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Times Tables

Year 3 have now started their journey towards becoming Times Tables Champions. Each Friday your child will do a quick Times Tables check to see how well they know the Tables they are working on. Here are some tests that you can download and practice at home. There is also a document with some suggestions of how to learn your tables.

Animal Experience

We loved our session with Lion Learners!
We had the experience of holding a snake, tarantula, bearded dragon, tortoise, a rabbit and a guinea pig.
We asked lots of questions and learned lots of new information.


Y3 have been thinking carefully about Remembrance Day. We have thought about 'Why it is important to remember?', 'Who do we remember?' and 'What do we do on Remembrance Day?'.
We were inspired to create some beautiful watercolour paintings of the poppy fields and we took part in the BBC Teach Live Lesson on Remembrance too.


In our current unit of work, we have been learning about what drugs are and how they can affect the body. We went outside and drew around each other and labelled the parts of the body that we think may be affected. You might have seen them on the playground at the end of the day!

Look at those teeth!

In our science lesson this week we have been using mirrors to look at our teeth. We made bite marks in polystyrene and compared the imprints with each other. We noticed that some of our teeth are bigger than others.

Skipping Festival

On Friday we took part in the whole school skipping festival. Year 3 learnt how to 'keep the pot boiling' as well as how to hold the skipping rope properly. It was great fun!


Year 3 went to visit Nursery to learn about Diwali from our resident expert, Mrs Wilkinson. She told us the story of Rama and Sita, how light represents the good conquering the evil of dark, and we had a look at some interesting artefacts.

Roman Artefacts

We were lucky enough to receive some Roman artefacts to look at in Year 3. The children passed them round extremely carefully, following the museum rules. They made lots of predictions about what the items might have been used for and asked lots of questions too.
Here are a few quotes from the children:
Holly – It felt amazing to be touching Roman things because not many schools will get to do that.
Joe - It was really interesting – I tried to find the hidden details.
James – Super, terrific, brilliant, spectacular. I was amazed to hold a real Roman object.
Amelia – I noticed they are different to our things today.
Seth – I’m really impressed with how well the Roman made these things.
Everley – Not many schools get to do this. It was a great experience!
Mia – I’ve learnt lots of new things, especially that these could be found in Cyprus.

Biscuits in Science? 

In our 'Living Things' topic, we have been learning how to sort and classify different things. Before we used our skills categorising different animals we had a go with biscuits. The children worked in groups to create a branching diagram to classify different biscuits before eating them!
Measuring in Maths

In our maths lessons with Mrs Turnbull we have been learning how to measure in mm, cm and m. We have been thinking about which units of measure are most suitable for measuring different things. Here are some photos of us busy measuring objects in the classroom. 
Year 3 in Nursery!

Year 3 were invited into Nursery to help the younger children build their relationship skills. They were great role models and showed them how to play co-operatively, share, have conversations and tidy up.
We had fun playing parachute games outside too, listening carefully to instructions and showing the nursery children how to use the parachute safely.

The Great Egg Experiment!

Year 3 set up an experiment to see what impact different drinks have on eggs. Here are some photos of the egg experiment. We made sure it was a fair test by making sure we used the same amount of liquids, the same containers and left the eggs in for the same amount of time. After a week we were surprised with what we found. Can you guess which egg was in which liquid?