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We celebrated Diwali in Nursery!

The children arrived in Nursery for a fun filled day of celebrations. They made some mehndi patterns on hand shaped paper, designed rangoli patterns in the play dough using seeds and they even had a go at doing some traditional Indian dancing.

We were also very lucky as one of the children brought in some of her own special celebration clothes from home to show us. We had lots of fun trying them on and even wore them to our Diwali feast.

We tasted lots of Indian food such as samosas, korma curry, rice, onion bhajis, pakoras, naan bread and poppadoms - these were our favourite!


As part of the school's Wildlife Week, Nursery chose to learn all about spiders. All of our children were invited to join us for a day of spider themed fun. We went on a walk around the school grounds looking for spiders and their webs. We then did lots of spider themed activities back in nursery such as weaving our own webs, spider handprints, playdough spiders and decorating spider biscuits. We also worked together, as Primrose Lane Learners, to create our own enormous spider web.
We also learnt a song about spiders and found that spiders have 8 legs through lots of careful counting.


Here are some photos of the delicious baking we did with the apples we collected! Our apple cake, apple crumble and apple pie went down a treat and even the other grown ups from across school came to taste some! We also had a vote to show who did and did not like the apple cake!

Autumn Walk

This week, we went on an Autumn walk around our lovely school grounds. We spotted lots of signs of Autumn and collected lots of objects to bring back to nursery and make some Autumn collages with.


Following collecting our apples last week, we have begun to find uses for them in our classroom!

We decided to cook the apples to turn them into apple cake. We noticed that the apples started off hard and then turned soft as we cooked them.
"They've gone mushy!" said Raphy

We held a vote to see who did and who did not like the cooked apples - 8 children liked them and 4 children didn't. That told us that most children did like the cooked apples!

We have also printed with the apples in our outside area, using red and green paint, as we noticed these colours on the apple skin.

We have been singing songs about apples and even made up our own number rhyme about them! It goes like this;
(to the tune of Peter hammers with one hammer)

We picked one juicy apple, apple, apple
We picked one juicy apple from off the apple tree!

(Repeat up to 5 apples)


This week we visited our orchard to see if the apples were ready to be collected. When we arrived, we found some of the red apples had fallen to the ground but the green apples were still on the tree. The children picked the apples and put them in our baskets so that we could take them back to Nursery.

We counted them and looked at the differences; some were big, some were small and some were different colours.

We used our sense of smell and taste to find out more about the apples and then the children thought about what we could make from them. Next week we will begin our apple based culinary creations!


Since joining us, the Nursery children have had lots of fun! They have been making new friends, exploring our environment and settling in well. We look forward to getting stuck in to lots more exciting activities over the coming weeks.