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Reading at home

Here is the link to the Oxford Reading Owl webpage https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

You can sign up and have access to wide range of books for your child to read online.

This Week In Year Two

Year Two’s Healthy Afternoon Tea

Over the last couple of weeks as part of our topic, Year 2 planned and delivered a healthy afternoon tea to serve to parents. We began by writing invitations and choosing the food we would prepare. We then created menus and looked at the instructions for cooking the food, which created great excitement. The last three days before the tea we were very busy preparing the food that we would serve, including yoghurt bark, healthy cakes, frittata and tzatziki. As well as making all the food the children were split into groups and created presentations about our classroom learning to share with the tables of parents. It was a really successful afternoon and I was so proud of how maturely the whole class conducted themselves throughout the project.

During our learning we had to demonstrate lots of Primrose Lane Learner skills.

We had to work together to make our recipes as well as to make the flowers that we had decorating the table. We also worked in groups to create and deliver our presentations.

We were creative in the menus and invitations that we made as well as the props we made for our presentations.

This was an ambitious project, none of us had ever done anything like it before but, what fun it was!

Before we began planning the afternoon tea we had done a lot research about what makes a healthy life and a healthy diet  as well as some learning about Florence Nightingale so we had developed our enquiring and questioning skills!

After the tea we reflected on what went well and what we would change although, in general we thought it was pretty good and so did the parents!

Here is some feedback from them:

Very interesting and well delivered presentations. Lovely food and I loved the handwritten menus.

Delicious! Same time next Friday?

Great to see how well all the children engaged with the project. It looks like they really enjoyed it and learnt a lot too.

What a lovely end to Year Two, it is so great to see all the children confidently giving their presentations. I really enjoying finding out what they have been learning about. Thank you


Early this year as part of our plants topic we planted seeds in school. These two boys are both very pleased with how successful their sunflowers have been. Well done for looking after them so well!


Early this year as part of our plants topic we planted seeds in school. These two boys are both very pleased with how successful their sunflowers have been. Well done for looking after them so well!

Glitter Bugs Investigation

This week as part of our ‘Keeping Healthy Topic’ we have been investigating how germs spread from person to person. We covered our hands in hand cream and then rubbed them in glitter. Next we touched our partners hands and were shocked at how easily the glitter spread. After that we washed our hands with just water and found that to get the glitter off properly you needed to wash your hands well with soap and water. We then wrote instructions for how to wash your hands properly.

Rainbow Factory

Last week Years One and Two visited The Rainbow Factory, which specialises in storytelling through imaginative play and the arts, including theatre, crafts and games. When we arrived the children were welcomed by the storyteller who ushered us in to sit and watch a show all about Story bird, a bird that lays eggs that tell magical stories. Along the way we met characters from different fairy tales and nursery rhymes but there was a problem, Story bird was captured and the evil witch had taken over and made the stories all with scary and unhappy endings. To get storyland back to normal the children had to solve a number of riddles. After, lunch we did a various activities led by the staff at the Rainbow Factory including acting out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and creating our own story starters. All the children had a fantastic day, were very well behaved and a credit to the school. Well done.

Here are some of their thoughts about the day.

When we were there I was surprised that there were Christmas decorations, it wasn’t a normal place it was Storyland- April B

I enjoyed making up actions for our group names- Henry

I really enjoyed the secret garden – Harris

I enjoyed watching the show – Clara

I really enjoyed working with Clare and hiding and finding the diamonds- Chloe and Bailey

The Rainbow Factory was smaller than I thought it would be but it was still very fun! – Thomas T

George’s Marvellous Medicine

Over the last two weeks we have been reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We have really enjoyed exploring the language that Roald Dahl uses to entertain the reader and the different characters. As a class we wrote our own marvellous medicine poem and the children also had a go at writing their own.
Leeds United Apprentices Reading Scheme

This year we have been lucky enough to have some of the Leeds United Apprentices coming into school to read with Year Two, a great experience for all involved. Click this link to see an article all about it from Leeds United’s point of view.

Maths and science

This week Year Two have been really busy doing lots of different learning. We have designed and built mini beast habitats, thinking carefully about ways we can attract different animals. We have also been learning about money in maths and have been trying to master giving change. As part of this set up shops in the classroom so that we could apply our learning in a more practical situation.

Forest School
Would you live in a house like this?

This week Year Two started their new topic all about living things and their habitats. We started by thinking about different habitats around the world and the UK and drawing animals that could make them their homes. We then spent sometime classifying things that are living, dead and have never lived, leading to some very interesting class discussions! In English we have been reading ‘Wild’ by Emily Hughes a lovely book with fantastic illustrations. The children have really enjoyed reading the story and thinking about Wild as a character, including writing some thoughtful letters from her apologising for her wild behaviour


This week we visited St Mary’s Church in the village to learn all about Easter. We did lots of hands on activities and thought carefully about our hopes for the future. We also took part in our annual Easter Bonnet parade, where there was a lovely array of homemade bonnets.

Book Week

During book we read the story ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Angela McAllister. We really enjoyed reading the story and becoming absorbed in the magical world between. We attended a circus skills workshop where we tried our hand at juggling and plate spinning which we really enjoyed. We also created our own places between which were filled with unicorns, rainbows and sweetie castles and wrote our own stories.

How does your garden grow?

This half term we have continued with our learning about plants. We have enjoyed watching the bulbs we planted in the autumn finally start to bud and bloom as well as looking out for signs of spring in our school grounds, including looking at the wide variation in temperatures we have had this half term. We have planted beans and kept a bean diary to track the growth of them, sadly some of the beans have grown better than others. We also conducted a science investigation to find out if plants need soil to grow. We were very surprised that although plants grow best in soil they can still manage to grow in cotton wool and even sand. How amazing are plants!

Parent Workshops

Over the past two weeks Year Two parents have been invited into the classroom to attend a reading and a maths workshop. During the reading session the children worked closely with their parents to read a short story and answer comprehension questions. In the maths session the children were provided with a pack of games including arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning questions. I was proud with how the children welcomed their parents into the classroom and showed off what super learners they are!

Year Two Skipping Festival

On Monday Year Two took part in the much anticipated Skipping Festival. There were eight schools involved and the competition was fierce. All the children had been practising their skipping skills for months so they were very excited to take part. We all had different skipping skills to do and I was so impressed with the children’s sportsmanship because some of them were very nervous about skipping in a big hall in front of so many people. Although we didn’t win overall we did win some certificates for specific skips and I know all the children did their best and I was very proud of them.

A special well done to the following children who won a medal certificate in their skipping skill:

April B – Silver in Speed Bounce
Charlie – Bronze in Hopping
Heidi – Silver in Side Swing
Thomas T and Louis – Silver in Face to Face

Here are some of the children’s thoughts about the day

It was hard but I tried my best – Ella
I was a bit nervous when we started but once I got into it, it was ok- Rory
I felt really scared when I started skipping but in the end I was excited- Erin
I was really proud of myself and Louis when we won the silver medal – Thomas T
I was nervous at the start but when it was my go I felt more confident than at the start because I had watched others have ago and they were ok – Jack

Reading Buddies

Over the past few months a group of students from the Leeds United Academy have come into read and share books with Year Two. At the start everyone was quite nervous however as the children have become more familiar with their reading buddy there have started to share discussions about the books they are reading. These sessions are beneficial for both groups of students as the children really engage with reading with the students from the Leeds United Academy, and look forward to them coming. It is lovely to listen to the conversations that they are having with each other and the Academy students are developing good questioning skills as they become more familiar with how the children read. I have been really impressed with how well Year Two have behaved. We are looking forward to continuing these reading sessions over the coming months.

I enjoy reading with them because it is really fun and they help me by sounding out words I don’t know- Heidi

I like reading with them even though they haven’t read with someone as young as me before. It is exciting because they play for Leeds.- Isaac

I like it when they help me when I am stuck on a word.- Ella

I like it because I enjoyed reading with them. – Erin

I was a bit nervous at the start but I liked reading with them. – Madeleine

I like reading with them because they are kind and help me with words if I am stuck. – Lewis

I like my buddy and we share lots of interesting facts from my book. – Charlie

Well done Charlotte!

Charlotte entered a Blue Peter competition during Children in Need to send in anything Pudsey Bear related. She skilfully carved a pumpkin into the face of Pudsey Bear and they were so impressed they sent her a Blue Peter Badge. Well done Charlotte.

Arctic Art

This week we have started to develop our painting skills. We have been looking at primary and secondary colours and created our own colour wheels. We have been trying hard to mix powder paints correctly and carefully and also make sure that we are controlling the paintbrush. We have also looked at artwork linked to the Arctic and talked about how the pictures make us feel and what we like about them. Watch this space as we attempt some of our own pictures using a range of different colour tones.

Lost and Found

We have started our new topic ‘Frozen Planet’. We began by reading the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and putting our own actions to the story. This was really fun and it helped us to learn the story by heart. We then made our own posters about the penguin from the story. We are looking forward to writing our story next week about a character that finds a different animal out of its habitat.


This week we have been learning about algorithms in computing. We used the ‘Hour of Code’ website and developed our own algorithms to help the robot move around the screen and light up the squares. It was harder than we thought it would be and we had to use our debugging skills when the robot didn’t end up where we thought he should.

Contraction Surgery

We have been finding writing contractions correctly in our writing a bit tricky so we have done some contraction surgery to help us learn which words you cut out and replace with an apostrophe.


Hey Ewe!

Taking the lead role in the Nativity is one of the highlights of being in Year Two and being a Year Two teacher and this year has been no exception. All the children were very excited when they learnt the parts that they were going to have just over three weeks ago and couldn’t wait to start rehearsals. Once we were under way there were plenty of opportunities to add their own parts into the performance, including sheep jokes and dabs! I was really impressed with how the children learnt their lines, when to come on and off stage and how they slowly learnt to make their characters come alive for the audience. All the children worked together as a fantastic team from start to finish, encouraging and supporting each other right through to the final performance.

I was so proud of each and every one of the children during our performances and could see from the smiles on their faces how proud they were of themselves too. Well done Year Two!!

Here are some quotes from Year Two about their Nativity:
I enjoyed doing the Nativity, saying my lines and being a sheep.  – Thomas T
I loved it because everyone was watching it and I really liked the angel dance – Erin
I really liked my character although it was hard to learn all the lines - Heidi
I really liked doing the Nativity because I enjoyed learning my dance and being on stage – Charlotte
When I was first on stage I was nervous but by the end I was really excited – Maddision
I liked learning my dance and lined – Charlie
I was nervous at the start of learning it the Nativity but by the end it wasn’t so bad- Jack
I was excited at the end singing Away in a Manager – Hettie
I liked learning all the songs and all the dancing – Nell

Nativity really is team effort so there are a few people Year Two and I would like to thank.

Thank you to Mr Simpson for putting up the stage and helping us with the backdrop. Thank you to Mrs Dowson, Mrs Booth and Mrs Fielden for helping with the backdrop. Thank you to Mrs Lee, Mrs Colclough and Mrs Booth for helping Reception and Year One to be a superb choir of sheep. Thank you to Mrs Ward for helping us learn all the songs and for playing the piano at our performances. Thank you to Mrs Thornton for taking photos which you can see on our class page on the website. Finally thank you to parents who came in to help with the face painting each day so that we all looked so professional on stage.

I wish you all a merry Christmas!
Mrs Bailey

This week we have started learning about multiplication. As part of our learning we made our own arrays and found arrays in our classroom environment.

Year Two Skipping

Last Friday Year Two had a skipping morning in preparation for the Skipping Festival in February. All the children were shown and had the chance to practise a range of skills including the double bounce, side swing and face to face pair skipping. I was really impressed with how all the children persevered with their skipping skills and tried their best and we are looking forward to taking part in the competition.

It was very fun and we learnt different skipping skills.- Honour
I really enjoyed it but I found it quite difficult- Cameron
I found skipping a bit hard but I am learning it- Erin
It was quite hard but I am getting the hang of it – Ella
It was so fun my favourite skip was the side swing- Thomas T
It was really good and I liked the big skipping rope – Zack
I liked doing face to face in partners – Anum

Halloween and Bonfire Night

This week we have been exploring which materials are the most absorbent as a naughty witch spilt her potion in the classroom. We have also been reading poetry and writing our poems about Bonfire night. To accompany our poems we made fireworks pictures using salt and PVA glue to make them sparkle.


This week we have been making marmalade sandwiches for Paddington and writing instructions to go with them. We had lots of fun.

Paddington character descriptions 

This week in English we have been writing character descriptions of Paddington Bear.
Before we wrote our own we read examples written by other children in different schools and highlighted the bits we wanted to ‘magpie’ to put in ours.

Autumn Walks

This week we have been walking around our school grounds observing all the different signs there are of Autumn. We have really enjoyed looking at the different colours on the trees and collecting different things to display in our Autumn interest tray.