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Gem rounders!
Commando Fitness!
A big welcome to our Year 4 Class web page!

We are a happy, healthy place to learn and are really looking forward to all the new learning we will be doing this year. Here is an overview of what we have to come:

Autumn 1: History focus - The Romans 
Autumn 2: Art focus - Architecture
Spring 1: Geography focus - Environment
Spring 2: Computing focus - Programming 
Summer 1: History focus - Leeds over time (local history)
Summer 2: Design & Technology focus - Construction 
Graphing in computing

In computing this half term, we are focusing on graphing. On Friday, we all thought of a question we would like to ask the class and decided on six possible answers. We then conducted a tally chart before inputting this information into pie charts and bar charts on Purple Mash. We did this confidently and were able to change variables independently. A great lesson with excellent computing skills!


This half term in science we are learning all about sound. We have learnt how sounds are made by a vibration and how it can travel through molecules in solids, liquids and gases before it reaches our ear. To demonstrate our understanding of this, we presented a report to the rest of the class. With it being so warm, we used the outdoor classroom to do this which we really enjoyed.

The 1970's

We have been learning about all things 1970's during our 50 year anniversary celebrations! We have discussed what televisions and mobile phones used to look like as well as what a walkman is! We learnt that the space hopper, roller skates, connect 4 and twister were all popular in this era and some of us mentioned how we still enjoy some of these things even now. We spent Thursday afternoon making posters about everything we had learnt whilst listening to music of the 70's, it turns out we quite like listening to ABBA and Sweet Home Alabama!!

Primrose Lane turns 50!

To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Primrose Lane, we were lucky enough to have an ex student come and visit us in Year 4. He came to Primrose lane back in 1976 and joined us for the morning on Tuesday to answer our (many) questions about how school has changed over the years. We learnt that back in 1976, there was no school uniform, left handed children would be punished with a ruler and school dinners included PINK custard!! We were also shocked to realise that there were trips to Flamingo Land and even Whitby! Not everything has changed though, we discussed the fantastic playground and land that we still make the most of today and our very special mapole day! We all showed excellent respect to our kind and helpful visitor and look forward to putting some work together to compare Primrose Lane in the 1970s and today. 

O Fortuna

Over two lessons, Year 4 have composed a piece based on O Fortuna from Orf\'s Carmina Burana. We made fortune spinners and chose 4 lines about good luck and four lines about bad luck that we had written on them. We only used the notes DEFG (like the main theme from O Fortuna), and this is what we came up with. Hughie added a djembe accompaniment so confidently. We sung and played it together - this piece of music we have composed in roughly 30 minutes is called Fortuna. Enjoy...

Brownlee Brothers Triathlon

All of Year 4 and Year 5 enjoyed an exciting morning at John Charles Centre for Sport at the Brownlee Brothers Triathlon event. The children arrived, equipped ready for an unforgettable experience, which began with a 50m swim, followed by a 300m run and 800m cycle. Once the Brownlee brothers had wished the children good luck via video link, they were ready and equipped to go!
The children were bursting with excitement, but once briefed at the beginning, were surprised to discover that they had to go straight from the pool, get changed into their sport gear and continue (without drying off!) with their cycle, followed by the run finish. The whole of Year 4 and Year 5 thrived on the experience and went with it, all completing the stages and achieving a medal and goody bag. Upon completion of the course the children congratulated each other on their successes and enjoyed refreshments from their goody bags whilst watching
other schools reach the finish line. All children behaved excellently and were a credit to Primrose Lane. Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:

Alfie – ‘The triathlon was quite hard but I really, really enjoyed it. My favourite part was the swimming because you don't do it in school.
Maddie – ‘I enjoyed it because it gives you exercise. My favourite part was the swimming.
Ted – ‘It was very active and fun.’
Isla – ‘It was very fun and I had never run on a running track like that before.’n

Fire Service Day!

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service to tell us all about what their job involves. We looked at the clothing they wear, the equipment they use and even had the opportunity to get into the fire engine. They also discussed what we should do if we think there is a fire to keep ourselves as safe as possible. An informative and enjoyable morning!

Road Safety!
Hokusai art work!

This week, we have learnt about the Japanese artist Hokusai. We discussed his background and the path he took into becoming an artist. We then studied some of his most well known pieces, before starting to create an artist study in our sketch books. This learning prompted discussion as to whether Mount Fuji is a mountain or a volcano, which links brilliantly with our Geography driver this half term. Discussions on the differences between volcanoes and mountains will continue into next week.

Ukulele Lessons

We have learned how to play the chords: C, D, Am, F, and G. Our selection of songs includes: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Let it Be and Thunder. Here is Thunder again so you can see our progress!


We enjoyed a fantastic orienteering lesson last week! We thoroughly impressed Simon with our brilliant team work and problem solving skills. Great work Year 4!

Ukulele Lessons

This is only our second week of ukulele lessons and Year 4 are playing beautifully. Everyone is working on holding their instrument correctly and playing the 3 chords we have learned: C, Am, and F. We can play along to Thunder by Imagine Dragons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5DE5Qnn1Zs This is not the finished performance but we couldn't wait to share our ukulele lessons with you all!

Ukulele Lessons

In computing, we have been learning about animation. We each created our own animation of a volcano eruption. What do you think?

Volcano art!
Atlas work!

This week we have used atlases to locate the equator, the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. This generated discussion about how the climate of different areas of the world changes, based on their position.


We have really enjoyed the start of our Geography topic for this term: Natural disasters. Within this, we have began to learn about the climate of different parts of the world and compared various places. We then used this information in computing to plot a line graph to show the extreme difference in climate between Russia and Ethiopia.

Zaha Hadid

Our architecture learning continues! This week we have studied Zaha Hadid and her 'curvy' designs! We created a fact file about her life and work on Purple Mash before producing an artist study in our sketch books. Great work!

St Basil's Cathedral

Year 4 continue their incredible art studies... we have been learning about the shapes and colours featured in St Basil's Cathedral in Russia - what a building!
Take a look at some of our oil pastel images inspired by that unique building.


This week, we have practiced how we can use sketching pencils for shading and creating light and dark. We incorporated this skill into our brilliant sketches of St Paul’s Cathedral. Both Miss Palfreeman AND Mrs Crowther were very impressed with our perseverance and reflection throughout.

Spelling outside!

This week, we practiced our spellings in a slightly different way. The sun was shining so we tried to remember all of our 'sion' words and wrote them on the playground using chalk. This was great revision for our spelling test!


In art this half term, our focus is architecture. We started this unit of work by learning about the life and the work of Christopher Wren, linking back with our studies of the Great Fire of London. From this, we then completed an artist study in our sketch books. We did brilliantly and had a fantastic conversation about how architecture changes over time.


As part of our science topic about living things, we went on an invertebrate hunt around our school grounds. We took a clipboard and made a note of which invertebrates we came across and even produced some sketches.


In PE this week, we have been learning about how to dribble using a hockey stick. We focussed on our posture and hand position and how to try our best to keep the ball away from the opposition. A brilliant PE lesson!


In Year 4, as part of our science topic on classification, we collected a variety of leaves. We then spent Friday afternoon using oil pastels and our knowledge of blending to create some fantastic observational art work.