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Gardening Club

Year 3 are really enjoying helping in the school garden this half term. Mrs Maxwell and her gardening club helpers have transformed the raised beds into a mini allotment, packed with all kinds of fruit and vegetables. This week, gardening club members were busy harvesting potatoes.
As well as having fun, the budding gardeners have learned about the importance of providing plants with the correct nutrients and conditions to support healthy growth
As well as having lots of fun, the gardening club activities fitted in beautifully with our science topic, “rocks and soil”. Last week we made our own mini composters with the help of some special composting worms. Each group had their own set of equipment and had to follow the instructions very carefully. We will be checking on their progress and when the compost is ready will re home them in the Primrose Lane vegetable garden.

Investigating Rocks

As part of our learning this half-term we have been investigating rocks. How are they formed? what are their features? What do we use them for? We tested a selection of rocks to see if they were porous non-porous, hard or soft. and then looked for patterns depending on whether they were igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic

French breakfast cafe

Our French breakfast cafe was a huge success, thank you to all the parents who were able to support it. Year 3 learned new vocabulary, compared breakfasts in France and England, designed attractive menus and even got to sample the food.

We had a great afternoon at Boston Spa High School taking part in a tennis festival. Some of us represented the school in a tournament.
We really enjoying writing poems during book week. One of the things we did was to examine and imitate the style and rhythm of a classic poem.
Can you guess which poem we had looked at? 

The bat and the panda bear went to space,
In a beautiful small grey ship.
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a newspaper quote.
Charlotte Turner.

The mouse and the polar bear went to York,
In a beautiful sunny car.
They took a pig, in a cardboard box,
Wrapped up in some tissues too.
Emily Stringer 

The dog and the unicorn went to the zoo,
In an azure sea blue car.
They took a gold bar and a disco ball,
Tied up in a sack of jewels.
Bobby Harper

The owl and the unicorn went into space,
In an ugly UFO.
They took a bunny, and plenty of honey,
Tied up in a cottage pie.
Henry Elliot

The bat and the butterfly flew away,
For a century and five days.
They took some fuel, and swords for a duel,
Tied up in a bale of hay.
Cian Sykes.

The wolf and cat went to sea in a tea chest made of gold.
They took some books and lots of tissues,
In case they get a cold.
Luke Perham

The mouse and kangaroo went to town,
In a fantastic tea brown car.
They took some ice cream and plenty of pants,
Tied up with a piece of string.
Harry Hallam.

The duck and the unicorn went to sea,
In a smelly old cardboard box.
They took a dummy and lots of bunnies,
Tied up in a ten pound note.
Sam Duffy.
Egg Decorating Competition

We had some fabulous entries for our annual egg decorating competition. Well done everyone who took part


Using games and practical activities has really helped our understanding of fractions and geometry. It was fascinating to discover how many types of lines we could find in the playground!


In science we investigated water transport in plants. We had a few teething problems with our investigation, but like true scientists, we persevered and succeeded in the end.

Maths Investigations

Practical maths and problem solving, especially when working in teams, is a great way to deepen our understanding. Solving the multiplication jigsaw was a challenge as well as fun.

Genealogy Skills

We are busy working as a team and honing our genealogy skills as we compile a family tree for the Tudors. We had lots of dates and photos to sort, especially trying to order ll of Henry V11's wives!

We have had a very busy half term!
It didn’t take long for the class to settle into Key Stage 2 and we have been busy with our learning. We had a lot of fun simulating the digestive process and worked out the length of our intestines (22 feet) using rulers on the playground.

Our Focus for the Primrose Lane learner was creativity this half term so we tried different ways of recording our learning about the book ‘Willy the Wizard.’

We made the most of our healthy lifestyle week by going to a football festival at Boston Spa Comprehensive School. We learned new skills and played some matches.