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Welcome to Primrose Lane PTA! A huge thank you to everyone who helped and supported the events of last year - it is very much appreciated. The school enjoys a great social life and the PTA has been able to raise a huge amount of money to support school projects.

Last year, money was spent on:
  • improving the school playground
  • providing play-time equipment for the children
  • updating ICT equipment in every classroom.
More recently we have been able to donate £6,000 to the school library re-organisation project, which has had a very positive impact with the children.

We all find it hard to commit a lot of time so now each event is organised by a different group of parents. That way, nobody has to do too much on their own and jobs can be shared out. This may mean that people help move chairs before an event, bake a cake, run a stall or tidy up at the end of the evening - as much or as little as people can do.

Last year many active PTA members moved on to other projects or schools. The PTA needs fresh ideas and new people to keep the PTA running and evolving. Why not come along to one of our monthly meetings, which are very informal, usually held in a local pub. Please keep coming to the events and see if you can offer a bit of help.

The PTA is now a charity (charity number 1120173). If you have any experience of working with a charity, please can you offer a little of your time to advise the committee on the best way to go forward as a charity.

School Uniform Shop

Lost yet another jumper? Can't find the PE shorts? No time to get to the shops? Don't worry, save both time and money by visiting our Uniform Shop open after parent assemblies on Thursdays. Cardigans, dresses, trousers and tops are sold along with ballet, brownie and cubs uniforms too. Every item is freshly laundered and packaged. And if you have any items that no longer fit your child, but are in good condition, please pass them on!

Can you man the shop once a term? Can you help wash and iron some of the clothes? We really need some help.