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Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark

Over this academic year, I’m sure your children have enjoyed participating and competing in various sports and small games, as well as learning within their two hours of PE per week. There is now a huge focus on PE and Sport in all schools, not just to encourage healthy active lifestyles, but also to develop the children’s social and emotional enjoyment, which has been shown to link to success within other areas of the curriculum.

This year, again, primary schools have received funding called Sport Premium, which is ring-fenced and can only be used to specifically develop Physical Education (PE), sport and physical activity in school. After an evaluation, schools have then been awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award or nothing at all within the Sainsbury’s School Games Quality Mark. The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success. As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded again this year.

Following our recent application, Primrose Lane is very proud to announce that we achieved the Gold for the Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark, maintaining our award from the last two years, which is a fantastic achievement! We would like to congratulate all staff and children for their efforts and cooperation within PE and Sport and hope it continues to progress further. Congratulations have also been received from SSCos Jon Lynsky from Boston Spa High School and Julie Smyth from Wetherby High School, as well as Partnership Development Manager Shaun Mulhern.

If you have any questions or suggestions of ways of further developing the PE and Sport here at Primrose Lane, please come and see Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator).
Individual Success

Primrose Lane would like to congratulate Charlie Courtman on his recent offer of signing for the full-time training model at Manchester City Football Club. He has represented Manchester City for a number of years now, travelling the world to play against some of the best teams, and he has stood out to succeed in being chosen to progress to the next stage. He is going to be going to a school in Manchester for Year 7 onwards to further his ambitions and we hope the best for him. Well done Charlie!
Intra Competitions and Participation
Intra competitions are various different competitions that we do in school, as well as the participatory activities to include all children in competition (even if they aren't fully ready to compete with other schools yet). For instance, whenever we are in an 'inter competition' outside of school or against other schools in different sports, we have intra competitions so that everybody has the chance to represent school, but the ones that win these intra competitions go on to represent school so that we have the opportunity to win the competitions and are in the best position to give these children opportunities to challenge themselves. We do also have participatory competitions outside of school that don't always involve the most gifted of children within that area. In doing intra competitions, it teaches all children rules in sports; how to win and lose; as well as how to improve by learning skills and tactics from others!
Year 1 Dodgeball Festival
Recently Year One took part in a Dodgeball Festival at Boston Spa Academy. We were all very excited and a little nervous as we had not played dodgeball before. Mr Lynskey opened the afternoon by explaining to us all how to play dodgeball. It all sounded quite simple - you had to throw small, soft, yellow balls at the opposing team trying to hit them from the shoulders downwards while trying to ‘dodge’ the balls that the other team threw at us. If you got hit before the ball bounced you were out, but if you managed to catch the ball before it bounced the person throwing the ball was out and you could get one of your players back on court.

Year One threw themselves into the games with lots of enthusiasm, we played in 3 teams and we all got to play lots of games against other schools and ourselves. Everyone had a great time although none of us were very keen on getting hit by the balls (even though they were very soft). As the afternoon progressed we became more confident and started to move towards the front of the court rather than the back so were more successful in hitting the opposition. It was great to see everyone working together and putting into practice our value this month - cooperation!

“I didn’t get out for 4 matches.” Alfie
“I liked trying to hit the other players.” Ava
“I liked catching the ball.” Sam
“It was fun.” Angus
“We worked in a team and co-operated.” Daisie
“I liked dodging.” Noah
“I was the last man standing in one game.” Henry

Gems Rounder Competition June 2019


On Friday 28th June 2019, KS2 had a Gems Rounders Competition, whereby each Gem group (From Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amber and Amethyst) played each other in order to be crowned the Gem winners! We were fortunate to have a beautiful day for the occasion, with enough shade to cool down if the children needed it. The matches were very exciting, with all teams scoring some great rounders, making good catches and fielding like they were pro’s! It was one of the highest standards we’ve seen to date, with good tactics, team work and sportsmanship. It was a delight to referee, watch and admire. Credit to all children in KS2 who behaved impeccably.

Having collected results, the overall winners lifting the trophy were Amethyst. This was very tight, with Ruby only half a rounder behind, but Amethyst were worthy winners with excellent teamwork, communication and cooperation! Congratulations go to them for working well as a team, but to everybody for their efforts!

Go Ape (Year 6)

Go Ape - Harvey
Yesterday was even better than I imagined it would be: Year 6 had their special reward day at Temple Newsam in Leeds. 
The day started with all of the children walking into school, really excited because they were so happy for Go Ape! After a while we all finally got ready to go on the bus and pick our partners. My partner was Stanley (my best friend). When we had picked our partners, we finally got on the bus to go to Go Ape!
After the bus journey, we had some spare time before we went into the trees, so we went to the park and played some fun games, like tig and hide ‘n’ seek. The funniest part of the game was when we were all hiding in the bushes to not get tug. After an hour in the park, it was finally the time that we had been waiting for.

When we got to Go Ape, we met the leaders and did a really fun warm-up. After all of our warm-up, we went to go and put our harnesses on and get ready for Go Ape. My group put our harnesses on and did the short little trial for an experience. Then we finally got into the trees! I was feeling confident at the beginning, but when I got on, it was a whole new experience! I really enjoyed my time at Go Ape because I was screaming a lot, I was fine!
After Go Ape we had exciting awards and certificates to claim, which I felt very proud of myself for getting, because I was happy that I had been awarded something for all the hard work that I did that day, because I would’ve been upset if I hadn’t been awarded anything for all the hard work that I did. 

We had lunch after Go Ape (which was very nice!): I had a lovely salad. For a treat we had ice-cream – I had a large ripple cone (which was declicious!) After, we sadly had to walk away to the amazing experience we had. If after reading this you decide to go to Go Ape, I hope you conquer your fear of heights, just like me. 

Go Ape - Toby
On Monday 17th of June Year 6 went to Go Ape (at Temple Newsam) as an end of year reward for all of our hard work throughout school. We were all tired and needed a break so Go Ape was the perfect place to go.
When I woke up, I was feeling nervous, because on Sunday I really hurt my ankle; I didn’t know if I would be able to take part. I could marginally walk on my left foot, but it still hurt a lot.
As soon as we arrived at school, my mum told Mrs Turnbull that I had really hurt my left ankle and that I shouldn’t do it. Once we had all sat down, we did the register and checked everyone had everything that they needed- pack lunch and water- in case they had forgotten them. A short while after, we sat on the bus and got ready to go.
The journey on the bus was extremely boring and tiring, so I was happy when we got off the bus. Whilst we were walking down to the park, we spotted some pigs and the main house. Once we arrived at the park, lots of people played ManHunt, however I went on the swings and zipwire.

Then it was time for us to go tree climbing: I stayed at the back with Miss Harper because of my ankle. All of the levels were very fun and I did each of them once before my ankle began to hurt. Despite the pain, I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it. I overcame my fear of heights and am desperate to go again!
Brownlee Foundation Triathlon Event

“Year 3 were absolutely fantastic at the Brownlee Triathlon event. The event took place on Wednesday 22nd May just before we broke up for half term. Miss Dealtry was unbelievably proud of the way the children got involved even though many felt apprehensive about doing something new. The children massively encouraged each other and it was lovely to see. We even had brilliant weather for the event!

Initially the children set out on their briefing and were quite intrigued by their orange swimming hats (we found them quite itchy and uncomfortable!) but we didn't moan and dived straight into swimming. The children then faced the task of cycling two laps of the stadium track and did an excellent job and had smiles on their faces.

Some of our less confident riders were beaming with pride towards the end. After this the final event was running. Feeling very tired they all pushed themselves and it was wonderful to see so many sprint finishes and smiles at the end. The children then collected their well-deserved goody bag and medal.


Thank you to our parent helpers on the day. Well done Year 3!”
Miss Dealtry

One of the parent helpers was so impressed with the class that they wrote the following in an email to Mrs Holmes:

“As a parent helper at the Year 3 Triathlon event at John Charles Sports Centre on Wednesday 22nd May I had to let you know that every one of the children in Miss Dealtry's class were a credit to Primrose Lane Primary School at the event. Their behaviour was exemplary and the enthusiasm they all had towards the event and the three activities involved (swimming, cycling and running) was off the scale.

The final two events (cycling and running) took place around the athletics track in front of the main stand of the stadium. As they finished the triathlon and collected their much deserved medals and goody bags, the boys and girls came up into a seating area of the stand (where I was supervising them) to wait for those in their class who were still out on the track cycling or running. With approx 3/4 of the class finished, without any prompting from anyone else, the boys and girls who had finished started chanting the names of classmates who were still out on the track cycling or running.

This act of encouragement to help get them all to the finish line was very moving and magnificent to see. They are a fabulous group! I was so proud to have been helping such a fine class of Year 3 pupils.”
The London Marathon Assembly!

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to welcome Mr Clelland in to inspire us all about his experience in the London Marathon (and the other ten he’s been involved in). He showed us about the 38 world records that had been set at this year’s London Marathon (including the quickest person to finish dressed as a post-box!), as well as the quickest times by dedicated athletes. He explained about the values required for this dedication, which matched our Primrose Lane Values and Primrose Lane Learner Values, some of which were ‘ambition, enthusiasm, courage, responsibility, perseverance’ and many more. On top of the excellent level of fitness and stamina required to run (or even walk) the marathon, Mr Clelland explained about other reasons why people would want to do it, including: fun; social/friendships; challenge; better fitness; increase life expectancy etc. Additionally, running for charities was a huge reason, making a difference to lives and helping friends/loved ones.

It was a strong message for us all, that we can always be doing more and not just caring about ourselves, but caring about others too. Thank you Mr Clelland for your assembly and inspiration!
KS2 Orienteering in PE


This half term, all of Key Stage 2 have been fortunate enough to receive expert and excellent teaching of orienteering through Airienteers’ Simon Martland. The activities have involved various mapping skills being tested; lots of stamina from the children to get from flag to flag; teamwork to support eachother to navigate around unfamiliar areas; and perseverance when difficulties were experienced. Here are some images of the children map reading, navigating around grids using compass points and coordinates, clocking in at the electronic gates and many more fun, engaging and creative ways the children learnt in their PE sessions. Keep an eye out for orienteering events and take a look at the ‘Airienteers’ website ( if you or your child are interested in something a bit different!


Here's what some of them had to say about their experiences in PE:

Year 3:
April – ‘I have been really proud because I got to do orienteering for the entire school and I absolutely loved it!’
Lewis – ‘I tried my best to win and I got a wristband. I enjoyed using a dibber, a amp and a compass.
Thomas – ‘Orienteering has been really fun (and tiring). I loved the games that we played and I would love to do it again!’

Year 4:
Theo – ‘I found orienteering very fun. My favourite part was three people as aliens catching everybody else.’
Freya – ‘I really enjoyed doing orienteering and my favourite part was doing the races and working with a partner.’
Ellie – ‘I loved how we got wrist bands for doing well and enjoying lots of different games!’
Florence – ‘I really enjoyed orienteering. I think the hardest sessuib was when we used the compasses. I liked it when we did races against each other – it was fun!’
Blake – ‘I really liked orienteering since it got my heart beating fast and it helped me use maps and compasses.’

Year 5:
Toby – ‘ I enjoyed the ‘Naughty Aliens Game’, where we had to run around and get stamps, with ‘aliens’ chasing us!’
Bobby – ‘I like the fact that orienteering has been competitive, especially with the team racing, where you go to the flags and come back.’
Edward – ‘I enjoyed the flag game, as it was challenging, but fun with a partner.’
Edie – ‘I enjoyed doing the game with toys, where you put a toy somewhere, drew it on the map and your friend had to find it.’

Year 6:
McKenzie – ‘I liked the challenge of beating my own times and others.’
Sam –‘There was a great range of orienteering games.’
Megan – ‘I liked working in teams to find the missing flag.’
Harvey – ‘The alien game was best!’
Tour de Primrose!

The Nursery children got into the spirit of the Tour de Yorkshire by organising and holding their very own cycling event – the Tour de Primrose!

They began by exploring the school grounds to find a suitable route and deciding where each stage of their race would be. It was a very tiring job and the children need a lie down when they returned to Nursery!


Soon, the big day had arrived and the children came to Nursery ready to race with their bikes and scooters in tow. They lined up along the starting point - next to the signs that they had made – and were ready to go!


During the morning’s individual races, the children stopped to recharge, eating the energy bars that they’d researched and made earlier in the week. They thought that the oats and cereals would give them the energy they needed to complete their racesw! After their little break, the children set off once more, climbing the ‘mountains’ before heading back to the finish line.


Once the race was finished, the children took a seat with their grown-ups to enjoy a freshly made afternoon tea. The children had made and sold tickets for the event and planned the types of food and drink they could eat with their families too.


Finally, the children received medals for their achievements and felt very proud of themselves. A great day was had by all – thank you to everybody who came and supported us!
Year 6 PE at Boston Spa Academy

Year 6 once again were fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Boston Spa Academy for a PE session this week as part of transitional lesson learning. Again, the session was led by the head of the department there (Mr Lynsky), who again gave a great experience for the children and helped them progress their skills to that expected of them in high school. This is what some of them had to say:

Rhys - Football with Mr Lynskey was great because he taught us the basics and then we played matches.

McKenzie - The football was very fun, we all worked together and at the end we had some friendly matches.

Megan - Although I wasn't the best, I enjoyed playing and learning with my friends.

Ben - Football was really fun because we started with dribbling, passing, shooting and then went into some games. It included all abilities. 

Year 6 PE at Boston Spa

This week, Year 6 were fortunate enough to attend a Basketball PE session at Boston Spa Academy, led by the head of the PE Department (Mr Lynsky). They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took a lot from the session. There will be another session in a few weeks focusing on kicking and throwing skills. Here’s what some of them had to say about it:

"I loved the basketball, it was very good how the lesson was explained and it was fun being like a high school student" – McKenzie

"Basketball was really fun because it was explained really well, with demonstrations and were able practice skills and then play matches." -Ben

"Even though my team didn't win matches in the end I still had fun playing and learning new skills." Megan

"I really enjoyed the matches because we all worked as a team and it was loads of fun." Toby
KS2 Orienteering, January 2019


In January, all of KS2 enjoyed a thrilling day of orienteering with Simon from ‘Airenteers’. The children loved learning map skills, teamwork and couldn’t believe how tiring map work could be! All children got very competitive with the electronics involved, clocking in at the start of their task and clocking out once finishing, then gaining a time (which they were all wanting to beat each other’s time!).


The activities involved ‘slug trails’, where children had to follow a trail and draw it out on their maps with their white board pens. They then ‘followed the leader’ and gave each other challenges. Secondly, children were given ‘kites’, where they had to hide them, identify a starting point (with a triangle) on their maps, as well as the finishing point (with two circles) for their challengers to find. Finally, they finished with the time trials, where they chose various different trails and were timed on their completion (which brought the element of challenge, and resulted in some very tired competitors!).

Children were also given electronic ‘dibbers’ and maps, where they had to navigate to the different ‘kites’ in the correct order and try and achieve the best time in the groups. The navigation skills were essential, as well as speed and stamina. It was impressive to see some of the competitiveness of the children, but also the fitness!

Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:

Year 3


Year 4


Marcy: ‘I found orienteering fun because it keeps me fit and helps me use a map’
Amelia: ‘I enjoyed the game at the end which had clues’#
Finley: ‘It was really fun to play the ‘kite game’ at gthe end, where you stapled the numbers on the card’
Kara D: ‘I enjoyed today’s orienteering and I was surprised that me and my partners came first!’
Christian: ‘It was very exciting to have the orienteering leader back in to update our knowledge on map skills from last time!’.

Year 5


Edie: ‘I learnt how to work well independently using a map, which was challenging.’
Henry: ‘I learnt that to be successful, you don’t just need to be quick, you need good map reading skills.’
Henry M: ‘Even though it made you very tired, it was a very fun activity to do; I would highly recommend it to other people to try it out!’
Emilie: ‘I really enjoyed the part where three elves had to try and catch people as they were navigating around the different points.’

Year 6
Harvey - I thought orienteering was great because it was a great physical activity and I really enjoyed working with my group.
Jude - Orienteering was very active and fun
Joel - I enjoyed orienteering sincerely. It was really cool and kept us active whilst doing it.
Jasmine - I really enjoyed orienteering - I thought being a naughty elf was fun!
Lily - it was a really enjoyable lesson and I loved the competitive vibe. Also, it helps you with your map skills
Eve - I really enjoyed doing orienteering. I enjoyed working as a team with friends. I think everybody worked really well
Rhiannon - I enjoyed orienteering because of the running and the game at the end
Motivational Assembly

On Friday 7th December 2018, the whole school were fortunate enough to have Phil Nilsen in to talk to us about his experiences throughout his rugby union career, how he got there and what helped him achieve his goals. His inspiration has already got some of the children talking and thinking about their goals and what they’d like to achieve.

Phil showed how he started off playing rugby at a young age, enjoyed it and wanted to pursue it as a career. When at 16, he was signed by professional clubs and began taking it more seriously. Since then, he has played for various clubs including Leeds Tykes, Leeds Carnegie and now still at Coventry. He also represented England at 17 years of age, gaining early success.

Phil has gone through many injuries and knock-backs, but has persevered through to get to where he is now. He is now one of the most senior players and comes with a wealth of experience to support the younger players and offer his expertise. This also stems from his education, where he graduated with a Sports Science degree. This has all helped in inspiring the children to aim towards a goal, know that there will be set-backs and challenges, but it can be done through hard work…..and once that goal is achieved, the need to work even harder is essential. This was shown in a video shown by Phil on training he does every day in order to stay at the top of his game.

We’d like to thank Phil for coming to inspire us and share his experiences.
Whole School Skipping day, October 2018
On Friday 12th October 2018, each class from Reception-Year 6 participated in a skipping festival hosted by the company Skipping Schools, led by Jodi. The day was fabulous, with all children learning the benefits of skipping for physical activity and health, as well as socially playing in the playground and outside of school. Children also learnt about persevering and if they struggled, carried on giving it a go. Each class learnt how to safely skip, as well as various different techniques, ranging from ‘double-dutch, hopping, split legs, speed skip, side step, back-to-back, change places, side-swing, pretzel’; and many more! Children and staff alike found how tiring it can be, as our heart rates raced up quite quickly. We all loved the experience. Here are what some of the classes had to say about the day:


Reception really enjoyed their skipping workshop with Jodi. We played the train game and took it in turns to run through the tunnel! Darcie and Elliot were fantastic leaders and Elizabeth amazed us all with some solo skipping on the rope!
Year 1:

Ella: ‘I enjoyed skipping in assembly.’
Hughie: ‘I can skip now but I couldn't skip yet in Reception.’
Tallulah: ‘I liked the skipping assembly.’
Year 2:

Henry: ‘It was good I liked to do the hop skip.’
Susie: ‘It was quite tricky when I first started but then it got a bit easier.’
Bella: ‘It was very fun!’
Victoria: ‘It was fun to try and do face to face.’

Year 5:
Henry M: ‘I very much enjoyed learning the ‘Texas Star’ and getting to perform it in front of the whole school’
Safina: ‘I really enjoyed doing the ‘double-under’ – it was really fun’
Wilson: ‘It was really enjoyable doing the ‘Pretzel’ in front of the whole school’
Bobby: ‘It was a fascinating experience to see Jodi and do the skipping’
Beth: ‘I enjoyed doing the ‘Pretzel’ backwards in front of the whole school’
Year 6:

Harvey: "I thought the skipping brightened up my day and I really want to do it again. I could've done it forever. This lesson made me better at skipping"
Eve: "It was really fun to watch! Everyone was going so quick and so fast. It was hard to keep up with everyone"
Tilly: "I enjoyed skipping today because in the 'run-jump-out', we got faster and faster and in the end it felt like I was running in circles. It was also fun because we had a good time with friends'
Austin: "I think it is encouraging and a good experience for all of us. I most enjoyed the run-jump-out!"
Kai: "I liked it so much. I enjoyed the run-jump-out because I was good at it and I did better than last time! It was fun!"
Inter Competitions
These competitions are competitions outside of school against other schools/individuals. We do these throughout the academic year and get our teams from 'Intra Competitions'.

Year Two Skipping Festival

Last week Year Two took part in their annual Skipping Festival at Wetherby High. Since our session with Jodi early in the year we have been regularly practising all of the skips and I have been really impressed with the progress that all the children have made. We were all very excited to show off our skipping skills against the other schools there and thoroughly enjoyed taking part. Although, we didn’t win overall the following children got certificates for the skipping skill they performed.

Gold in double bounce- Evan

Bronze in side swing – Thomas

Bronze in speed bounce -Charlie and Alesha

Silver in face to face – Owen and Bailey

Gold in face to face – Elizabeth and Elise

Well done to all the children for the effort they put in and also their super behaviour on the day.


Primrose Lane Gala Winners!

Girl’s Gala: (Team: Imogen, Megan, Tilly, Rhiannon, Georgina and Lauren) 

On Saturday 8th of June, Rhiannon, Megan, Imogen, Tilly, Lauren and Georgina took part in a girl’s football tournament at St Johns School in Boston Spa. We played four games against three different teams (we won two and drew two matches). The teams were: St. Edwards; St. Marys; and Lady Hastings Thorpe Arch. The final game went to penalties and the people who took the penalties were Megan, Lauren, Tilly and finally Georgina. This was the first ever girls gala at Boston Spa and we won!

The first match we played was against St Edwards and we drew 0-0. Second match was 1-0 to us against St Mary’s – the goal was scored by Megan. Our next match against Thorp Arch Lady Hastings where we won 3-0, Tilly, Lauren and Georgina scored in this match. The final match was against St. Edwards, it went to extra time and penalties, no-one conceded any goals so the score 0-0 by the end of extra time. The penalties happened and Megan was first up. Unfortunately, she missed hers but Lauren scored hers. Next up was Tilly -who was also in goal- and she scored too. Finally, Georgina went up and scored the winning penalty. Tilly was amazing and saved every single penalty against her. We are all so proud of each other and we are very happy with the result. It will be a day to remember.

Written by Imogen and Tilly

Boys ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams: (A team: Toby, Sam A, Sam F, Ben, Joel and Austin; B team: Rhys, Jude, Harvey, Kai and McKenzie)

The Primrose Lane A and B teams were feeling the pressure of success from previous years and wanted to rise to the challenge. They certainly did so with an excellent footballing display. Unfortunately the ‘B’ team didn’t progress through, but played some great football and represented the school with pride. The ‘A’ team on the otherhand won every game in the competition, scoring well over thirty goals and conceding only two. They dominated throughout. Excellent teamwork was displayed in the group stages as St Edwards, St Mary’s and Lady Hastings were all victim to some slick football and an increasingly confident team.

Toby Sykes was superb in goal all tournament, making a number of important saves for his team and leading from the back. Sam Fasey was fantastic all day, he intercepted opposition passing and played out from defence brilliantly. Austin dominated in his role, he was clever on the ball and his awareness of the game made it impossible for the opposition to progress forwards. Joel was too fast, too strong and just too good against the opposition players. Sam Alker lit up the games with his ability and skill, creating goals and winning the ball in midfield. Benjamin Thornton scared every defence with his silky skills, good decision making and technical ability. But it was the sum of these parts which made the team unbeatable.

Our semi-final performance blew away St Edwards C. And before our final, great pleasure was taken by the boys in supporting the Primrose Lane girl’s victory. In the final, we received that support back, and that of the Primrose Lane B team players. The final was against St Edwards A and it matched the two best sides in the competition. Sam Alker scored a tricky goal to put Primrose Lane in the lead but good play from St Edwards saw the lead slip as we conceded our only two goals of the day; 2-1 down with six minutes to go! The team showed real character and continued to play good football whilst a few chances went begging until a well worked move saw Joel put Benji in for a cool finish to equalise. Game on with three minutes to go! Primrose Lane continued to play well and one minute before the final whistle Sam Alker shaped a tournament winning volley into the top corner; well-deserved for everyone. 
We had achieved our goals: to enjoy, learn and win. Thanks to all for the support.

Written by Mr Alker

Amazing news and an amazing achievement by all of the Primrose Lane competitors, including Boys Team A, Boys Team B and the Girls Team. A huge thank you must go out to the Parents who helped support the teams, managed them and were there throughout the competition, as without their support, the children wouldn’t have been able to compete – it is very much appreciated!
Netball Competition May 2019
Primrose Lane Primary School competed in a netball competition on Thursday 23rd May 2019 at Wetherby High School. The team involved Lucy, Lily, Libby, Jasmine, McKenzie and Rhiannnon.

The team did really well, putting their learnt skills in to practise, with the passing and moving being very good. It was a great experience for them in order to realise the positioning and tactics required in order to achieve well, and as a result, the children loved their experience. This will prepare them well for their move to high school and what to expect in terms of competing at a higher level.

The children’s efforts and attitudes throughout the competition were brilliant. All children behaved excellently and were a credit to Primrose Lane. There were many points scored and we were unlucky not to get through to the City Finals. We even had a step in from Kodee from Year 4, who played excellently when he came on! Great effort team!
Skipping competition final
On Monday 29th April all of Year 4 went to Leeds Beckett University for the skipping competition final. The children competed against ten other schools who had each won their first round competition. Not only did the children receive the gold medal for their skip dance, but for the individual skills children received 5 gold medals as well as a silver and a bronze! Together, through a combination of fantastic team work, resilience and determination, Primrose Lane came away with the gold overall, coming first out of the 70 Leeds schools and 4000 Year 4 children who took part. A FANTASTIC achievement!


Tennis Competition and Festival

On Wednesday 17th April all of year 3 and eight children from year 5 went to Boston Spa Academy for a tennis competition. Eight children from year 3 took part in the tennis competition whilst the others took part in a tennis festival.


The weather was fantastic and the children loved being active in the outdoors during the festival. The Tennis Festival involved lots of short activities to keep the children engaged and provide them with different skills to help them to develop as tennis players.


Miss Dealtry was so impressed with all the children during the festival. There was some fantastic team work as well as some great skills shown. All the children joined in really well and it was great to see them having such a great time whilst keeping fit and healthy.

Congratulations to Honour, April, Heidi, Charlotte, Zack, Lewis, Charlie and Aidan who were our class representatives. You all played some great tennis but more importantly, you showed good sportsman ship. Another big well done to the year 5 competition players Zara, Immogen, Beth, Emilie, Bobby, Sam, Cian and Sam. Miss Dealtry would like thank our parent helpers who came along.

Year 5 Tag Rugby Competition March 2019

On 28th March 2019, the whole of Year 5 competed in a Tag Rugby Competition, organised by Leeds Rhinos. There were lots of Leeds schools involved, three of which were Primrose Lane A Team, Primrose Lane B Team and Primrose Lane C Team. Other local schools involved included the following:
  • St Benedicts;
  • Bardsey;
  • Thorp Arch;
  • Deighton Gates;
  • Collingham and more!

All children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, led by Leeds Rhinos coaches. The children in Year 5 all represented the school brilliantly and behaved very well, even when decisions didn’t go their way. Everybody showed excellent gamesmanship by shaking hands and wishing each other the best for the next game.

All teams competed well and won games. Primrose Lane’s A team did amazingly well in the group stages, winning their group and getting through to the semi-finals! This was a thrilling match, initially resulting in a 1-1 draw at the end of time. This is to say, that the game continued and was end to end, but St Benedicts crept through to snatch a winning try to go through. It must be said, that there were some controversial refereeing decisions, but the whole of the Primrose Lane team responded gracefully and were tolerant of all decisions – a credit to the school.

Here’s what some of them had to say about the competition:

Ben – ‘Although our group didn’t get through, it was really fun.’

Henry – ‘It was such an extraordinary experience to start our first game in our group, and then to make it all the way through to the semi-finals. Our team worked very well as a group and if we had a little more time (and luck), we would have made it through to the City Finals!’

Beth – ‘I enjoyed it because we all had really good teamwork and everybody had a chance to get the ball.’

Safina – ‘It was very fun – especially getting through to the semi-finals. Although we didn’t win, we had a very good chance of getting through.’

Edward – ‘I really enjoyed it. I was really nervous and anxious before beginning, but I found that I scored three tries and ended up doing brilliantly!’
Orienteering West Yorkshire Finals 2019

On Wednesday 27th March 2019, three Primrose Lane teams competed after their success in the previous round, not for Primrose Lane, but representing Leeds! We had our Year 3/4 team and two Year 5/6 teams. They loved their t-shirts showing that they were representing Leeds. The whole event was an eye-opener for the children, with a fabulous opening ceremony, involving famous athletes, musicians, dancers and gymnasts, all performing and speaking. There were even two Mascots for the day, which children loved high-fiving and getting their pictures taken with.

There were representatives from throughout West Yorkshire, involving Calderdale, Bradford, Kirklees, Leeds (us) and Wakefield. Each area had representatives competing in different sports in the finals, culminating in this huge event.


After the opening ceremony, our team headed down to the Orienteering competition and ran their socks off! It involved the children navigating themselves around an unfamiliar area, using a map and team work and getting to the ‘kites’ (checkpoints) with their electronic ‘dibbbers’ as fast as they could. Although all did brilliantly, it was fantastic to see the Year 3/4 team achieve early on with Bronze (although a contested silver if they weren’t sent the wrong way when they’d finished!); as well as one of the year 5/6 teams achieving Silver. Our other Year 5/6 team achieved 7th, although they were only a minute or two behind the winners. Congratulations to all who competed and well done for representing not just your school impeccably, but the whole of Leeds!

Cross Country Warriors!

Due to their success in the West Yorkshire Cross Country Finals (finishing first and second in their respective age groups), Charlie C (Y6) and Sam A (Y5) travelled down to Loughborough to compete in the National Finals of the Cross Country Competition representing West Yorkshire this time. Primrose Lane are delighted for the two boys on their achievement and are proud of what they achieved. Out of nearly 400 people in both of the races, Charlie came 17th and Sam came 29th, both running their hearts out and Parents I’m sure bursting with pride. In this achievement, Charlie ran with three other individuals representing West Yorkshire for Year 6, and due to their placements, they WON the National competition, which is an amazing achievement being the best in the country! Well done Charlie! 

In addition to this, we have recently received the excellent news that the Year 5 team from Primrose Lane, who represented Leeds in the West Yorkshire Finals, WON those finals due to their positions! Congratulations on being West Yorkshire Champions!
KS2 Orienteering Competition

On Monday 18th March 2019, 16 children across KS2 represented school in an orienteering competition after their success in the intra competition at school. It took place at Wetherby High School against 6 other school. All children ran their hearts out and competed with determination, maturity and integrity. It involved children using their map skills to navigate to ‘kites’ situated within Wetherby High School grounds, and running in pairs to put their ‘dibber’ into the electronic scanners. They had to follow a particular order and work alongside another pair to complete all twelve kite stations. All groups did exceptionally well and all came within the top four, which is a brilliant achievement (as all seven schools brought A and B teams!).


I am pleased to announce that we have a joint Year3/4 team through to the West Yorkshire Finals coming second and achieving Silver medals (Hannah, Kara, April and Madison PB), as well as two Year 5/6 teams coming first and second respectively, gaining their Gold and Silver medals (Bobby, Sam D, Sam A and Jacob; Sam F, Daniel, Stanley and Benjamin). The children will travel to Leeds Beckett University next Wednesday 27th to compete again with opening and closing ceremonies, which should be a brilliant experience! We wish them luck. Congratulations to all teams for an excellent effort.
Year 4 Skipping Competition 2019

On Wednesday, Year 4 took part in a Skipping Competition, which included teams from St Marys, Wetherby St James, Harewood, Crossley Street and Lady Hastings. All children demonstrated excellent perseverance, resilience and sportsman ship throughout the day and represented Primrose Lane brilliantly. They are now through to the Leeds City Final, which will take place at the end of April. Here is what Blake has to say about the day: 

On Wednesday 6th March, Year 4 took part in a skipping competition featuring six schools including us, knowing the results last time, I felt quite confident. This competition took place at Wetherby High School. 

After we had our lunch, we had a ten minute break before we got split into two groups. I was group two so we went on the mini bus last. When we arrived, I felt quite nervous but I was sure I would get a good score. At the start, we did a five minute warm up and that gave us a five minute practice. 

At the end of the competition, the results were given. We got 4 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze certificates out of the 15 events. I got bronze, but the most important part was that we got GOLD in skip dance and….WE WON! 

My favourite parts were the big warm up and at the end when we all had a big celebration. I learnt that I have good stamina and that I can skip for a long time!

West Yorkshire Cross Country County Finals

West Yorkshire Cross Country County Finals

Following their success in qualifying for the level 3 county finals for cross country, 10 boys from Y 5, and Y6 competed in the finals competition held at Temple Newsam on Wednesday 6th March 2019, representing Leeds against other schools.

In atrocious weather, the boys demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship and perseverance over the 1235 m course - with amazing results! Everyone gave their best, with memorable performances from Sam Alker and Charlie Courtman.

Sam ran brilliantly in the Year 5 boys’ category, finishing 2nd from of over 100 competitors. Next up was the year 6 boys’ race, with Charlie Courtman competing against a strong field. He gave his all, making it a 1st for Primrose Lane!

West Yorkshire Semi-Final Cross Country Competition

On Wednesday 6th February 2019, 20 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 competed in the city-finals of the West Yorkshire cross country competition at Temple Newsam, after their success from the previous round. Again, the children represented Primrose Lane excellently; showing wonderful, supporting behaviour, fabulous sportsmanship and great perseverance.

Our Year 4 girls team competed again, Year 5 boys, Year 6 boys and girls as a result of their success from the previous round.

All competitors performed very well, persevering in the difficult terrain, where the mud at certain parts of the course was slippery and difficult to run on. We even had some top 10 finishers who are already through to the finals as individuals (Charlie C coming first; Sam A second; Florence H tenth). Congratulations must be given to all of our runners as they were up against over 100 other children in their age group. We wish luck to the top 10, who are already through, and everyone else if they are successful in reaching the next round.

Thanks must also go to the Parents and Carers who supported on the day on the sidelines, Mrs Alker for helping with transporting and Mrs Cooper who took the team.

Mr Jackson
(PE and Sport Coordinator)
Wetherby Quick Sticks Hockey Competition

Children from Year 6 took part in the Quick Sticks Hockey tournament on Monday 4th February, which was held at Wetherby High. The children played in 2 teams with true Primrose Lane attitudes of grit, determination and sportsmanship. There were some stars on the pitch scoring many goals - Austin showing a willingness to fight for every ball and not giving any ground. There was great team spirit, with excellent communication between the players, they were all true ambassadors for Primrose Lane. Unfortunately, no team progressed to the finals, despite some excellent individual performances and wins (Team 1 winning three of their four games 11-1, 10-1 and 7-1!).

Well done to all who played and kept a positive attitude through winning and losing. Thanks also to Mr Simpson and the Parents/Carers who stepped in to support the teams.
Leeds City Final

On the 23rd January 2019, the Primrose Lane School Football Team played in the Leeds Schools Final (at Leeds United’s Thorp Arch training ground), where the 10 best school teams in Leeds competed, in the hope that they would make it through to the next round (North of England Finals) representing Leeds (hopefully then to go to Wembley!). We even got to meet a Leeds United player and get our pictures taken with him!

Primrose Lane’s first match, was against Horsforth Newlaithes, where it was all one sided traffic. Straight into the usual excellent passing of the football team, we went quickly in to the lead with a well-worked goal by Sam A. This was quickly followed by Charlie’s team goal exchanging passes from a number of the players. 2-0, good start!
In the second Match against Woodlesford, both Sam A and Charlie were on the score sheet again; but equally some solid defending from Sam F and Jacob, keeping keeper Toby safe from any harm.

In the next match, Primrose played Greenhill, who had won all of their games up until this point. This didn’t faze the team, going winning 3-0, with goals from Ben, Charlie and Joel.
The last match of the group stage, Primrose won by two goals by Ben, set up nicely by off a rebound from a Rhys shot and an individual goal.

Semi Final
In the Semi-final,  having come top of the group, not conceding a goal, Primrose had a close match with Greenlane (who were second in their group). We went into this game wanting revenge, after them beating us in the previous round in the final. Primrose were all over them, but just couldn’t put the ball in the net. Yet again, Toby didn’t have a shot against him, but the score tied at 0-0. Penalties it was. Unfortunately, we went out on penalties 1-2. This was tough to take, especially after not conceding a goal (or even a shot!) against us all tournament, but a strong lesson about losing, that all the team can be proud of how they played, but also how they coped with that loss. Although each member was upset, they showed excellent sportsmanship and the comments by all managers and Leeds United staff showed, when each and every one of them quoted ‘You were by far the best team in the tournament…’. 

I am very proud of the team and know that the rest of the school and their Parents are just as proud.

Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator)
Road to Wembley Football Round 1 Competition 2018

On Tuesday 27th November, Primrose Lane Primary School competed in the Road to Wembley Football Competition at Football World. There were various other teams throughout Leeds that entered, and we were drawn in a group with Greenlane, St Theresa’s and Great Preston.

Toby S, Charlie C, Jacob T, Ben T, Sam F, Joel B, Rhys T and Sam A.

The results were brilliant, as follows:
Primrose Lane 4 – 0 Great Preston (Goals: Ben x2, Charlie and Joel)
Primrose Lane 2 – 2 Greenlane (Goals: Ben and Charlie)
Primrose Lane 7 – 3 St Theresa’s (Goals: Ben x3, Charlie x3 and Joel)

We therefore got into the semi-finals against Whittkirk, who we drew 1-1 with, but then beat on penalties. You can see from the video on the website one of our penalties and Toby’s save that won us the match!

Primrose Lane went through to the final, meaning irrespective what happened, they were through to the next round. Unfortunately we lost the final, but this has just spurred to the team on to improve further for the next round! There were wonderful performances by all players, who showed excellent teamwork, gamesmanship and determination. Congratulations must go to everyone. We’d also like to thank the adults who supported on the day. Good luck in the next round!

Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator)
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Athletics Competition, November 2018 Years 5-6

On Monday 27th November 2018, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school again and competed in the Semi Finals of the Sports Hall Athletics Competition. The events again involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin. The team did themselves proud, competing to the end and winning many of the events. However, on this occasion, we didn’t make it through, but were very proud of our achievements, and we came out smiling! Well done team.

Athletics Competition, October 2018 Years 5-6

On Wednesday 17th October 2018, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school and competed in the local Sports Hall Athletics Competition. The events involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The team did exceptionally well and behaved impeccably, resulting in WINNING the competition by a significant margin and going through to the Semi-Final! The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin.


Congratulations to the whole team and good luck in the Plate Final!
Cross Country Competition
On 8th October 2018, 30 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in a cross country competition held at Brigshaw High School. The children represented Primrose Lane excellently; showing impeccable behaviour, fabulous sportsmanship and great perseverance.

All the children put in their best efforts and cheered each other through every race! It was fabulous to watch the children make their best efforts to do their personal bests in the race.



We have now received results to suggest that our Year 4 Girls, Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Boys and Year 6 Girls have all qualified to the City Finals in March 2019! Although, Year 4 Boys and Year 5 Girls didn’t make it through, they are ran their hearts out and achieved some excellent results. Congratulations to all competitors! There must be particular mentions for both Year 5 Boys and Year 6 Boys who won their groups by a large margin! Additionally, congratulations must go to Charlie C and Sam A individually for coming first in the race for their whole age group! Thank you to all the parents/carers who turned up on the day to show their support and help Mr Jackson and Mrs Cooper with the team. We look forward for next round to do it all again, but until then, well done competitors!



Wetherby Football Tournament

Team: Charlie C, Toby S, Benjamin T, Sam F, Daniel H, Sam A, Joel B, Jacob T, Jude T and Rhys T.

“On Wednesday 26th September, the newly formed Primrose Lane football team went to the first tournament of the year. Here is a run-down of what happened.

Game 1 vs St James 2-0 It was one way traffic throughout the whole game with Primrose all over the opposition with the first goal from a slick move and finished by Benjamin. Shortly afterwards, Joel added to our tally.

Game 2 vs Deighton Gates 5-0 Our best game so far with amazing passing and reading of the game. Our best goal was where Toby rolled it out to Charlie and we worked it up to Benjamin who hammered it in!

Game 3 vs Crossley Street 0-0 This game was ‘even-stevens’, with Primrose having a fair share of the ball. However, Crossley Street had the best chance of the game, but it was spectacularly saved by Toby. Phew!

Game 4 vs St Mary’s 5-0 This game was so one-sided with Primrose dominating that only scoring 5 goals was a disappointment! Sam F bagged a goal and Benjamin got 4 past the St. Mary’s keeper!

Game 5 vs Whitkirk 0-0 Our final group game was not the best we’ve ever played with us having the better chances, but just not being able to stick them away.

Semi Final vs Swarcliffe 2-0 Once again we had more possession and better chances, giving a comfortable win for Primrose Lane, with Sam A and Benjamin on the score sheet.

Final vs Whitkirk 1-0 Primrose were on top coming into the final. A few minutes into the game, Jacob found Daniel on the wing, floated a wonderful cross to the back post and who else but Captain Courtman was positioned perfectly to win the tournament with a great goal! We were fortunate enough to video footage of this goal below!

Player of the tournament (voted for by the team): Charlie C and Sam A.”

Written by Benjamin T and Toby S

After Mr Jackson had to dash off (to have a baby!), Toby’s dad got a late call to manage the team at the tournament – so our thanks go to him for stepping in to help! Congratulations to the team who didn’t concede a single goal throughout the tournament. The football you played was fantastic and you were a credit to the school. Well done!

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Commando Fitness, Monday and Thursday Dinnertimes - Come and Have a Go!
Commando fitness is run by Mr Simpson, an ex-army soldier. He puts everybody through their paces with a variety of different exercises, ranging from usual circuit training activities, through to carrying stretchers, climbing up slopes, carrying medicine balls/bags, crawling through nets and many more! The children love their experiences, but in particular, just love getting dirty!

Commando Fitness is a lunchtime club that children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 can take part. The aim of the club is to improve the overall fitness and stamina of those that participate, as well as to encourage team work. Those that take part learn that to improve fitness requires commitment and determination. The exercises are varied and include running, tyre runs, log carries, press-ups and sit-ups and many more.

There are new activities like stretcher racing and tug-of-war which builds team spirit.

All the recruits have realised that there is an added bonus to their participation, which is the chance to roll around in mud with adult permission! Scientists have proven that mud has youth sustaining properties, so any members of staff wishing to test the theory please feel free to come along and try it for yourselves!

Commando Fitness
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