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Welcome to Year Three's Page

In Science last half term Year 3 were learning about skeletons. We learnt the names of lots of our bones, found out what bones are made of and also why we need them.

Mrs Martin kindly offered to come and talk to us about the skeletons of different animals. We looked at some real animal bones and some model bones and compared them. We learnt about how some animals have their bones on the inside, some on the outside and that some don’t even have bones at all. We also talked about why different animals skeletons have evolved as they have.

It was a really interesting morning and we learnt lots. One of the best bits was handling the bones and looking at x-rays and scans.

Year 3 Christmas Crafternoon Project

Before Christmas Year 3 held a Christmas Crafternoon where they invited their parents in to help them decorate their Christmas Dragon Eggs that they had made out of papier mache as part of our learning about the Vikings.

In the run up to the afternoon the children had been working hard to design and stitch their own Christmas tree decorations.

They had also baked gingerbread biscuits with Mrs Proctor which they shared with their parents during the afternoon.

The afternoon was a great success. The children raised £43 which they decided they were going to use to buy some board games for wet play and choosing time in class.

The class voted on which games they wanted to buy and then Mrs Turnbull went shopping.

Here are some photos of the children playing with Headbandz and Snakes and Ladders!

We are enjoying our class story 'How to Train Your Dragon'. So far we have looked at some of the characters and have evaluated how successful the opening is. We've also created some of our own dragons!

In our Science lessons this half term we are learning to think scientifically. Our question for this week is 'Do people who have big hands have big feet?' We made our predictions and have started to investigate!

Year 3 enjoyed their African Drumming Workshop

As part of our Stone Age topic we designed and made our own clay jewelry. What do you think?

We have achieved our first 50 class points and as a treat we had a 'Wheelly fun' session in the school playground.

Welcome to our class page. We've had a very busy start to the year as you can see in these photographs. Our topic for this half term is The Stone Age. We are reading Stig of the Dump as our class story and have made dioramas of what we think Stig's cave looks like.

We've also been exploring cave paintings and had a go at our very own. We went into the school grounds and collected natural materials that we could use to paint with. We even found some berries which we crushed to make natural paint.

Today we've been out gathering more natural materials as we have designed our own tools and weapons that we think would have been useful in The Stone Age.

In Maths we've been learning about Place Value.

In Science we are learning what nutrients our bodies need to keep us fit and healthy. We worked in pairs to design our own nutritionally balanced plate of food.

This week we have thought about what a healthy lunch might look like. We decided to have a go at making our own nutritionally balanced wraps and pasta salads. We chose a filling that would provide us with protein and some salad ingredients to provide us with vitamins and minerals. We had great fun making them ... and even more fun eating them!

On Thursday afternoon Mr Simpson put Year 3 through their paces with an hour long Commando Fitness Session. The children (and Mrs Turnbull!) had great fun in the mud completing a range of exercises - burpees, sit ups, leg raises, commando crawling and jogging to name a few! They then did a stretcher drill, a wall climb and finished off with a tug of war. The children showed their true Primrose Lane Learner attributes demonstrating enthusiasm, collaborative learning and ambition.