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Year 3 Class Page

Welcome to the Year 3 class page! We are an enthusiastic class who are always working hard to improve our learning and skills. Below you will find some key information and documents as well as newsletters for each half term. So far this year we have enjoyed our History focus topic on The Romans, Vikings and Anglo- Saxons; our art focus topic on architecture; our Geography focus topic on the environment and Extreme Earth. We have recently been working on our driver topic of coding and are moving onto our learning about our local history study. Keep checking our website page to see more and more of our learning and what we've been getting up to.

Times tables

We are working hard on the recall of our times tables within school. Extra practice using Purple Mash or hit the button games are great to be doing at home. We have got some songs we have used to help us which can be found on youtube, we have done them that much your child would be able to help you find them. If you would like any links and can't find them please email me. For those children wanting to improve their speed please use the tests below. There are also some dominoes maths games that will help too. The children have been doing so well with their tests and are progressing well. Your child will have more personalised times table challenges on purple mash based on which times table challenge level they are working on now. We are very close to some children getting onto their hot 100 now!

Father's Day

We really hope all of the grown ups liked their father's day cards. Some children did some for dads, step dads, uncles, grandads and we talked about what we liked doing with our dads or dad like figure.

Mamma Mia performance to St John's

I hope you enjoy the video I have put together of many of the children singing and performing at St John's this week.

Visit to St John's!

During this school year we have taken part in the Linking Schools Project. Our Year 3 class have partnered up with Donaldson and Ellington class at St John’s. We have taken part in video calls as well as written to each other. The children were so excited to finally get to meet each other in person.
Some of the children were a little nervous at first but enjoyed talking to each other and asking questions about each other’s schools. Year 3 behaved fantastically and asked some brilliant questions.

When we were there as well as getting to know each other we enjoyed a tour of the school and some of the grounds. We thought the school was very big and were surprised that some of the pupils slept there at night time too!

We also performed Mamma Mia by Abba to St John’s and they ended up joining in with some of the words. During our visit we got to decorate and eat some biscuits which was certainly a highlight for many of the children. A bit later on we played some games including having a tug of war.

Finally just before we returned back to Primrose Lane, it was time for some races. The boys and girls from both schools were very competitive but had lots of fun and cheered each other on so well!

Here is what the children thought about their visit:
Harrison – ‘I liked the tug of war, music, racing and biscuit decorating.’
Elliot – ‘I had lots of fun at St John’s playing tug of war and tig with the other children we met.’
Chloe – ‘I enjoyed playing games outside and my favourite room was the drama room where we went.’
Lily- ‘I liked singing and tug of war. I met Layton, Rowan, Gracie, Joshi and Lucy.’
Ollie F – ‘I liked walking around the school and tug of war.’
Daniel – ‘I loved how amazingly big it was and I liked the tug of war.’
Esme- ‘It was really fun when we sang a song.’


Year 3 have been working incredibly hard on earning their raffle tickets for Starbooks. It has been great to see the mixture of reading journals with so many of the children completing them by themselves now. The children have also been sharing some of their favourite reads with each other too.

The lucky winners for Starbooks this time round really enjoyed their visit with Mrs Dealtry-Dawson at Starbooks. Here are some pictures and quotes of what they thought.

Elliot – ‘It was a delicious hot chocolate experience. I am loving our class book Varjak Paw as it’s really mystical and about cats.’

Skyla – ‘It was delicious at Starbooks and I enjoyed it.’
Daniel – ‘It was the best hot chocolate ever! I got so lucky being picked to come.’

Ollie F – ‘The marshmallows were awesome! I think our class book Varjak Paw is puuurrrrrfect.’
Eloise- ‘I felt lucky to be coming for the delicious cake.’

Science Magnets and Forces

Year 3 have really enjoyed their learning in science this half term. They have carried out many experiments and looked closely at how surfaces can affect the friction created. They have been learning more about how to ensure something is a fair test and variables that can affect things. Most recently the children have been working on discovering magnetic materials and looking at what happens when north and south poles from a magnet are put together and if this is the same when tested through other materials. We certainly found it interesting! Here are some pictures of us investigating!


Year 3 are very sad their Orienteering sessions with Simon have now come to an end. Mrs Dealtry-Dawson is really impressed with the way they have developed their skills and perseverance. All of the children have really improved in both their skills of map reading, team work and their confidence.


Year 3s have been working on a performance of Blackbird by The Beatles. The glockenspiel part is challenging not due to tricky notes but because of its slow pace. Our soloists sing verse one and the last line. Enjoy this beautiful video...

Pasta Perimeter!

Year 3 have been improving their measuring skills and have used pasta to help with this. The children have had to create shapes with particular perimeters and other criteria. Well done year 3 you were very creative and patient when measuring your spaghetti.

Fire Service Day

Year 3 really enjoyed their visit from the Fire Service and thought it was so much fun! They asked a lot of questions and all had smiles on their faces throughout the session!
Olive – The Fire engine was so big! I loved going inside it on the passenger seat, it was so cool!
Rosie – I enjoyed discovering what was on the fire engine and climbing up the steps and looking around. The best part was when we got to wear the helmet!
Alexander – I think it was amazing. We got to hold a proper hose and go in the fire truck! It was so fun!
Esme – It was cool and when we went inside we got to sit down and it was fun although a bit squished too.
Daniel – I loved that there were 3 different hoses. There were small hoses (used most often), the big hose and the big big hose (barely used at all) on the fire engine.

Team work English

Year 3 have been working hard to create some leaflets about Boston Spa. The results are really impressive and the children are very proud! We have worked together to share ideas about what is on offer around Boston Spa and the local area as well as looking at the types of features leaflets should have.

Local History Walk around Boston Spa

Year 3 and 4 have been out on a local walk around Boston Spa to look closely at the local History of Boston Spa. The children were very knowledgeable when asked by the local people about what they had discovered. We found many Georgian features on our walk, most noticeably a lot of sash windows, semi-circle fan lights and townhouses. The children enjoyed the walk and enjoyed hunting the blue signs located around Boston Spa to learn more about the history of many of our local buildings. Many of the children didn’t realise the location of the Spa Baths or the original uses of places such as Costcutter and Tom Foolery.
Year 3 really impressed Mrs Dealtry- Dawson with their knowledge, enthusiasm and sensible, respectful and safe behaviour, so much so that they received whole class Behaviour of the week! Here is what Year 3 thought of the trip:
Ollie F- I liked the fact that we learnt a lot and walked past my house!
Olive – I really enjoyed walking around Boston Spa with my mum and all of my friends, it was so fun!
Harry G – The walk was amazing. There was over 80 sash windows we found and 40 panelled doors. I found symmetry on buildings too.
Mason – I liked walking around Boston Spa because it was energetic and fun!
Jemima – I did not know that the white stone brick sign is to show the distance between how far things are nearby.

Easter Cards Design and Technology project

Year 3 have been working incredibly hard to design Easter cards for a particular person incorporating a lever mechanism. I hope you enjoyed receiving your card and here are some pictures of the children working hard on their project, including some finished projects. We have been waiting until after Easter to share these so no one saw them before Easter!

Easter Eggs!

The children have done a brilliant job with this year's decorate an egg competition. The theme this year was climate change or superheroes and villains. We enjoyed looking and voting for year 4s winner and runner up and they enjoyed looking and voting for our class winner and runner up. Well done to all of the children especially our winner Harrison and runner up Olive. It was a very close contest and year 4 were very impressed with your efforts as was I!

Science: The Big Build

In this unit, the children have been learning about building towers and bridges, starting with constructing tall towers, then exploring bridges. We have worked on developing our working scientifically skills and understanding through comparative and fair tests, measuring, repeat readings and drawing and conclusions. The children have been looking at how to use certain materials to build strong structures. This has ranged from different types of paper as well as spaghetti and marshmallows; blue tac and lego pieces! We concluded that certain shaped pillars worked better than others. We enjoyed testing our different pillar shapes with the weight of several books, some of which held over 20 books! In addition we tested out our theory about different folds and how zig zag folds form stronger structures for holding things within them. The final big build brought together our skills and the children developed their team work skills along the way.


Our driver for learning this half term has been around coding and programming. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning and developed both their coding vocabulary knowledge and skills. The children have been learning about how to use ‘2code’ on purple mash and features such as flowcharts, using timers, repeat commands alongside coding, testing and debugging. This all culminated in the children designing and creating their own setting/scene. The children then worked on programming characters and objects to move in certain ways. They have done really well and were very happy with the mixed results. Please encourage your child to show you their coding work and skills on purple mash.

Mother's Day

In year 3 we have been thinking about the wonderful things our mums, aunts, nanas and beyond do for us. We all thought of someone who we felt deserved a mother's day card for being caring, loving and helpful for us and got to work creating some hyacinth themed mother's day cards. We hope all of the grown ups who got one liked them.

The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Our class novel is currently The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd and the children are loving it! We did an art lesson working on our sketching and blending skills to create some of our own dragon art work. We hope you like the array of colours we chose!

World Book Day and Red Nose Day

Year 3 have embraced the nature of World Book Day and have shared lots about their favourite books. Some of the children are now proudly on our Bookflix display or adding to our Bookflix book of recommendations.

On Red Nose Day the children enjoyed the dress up theme and trying to raise money to help the charity as well. Well done for dressing up Year 3!


We have been learning all about Mary Anning and her 'curiosities' as part of our learning for our science around rocks, fossils and soils. We have learnt all about the process of fossilisation and loved creating our own fossils. Take a look below!

Science investigations

This half term we have been learning about Rocks, Fossils and Soils. We have learnt so much about the different rocks and followed the journey of the Pebble. We then created our own versions of the pebble's journey.

In our science learning we have been testing out the permeability of different rocks. We were quite surprised with some of the results. We have also carried out some rock erosion tests to see how many rock particles landed into the petri dish. We really enjoyed our rock hunting around the school grounds to help us gather our rocks for testing.

Art work

We really enjoyed using our pastels to learn the skills of blending. We learnt a technique using a paper towel to help to develop the way the colours blended. We are very happy with our finished art work. Here are some pictures of us at work.

Street Dance

After a couple of week's rehearsal, we were ready to record our street dance. The unique moves, the incredibly supporting teamwork and the strong musicality really shine through. There were 4 set moves to include and we gave them names: X forward X back Side - out Heel up Your children can demonstrate each move! Enjoy...

Volcano related learning

As part of our learning about the environment and natural disasters we've started to learn more about volcanoes. We have been thinking about Mount Merapi from our class novel The Firework Maker's Daughter in particular. We've used 2 animate to create videos to depict a volcano eruption. We've also made a start on some art work using oil pastels. Take a look at below.


The children had their first Orienteering session on Thursday and absolutely loved it! Miss Dealtry was incredibly proud of the children for their team work, perseverance and determination to solve the routes using the map. It took us a bit of getting used to initially but we picked up the skills really well. We look forward to Simon returning to work with us in the summer. Here are some quotes from the children. Ellie – 'I liked following the maps because I like geography.'

Mason – 'I liked finding all the numbers on the maps with Elliot.'

Eloise- 'I liked playing the games and using the maps to go around too.'

Jemima – 'I liked the dibbers and I think it gives you exercise and it goes very fast the time when you’re doing it.'

Daniel – 'I liked running around and the beeping of the machines'

Maddie – 'I liked running around and finding the different codes to put the dibber in.'

Harry D – 'I liked running around and finding the flags and using the map.'

Seb- 'I liked finding the correct numbers on the map.'

Elizabeth – 'I liked seeing at the end seeing my score to know if I had beaten any of the year 4s.'

Rocks learning in science

Year 3 have really got stuck into their science topic this half term. Many of the children have been sending pictures of rocks they have found out and about. We have been learning about types of rocks including sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. We have been looking at the properties of rocks as well as considering their uses and if they are human-made or natural. We have been out around the school grounds hunting for some rocks to look at some of their properties. We chose some features and then moved the rocks to create some Venn Diagrams using hoops to compare the properties. The children really enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of this activity.


In history , we have been learning about Danegeld - in AD991, Vikings were given silver to stop them invading. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good strategy as the Vikings kept coming back for more money!
We enjoyed reading a poem about the situation and created freeze frames to represent each verse.

Danegeld Poem
Science Investigation

As part of our learning about teeth, we carried out an investigation to see which liquids were damaging to enamel. We put eggs into cola, vinegar, orange juice and water and made careful notes about our observations. It was a fair test and the results were shocking. Take a look...

St Basil's Cathedral, Russia

Year 3 continue their incredible art studies... we have been learning about the shapes and colours featured in St Basil's Cathedral in Russia - what a building!
Take a look at some of our oil pastel images inspired by that unique building.

Shading Skills - St Paul's Cathedral

We worked hard on copying the detail in the photographs - shading and light and dark were our main focus.
See for yourselves - the results are wonderful!

Sir Christopher Wren

We did an artist study on Sir Christopher Wren and the results are outstanding. Year 3 are so creative - these sketchbooks are stunning and informative!

Commando Fitness with Mr Simpson

Year 3 have worked so hard this week and their behaviour has been great so we felt they deserved a special treat: COMMANDO FITNESS!

We had a tough assault course set by Mr Simpson, next we had stretcher races and we finished with a tug of war.

Year 3 were strong, resilient, listened carefully and showed such great teamwork.

What a fun afternoon!

Roman learning continued

We have been learning more about the Roman shields that were used and have designed and made our own. It has been a long but fun process from designing to making. We have also used Purple Mash to help us showcase our knowledge of what it would be like to be a Roman Soldier. We have compared the Roman shields to the Celtic shields that we have also learnt about. In addition we have also been studying the way the Romans used mosaics. We have explored lines, colours and patterns to create our own mosaic designs. Our final mosaics are in the formation of a Roman helmet.

Roman Soldiers

Year 3 have been learning all about The Romans. One of the areas we learnt about is the Roman army and the soldiers. We did some work in our sketch books about this and also practiced getting into the formations that they used such as the tortoise and pig formation.

Science learning

Year 3 have been learning about living things. Part of our learning has involved understanding more about classification and the way that things can be grouped. We have looked at different diagrams and keys that can be used to classify things. One of our activities involved working with Year 4 to find and classify different leaves. We also chose some of our favourite leaves to do observational drawings and sketches with.

Maths outside

We have been working on developing our knowledge of 3 digit numbers. This has been part of our learning on place value, we’ve been using part whole models and partitioning as well as practical equipment to help with this. We’ve also spent some time outside using chalks to help us with our learning and place value hopscotch too! At home you could test your child on their partitioning of a 2 and 3 digit number. We are now looking at 10 more and 10 less as well as 100 more and 100 less.

Team work with Year 4!

Year 3 and 4 paired up for a mission. This was a lovely way for the children to get to know the Year 4s a little better as they haven’t had much time to get to know the KS2 children due to the bubbles, separate play areas and lockdowns in the past. We have been working on the video clip Home Sweet Home as part of our English learning. After completing a lot of work on this we set about designing a natural home out of all things natural. There was a whole mixture of homes created but the best part was seeing the team work along the way and creativity from the children. Here is how we got on.


Here is the video referenced in the letter to help you understand more about how to use purple mash and the online reading journal. Please let me know if you need any support. Your child should have their login card in their reading folder.


Please see the letter for more information and watch the video to understand more about how to get logged onto Purple Mash and complete the online reading journal. The children have done so well with their first week since launching. We've had over 21 of them join in already after only 5 days!

Our new classroom

Would you believe that Flat Miss Dealtry has been sneaking into our new classroom. We both thought you might like to have a look at some photos. It looks a little bit different to your old classroom but it has all the same things really!