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A big welcome to our Year 1 Class web page!

We are a happy, healthy place to learn and are really looking forward to all the new learning we will be doing this year. We always try our best and we enjoy challenging ourselves in our indepdendent 'rainbow challenges' and  through listening to the ways we can challenge ourselves in lessons too.  We have our own set of class rules which we all agreed together and we work as a team to get class counters and rewards. We try our best to be kind and polite to our friends and adults. We know that we can always talk to an adult if we are feeling anxious or scared. One of our favourite times of day is class storytime and Mrs Bailey loves to share new books she has found. We love to use our outdoor spaces to enrich our learning and cannot wait to share all the things we do with you here. 
This Week

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Hustle Bustle!
Great Fire of London Printing

This week we have been creating our own Great Fire of London prints. We really enjoyed learning how to create an imprint on polystyrene and then using rollers and ink to print with.


We have really enjoyed exploring artwork about the Great Fire of London and creating pages in our sketchbooks. Mrs Bailey was very impressed with the colours that we used and how we tried to continue some of the pictures.

Bug Houses

This week we have been making our own bug houses. We thought carefully about what an animal needs to survive and made sure our houses had food, water and some shelter. We loved finding out what animals had made the microhabitats we made their homes!


This week we have started our science learning all about living things and their environment. We started by discussing what the subject of science is and learnt that it is not just about experiments but, finding out about and discovering the world around us. We went outside into the playground to see what signs of autumn we could find. We found a few and we are looking forward to finding more as the term progresses! We also started learning about how to sort objects we find into living, dead and never lived. We found this really interesting and had lots of discussions.

Week one in Year One

Wow, what a week we have had! We have had so much fun exploring our classroom and reconnecting with all of our friends! A big thank you to Mr Simpson for making supports for the guttering we have loved using this! We have also been very mature and independent already and have enjoyed completing activities sat at tables. Super learning Year One!