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Hello message from Mr Keen

This is just a quick hello to say how much I am looking forward to seeing you all in September and getting back to school after such a long time away. I hope you are all as excited as I am. Take care, Mr Keen

Hello Year 5s! Wow - only 2 weeks left of the school year; you'll be Year 6s before we know it! I hope you are enjoying seeing your classmates on zoom or in real life. Mr Keen is so excited about teaching you next year and I am so happy to be working with you again in September! I hope you enjoy the activities I have set for the week and the new video message I have uploaded. Have a good week - stay safe.
A New Video Message from Mrs Crowther

I am very lucky to have a piano and I've enjoyed playing a lot during lockdown (Let It Go is what I have been practising today!). This week's song is on the piano; I hope you like it!

A new video message from Mrs Crowther

This week, I have been playing around with my guitar and have written you another song. I hope you like it!

A Flip Book from Jess B
Video Message from Mrs Crowther

I was feeling creative so I dusted off my ukulele and wrote you a song...

Deux Petits Oiseaux

Do you remember the rhyme we learned in French about 2 little birds? I have recorded it for Year 4 (they are learning about birds) and I know we learned it together, too. Can you join me and say it with your very best French accent? Bon chance!

Jess B has been busy with her science investigation this week!
Jessica Fasey's Science
Home learning Gallery

If you have any photos of your home learning (or just fun photos) please email them to me at crowtherh@primroselane.leeds.sch.uk

Maths lessons support (sequenced and resourced for Parents/Carers and Children to access and follow

White Rose Maths Hub Weekly Home Learning Sequence of planning, resources and activities: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ Then choose the year group and follow the learning!

White Rose Diagnostic Questions (Craig Barton Variable Learning) questions: https://diagnosticquestions.com/WhiteRose Scroll down the page, select the year group, then choose the area and go on to the quizzes for each area of Maths taught!
Classroom Secrets Maths Activities
Arithmatic Tests
PE with Joe Wicks

Every day, Joe Wicks will be doing PE sessions aimed at children to get them active every morning. See Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pe+with+joe) and enjoy your daily workout!

If you’re doing the workout, send me your videos/pictures (Make sure they are relatively small documents, otherwise I cannot attach them, hence my short video!) and I’ll get them uploaded on the website....#keepactive!

Get your Wicks Workout Done!
Well done Maria for demonstrating excellent technique in your jumping squats....keep up the active workouts and stay positive
Well done Immogen, keep doing the daily Joe Wicks workouts and inspiring your sister, great effort!
Well done Ellie for not only completing the Joe Wicks workouts, but also practising your gymnastics skills!
Well done to these guys for quickly learning this dance to the chart song 'Blinding Lights' by the Weekend for a bit of fun whilst in school!
Spring term home learning
*Also, you can practise on various APPs/Games on the internet, and even this link here: http://www.transum.org/Tables/Times_Tables.asp
Activity ideas for 7-11 year olds
Journey to Jo'berg Reading Comprehension Questions

As you know, we have now read 'Journey to Jo'berg'. To keep you busy, here are a selection of comprehension questions (focusing on your readings VIPERS) that you can answer and practise using PQE (Page, Quote, Explanation).

Learning Logs

Well done Marcy for your information on Nelson Mandela in 'Publishing Tools' on Purple Mash, great effort!

Well done Dylan for your effort at 2Design with your own 3D vehicle. Can anybody else give it a go and create other objects other than vehicles? (e.g. creating your own sweet box etc)

Well done Ellie for creating your bus on Purple Mash and attaching it to me in a Purple Mash email....feel free to magpie Ellie’s idea and have a go at attaching something you’ve completed within an email!
Year 5 Greek Vase Day 2020

On Friday 14th February 2020, Year 5 enjoyed a Greek Vase Day, where they began by learning all about the importance of Greek Vases, as well as what they tell us about the past (all the way back to the 3000’s BC). They designed their own Greek vases/pots, with labels, captions and instructions, as well as shared ideas for what type of vase/pot they wanted to produce, and the purpose it would have had in the Greek era. Once their designs were finished, they made use of their carving knives, clay and water to create their designs - look below, what do you think?

The Year 5’s then reflected on their own and other’s vases and evaluated, thinking what went well, what could have been improved and what they would recommend to people if they were to teach them in the future.

Even though it required a lot of perseverance, planning and control, children loved their experience and have produced some top quality vases (that I’m sure you’d be proud to display at home!). 
Here are some quotes from some of the children:
Jess B – ‘It was awfully fun and I’d love to do it again!’
Grace – ‘I enjoyed Greek Vase Day. I’d love to do it again. I got very messy, but I’d still do it all over again!’
Immogen – ‘I really enjoyed Greek Vase Day. It was different to Greek Day and it was interesting to design and make the Greek Vase/Pot.
Christian – ‘I enjoyed making the pot, as you could make any style of pot that you wanted.’
Hannah – ‘I really enjoyed Greek Vase Day, as we got to design and make any that we wanted and we got to take them home.’
Blake – ‘I really enjoyed Greek Vase Day, because our parents/carers got to join us and see what we had been learning, as well as help us with our vases.
Amelia – ‘I really enjoyed Greek Vase Day, because we had to design and sketch in our books first. I got messy and still enjoyed it!’
Art Through Science - How we change through life (Self Portraits now!)

In Science, we have been learning about how humans change throughout a life time; what changes occur and why. We discussed physical changes from being a foetus all the way through to old age. We decided to take a snapshot of ourselves now and draw self portraits (comparing ourselves to our Grandparents in particular). What do you think of some of our pencil drawn self portraits?
Year 5’s Greek Day!

Last week, Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful curriculum ‘Greek Day’. We were able to branch out in our learning and experience what it may have been like to transcribe and write in the Greek alphabet, eat Greek food and compete in Gem groups to win our very own Greek Olympics!

Above and below, you can see groups competing with the javelin throw, as well as the discus, where we measured the distances and were able to identify the winners and calculate our personal bests.

Additionally, we competed in the ‘Legendary Long Jump’, again resulting in overall winners for the event and gaining our personal bests. We added in our own creative game, whereby we had to bounce the ball into the basket, which required estimation, precision and control, all of which the Greek Olympians required.
Overall, the points were counted and the overall winners were Ruby, so congratulations to those members! Having said this, the children showed good gamesmanship, team work (‘working together’) and ‘ambition’ - all of which we’ve worked on with our Primrose Lane Learner Values.
To complete what was a fabulous day, all children enjoyed eating Greek food after a hard day’s work in the Olympics! It included the delicious houmous, olives, feta cheese and pitta bread.

Here’s what some of us thought of the day:
Henry – ‘This day has made my life!’
Kodee – ‘I have most enjoyed eating the Greek food, as you don’t get to eat this sort of food each day. Also, I don’t mind that we lost in the Greek Olympics; we tried our best!’
Immogen – ‘I really enjoyed today, as we got to experience different Greek foods. Also, I liked knowing what some of the Greek sports/activities they had for the Greek Olympics.’
Year 5 Cooking WW2 Pasties!

This week, Year 5 made and cooked Pasties as part of our World War 2 focus on rations and making use of food that was available at that time. We used the recipe and ingredients below, ensuring that we were hygienic and safe in preparing the food. In particular, Mrs Jude (our cooking expert!) wanted children to focus on the key skill of cutting with a knife safely and using ‘the arch’ correctly to cut with fluency and precision.
Ingredients (Makes 2):

3oz/75g plain flour
1oz/25g margarine

2 small/1 medium/1/2 large cooked potato, cut in to small cubes - see below
2”/5cm piece of leek, finely chopped
1 teaspoon oil
1/4 teaspoon of vegetable stock powder
1 pinch of dried thyme
1oz/30 grated mature cheddar cheese or
10z/30g of cooked chicken
1 tablespoon double cream
We would like to thank Mrs Jude for helping us through this process and teaching us vital skills in cooking hygiene, measuring accurately and following a set of instructions. We don’t know what we would do without her fantastic expertise!

See the pictures of us cooking and eating our pasties on our Year 5 area of the website!

Year 5 World War 2 Carousel

This week, Year 5 invited Parents and Carers into a ‘World War 2 Carousel’ of activities, which helped display the learning we have done throughout the term. Children decided and planned the carousel as a group, agreeing on stations including:

• An Art area (drawing and colouring using numerous implements), drawing propaganda posters, fighter planes, landscapes and silhouettes
• Laptop research area
• Purple Mash activities
• Anderson shelter showcase
• Tour of the classroom
• Show, tell and look in books, showing off what they have produced in their leanring
• Reading area

In the middle of the session, an air-raid siren happened to go off, where children quickly scrambled underneath tables for safety, leaving adults standing bewildered as to what was happening! Additionally, children showcased two excellent dances that they had learnt in PE, which can be seen on the website in the Year 5 area. We even got together to sing two songs that kept spirits high during World War 2: Vera Lynn (We’ll meet again) and Hey Mr Miller.

To finish off, Some children also wanted to show some drama/role play of World War 2 scenes, which showed how much they’d enjoyed learning about the 1939-1945 era. We hope Parents and Carers enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

Maths Fractions Support Session with Parents/Carers

Please take a look at the Maths support session notes that we went through in the session if you missed it......I hope it is useful in helping you support your child at home with Fraction learning, as well as gives you an understanding of what the children are expected to be able to solve and apply. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to come and see me (Mr Jackson).
World War 2 Dance

Year 5 have been learning a variety of movements and put them together into a World War 2 dance. The children have loved being creative to input their own elements and have produced an excellent combined dance; take a look yourself!

How do we have day and night?

As part of our learning in Earth and Space, we have been investigating about how we have night and day and what causes this effect. We worked together to create our own night and day scenes to demonstrate this as you can see below and showed how the Earth spinning on it's axis creates night and day and that the sun appears to move in the sky, but is stationary in our Solar System.

Paper mache planets!

Within our Earth and Space Science focus, we all wanted to create our own planets and our own Solar System, so we decided to blow up balloons and create paper mache planets. It all got very sticky and awkward, but we've now created our planets, watch this space for the finished products when we paint them!

Solar System Madness!

Year 5 have been learning about the Sun and Earth recently and conducted their own investigation by creating their own Solar Systems, focusing on 'relative distances' between planets, as well as relative sizes of planets. In order to help us with this learning, we used the following Youtube clip to help us understand and make notes on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97Ob0xR0Ut8. Take a look at our solar systems that we were very proud of and stay tuned for some non-chronological reports about an area of space of our choice!

Year 5 Anderson shelters

As part of their World War Two focus, children have been learning about air-raids and different ways of keeping safe during air-raids. One way that people did this was to get into Anderson Shelters. For this reason, children in Year 5 had a project of designing their own Anderson Shelters and making them in their own way. As you can see, children had a choice of how they wanted to design their shelters, as well as make them, from making cakes, using Lego, using corrugated card/metal, astroturf and many more creative and engaging ways! They also showed excellent teamwork by some of them combining to work collaboratively in pairs or more. We hope you enjoy looking at them – come and see in Year 5, you’ll be blown away!

Here’s what some of the children had to say:
Christian – ‘I tried to achieve an Anderson shelter, because we made our shelter out of gingerbread – I loved it!’
Grace – ‘Year 5 had three weeks to make a World War 2 Anderson shelter, with the design project first. My favourite part was making it. I enjoyed fake grass on to the metal.’
Jess B – ‘I most enjoyed being creative. Phoebe and I had a good laugh and had lots of fun and at the same time we could be serious and get on. I would love to do it again!’
Kara – ‘I really enjoyed making the Anderson shelters because I could use my creative skills in a variety of ways.’

Year 5’s ‘Home Front WWII’ visit to Murton Park

On Monday 7th October 2019, Year 5 went on their ‘Home Front’ trip as part of their World War Two focus. We learnt lots, ranging from experiences of evacuees, women’s jobs and rationing, to general way of life during the war times, as well as various facts about the war itself. Throughout the day, the whole class represented the school impeccably, showing excellent behaviour, but also willingly showing to the leaders how much they already knew about World War Two. The leaders were very impressed at the knowledge the children were giving and the eagerness they had with answering and asking questions.

Children got right into character for the day, coming into school dressed as evacuees, with their identity cards, ration books and labels attached to them, showing who they were and where they came from. Throughout the day, children were straight in role conducting usual jobs expected from children and adults during the 1939-1945 era. The jobs ranged from cleaning and drying clothes, making flapjacks, putting out fire-bombs as fire-guards and putting up the blast tape to ensure the glass was secure if we were bombed! Having said this, we did have a real life air-raid, where we ‘pulled together’ and shared Anderson shelters to keep us safe. We also did a World War Two dance workshop, along with songs which kept spirits high.

It really was a pleasure to see such great learning first hand, with handling such artefacts as ‘gas masks’, different bombs used in the war, helmets etc; as well as viewing what was a week’s ration for an adult would be…..we all agreed it was absolutely nothing- what do you think…?

Here is what some of us thought of the day:
Jess B – ‘I enjoyed Murton Park because MRs W and Mr T were very funny and silly. I’m sure everyone in class would agree that it was excellent, as we took turns to do different activities such as: washing clothes, cleaning the saddles, dancing and learning how to be a Fire Guard (FG). It was very fun!’
Christian – ‘I very much enjoyed the trip to Murton Park (it was my favourite of all!). I most enjoyed the amazing World War Two gallery!’
Lucas – ‘I enjoyed putting out the fire and Mr T (who showed us around) let us look at three different types of bombs used. Then we enjoyed it in the dance activity.’
Grace – ‘My favourite bit of Murton Park was washing the clothes. We put out a fire, did cooking, washed clothes, danced and tried out some gas masks. I would give it a ten out of ten!’.
Immogen – ‘I loved doing the ironing as it felt as though I was actually in World War Two life! I also enjoyed the experience in the Anderson shelter.’

Creative Stories

In English, we had a choice of a setting to describe using various Year 5 skills (including figurative language, relative clauses and Alan Peat sentence types) and then to create a story around this setting. Additionally, we have made a huge effort to use alliteration, personification, adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors, ensuring that we make regular use of common exception words, as well as using a thesaurus to extend our vocabulary. What do you think of our stories?

Propaganda Posters!

In our topic learning of World War 2, we have been looking at 'Propaganda' and what it means. We studied some posters from that time and decided to create our own artwork for display in the shared area. We hope you enjoy our own designs of propaganda posters and come and see them in our Key Stage 2 Shared Area. We focused on giving people information or warnings of things that are happening or may happen. We wanted to present purposeful artwork and express our beliefs and feelings. Which is your favourite and why?


In Science, we have created our own investigations to test the germination of plants. We have already discussed and understand what plants need to germinate (which we found easy.....although we din't know what 'germinate' meant at the start!), but initially, we didn't delve into 'exactly' what a plant needs to grow 'well'. For this reason, in groups, we set up a variety of different investigations to test 'how much light' a plant needs, 'what environment is best for a plant', 'what amount of water is appropriate', 'what position of seed is best' etc. As you can see, some plants have grown well and healthy, whereas others have grown a little and some not at all. We are measuring and recording our results each day and will end this half term by producing our own line graphs in our books, as well as on Microsoft Excel to check for patterns and interpret the data. We will upload these here for you to see!

The Little Suitcase - Year 5’s Visit from Judith Rhodes

We were fortunate to have a visit from Judith Rhodes in Year 5 last Friday. Judith shared her mother’s experiences as a refugee in World War 2. Her mother, Ursula, left her family behind in Nazi Germany at the age of 15 and came to London as part of the Kinder transport programme prior the outbreak of the war. The rest of her family were unable to leave and later perished in concentration camps during the Holocaust. We really appreciated Judith sharing her powerful and moving story which really helped the children to understand the impact of these events on individual families. In the photo you can see the suitcase that Ursula took with her and one of the very few items of clothing she was able to fit into it.

We made notes throughout her presentation of key questions, as well as key points to help us with our follow up reports about her visit and what we learnt. There were some excellent enquiry questions from the children, as well as our class Governor (Mr Kurring) who joined us for the visit. Questions asked included:

‘What’s the Iron Cross that was mentioned?’ (Finley)
‘Your Grandad fought for Germany as a Jew – why is that?’ (Mr Kurring)
‘Why did your Grandad get arrested?’ (Maria)
‘Didn’t Hitler like people to have blonde hair and blue eyes, even though he didn’t have those?’ (Florence)

Here are some of our thoughts:
“I really enjoyed Judith’s visit. The thing I found most interesting was opening the ‘Little Suitcase’, everything in there was from World War 2.’ – Immogen
‘’I found Judith very interesting as she answered all my questions. She told us what happened in Germany during the war, which I enjoyed.’’
‘’I liked it that Judith told us that her grandma sewed jewellery into her skirt so that it wasn’t taken off her.’’ – Kodee
‘’I found the ‘story of Ursula’ very interesting, and I also liked it when we found out what was inside the suitcase, because it is difficult to think that the contents have been around all of those years.’’


This week, Reception welcomed their ‘Year 5 Buddies’ to their classroom for the first time. Now Reception children have settled into Primrose Lane school life, our wonderful Year 5 children offer a generous, helping hand to settle them in further. This is one of the ‘responsibilities’ expected by a Year 5 child at the beginning of the year, which they always look forward to! In WORKING TOGETHER, they become better people. Year 5 become role models, leaders and supportive of their new younger friends. The Reception children learn lots of skills and behaviours from their role models, but teach Year 5 about empathy, tolerance and patience, just by being their lovely selves!

The role of the Year 5 child is important to make their Reception Buddy feel comfortable, learn how to make new friends, play, feel safe and become more independent. They have got to know each other this week, eaten together and played together outside. As you can see, the Year 5 children model how to behave in the dining area when eating at school, as well as support their Buddies with cutting food and their manners. Reception children and staff would like to thank Year 5 for being such fantastic buddies, the effort and care are really appreciated! Equally, we would like to thank the Reception children for being polite, understanding and learning well from their Buddies. We are sure these relationships will continue to blossom over the coming year.

Here's what some of them have said:
“ I played hide and seek with my buddy, it was so much fun!” – Maisie
“My buddy showed me some new football skills.” - Oliver V
“I liked it when my buddy helped me with my dinner.” - Oliver S
‘’I like the Buddies because you get to look after them and play with them.’’ – Ellie
‘’My buddy is Oliver and I could not have asked for anyone else! Oliver is very enthusiastic and loves to run around. My favourite time is lunch time with him as he impresses me using his manners.’’ – Grace
‘’I really like the buddy system. I think it is a good idea and it is really fun. My buddy is Bethany and I like showing her around the playground and eating lunch with her.’’ - Florence