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The Governing Board consists of parents, staff, appointees of the Local Authority and members co-opted from the local community.


How do I contact the governors?

In order to contact the governors you will need to get in touch with the school in the first instance and they will make the contact on your behalf. You will not be able to contact the governors directly, but the school will treat your contact in confidence where appropriate and act as a mediary. If you need to make a complaint about the school and involve governors you will need to follow the school's complaints procedure.


The Governing Board of Primrose Lane

The Governing Board of Primrose Lane is made up as follows:







James Fasey (Chair)


27.9.16 – 26.9.20

Teaching & Learning

Year 3

Dan Edwards (Vice Chair)


27.9.16 – 26.9.20


Year 5

Catherine Holmes



Resources, Teaching & Learning


Dawn Daly


24.10.14 – 23.10.18

Teaching & Learning

Year 2

Michael Simpson


1.4.17 – 31.3.21



Jonathan Jackson


8.5.14 – 7.5.18

Teaching & Learning


Jo Tinkler


27.9.16 – 26.9.20

Teaching & Learning


Bryony Boyle


27.9.16 – 26.9.20

Teaching & Learning


Jayne Cooper


27.9.16 – 26.9.20


Year 4

Jennifer Kerr


27.9.16 – 26.9.20


Year 2

Sally Wise


26.9.17 – 25.9.21

Teaching & Learning

Year 3

Beverley Lyn


22.9.15 – 21.9.19


Year 1

Rai Shacklock

Local Authority

5.9.16 – 4.9.20


Year 6

Alison Crawford


27.9.16 – 26.9.20

Teaching & Learning




The role of governors

Governors serve for four years and the best way to sum up the role of the Governing Board is ‘eyes on, hands off’ and it is carried out through three main approaches:

  • being strategic – for example target setting, agreeing the ethos of the school, setting the priorities in the School Development Plan (SDP), ensuring that the standards of teaching and learning are as high as possible, setting the budget to support the SDP and approving policies
  • being a critical friend – including understanding school self-evaluation, monitoring and evaluating school performance, delegating decisions, recognising and celebrating the achievements of the school, being prepared to ask challenging questions in a supportive way, thereby securing improvement and being an ambassador for the school in the local community
  • being accountability – this includes being prepared to account for the school's overall performance and to explain its decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest, ensuring that all statutory obligations are met and reporting to parents and others on the work of the school including the achievements of the pupils.


The chair and vice-chair are elected annually by the governors at the first meeting of the autumn term. The full Governing Board and its two committees: Resources and Teaching and Learning, meet every half term. Minutes of these meetings are available from the school office. The Headteacher produces a written report for the governors each term and these are also available from the office.



Annual Governance Statement 2016 - 2017

At the end of the academic year, the Governing Board undertakes a review of its work and this forms the basis of the Annual Governance Statement, which can be found here. It’s hoped this statement will help parents, carers and staff to gain a better understanding of what the work of the governing board entails.


Meet the Governors

Primrose Lane Governing Body is made up of a strong, supportive and dedicated group of people who strive to push the school forward and maintain the school's already outstanding reputation.

James Fasey - Chair of Governors (Foundation Governor)

I have 3 children who are either at the school now or have been at the school and I became a governor as it provided an opportunity for me to get closer to the school and better understand how they spend their time on a weekly basis. Over the years my involvement as a Governor has grown and I took on the position of Chair in September 2013. I currently serve as a foundation governor having previously been a parent governor until the summer of 2016. I am on the Resources Committee, the Pay Committee and represent the school on the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership Chair of Governors group.

I work in finance for a large food organisation based near Wakefield and my work experience has helped me to support the school in how it manages all aspects of the school budget. As the Chair, my role is to ensure that all Governors are monitoring the way in which the school operates and has all necessary policies and practices in place, much like a non-exec director on a board. Our job though is not to run the school, so we give the space to the Head Teacher and staff to conduct their day-to-day responsibilities without our interference!

My aim is to ensure that the school continues to provide a great start for our pupils in their lives. Many pupils who have started out life at Primrose Lane have enjoyed success in their secondary education and if we, as governors, can play a small part in that continuing, then our involvement with the school would have been worth it!


Dan Edwards – Vice Chair (Co-opted Governor)

I was elected to the governing body as a parent governor in December 2011 and changed to my current status as a co-opted (community) governor in September 2016. I am currently Vice Chair of the Governing Body, Chair of the Resources Committee, and a member of the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership Trust Board.

I am originally from Warwickshire and moved to the Leeds area in 1999. Both of my daughters have attended Primrose Lane since we moved to the Boston Spa area in 2010, with the youngest currently in Year 4.

I have worked in the insurance industry for nearly 25 years, during which time I have undertaken a variety of roles to include Operational, Financial and Project Management.

I became interested in taking on a school governor role when my children started school and my eyes were opened to the diversity and challenge of the work required to manage a school environment.

Life away from work and school revolves around family, especially ensuring that the children have the opportunity to explore different places and experiences. I am also something of film buff and have also been known to unleash my competitive streak during the odd quiz or two . . .


Alison Crawford – (Staff Governor)

This is my first year as a staff governor and my second year teaching at Primrose Lane Primary School. Since joining the staff I have taught in Year 3. As a former member of the Metropolitan Police Service, this is my second career. I left the Service to relocate in Yorkshire and spent several years working as a teaching assistant at two local schools before training as a teacher four years ago. I have a degree in Psychology which has been relevant to both my previous and present career.

I live very locally, and as a member of the local and school community, I felt it a natural step to become a governor. As a new governor there is a lot to learn but I am looking forward to contributing to the life of the school in this additional capacity.


Beverley Lyn – (Foundation Governor)

I am a self-employed learning and development consultant working predominantly in the insurance industry. I have lived in the Wetherby and Boston Spa area for over 25 years.

I am in my 2nd year as a foundation governor at Primrose Lane and serve on the Resources Committee and the Pay Committee.

I am delighted to be a school governor as it allows me to put something back into the community involving the education of young people, a subject on which I feel very strongly. I care deeply that young people should all receive a high standard of education and development, which will empower them as they grow and continue with their education to be the best they can be.

My other interests include keeping fit by playing tennis and cycling, plus I am chair of Wetherby Musical Theatre Group.


Bryony Boyle (Parent Governor)

I was appointed as a Parent Governor in September 2016 and have two sons at Primrose Lane, in Reception and Nursery. I sit on the Teaching and Learning Committee and I’m looking forward to doing whatever I can to support the school and staff continue to achieve the high standards they have set.

I grew up in Leeds and moved back to Yorkshire from London a few years ago. I’m a project manager and have worked within the field of sustainable development and public policy for the last 15 years. As a geographer by training I love how Primrose Lane uses our local geography and history to excite the pupils and encourage learning. I love cycling and walking and am looking forward to leaving the pushchair phase of parenting behind!


Dawn Daly (Co-opted Governor)

I became a Governor at Primrose Lane in 2014, having retired from teaching after 37 happy years. My commitment to education continues and I am proud to contribute something to this outstanding school, in the role of Governor. The school's continued determination to remain 'Outstanding', whilst implementing the many imposed initiatives and rising to all challenges is impressive, especially as the Primrose Lane learner is always at the heart of the school.

Being a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee gives me a good understanding of the school's policies in practice. I also attend the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership board meetings where our local schools come together, to share resources, expertise and collectively support excellent learning across the partnership through shared training, liaison and dialogue.

I volunteer at the school one morning each week, hearing children read. This is very rewarding and the children's enthusiasm for the reading session is heartening.


Jayne Cooper (Parent Governor)

I joined as a parent governor in 2016. As a parent with a child at Primrose Lane, I wanted to be able to support the school in continuing the excellent work to provide all pupils with the best possible education.

I work in Project Management for an IT company within the Financial Services Industry. I love to travel and explore new destinations. I am thrilled to be part of the governing body at Primrose Lane.


Jennifer Kerr (Parent Governor)

My son, Cameron, is currently in Year 1 at Primrose Lane. I became involved with the school when he started Nursery: helping out at special events and covering lunchtimes. It’s been rewarding to be a member of the PTA for the past year, seeing parents pull together to raise funds to provide extra resources for the children. As an extension of this, I became interested in the governance of the school.

My professional background is as a chartered surveyor, working mainly in local government achieving ‘best-value’ in property transactions. I’m currently involved in community projects, as Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and the village safer-crossings group. My personal interests include perfecting my home-brew and restoring my heritage sports car.


Jo Tinkler (Foundation Governor)

My association with Primrose Lane began in 1989 when I was appointed Nursery Nurse for the soon to be opened Nursery. Over the years, I also worked in Reception and Key Stage 1 and supported children with special needs and their parents. I returned to work in Nursery part time after having my daughter Emily in 1999 and continued in this position until 2006 when my son Daniel was a year old.

I live in Boston Spa and both of my children attended the Nursery and school, my responsibility changed from staff to parent. I was involved fully in school life, as a parent volunteer and an active PTA member. When my son left the school in 2016 I became a Governor and my new role at Primrose Lane began. I work in my family engineering company and love to spend time with family and friends.


Jonathan Jackson (Co-opted Governor)

This is my third year as a co-opted governor at Primrose Lane and fifth year at the school as a teacher. I am the Year 5 teacher, PE and Sport Coordinator and Leader of KS2. I was interested in joining the Governing Body in order to learn more about the logistics of the school, rather than just focusing on the children’s learning and well-being. Since joining, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and contributing to decisions about how the school is run and how to improve the school.

I was born and went to schools in Manchester, but ventured over to Leeds for University and never went home! My wife now claims I’m a converted Yorkshire man - I beg to differ!

I am a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee, which I very much enjoy and support all staff in ensuring policies and practises are followed (especially new staff). I have worked in a number of schools and my outlook on education is that the best schools are places where children become confident and independent learners, whose love of learning means they set high expectations for themselves, just as their teachers do. Additionally, I believe that all children and young people have unique talents and that schools who know their pupils well, and personalise the support they offer, can make a phenomenal difference as children are growing up.

In my spare time, I regularly go to the gym, walk, climb and play a number of sports. As an active person and someone who believes everyone should lead an active life, especially children, I am thrilled that even the very youngest children at Primrose get the opportunity to participate in various activities and sports.


Michael Simpson (Co-opted Governor)

I became a Governor in March 2017. I moved to the area in April 2000 and my daughter attended the school from January 2005 until July 2013. I have worked at the school as a Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor, prior to my current role as the Site Manager and I feel privileged to be part of the school community.

I worked in the building industry as a Joiner for many years which has given me a wealth of knowledge that helps in my role as Health and Safety governor.


Rai Shacklock (Local Authority Governor)

This is my second term as Governor at Primrose Lane Primary School and was originally appointed as the local authority governor. I live in Harrogate, am married with 2 grown up sons but have 2 grandchildren aged 6 and 9 so both are primary school age. Being a school governor allows me to understand more fully the KS1 and KS2 classroom experience and particularly the Year 5 curriculum. I have been class governor for the current Year 5 since Year 2 and find this progression with the class most useful and interesting as it allows you to build a relationship with the class. My special responsibility is for Child Protection and I now sit on the Resources Committee after a brief spell on Teaching and Learning. I find that my experience with regards the scope of resources fits best my skills set.

My background is in Higher Education. I was a full time academic at Leeds Metropolitan University for 27 years where I was Head of School for Languages and English Language Teaching and a Teacher Fellow. In 2012 I took severance and retirement and set up my own educational consultancy business where much of my work is of an international nature.


Sally Wise (Parent Governor)

I have been part of the Primrose Lane primary school community since moving to Boston Spa in January 2013. At that time my eldest child joined the school in year 2 and although he has now finished at Primrose Lane I still have 2 other children at the school.

I am passionate to support the learning and development of children and officially stepped into the role of parent governor in September 2017. I currently sit on the Teaching & Learning Committee.

I have over 10 years of experience working within risk and compliance in the banking sector and look forward to using my knowledge and skills to contribute to the successes of an already outstanding school.