and it also helped me to get quicker.
Felicity - The Learn Pads helped me with my 2 times tables so that I can get better.
Abbi - I liked the Learn Pads because they helped me with my times tables and when I looked at the sum it helped me to get better.


We were inspired by our school Maypole event to create our own Maypole paintings. We used powder paints and mixed our own colours.


This half term we have been learning all about Minibeasts and other animals. We went on a mininbeast hunt around the school grounds and found lots of interesting creatures. We also researched different animals for our Learning Logs and presented our findings to the class.

Year 2 become authors

As part of our topic we wrote our own non-fiction books all about minibeasts. We picked which minibeast we wanted to write about and did our own research. When we had written our books we shared them with our class and then with Year One.

Leeds Rhinos Visit

On Monday Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Leeds Rhinos for a one off rugby session. The class learnt lots of new rugby skills, including how to score a try by touching the ball to the floor or the 'Aussie way' of diving at the floor. The coaches were really impressed with the class and how well they took to some difficult games and skills. Year 2 had great fun and are definitely now keen to do more rugby! This session was followed by a whole school assembly where the children learnt about the importance of healthy living and how it can help you not only to be a great sports star but also how eating right and exercise help the brain to function well so that they can achieve their best in school, as the coaches said the next Rhinos star could be a member of Primrose Lane! We then had a special visit from Rhonnie the Rhino.


This half term Year 2 have been learning all about castles and what it might have been like to have lived in one. As part of their learning I set the class a Learning Log to learn all about a castle of their choice and produce a piece of art and a piece of writing about it. The projects that came back were fantastic and showed real imagination and creativity from the children. There were castles made from junk modelling, clay and eve cake! Other children chose to create coats of arms for their castles or draw a picture of them. The research about the castles and the leaflets, posters, poems and stories created were just wonderful to read. Thank you to all of the parents and careers who helped out with these projects, the class definitely enjoyed doing them.
Bryn - It was fun making the castle because I like gluing and sticking and making pictures.
Ava - I liked making my castle because it was a messy activity and I liked throwing all the cat litter on to make the walls look like bricks.
Edward - I liked making my castle because it was very messy when we painted it.
Harrison - Instead of making a castle I made a coat of arms for Carew Castle.

As part of our topic we also visited Skipton Castle to get a feel for what t would have been liked to have lived in one. The class were extremely well behaved and were able to answer lots of the guides questions as well as asking some really well thought out ones of their own.
Luke B - I liked it when we went in the dungeon and they turned off the light so it was pitch black.
Luke A - I didn't know that the dungeon would be that dark and that people wold stay in them for 3 months.
Elyssia - I liked going down the dangerous stairs.
Liam - I thought the stairs wouldn't be easy to follow and I was right because once or twice I nearly tripped over.
Harlee - I liked the trip because my favourite room was the toilet.
Zak - I liked the coach because I liked talking to my friends.
Abbi - When we looked down the toilet I thought it was funny because it went into the oat.
James - I liked Skipton Castle because in one of the rooms their were lots of windows and I could see things that I couldn't see before because we were so high up.
Maisy - When we first went into the dungeon I was expecting an ordinary room but I didn't know that they had to use the room as a toilet as well!
Felicity - I thought it would be a plain castle but it was a really fun castle.vvvvv


On a Wednesday morning Year 2 have been lucky enough to have the Leeds United coaches in to help us with our football skills. Year 2 are really enjoying these sessions and the coaches have been very impressed with some of the skills on show. Year 2 have been thinking about what they have learnt so far and what they have enjoyed.

Felicity "I have learnt how to kick the ball slowly because I used to kick it fast and loose it."
James "I have enjoyed practising blocking the ball from going into the goal."
Abbi "I have learnt to play football in an easy way because it used to be hard."
Harlee "I have enjoyed kicking the ball to each other because it was hard."
Imogen "I have learnt to use the inside of my foot when kicking the ball."
Edward "I learnt how to do toe taps. You have to tap the ball with your toes and push it forwards. I enjoyed playing with my friends."
Maisy "I learnt to do the 'tick tock' where you kick it between your feet."
Rosie "I learnt how to do races with the ball and stop it. I have learnt how to do football skills."
Bryn "I have enjoyed playing the matches because I scored 11 goals in 1 match!"
Jonathan "I liked playing the police game because I liked going through the cones to score points."
Luke A "I've enjoyed playing all of the matches so far because I like playing."
Ava "I have learnt how to play a real match."
Ellice "I have learnt how to pass the ball to someone."
Evie "I have learnt how to pass and receive carefully."


We have been very busy in Numeracy so far this year. We have been learning all about shape. We have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes as well as ways to sort them into groups. We have also been learning about lines of symmetry and patterns. We have also been looking at partitioning.


In Science we are learning all about being healthy. We have looked at how we change from babies to adults and also how animals change. We investigated ways of making Naughty Nora tired. We ran, jumped and walked to see which was the most tiring. Can you guess which one made us the most tired?

This half term we have been learning all about circuits. Our first challenge was to make the bulb light up. Then we investigated how to change the brightness of the bulb. Finally Year 5 came to see us to learn how to make a circuit for when they make their own motorised cars. We taught them lots and even had a go at using motors and sitches!


In Literacy we have been learning all about instructions. We made angel delight and fruit salads and then wrote instructions about them.


In preparation for our Nativity we have been designing and making the backdrop.

Team Building

In December Year 2 had some special visitors who taught us all about team work and working together.