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This Week
Terrific Trees!

This half term we have started a new science topic about 'Plants and Animals'. We began by exploring our school grounds for different types of trees and looking at their features. Here are some photos of what we found!

Marvellous Measuring

This week we have been learning about measuring. We started by looking at how we can compare things using words such as bigger and smaller, taller and shorter. We then looked at how we can measure things in the classroom using different non-standard measures. We are looking forward to learning to use a ruler next half term!

Easter Egg Extravaganza!

Well done Year One for all your creative Easter eggs!

Perfectly Norman

This week we have been reading ‘Perfectly Norman’ by Tom Percival. After reading the book we talked about what makes us unique. Here are some of our ideas:

  • I am unique because I am good at football. My favourite skill is a flick up. I am also good at Fortnite - Oliver S
  • I am unique because I am good at playing with my friends – India
  • I am unique because I am funny and clever. I am kind and I help people – Isla
  • I am unique because I am a good friend - Harvey
Is it greater than, less than or equal?

This week we have been learning about comparing numbers and number sentences. We were amazed to find out that the Numicon is weighted and you can use it to investigate and compare numbers and calculations. We enjoyed working together too!


Last week in Year One we learnt all about Diwali. We read the story of Rama and Sita, discussed how the festival is celebrated and made our own rangoli patterns - which linked really well with our maths as we have been learning about shapes! We used a variety of materials to create our patterns and described the shapes we had used. We were also very lucky as Mia brought in some traditional clothing to show us. Along with Mia, we all particularly admired the jewels that were stitched into the clothes!


This week we have been reading ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes. We have enjoyed listening to the story and wondering where Dave lost Dogger. We shared pictures of our toys with the class and wrote a short description. We love our toys!

We have been learning about the seasons this week. We know that the Earth orbits the Sun and we get our seasons because the Earth tilts in different directions. On Wednesday we went for a very soggy Autumn walk around the school grounds and collected lots of Autumn leaves, sticks and pinecones. We then took our collections to the outdoor classroom and made some Autumn Art. Have a look in our gallery to see some pictures!
A big welcome to our Year 1 Class web page!

The first couple of weeks in Year 1 have been very busy indeed. We have spent a lot of time talking about how we are feeling now we are back in school after being at home for such a long time. We've also decided on our class rules and created our Tree House Well Done Board. We are enjoying playing and learning with our friends inside and outside the classroom and our teachers are doing lots of fun activities to find out what we already know and what our next steps are going to be. We have enjoyed reading After the Fall which has taught us never to give up and to keep on trying even when we are scared or worried aobut something. We have also been learning about our world and can name the seven continents in order from biggest to smallest. 
Virtual After School Sport Club Opportunity!
Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Youth Sport Trust

As you will have seen from the email sent out, the Youth Sport Trust will deliver a free virtual after school club as part of a national response to the second lockdown. The 30-minute club will take place at 5pm each weekday on YouTube Live and be led by a different member of the YST’s Athlete Mentor network. Starting on Thursday 12th November with world number one female inline skater and 10-time British Champion Jenna Downing. Aimed mainly at primary-aged children, a different theme has been assigned for each day of the club - Adventure Monday, Tuesday Play, Wild Wednesday, Thinking Thursday and Fun Friday. Follow us using #YSTAfterSchool and click below for more information.


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