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Welcome to Year Four's Page
Friday 3rd April
Good morning Year 4.
Today is the last day of term - it certainly doesn't feel the same as it normally does but I'm sure you are all ready for the Easter break. This is now a time for you to relax, spend time with your family and have fun!

I am going to set lots of 2dos on Purple Mash and give a few ideas of activities you might want to do over the next two weeks, but this is not essential - just some suggestions incase you feel like would like to keep busy.
  • Write a diary about anything you have been doing and how you are feeling each day.
  • Research an endangered animal in the rainforest and produce a factfile about it.
  • Write a story about a picture on Pobble https://www.pobble365.com/ - there is a different picture each day! Can you try and include speech?
  • Write a book review.
I hope you all have a fantastic Easter filled with family time and of course chocolate.
Bye for now,
Miss Palfreeman