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We understand the importance of ensuring that your child is fully equipped for their big school adventure. We have developed a wonderful balance of providing a Nursery environment that looks to maintain our loving, nurturing qualities but also is able to provide more structure to the routine and more focused activities that begin to develop the children’s skills in order to prepare them for the new and exciting challenges that they will face when they begin Reception.
Alongside developing children’s readiness for school. The educators working with our pre-school children are extremely skilled in incorporating literacy and maths into everyday activities. We believe that it is so important to provide meaningful and varied experiences and we are able to do this through our planned activities, talking about seasons, celebrations and our families.

We work very closely with our Primrose Lane Reception whenever possible which benefits. The children are confidence and comfortable with the staff and know the classroom well. We want our transition to feel just like the children are moving next door to them and nothing more daunting.