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A very warm welcome to Year 1

We are a friendly, happy class who pride ourselves on being kind, caring and considerate towards others in order to create a harmonious environment to play and learn in. We come into the classroom independently and ready for our daily challenge. We love receiving stickers and stamps and getting on the rainbow and sunshine on our Well Done Board! We are looking forward to all the exciting learning we have in store for the year

This half-term in science our focus is on materials. We will be learning all about what a material is and the names/ uses of many everyday materials. We began this week by focusing on four key everyday materials- plastic, wood, glass and metal. In our circle we grouped some objects from our classroom into the correct material group. We did a really good job of this and knew what most of the objects were made from. Well done Year 1!

Next, we had a go at some cutting and sticking sheets, grouping lots of different objects into the correct materials group. Some of the objects were quite tricky to figure out but we did a super job, working together to help each other. We also discussed how wood is a natural material whereas plastic, metal and glass are man-made. These terms were new to us so we discussed what ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’ mean and what the difference is between these two terms.


This half term in history we are looking at old toys! We will be thinking about toys from the past and how they are different to the toys that we play with today. We will look at differences such as the types of material they are made from, which links to our science focus on materials. We have learnt that plastic is quite a new invention whilst wood, glass and metal have been around much longer. We found it interesting that some very old toys like teddy bears and dolls are still popular today. We did a sorting activity, deciding which toys were old and new, then had a chance to play with a variety of old and new toys!


In P.E we have been busy both indoors and outdoors! Inside we have been focusing on our dancing skills, creating a dance themed around the book ‘Rainbow Fish’. We thought of lots of different sea creatures to impersonate as part of our dance including whales, lobsters, fish and even an octopus! We learnt how to move in time with the music and create a group dance. This linked to our writing in English all about the Rainbow Fish, helping us know the book really well.
Outside we have been focusing on our throwing and catching skills. We start every lesson with a class warm up and have been learning about how important it is to keep fit and healthy. We often feel our heart beating and discuss how exercise makes us feel- comments have included: ‘happy’, ‘hot’, ‘smiley’ and ‘full of energy’. We have used bean bags and soft balls to do lots of throwing and catching, as well a beginning to look at dribbling skills.


Also in maths, we have been learning all about shape! We began by re-capping our learning from reception, all about 2D shapes. We learnt about their names and properties, using cutting skills to create 2D shape dinosaurs. We have also begun learning about 3D shapes! This was quite a tricky concept, but we worked really hard to understand and learn about 3D shapes. We went on an exploratory walk around school to look for various 3D shapes, which definitely helped with our understanding. This week we have been looking at patterns. We used the building blocks to create patterns of our own. This was a fun activity which we enjoyed doing, showing off all our fantastic patterns!

Number Bonds to 10 and 20!

In maths we have been learning how to do number bonds to 10, and we’ve even started looking at number bonds to 20! We have been using lots of different techniques to learn number bonds to 10. We have been playing adding and subtracting games, using playdough to make chocolates to share and using the building blocks to help us physically see what we are adding together or taking away. We are really proud of all our hard work in mastering this key mathematical skill!

African Drumming

Some African drummers came in to visit us at Primrose Lane to tell us about their culture and show us their amazing drumming, singing and dancing skills. We went to a whole school assembly where we learnt about different types of drums and heard some great drumming. We then joined in with some singing and finished the assembly off by joining in with some dancing! This was a really fun activity and gave us an opportunity to learn about a culture very different to our own, as well as hearing some great music.

Skipping Day

We had a whole school skipping day, which was loads of fun! Year 1 had a workshop which involved mastering the basic skills needed to be able to successfully skip. We learnt about listening for the click of the rope, before jumping and how to hold the rope properly. We also talked about how good skipping is for our health. It was quite tricky, but Year 1 did a fantastic job, putting 100% into their skipping. At the end of the day, we had a whole school skipping assembly during which every class was able to show off their new skills. A small group of brave volunteers from Year 1 demonstrated to the whole school what we had learnt in our workshop. We enjoyed watching what all the other year groups had learnt and seeing what new skills each year had mastered.


In our English lessons we have been reading Dogger by Shirley Hughes. We have read the book as a class, thinking about our own special toys and Dave’s feelings throughout the book. We have done some drama, creating freeze frames about the story. As well as this we have been writing sentences about our own special toy and creating posters describing Dogger.


We have had a busy start to Year 1! In Maths over the last couple of weeks we have been doing lots of sorting and grouping, as you can see in the pictures below. We have also been busy learning numbers as words, looking for missing numbers in a sequence up to 10 and finding out lots of 2D shape names.