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"Year three spent a fascinating morning at St. Mary's Church finding out more about the Christmas story. Here are some quotes:
“My favourite part of our visit to the church was when we got to
move the characters slowly from Nazareth to Bethlehem, it took
them six days!” George
“My favourite part was when we smelled the frankincense and myrrh
because it smelled lovely. Also I liked it when we wrapped gold
ribbons around the pine cones. “ Maria
“My favourite part was when I got to dress up as a shepherd.” Phoebe


Year 3 have been been very creative in science this half term learning about teeth and the human digestive system. We made models of a jaw and teeth using Play Doh and demonstrated how the human digestive system works using a loaf of bread, a plastic bag and a pair of tights!!

Viking village

Year 3 kick started their history topic with a fantastic visit to a Viking village where they spent the day learning what life as a Viking was really like. we were helped by Astrid, Nyarl and of course the lord of the Village. We had lots of fun and learned a huge amount. Here are some pictures to remind us of our experience