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Cannon Hall Farm

On Wednesday, Nursery and Reception had a great day out at Cannon Hall Farm! We saw sheep racing, ferret racing, fed the animals and even saw the cows being milked. We even saw some piglets that had been born just the day before! The children were very well behaved and had great fun in the sunshine. Thank you to the parents and other adults who volunteered to accompany us – it was a fantastic trip but it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

We have had a very exciting week at school! We have been lucky enough to have visits from lots of people who help us.

First of all we had Nurse Duffy who came to see us and brought lots of interesting things to show us. We especially liked the poo and the wee tests!

Then Dr Gibson came and told us all about our liver! We saw some pictures and then we had a go at listening to our hearts.

We also had a visit from a Midwife! Susie and Clara\'s Mummy showed us how to weigh a baby and even listened to Nieve\'s heart on her special machine.

Finally we were visited by the Fire Fighters from Wetherby Fire Station. We loved climbing into the fire engine - it was so high!We had a go at lifting their equipment and it was really heavy.

Thank you to all of our visitors for a fantastic week of fun and learning! We know so much more about People Who Help Us and even have some more exciting visitors lined up! 

We have been very busy in our workshop! Look at our fantastic models.

A fantastic start!

Reception have had a fantastic start to school! They have been so busy this term both inside and outside, exploring the environment and making new friends! They should be very proud of all of their achievements. Here is just a snapshot of their time so far!