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Welcome to Year Four's Page
Boston Spa topic walk

On Friday, we spent the morning walking around Boston Spa to support our learning about our local history topic. We had lots of tasks to complete including a survey of the shops on the high street, a checklist of Georgian features to identify on different buildings, as well as information to gather from the blue plaques. Some of us enjoyed sketching lots of the different features too! We had a brilliant morning and all children showed sensible behaviour throughout. Here are some of our thoughts:

Jack - I never expected to see the well in the house and how far deep the water was. We could actually stand on the glass!

Charlotte - My favourite part was when we went over the bridge and learnt about when there wasn't a bridge and how people used to cross.

Riley - I was amazed at how much bigger the pilasters were than me!


In computing this half term, we have been learning about spreadsheets on Purple Mash. Today, we were given a budget and a limit of 30 people and we had to use our knowledge to plan a party. We did an absolutely brilliant job and showed an excellent understanding. Some of us helped others who weren't as confident, demonstrating that we are true Primrose Lane learners.


In preparation for our Boston Spa topic walk later this week, we have been studying the features of Georgian houses. We learnt that Georgian homes have symmetrical and paneled doors, semi-circular fan lights and crowning pediments. In art, we use our observational skills and our mathematical knowledge to draw a mirror image of a typical Georgian front door.

Reading buddies - Year 2 and Year 4

The children in Year 2 and Year 4 had a reading buddy session together and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The key skills that the children were working on were their fluency and expression. Year 4 modelled how best to read with expression and then Year 2 copied their buddy. The children worked really well together and Miss Dealtry and Miss Palfreeman were really proud of the kindness, enthusiasm and team work that the children showed. They were true Primrose Lane Learners throughout the session.

Skipping Festival

Last Friday, we were joined by Jodi from the Skipping School for another fantastic session! Here are some pictures and some of our thoughts from the day!

April R: ‘I enjoyed skipping and I got really excited when Jodi chose me to do backwards butterfly in assembly.’

Maddie: ‘I really like skipping and it was really fun – especially the group activities keep the pot boiling, red arrows and run jump out.’

Thomas: ‘ I was really nervous in assembly when me and Louis had to do butterfly forwards.’

Ella: ‘I found it really fun and it didn’t matter if you got chosen or not!’

Science - Electricity

This half term, our focus in science is 'electricity'. We have discussed the difference between mains and battery electricity, appliances that require electricity, as well as renewable and nonrenewable sources. This week, we looked at a series of electrical circuits and made predictions about which we thought were complete and which we thought were incomplete. We then used our enquiriny skills to test our predictions using the equipment which was very exciting. We worked so well as a team, that we put lots of our equipment together to see which changes to our circuits would make our light shine the brightest.

Week 3 in Year 4

This week in maths, we have been learning about negative numbers and how to count in multiples of 25. In science, we have been doing news reports about electricity, pretending that we were talking to a class to teach them about electricity. In English, we have written a character description about Grandpa Chatterji. We have also made Rangoli patterns which we used bright colours for and we had to make sure we had at least one line of symmetry. The Rangoli patterns are believed to welcome the God of wealth into houses. Our value this month is trust and in assembly we performed a role play about two friends falling out and we asked the audience if their trust would ever be the same again.

By April B