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Well, what a busy term we have had in Year 6! From our outstanding class assembly, our trip to the National Holocaust Centre, A fantastic afternoon tea event, and everything in-between!
Here is our Spring update;

A large focus of Spring 2 has been the preparation for the afternoon tea. We have used the concept in our learning in Maths and Computing, as well as DT. In computing we compared the prices of the required ingredients at different supermarkets - and sent Miss Deighton on a shopping trip to the cheapest one (this was Asda). In Maths, we have been looking at scaling, measurement and ratio - very handy skills when baking for nearly 100 people! In our English lessons we have focused on writing a story with suspense. As a class, we have really stepped up our use of vocabulary and punctuation for this piece of writing. We will put a link up to some of our stories once we have typed them up - but don't have nightmares reading them!!

Thanksgiving in Year 6 by Ethan Kleist

Yesterday in Year 6 we learnt about Thanksgiving in America.

I, Ethan Kleist, am an American and in this newsletter I am going to talk about what we did, what we learned, and what the rest of Year 6 thought about the day.

We’ll start with my opinion: I felt as if I was at home; the day was amazing and I enjoyed it. We then found out (well everyone else found out) why Thanksgiving is celebrated. Thanksgiving began when the Pilgrims (from England) settled in America. When they arrived they had no idea of how to hunt or grow crops, so the Americans (who had been living there for many years) helped and taught the Pilgrims how to fish, hunt and grow food. To thank them, the Pilgrims had a big feast and invited the Native Americans to join them.

That is just one of the many things that we learnt. In the morning we did the Pledge of Allegiance, and while we were learning we listened to the national anthem of America.

We also made origami turkeys, acrostic poems -using the words THANKSGIVING - and wrote quizzes for each other, about the special day.

During all of that, small groups of children went out into the key stage 2 area to bake a sweet potato pie - my Mom helped bake. Just to bake, mix, stir and finish, it took from the end of break to the start of lunch and it tasted amazing.

In the afternoon we had finished baking and did cheer leading in groups of six. We had ten minutes to practice our routine, and they were all extremely good. The winning team got marshmallow popcorn, while everyone else had popcorn with golden syrup on top (two people at a time went out of the class room to make the popcorn).

The day was amazing - I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time and learned loads.

Thank you Year 6 for making me feel so welcome.
We have arrived!

Y6 are having a wonderful time at Kingswood.

They have all met and exceeded personal challenges. Below are some pictures from the last few days. Our activities included abseiling, leap of faith, canoeing, fire lighting and many, many more!
Our lead instructor is called Katie and we think she is fab. We have also taught many other children (and our teachers) how to dab!
We are looking forward to the last day and a half, and we will see you on Friday!

Problem Solving

We have spent our first afternoon problem solving! We needed to learn to communicate effectively - it was tricky at first! As we progressed through the activities, we got better!