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The School Development Plan is an important document. It focuses the direction of the school and outlines areas of development that the staff and governors are working on together, to further improve the school. A number of strands and developments, both national and from within school, are brought together in the plan. These have been the subject of discussions with staff and governors, and have been informed by the views of parents/carers and pupils.

Following the annual review and evaluation by the Leadership Team and Governors, and updating of the school’s Self-Evaluation Statement, the following priorities have been identified as our areas for development in 2020-21:

1. Staff: to provide high quality, effective professional development which results in the best outcomes for pupils 
2. Curriculum: to review and further develop our Primrose Lane Curriculum ensuring it is well-sequenced and well-constructed, with a focus on ‘sticky knowledge’, the development of Mandarin Chinese and how best to assess a knowledge rich curriculum
3. Teaching: to further develop our teaching of phonics and early reading thus ensuring the best possible pupil outcomes
4. Teaching: to introduce and embed a whole school approach to the teaching of handwriting 

School Development Plan aim
The main aim of our 2020/21 School Development Plan is to ensure the continuity of great provision across the school, as well as building on our successes. Last academic year saw a positive and significant change to our staffing team. We had several new teachers and leaders and our aim this year is to ensure that they contniue to establish themselves and are able to innovate and help move the school forward.