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Flat Miss Dealtry adventures

Flat Miss Dealtry has been up to quite a bit already! She's been to Roundhay Park and had an ice cream and even a ride on a doggy! She is loving being with you all and can't wait to see what else she is going to get up to over the coming weeks. Here are a few pictures so far...

Home Learning Gallery

Here are some of the wonderful photos about the learning and activities our class have been up to during our home learning. I hope you enjoy seeing your friends in the photos.

Enjoy the photos of everyone in class and keep them coming to me at dealtrys@primroselane.leeds.sch.uk

Reading recommendations

So that they are together for you to look at here are the photos of Year 2's reading recommendations. Henry has been enjoying reading Usborne Business for Beginners as he dreams of being an inventor and having his own business in the future. Evie C has been reading Zoe's Rescue Zoo by Sophy Williams. Marley has been loving Midnight Gang by David Walliams. Evie has also been reading Roald Dahl books like Matilda, BFG and now Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Marley has been doing some ninja reading and enjoyed reading Ratburger by David Walliams, he managed to read it in 2 days!

Year 2's Reading recommendations

Emily has been enjoying reading Fun and Games at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton. Hughie has been loving Toto by Michael Morpurgo


If you could email me your messages of positivity to dealtrys@primroselane.leeds.sch.uk we can share how we have been keeping positive :)

A video message from Miss Dealtry

Hi Year 2, I hope you enjoy this video that I have done for you all.

Marley's Wonder Wheel

Here is a video of Marley's wonder wheel in action. If you have a look in the Home Learning Gallery you will see some other great ones from Chloe and Evie :)

Hughie has been interviewing Florence Nightingtail!

Have a listen to Hughie's interview below. Florence definitely looks a little different to what I was expecting :)

Florence Nightingale speaking challenge

I hope you're all enjoying your learning this week. Well done to those of you who have had a go at the speaking challenge. Samuel has had a go at the Florence Nightingale speaking challenge and was happy to share it with everyone in class to see. He thinks he has managed to score 20 points for his speech. Marley has also had a go and thinks he has scored 23 points!

Marley's Florence Nightingale speech
Samuel's Florence Nightingale speech
Friday 22nd May

Well done to everyone for their hard work this week. It is half term next week so White Rose are having a week off as well. In the files for this week there are extra maths challenges you can try. There are also lots of activities on Purple Mash to keep you busy. I have attached Chloe's lovely story that she has done with her family based on 'The Pirate Next Door'. I hope you enjoy reading :)

Week commencing 4th May

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE*** WHITE ROSE MATHS*** WED 6th MAY*** We are purchasing a school subscription so that you are all still able to access the white rose activities and worksheets. This means that the information I posted the other day won't be needed so I have removed the document about the changes. Any concerns or questions please contact me :) Well done to those of you who have solve the Peter Rabbit mystery and sent me your answers. I have also enjoyed seeing some of your work for our learning this week. Keep it up. Take a look at Rupert and Chloe's nature faces which remind me of the character Wild from the story. Hi Year 2 Please find resources and documents that will help you with your learning this week. Keep up the hard work and make sure you look at the Home Learning gallery further down the page to see what everyone in our class has been up to.

Challenge/ competition update

How is everyone doing with their learning this week? It has been great to see Evie and Noah's efforts so far. Noah decided to do his own version of We're going on a snake hunt' linked to a lockdown version of 'We're going on a bear hunt'. Evie and her mummy created 'The Tiger who came for lockdown'.

Week commencing 11th May

Hi Year 2. I have uploaded this week's home learning activities as well as the White Rose Maths sheets for this week's learning. I have also uploaded a document which has a link directly to the videos from White Rose. I hope you enjoy your learning activities this week. Keep up the hard work. Miss Dealtry More learning for this week to follow shortly. Thanks Miss Dealtry

Week commencing 27th April

Please find the home learning activities for this week as well as resources to help you. If you take a look at the document Week commencing 27th April you will find all the information to help you with your learning this week. Best wishes Miss Dealtry

Week commencing 20th April
As I asked you to work on measures this week and next using the white rose maths hub lessons and my daisy chain challenge here is another challenge for you to try. Good luck

https://UIGYDAO.exampro.net - Measure length challenge 1
Welcome to Year Two's Page
Home Learning

Please see above for some home learning packs that cover a range of areas from Classroom secrets. If you search classroom secrets kids this is free to sign up to. :)

^^^Please follow the link to the document above to see how your child can now use Purple Mash to email me :)

Hi Year 2

Please use your home learning packs and Purple Mash for lots of ideas including the documents already uploaded here. Keep an eye out for me uploading more ideas here and on Purple Mash. I would love to see any work anyone has done following the SATs quiz questions in the links below.

Thank you for your support and I hope you find them useful.

Reading test practice


Maths reasoning practice

Trickier addition and subtraction work can be found here:

https://DIDUKOE.exampro.net Addition work

https://HAFEIII.exampro.net Subtraction work

Level 1

Level 2



Revision of several things





Take care and keep in touch

Miss Dealtry
Year 2 Key Information

Welcome to Year 2! Please find some documents below to inform you about the expectations for the end of year 2 as well as information about spellings for the start of the year.

Computing in Year 2

The children have been doing a lot of cross curricular learning utilising the laptops and Purple Mash. Our topic this half term has been all about famous and significant people. As part of this we have been learning all about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and Ernest Shackleton.

We did a project around emailing where we emailed Rosa Parks to learn more about her. We were very excited when we received our replies. After we had learnt about Rosa Parks we realised that she wasn’t actually the one sending the emails but we had learnt a lot through the emails.

In addition, we worked on our empathy skills of being an explorer like Christopher Columbus and created a Mashcam involving our faces being imported into a sailor’s body. We then wrote about how it had been on board our ship on our adventures around the world across the seas. Some of us wrote about being very sea sick and fixing our sails after storms had broken out.

The children have also been getting to grips with some coding. There has been a lot of debugging going on and we have a lot of budding coders who would really like to create computer games when they are older. Some of us completed lots of levels once we got the hang of using the different algorithms.

Christopher Columbus

As part of our learning about famous explorers we have been working on some art work of a ship similar to that of Christopher Columbus. We also did some writing as if we were an explorer travelling in our ship to antarctica. Here are some photos of some of us at work on our pieces of art.


We have been learning all about the different continents and oceans around the world as part of our learning about explorers to see where they travelled. Lots of us love our song that we use to help us practise so here is a link to try out at home. I know many of the children have been using this already at home and showing off their singing.


The children have been enjoying learning all about Fractions but it has been quite tricky. We have been looking at recognising halves, quarters and thirds. We have then been trying to find a fraction of a number such as a 1/4 of 12. We are starting to understand a lot more and some of realised that 2/4 are the equivalent of a half.

Edgar the Dragon

Year 2 have really enjoyed writing about Edgar the Dragon and were so excited to have a slightly smaller dragon visit! Thank you very much to Angus and his mum for coming in to share all their knowledge about bearded dragons.

Computing and Purple Mash - FIRE FIRE FIRE!

The children have been working hard to use their knowledge of Samuel Pepys to create a ‘Mashcam’ as him and completed a speech bubble sharing what they had seen with the fire spreading. In addition they have been creating some art work using the painting tools to show a scene from The Great Fire of London.

Stay and Make – Pudding Lane style!

A huge thank you to all of the grown up helpers that were able to come and help – it was a brilliant turn out! The children were so excited to share their knowledge with you and design their models. All those cereal boxes were truly transformed! The children had an amazing time and here are some thoughts from the grown up helpers and children in Year 2.

‘It was such fun making the models and we learned so much about the Great Fire of London’ – Amy Clelland.

‘What a fun morning – loved seeing all the different creative designs.’ – Sally Gwilliam.

‘It has been an amazing morning creating models. These children are very creative! Thank you for a fun morning – Ellie O’ Donoghue.

‘Lots of fun and mess! Great knowledge about the fire too, some very creative designs.’ – Tessa Critchlow.

‘What a great way to mix learning and creativity. I really enjoyed making the house with Evie.’ – Sarah Warnock.

‘Evie enjoyed everything it was all very fun!’ – Evie C.

‘I enjoyed making my model with Hughie’s mum.’ – Emily.

‘I had fun making my house because I used lots of materials and because I had so much fun!’ – Imogen.

‘I liked having my grown up come in.’ Noah and Maddie.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

We were lucky to have a visit from Malcolm who works to help the prevention of fires. He spoke with the children about what things were safe to play with and what wasn’t safe. We had some impressive discussions and he was very pleased with us! A lot of the children had some great questions and some feel like they would like to be a firefighter in the future. We hope to be able to work again with Malcolm in the future. It helped us to learn about the improvements in the fire service since The Great Fire of London, particularly with equipment.

A unique opportunity!

Tallulah’s family very kindly brought in a wasp nest for us to explore. We had to think about what it could be at first and what might be inside. We were all truly fascinated to see the inside and it wasn’t what we were expecting! We thought it was very unusual and had a go at sketching some parts. Some of us couldn’t believe how clever the wasps must be to use it even if we find them annoying when it is the season for them to be around!


We have been working really hard on our touch typing skills. It’s been tricky but we are starting to recognise those tricky letters on the laptop such as an l. Our fingers have been getting better at being in the correct position as well.

Children In Need

The children really enjoyed taking part in ‘The Big Morning Move’ and getting active. Later in the day Miss Dealtry set them a challenge to create a Pudsey Bear face using items that were all natural materials. A lot of us noticed the signs of the seasonal changes with the leaves as well.

The Great Fire Of London

The children in year 2 have been learning all about Samuel Pepys and the other key events of The Great Fire of London. We have been acting out and using freeze frames to help our learning. We’ve then been writing diaries as if we are Samuel Pepys!

Reading buddies - Year 2 and Year 4

The children in Year 2 and Year 4 had a reading buddy session together and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The key skills that the children were working on were their fluency and expression. Year 4 modelled how best to read with expression and then Year 2 copied their buddy. The children worked really well together and Miss Dealtry and Miss Palfreeman were really proud of the kindness, enthusiasm and team work that the children showed. They were true Primrose Lane Learners throughout the session.

Design Technology and English

We have been learning all about how to write instructions. We have worked on our understanding of verbs, adverbs and time conjunctions. The children created some marmalade sandwiches for Paddington Bear to enjoy.

Some children cut their finished product into squares, triangles and rectangles. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves even if they got a little bit sticky! Many children tried marmalade for the first time as well.

The children evaluated their sandwiches after tasting them of course. A few Paddington Bear's snuck in to join the marmalade sandwich picnic!


As part of our science topic we have been exploring different materials and the best uses for them. We have also compared the properties of different materials and considered their suitability. In addition, we have been looking at which materials we can bend, squash, stretch and change. We really enjoyed this and even used our socks to see who had the stretchiest pair!

Skipping Festival

Year 2 really enjoyed their skipping festival day! They can't wait to take part in the competition next year.

Callum and Isla were really proud of themselves for performing in the skipping assembly later that day.

Brandon said he couldn't skip but by the end of the session he was smiling from ear to ear because he had managed to do some jumps through the skipping rope.

African Drumming

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed the African Drumming morning on Wednesday. They listened really well and joined in with all the different activities from dancing to drumming! Here are a few of the children's thoughts about the day.

I liked the dancing part – Henry
I thought it was very loud but I enjoyed it – Daisie
I liked joining in with the singing and trying the dancing – Brandon
I liked the drumming- Ted
I liked the part where we had to drum on our legs, it was hard to keep up – Chloe
I liked listening to the music – Isla
I liked trying some of the drumming, it was exciting – Callum
I enjoyed doing the dancing and clapping and stamping our feet – Ava
I liked the dancing and making the chicken noise – Evie C
I liked making all the loud noises when we banged the drums – Rupert


The children have been working really hard on their place value understanding. Many of the children have been finding it tricky to add and take 10. Here is a game we have enjoyed using to help with this https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/chopper-squad Some of us have then been working out how you can use this knowledge to add 20 more or 20 less. Some of us then challenged ourselves to find 30 more and 30 less!

We have been looking at the bar model as well as how to partition numbers and use partitioning and base 10 drawings to help us add 2 digit numbers add 2 digit numbers. In addition we have been enjoying learning about fact families such as knowing

4+ 6 = 10 so 6 +4 = 10
10 - 4 = 6 and 10 - 6 = 4.

We have then been exploring other related facts that we can know from these such as 40 + 60 = 100 and then using the fact family idea to see the extra facts we can make.

Computing and Purple Mash

The children have been developing their skills on the laptops and the learn pads. They have been learning about how to navigate around Purple Mash and use google chrome for research on Peru. We have been using our research to write a postcard on Purple Mash from Peru. In addition we have been using 2 paint to show what we think an autumnal tree would look like compared to other seasons in the year.

To help us develop our reading comprehension skills many of the children have been using serial mash to read chapters of a story online and then answer questions and complete some grammar activities linked to that chapter of the book.

Art work

The children have been using collage techniques to create a Paddington Bear face. Paint and other media could also be used and the children have gone about this in different ways and styles.

Paddington’s adventures in Year 2!

Paddington Bear has been getting up to a lot of mischief in Year 2 recently. He has been helping the children learn about using question marks and exclamation marks.

Rupert decided Paddington would say… Please can I get a drink from my water bottle?

Tallulah – Put yourself on the well done board Paddington!

Ted- Tidy those books up now!

In addition, he has been acting out some movements created by the children to show how to use an adverb to add more interest to how he did something.

Hughie – Stupidly Paddington Bear got himself stuck into one of the trays.

Emily – Paddington Bear carefully pulled down the blinds in the classroom.

Imogen, Daisie and Eshal – Paddington Bear lined up ready for lunch smartly and sensibly.

Paddington Bear has also been writing to us from many places about his adventures. He has sent us postcards from Ireland, Scotland, The Lake District, London, Australia and Sri Lanka! We have enjoyed learning about where these places are on a map and how they are similar and different to Boston Spa.

PE and Teamwork!

Our theme this month is Trust and we have been thinking about how we can show someone we trust them and how we can be trusted. In PE we had a team challenge that involved a lot of trusting. One person in our team had to be blindfolded and they had to trust the words of others to direct them to where they needed to be. We had to make sure that no one touched the lava (bean bag!). We really enjoyed this activity and found it very exciting!

Season Hunt!

We have also been on a scavenger hunt to find clues about the season we are in. We had to work as a team and find anything that helped us to know about what season we were in. We thought about how each season was different and which season was our favourite and why. Lots of us liked summer and winter best, especially if it snowed!


In maths we have been developing our understanding of 2 digit numbers and how to partition them. We have also been on a treasure hunt to look for items from around the classroom. This involved a lot of counting. In maths we have also been learning a ‘Baby Shark’ themed counting song which many of the children love to do! To make it trickier sometimes Miss Dealtry pauses the song so we have to freeze and share the next number or we have to think what is 1 more or 1 less.

Year 2

Year 2 have settled really well and shown a lot of increased independence, particularly on a morning. We have been creating our class rules and getting used to our new routines. A lot of us have done a great job with moving places on our Superhero well done board. We are working on increasing our learning super powers!