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Today the children investigated the strength of different magnets using excellent scientific enquiry skills. They were given a selection of magnets and paperclips and were told to work as a team to come up with a way of comparing their strength. Together they concluded that the best way to find out the strongest magnet was to see which magnets could hold the most paper clips in a chain. Year 3 knew that repeating their enquiry would improve the reliability of their results and they recorded their findings. As a class, it was concluded that the horseshoe magnet was the weakest, despite being the largest.


In Science, we have been learning about forces and magnets. Initially we discussed different movements and whether they are a result of a push or a pull. This week we began thinking about friction and we discussed how a cyclist's movement would vary on different surfaces. We then planned our own investigations into how different surfaces affect friction. As it was a sunny day, we took this learning outside! We made predictions, conducted an enquiry and gathered results.


In art, Year 3 having been experimenting with different materials including pastels, crayons and paints, as well as the collage technique. Most recently, the children have produced some fantastic paintings of volcanoes using water colours.

Drowning Prevention Week

This week during their swimming lesson, Year 3 focused on water safety. Although very excited to be wearing their pyjamas, the children listened carefully to information about how we know when water is safe and discussed the SAFE code. They learnt about different flags that they may see near water and what they indicate. The children then jumped into the water wearing their pyjamas and their attention was brought to how heavy their clothing felt and how different it would feel to be in water when unprepared.


This half term, Year 3 have been working exceptionally hard in orienteering lessons with Simon from 'Airenteers'. The children are thoroughly enjoying learning map skills and working together with their partner, demonstrating that they are fantastic Primrose Lane Learners. All children have been very competitive with the electronics involved, clocking in at the start of their task and clocking out once finishing, then gaining a time. I have been particularly impressed with the children's perseverance and determination to continue to improve their scores!

Year 3 Brownlee Triathlon Event

On Monday 21st May 2018, all of Year 3 enjoyed an exciting morning at John Smeaton Academy at the Active Schools Brownlee Triathlon event. The children arrived, equipped ready for an unforgettable experience, which began with a 30m swim, followed by a 300m run and 800m cycle. Once the Brownlee brothers had wished the children good luck via video link, they were ready!

The children were bursting with excitement, but once briefed at the beginning, were surprised to discover that they had to go straight from the pool, get changed into their running gear and continue (without drying off!).


Despite this initial shock, the whole of Year 3 thrived on the experience and went with it, all completing the stages and achieving a medal and goody bag.
Upon completion of the course the children congratulated each other on their successes and enjoyed refreshments from their good bags whilst watching other schools reach the finish line.


All children behaved impeccably and were a credit to Primrose Lane. Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:
Hannah – ‘My favourite part was the cycling because I really like going on my bike!’

Kodee – ‘I really enjoyed the triathlon as we got to do running, cycling AND swimming and at the end we got a medal!’
Jessica F – ‘I really liked it because once we finished it we got a goody bag and a medal!’
Richard – ‘I want the opportunity to do it all over again!’
Christian – ‘I really enjoyed the triathlon, it was the first time I’ve done one!’

Year 3 have been been very creative in science this half term learning about teeth and the human digestive system. We made models of a jaw and teeth using Play Doh and demonstrated how the human digestive system works using a loaf of bread, a plastic bag and a pair of tights!!

Viking village

Year 3 kick started their history topic with a fantastic visit to a Viking village where they spent the day learning what life as a Viking was really like. we were helped by Astrid, Nyarl and of course the lord of the Village. We had lots of fun and learned a huge amount. Here are some pictures to remind us of our experience