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We had a great time at our Enjoy-a-ball taster session this week! We played lots of different games to keep us active - and we even had to catch the rainbow! The children are really looking forward to seeing Sian when we have some more time together in our upcoming PE lessons and can't wait to find out which other games she has up her sleeve!


Reception really enjoyed their skipping workshop with Jodi. We played the train game and took it in turns to run through the tunnel! Darcie and Elliot were fantastic leaders and Elizabeth amazed us all with some solo skipping on the rope!

In Reception, we have been learning everything there is to know about the numbers 1 , 2 and 3! The children have been searching for numbers in the classroom, finding ways to represent a number and investigating different ways of creating a number using Numicon and other practical resources.


We have also been singing lots of number songs and using mathematical graphics to represent them. This picture is the children singing ‘5 Little Monkeys’ - a line is drawn to show each monkey falling off the bed. The children have learnt different ways of making 5 by counting how many monkeys are on the bed and how many monkeys have fallen off as they know the total will always be 5!

Reception and Year 5 Buddies!

This week, Reception welcomed their ‘Year 5 Buddies’ to their classroom for the first time. Now Reception children have settled into Primrose Lane school life, our wonderful Year 5 children offer a generous, helping hand to settle them in further. This is one of the responsibilities expected by a Year 5 child at the beginning of the year, which they always look forward to! In WORKING TOGETHER, they become better people. Year 5 become role models, leaders and supportive of their new younger friends. The Reception learn lots of skills and behaviours from their role models, but teach Year 5 about empathy, tolerance and patience, just by being their lovely selves!

The role of the Year 5 child is important to make their Reception Buddy feel comfortable, learn how to make new friends, play, feel safe and become more independent. They have got to know each other this week, eaten together and played together outside. As you can see, the Year 5 children model how to behave in the dining area when eating at school, as well as support their Buddies with cutting food and their manners. Reception children and staff would like to thank Year 5 for being such fantastic buddies, the effort and care are really appreciated! We are sure these relationships will continue to blossom over the coming year.

Esme – ‘I’ve liked it when we’ve played together’
Daniel – ‘Me and Harry have enjoyed playing a running game’
Celia – ‘My buddy is really nice to me and she helped me up when I fell down’
Jacob – ‘I enjoy having our buddies, as we help younger children feel confident outside. Also, it gives us more responsibility’
Ben – ‘Buddies are a good way to improve the younger children’s skills with out help’
Sam D – ‘Buddies are great training for when you grow up and look after children yourself’.
We have had a fantastic start to Reception!

The children have settled in wonderfully and are really looking forward to meeting the other 'half' of the class next week, when we will all attend for full days! Here are just a few of the exciting things that we have done.