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Competition - Leeds City Final.

After winning the local area Skipping Festival in April, on Wednesday Year 4 took part in the Leeds City Final, competing against the 7 other winning schools. After practising hard in our PE lessons over the last few weeks, every child took part in an individual, paired or team long rope event, with most of the class winning a bronze, silver or gold certificate. We were also very proud to win gold for our Skip Dance. Finally, after all of the points had been added up, we found out that we had come second in the overall competition!

Toby: I thought that we could win it if we were at our best but the other schools that participated were really good. A team called Westerton won and we came second. We got lots of golds, silvers and bronzes.

Joel: It was very tense. We all tried our very best. At the end we came second.

Eve: I really enjoyed doing the skipping competition. I felt really nervous before the competition but after I felt relieved that we came in second place. I was really happy when I found out that me and Georgina got gold in butterfly. I was exhausted after the 4½ minute exercise because it was non stop. I was really, really happy when we found out that we came second out of about fifty other schools in Leeds. My favourite part of the experience was getting our awards.

Austin: I really enjoyed it when we did the warm ups because Chris was really funny. I felt super nervous when it was our skip dance.

Charlie C: First we did the warm up, I was feeling excited because I wanted to win. When it got to my event, I was feeling nervous because I didn’t want to make a mistake. At the end of it we came second and we won loads of certificates.

Stanley: I enjoyed listening to all the different songs such as the spooky Ghostbusters and the joyful La La Land. At the start I was very nervous but as it ended I felt proud of myself.

Georgina: I loved every minute of it and I wish I could do it all again. Out of the whole competition, we came second and I felt proud of myself.

Daniel: I really enjoyed being part of the Leeds City Final. I saw the big trophy but we were 15 points off first place and we came second. I think everybody loved the whole thing and so did I.

Jasmine: I had lots of fun skipping even though we didn’t win. At first I felt really nervous especially when it was my individual skip but then it was finished and I was proud of myself and my team.
Bagshaw Museum

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, we had a really enjoyable day at the Bagshaw Museum in Batley. The children took part in an archaeology workshop and a mummification workshop, and they explored the Kingdom of Osiris. We also made papyrus cartouches and had fun dressing up.

Lauren: The first activity we did on our amazing school trip was the fascinating Kingdom of Osiris which had loads of hieroglyphs on the walls and pictures of pharaohs and gods. The last activity we did was the mummification workshop where Austin got wrapped up as a mummy. We pulled out parts of a dead person’s body and put them in canopic jars.

Jay: We went to the Kingdom of Osiris. It was fun.

Georgina: We went to the Bagshaw Museum and it was brilliant. Also I enjoyed it because we got to look around and it was brilliant. I learnt that to wrap up a mummy it needed loads of bandages. My favourite part was when the person got wrapped up.

Eve: I really enjoyed going to the Bagshaw Museum. It was the best school trip ever and I would go again. I really enjoyed when we did archaeology. I learnt that mini statues called shabtis were not always made by hand. My favourite part of the school trip was wandering around the Kingdom of Osiris. I also liked when we dug up an amulet and other Egyptian things in the sand.

Toby: We drew cartouches and explored the Kingdom of Osiris. I enjoyed doing archaeology because it was a mystery about what job our person did. I learnt about mummification and the canopic jars. My favourite part was when we could look around the other rooms at lunchtime.

Tilly: I really enjoyed going to the Bagshaw Museum. I enjoyed the bit when we mummified Austin. I learnt that Egyptians thought that the brain did nothing important so the put it in the bin.

Daniel: I really enjoyed the mummification because it was fun watching Austin get wrapped with bandages from top to bottom. I learned it took 70 days for a mummy to get wrapped in bandages. My favourite part was the Kingdom of Osiris because we saw a coffin of an Ancient Egyptian but there was no one inside it.

Lily: I really enjoyed going to the Bagshaw Museum and I had such a good time. I enjoyed every bit of it but my favourite parts were: the amazing mummification workshop, the cartouches, the archaeology and the dressing up. I learnt that the intestines went in the falcon canopic jar.

Lucy: I really enjoyed the Kingdom of Osiris because there was a replica of a mummy. I learnt lots of things but what really stood out was that you needed 375m2 of bandage to embalm a mummy. My favourite part was the choosing time because we got to explore all the different rooms.
Skipping Festival

On Thursday, Year 4 took part in a Skipping Festival, which included teams from Bardsey, Wetherby St James, Shadwell and Thorner. We had spent several weeks practising our skipping skills in our PE lessons, at playtimes and at home. We tried out for the events we wanted to participate in: some of us took part in individual events such as speed bounce and crossover; there were pairs events such as face to face and butterfly; and there were two long rope team events. We had great fun and everybody tried their best. We won lots of Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates for our scores. Special mention should go to the long rope teams, who scored a huge number of points, and to Hannah who was picked out by the judges for her massively high score in the ‘pretzel’ event! In addition to that, we had to make up a Skip Dance, where we had to include as many different skipping steps as possible, set to music. We won the Gold certificate for our Skip Dance! We are looking forward to showing it to everyone at the Maypole afternoon later on this term. We had a tense wait while all of the scores were added up, and then we were announced as the winners of the whole event! We are now going to work hard to keep practising for the Leeds City Final in June. Congratulations to everyone in Year 4!

French Breakfast Cafe

On Tuesday 25th April, Year 3 and Year 4 held the French Breakfast Café that they have been planning and preparing for since last half term, with the help of Chloe, an A level French student from Boston Spa School. Year 3 researched the differences between breakfast foods in England and France, and then found out how to say these words in French. They then designed and made some fantastic menus to be used at the café. Year 3 then passed their findings to Year 4 so that they could add the vocabulary to their service conversation – Year 4 made up the team of wonderful waiters, waitresses and kitchen staff. They learned how to welcome the guests, take their orders and check that everything was to their satisfaction and showcased these skills beautifully on the day.

Here are some of the comments left by our customers:
‘Absolutely fabulous. You can see how much effort was put into this morning.’
‘Thank you for a very enjoyable breakfast. Daniel and Charlie C served us beautifully – their French was excellent! The croissant was delicious and the cheese was yummy! Well done everyone.’
‘Service with a smile! We loved the ‘meet and greet’. The menus were fabulous! We will definitely come again! Tres Bien’
‘Food was delicious. Waiting staff were extremely professional. Entertainment was fabulous. Merci beaucoup!’
The children then got their chance to sample the French delicacies!
‘I thought the French Café was amazing! It was so fun to take and then serve the parents’ orders. Just like a real café!’ Hannah
‘I really enjoyed the French Breakfast Café because nothing went terribly wrong!’ Toby
‘I really enjoyed the French Café. It was a good opportunity to learn French. It went very well.’ Benjamin
‘I thought that the French Café was incredible. My favourite part was serving the parents the food. I felt like I was serving in a proper French Café!’ Lauren
‘I really enjoyed being a waiter at the French Breakfast Café. I think most of the parents enjoyed the breakfast. I would do it again.’ Imogen
Rainforest Animal Sketches

In one of our recent art lessons, we used different sketching pencils to draw some animals from the rainforest.

Amazon Boats

As part of our Rainforests topic, we had a DT week where we had to design and make an Amazon boat that would float and be able to carry 400g. Some of our boats were more successful than others, but we really enjoyed making and testing them!

As part of our learning about Rainforests, we visited Tropical World in Leeds. We found out lots of information, did some sketching and really enjoyed seeing all the animals up close! Many thanks to all the parents who came with us – we had a fantastic day!

Charlie S: When we went to Tropical World, it was so fun but my absolute highlights of the trip were the meerkats and the fruit bats. Also I was surprised that there are seven reasons that rainforests are in danger.

Eve: I really enjoyed going to Tropical World. The best part was when we went into the rainforest canopy because it was cool, and all the leaves were really interesting. The part that I will never forget was when we saw the Emerald Tree Boa’s shed skin.

Imogen: My favourite part of Tropical World was the meerkats even though they stunk. I was surprised that the Golden Poison Dart Frog is the most poisonous animal in the world. I really enjoyed looking at the Emerald Tree Boa’s shed skin. I was a bit scared of the spiders and cockroaches.

Lily: On Friday, we went on the best school trip ever! I really enjoyed it because when we went there, there were tons of amazing animals and I just had experiences in my life that I’ve never done before. My highlight was everything and I thought the tarantulas were very cute. Firstly, we went into the swamp with lots of mysterious animals like the crocodile. Next, we went into the Aquarium with sparkling piranhas and even more!

Emily: My favourite part of Tropical World was the meerkats because they are always delving into the sand and they are curious like me. I didn’t like the spiders, especially the tarantula because it is so crawly and hairy, and they are hunters.

Austin: I really enjoyed our visit to Tropical World. My favourite bit was looking at the meerkats, even though it stunk. I was so surprised to look at the shed skin of the Emerald Tree Boa and to look at the most poisonous animal in the world, the Poison Dart Frog.

Charlie C: On the 24th February, we went to Tropical World. I was really excited. We saw loads of different animals. My favourite section was the aquarium because we saw loads of fascinating fish. My best bit was seeing the snake because i was wondering how long it would be.

Toby: I really enjoyed our visit to Tropical World. My highlight was when a butterfly landed on me then it flew off. I was surprised how you could see the Emerald Tree Boa’s shed skin, but it was so cleverly hidden that you couldn’t see it. I didn’t like the frogs because one suddenly jumped at me whilst we were in the tree stump.


In this half term’s PE lessons, Year 4 have had a rugby coach from Leeds Rhinos. We are really enjoying the sessions and have learnt lots:


Libby: I enjoyed ding rugby because I like the games and how it includes everyone. I’ve learnt how to throw the ball properly because at the start I couldn’t. I’m looking forward to kicking the ball next.


Jasmine: I am really enjoying our rugby lessons with Matt. At first, I didn’t really like or understand rugby but now I think it’s fun. I am really excited about it.


Lauren: I have been really enjoying rugby with Matt. My favourite part was playing cups and saucers for the warm ups. I have learnt that you need to move about because you can’t hesitate because you might get hit in the face by the ball.


Benjamin: I think rugby is amazing. My favourite part is the warm up. In my opinion, Matt is the best rugby teacher.


Eve: I am really enjoying our rugby lessons with Matt. I am really looking forward to moving onto kicking next week. We are doing a lot of teamwork in our lessons and I think it is really good to do teamwork.


Lucy: I’m really enjoying rugby. I’ve learnt lots of things but my favourite thing is the 6 o’clock pass. I’m really looking forward to doing some kicking as well.


Austin: I enjoyed passing and all the other drills we did with Matt. I would recommend this to future classes.


Kerrieanne: I enjoyed throwing the ball and playing. I learnt how to throw the ball with two hands properly.


Charlie S: In rugby, I learnt how to pass a ball and so far I really like it!


Joel: I have been enjoying rugby a lot with Matt. I am looking forward to kicking the rugby ball. It has inspired me to play more rugby.


Sam: I really enjoyed the games to help us understand rugby. I learnt the 6 o’clock pass. I am looking forward to kicking the ball.


Georgina: I have enjoyed it because I have learnt that I can pass to people whilst running or walking. I am looking forward to kicking the ball.


Harvey: I have enjoyed doing some mini matches and some catching games. I have learnt how to throw the ball.

Rangoli patterns

In Year 4 we have been reading the Grandpa Chatterji stories as part of our India topic. In one of the stories, Auntie Meena creates a rangoli pattern to welcome the family to Grandpa Chatterji’s house in Kolkata. We found out about rangoli patterns, and made of collection of design ideas in our sketchbooks, which we then used to create our own rangoli designs on the computer.

Lauren: A rangoli pattern is  beautiful, bright pattern that Indian people make to welcome their friends or family if they come over. They use very bright colours. Most of the time they put it on the doorstep but sometimes they can put it on the walls or even the courtyard. They use different types of bright powders. They use lots of different symmetry.

Joel: We used Dazzle on the laptops to make our rangoli patterns. We used lots of colours and they make you close your eyes they are so bright!

Eve: I am really pleased with my work, I think I put a lot of detail in it. I wouldn’t change anything.

Kai: We used symmetry lines and different types of colours. We needed to make the brush a lot smaller to make patterns. I am pleased with my rangoli pattern because it’s very colourful.

Sam: A rangoli pattern is a bright pattern with lots of colours. It could be made out of paint or rice powder. It is mainly on the doorstep to welcome people into their house. On Dazzle we made our paintbrush a lot smaller, we got more colours and we used a symmetry tool so that it would be symmetrical.

Toby: A rangoli pattern is something very colourful which can beput on your doorstep, wall, anywhere in an Indian person’s house as long as the Hindu goddess Lakshmi can see it because if she visits your house you will have good fortune for the year. People use bright colours so that it stands out. It is popular to use diva lamps and lotus flowers. I am pleased with my rangoli pattern because I put in lots of detail.
Indian cooking

In Year 4 we have been reading the Grandpa Chatterji stories as part of our India topic. In one of the stories, Grandma Chatterji has a special baking day, so we had our own special Indian cooking day with ‘Grandma Cooper’ and ‘Grandma Willis’! We made samosas, naan bread and raita, and enjoyed eating them along with some mango chutney, poppadoms and Bombay potatoes. Lots of us tried something new for the first time, and most of us found something we really liked to eat.
Tilly: I enjoyed cutting the vegetables because I had never cut vegetables without my mum holding my hands in the right place. The hardest part was waiting for the food to cook. The easy part was cutting the potato because it was very wide unlike the carrots. My favourite food was the raita because it had cucumber and yumminess! It was new to me. I want to eat it again!
Jasmine: I really enjoyed making the naan bread because me and my team all had a go and it was fun and sticky. The easiest thing was chopping the cucumber and the hardest thing was flattening the dough. The naan bread looked crispy, floury with a tempting scrumptious outside. It tasted floury and a little minty. I really can’t pick a favourite, I like all of them.
Imogen: I enjoyed making the naan bread because it smelt lovely while we were making it. The hardest thing was kneading the dough because it felt all sticky and gooey. My favourite food to eat had to be the poppadom because it was mouth-watering.
Lily: I made a samosa and we had to chop some vegetables. I had to chop two potatoes and a carrot. We had to wrap some vegetables in some pastry which was as thin as paper. I really enjoyed it because it was fun. My favourite food was all of them because they are all so delicious.
Megan: I enjoyed making the naan bread because we got to knead it. I also made raita. It was hard to chop the mint leaves but it was very fun. I really liked the sauce and the naan bread the most.
Rhys: The Bombay potato tastes like if there was a volcano in you and it erupted, it tastes like that. The poppadom looks like an oversized crisp. It tastes like a buttery prawn cracker. The samosa looks like a fat Dorito. It tastes like battered vegetables. My favourite was the poppadom and the naan bread.
Charlie C: I made samosas. I enjoyed making it because we were chopping vegetables, I like vegetables. The easiest part was chopping the potatoes because they’re soft. The poppadom is as crispy as an ice cream cone. The Bombay potato is as spicy as burning hot vindaloo. I enjoyed everything because they were all so beautiful.
Hannah: I made the naan bread and the raita. I did enjoy making the food because I chopped the cucumber and I kneaded the dough. The thing that I thought was the easiest was all of it because I cook at home. My favourite was the naan bread because it has flavour but it’s not too strong.

We enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and we wrote descriptive poems using expanded noun phrases.

DT Georgian Houses

During our local history topic, we learnt about Georgian architecture, and in science we had been learning about electricity and circuits. So we combined our new learning to create our own Georgian style houses with a working outdoor light!

Topic Walk around our village

As part of our geography and local history topic, we went on a learning walk around our village. We really enjoyed it. Many thanks to all the parents who came with us.
Georgina - I enjoyed it because we got to use a camera. I liked the houses.
Stanley - My highlights were seeing the blue plaques and looking at the information on them. I learnt about the Spa Baths.
Jay - I enjoyed walking down to the Spa Baths.
Lucy - My favourite part was looking at the Spa Baths and St Kitts. I learnt lots of new things but one thing I thought was really interesting was that The Terrace used to be a school and the teachers used to live right next to the school.
Rhiannon - I learnt that the Royal Hotel is now Costcutter. My favourite part was looking at the Spa Baths and taking photographs of the Georgian houses.
Imogen - I learnt that the Church Fields houses had to be made with Georgian architecture features. I enjoyed taking photographs and finding all the blue plaques. I really liked looking at the Spa Baths.
Libby - I learnt that in Boston Spa there are Georgian houses, I also enjoyed walking around the village admiring the beautiful bridge, my highlight was taking pictures.
Benjamin - I enjoyed the topic walk, my favourite bit was looking for the blue plaques, I also loved marking where we were on the map.
Charlie S - Our walk around Boston Spa was great. I really enjoyed going to the Spa Baths and seeing the Georgian architecture, and best of all we got to go inside the gate of the brilliant Terrace!
Kai - My highlight of the topic walk was when I saw the Spa Baths because I’ve never been there before!
Sam - I liked the Spa Baths sign because I always walk down Spa Lane and I’ve never seen it before.

Year 4 are enjoying writing poems using similes, alliteration and expanded noun phrases for description. We worked together in groups to write verses for a senses poem.

Painting Poetry