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Pedestrian Training

Anne from the Road Safety Team came to do Pedestrian Training with us. She taught us lots about how we can be safe when we're crossing the road. Afterwards, we designed posters to help teach everyone else. The main thing we learnt was 'Stop! Think... Look... Listen...

Year 4 Triathlon visit

Ashlynne – I really enjoyed the swimming. I loved doing the cycling. I felt happy that I did it because in the morning I felt nervous but I did it and it was not scary!

James – At the triathlon, the three stages were swimming, cycling and running. My favourite stage was the swimming section because when I got in the water was ice cold and since I was quite hot the water was lovely. However, my least favourite stage was the cycling because near the end of the first lap I kept on falling over but overall I enjoyed it.

Anya – On Wednesday 8th June, Year 4 did a triathlon at John Smeaton Leisure Centre in Leeds. I enjoyed the swimming the most because I like swimming but I didn’t really like the cycling because you had to do it on grass.

Harrison – I thought it was amazing because I got to do a triathlon. My favourite part was swimming because when you had finished the swim you quickly put your t-shirt on and ran to the cycling. It was brilliant!

Jonathan – I enjoyed the bike bit and it inspired me to go to another triathlon. My favourite part was the running bit but I thought I did well and the whole class did well too. The swimming bit I found hard to do. I liked the photo bit with the trophy.

Edward – On Wednesday 8th June, Year 4 went to the John Smeaton Leisure Centre to do a mini triathlon. The 3 events are swimming, cycling and running, in that order. My favourite event was the swimming because there were 3 options to swim. I chose the longest swim because I’m a good swimmer.

Maisy – I think the best part was when we swam in the swimming pool because I love swimming. My second favourite part was when we ran to the finish line because I felt really good when I finished.

Imogen – On Wednesday we went to a triathlon, it was brilliant! I loved how supportive everyone was. First, we got a talk on what to do and the staff handed out swimming hats to wear, they looked ridiculous! But I was glad of mine. After the talk we got into the pool, it was a cold but I forgot about it when I started swimming. We also did running and cycling, it was tiring but I enjoyed it. We had a class photo, it was great!

Ethan – I really loved the triathlon because I got to try something new instead of playing football. My favourite part was the cycling because I got to get my breath back from the swimming. But I also enjoyed the run because it was really easy and after the run we got to eat and have a drink. After that we took a picture of us with the trophy and we all got our own medal!

Evie – Today I went to a triathlon and it was so fun. When I finished swimming we didn’t dry off with a towel so I just put on my t-shirt, no socks and my trainers. Luckily, it wasn’t cold. After I had cycled twice around the field everyone cheered me on when I arrived at the end. Overall I really enjoyed it and I thought it was a really good experience!

Elyssia – On Wednesday, Year 4 went to a triathlon in Leeds and the events were swimming, cycling and running. The Brownlee brothers couldn’t be there so they sent us a video saying good luck. There were lots of different schools there.

Jamie – We took part in a triathlon. I enjoyed the swimming. I enjoyed every single moment of the triathlon. Swimming: 10/10 cycling: 10/10 running: 8/10. I would like to go back!

Bagshaw Museum Visit

On Friday 20th May, we went to the amazing Bagshaw Museum in Batley. It was fabulous! We did a mummification work shop, it was fantastic, I learnt so much (did you know they threw the brain away?) Some people in my class pulled the liver, stomach, lungs and intestines out of a life size fake dummy and some people put them into canopic jars but I wrapped Luke A up as a mummy. (Imogen)

On May 20th, me and the rest of Year 4 went to the Bagshaw Museum. It was a lot better than I expected because I didn't know there were so many different things to do. I went straight to the Kingdom of Osiris and looked for treasures. Then when I got to the end of the Kingdom of Osiris I went to make my own cartouche bookmark, it was very tricky for me but I eventually finished in the end. (James)

The museum looked small and house-like because a mill owner used to live there. When we arrived, we had to pretend to be archaeologists, and dig things in the sand. We found artefacts in the sand and we had to tell the other groups who our person was. (Amy and Anya)

I had never used papyrus paper before but it was cool to write on, you needed to write your name in a cartouche because all the Egyptians wrote all names inside a cartouche. That was my favourite thing that I did upstairs. (Abbi)

When we went in the Kingdom of Osiris upstairs, we looked at lots of different artefacts. My favourite were the dates that were over 3000 years old! Downstairs we had to use our imaginations and pretend we were archaeologists . I found a broken piece of pottery a potter would have thrown away. After that we looked at artefacts that are thousands of years old! (Ava)

I enjoyed going in the Kingdom of Osiris because there was lots to learn and it was very interesting. I also enjoyed learning about the mummification because we got to be embalmers. I learnt that the stomach goes in the jackal-headed canopic jar, the lungs go in the baboon-headed canopic jar, the intestines go in the falcon-headed canopic jar and the lungs go in the human-headed canopic jar. The heart goes towards The Weighing of the Heart Ceremony. (Elyssia)

In the Kingdom of Osiris we saw lots and lots of cool things like little shabtis and we also got to make a cartouche with our name in hieroglyphs. (Ethan and Jack)

My favourite part of the trip was going to the Kingdom of Osiris! I loved that there was a quest book, we had to write down the things that we saw! (Jamie)

My first activity was to be an archaeologist and trying to find some precious gems and I found a little piece of clay. After we pretended to be archaeologists my group went upstairs to have a look at the Kingdom of Osiris and we filled in our worksheets. There were lots of special, delicate and pretty objects to look at. When we were in the Kingdom of Osiris it felt like we were in a real life tomb. It was really, really fun, it was the best school trip in the world. (Rosie)

Skipping Festival

On the 18th of May, we went to an amazing skipping competition! It was amazing we felt so excited!

On the way there it poured with rain so we got absolutely soaked…… but it was worth it!

When we got there the hall seemed MASSIVE! We went through our fabulous dance before other schools started arriving and the tension got bigger! We did a warm up and sat on our corner and watched the fast skippers jump over their ropes (you could hear the swooshing sound!). When it got to our go we felt confident but it was still nerve-racking!

We skipped as fast as we could, but stopped a couple of times we were hoping it was enough!

We did another quick warm up and then Team Runner Bean (team run jump out) had their go. We were cheering them on so much we even made a song ‘2, 4 ,6, 8, who do we appreciate not the king, not the queen, but Primrose Lane Skipping Team’ we also sang that song for the awesome Team Pot Noodle (team keep the pot boiling.)

Then the moment came to do our amazing, fabulous, skip dance! We felt nervous and incredibly excited! As we were dancing we couldn’t help ourselves from smiling it was so fun! We loved it!

We cheered for the other schools even though we wanted to win, I’d say we were good sports.

Then they started giving out certificates we were feeling nervous and excited! Then the moment arrived to see if we had won face to face we came………..1st!

Then the big big moment arrived to see who had won the overall skipping competition! We came ………………….1st!

We were over the moon! We shouted, "We won!”

It was the best school day EVER!!!

By Anya and Imogen!

Tropical World visit
James: On Friday 5th February I went to Tropical World for the first time, I thought it was going to be boring but it was amazing! I learnt the bearded dragon is really long.
Zak: I really enjoyed looking at all of the animals especially the reptiles, I loved the snakes. I loved the anaconda because of its massive body and slithering tongue, it kept hissing at me and it climbed up the branches, it took a while.
Ava: In Tropical World I enjoyed sketching the plants because I liked using all the different shades of green. My favourite animals were the snakes. I didn’t like the spiders.
Lucas: When we went to Tropical World we had a great time, looking at the animals and completing the worksheet. The animal I liked the most was the gecko because they were always on the move so they were hard to spot!
Evie: I really liked Tropical World, my favourites were the meerkats because they were really cute and funny. I also loved sketching the pretty leaves and cool animals. At the gift shop I bought a big, squishy snake.
Liam: In Tropical World it was very hot and humid. When I saw the crocodile I thought it wasn’t real but then it moved and I realised it was! My favourite part was seeing the emerald tree boa because it could lift its neck so high.
Luke A: I really enjoyed my trip to Tropical World. My favourite part was when we went into the mysterious reptiles part because we got to draw our favourite reptile. Mine was the bearded dragon, it was probably the easiest to sketch because all it did was stare at you out of the glass.
Ethan: I really liked Tropical World because I got to see crocodiles and lots of other animals plus the best bit was seeing the butterflies hatch from small to big. I also really liked looking at the scorpion because I got to see how sharp its tail is.
Imogen: Tropical World was fantastic! My favourite animals were the meerkats, they were so cute! We had to watch a meerkat for two minutes and see what it does, mine kept on digging. We also walked through a swamp area and there were loads of different coloured butterflies.
Amy: I liked the snakes the most because they kept slithering and sliding.
Thomas: Tropical World was a very fun trip. My favourite animals were the frogs and the fish, the crocodile looked fake.
Indian Rangoli Patterns

As part of our learning about India, in computing we used Dazzle to create colourful, symmetrical rangoli patterns.

Year 4 Indian Cooking

As part of our learning about India, Mrs Jude very kindly spent a morning with us cooking some different Indian foods: naan bread, raita and vegetable samosas. We had to use different skills and equipment, and some ingredients we'd never heard of before. In the afternoon we enjoyed tasting everything we’d made.

I really enjoyed cooking, my favourite thing to do was flattening out the naan bread. I would probably make the naan bread again. The vegetable samosa tasted scrumptious because the pastry was just right and the vegetables were the best. The raita tasted awful because I don’t like cucumber! (Imogen)

I enjoyed cooking with Mrs Jude, I’ve never made any of it before. My favourite thing was making the naan bread, I would like to make it again. It was so delicious I just couldn’t get enough of the moreish thing. It tasted better than pizza! The vegetable samosa didn’t taste so good. If I could, I would have taken out the peas, that would have made it taste much better. (Edward)

I really enjoyed cooking, there wasn’t anything that I had done before. I liked the naan bread, it tasted like I was in heaven, it was fantastic! The raita was delicious. I’ve had it before, it’s one of my favourite dips. (Joe)

I really enjoyed cooking with Mrs Jude, my favourite bit was mushing the broccoli. I enjoyed making the naan bread the most because it was the easiest to make. (Rosie)

I enjoyed cooking, I liked making the naan bread. It was very very delicious because it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I’ve never made any of them before, and I would like to make them at home. (Lucas)

I enjoyed cooking a lot. My favourite thing we made was the raita, although it tasted as bitter as a paste from the dentist. The naan bread tasted as soft as a pillow because it is just air inside. (Evie)

I enjoyed making the samosa the most because it was a challenge to fold them without the pastry cracking. My favourite thing I did was to use the dicing machine. (Liam)

Year 4 Art Day

Year 4 took part in a Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership art project with the theme of 'Rivers'. Three sixth form students from Boston Spa School came to work with us. They shared a presentation they had made about famous artists who had painted rivers, including Turner, Monet and Seurat, and the techniques they used, including impressionism and pointillism. They also showed us some paintings of the river that they had done in the style of the different artists. Then we drew sketches of the River Wharfe, using photographs that we had taken on our village walk. Finally we worked in small groups to create a river painting, using acrylic paints on canvas, which will be displayed in a special exhibition at the High School later this month.

On our art day I learnt about the Pointillism technique. I liked mixing the acrylic paints. We were very proud when we had finished our canvas. (Liam)
I enjoyed every single bit of it. I learnt not to be frustrated if you get something wrong. With my group I worked excellently. I am really proud of my painting. (Ethan)
I enjoyed drawing the outline before painting our picture. I learnt that not a lot of artists liked using black in their paintings. I didn't get along with my group so well, we had a couple of arguments. I think our reflection went a bit wrong. I liked looking at the other people's paintings. (Ava)
I learnt a new technique of how to use paint spots. I learnt about the different artists. I am kind of proud of my painting. I liked learning the history of artists. (Zak)
I enjoyed painting in my group. I learnt the different techniques that artists use. I worked well with my group and it came out as a brilliant painting. (Edward)
I worked better with my group than I did by myself. I am very proud of my finished painting. I learnt that you don't have to use brush strokes with the paint brush, you can do little dabs. (Luke A.)
I enjoyed doing our paintings the most because I got to use lots of different colours and artistic ideas. (James)
I enjoyed painting the canvases. I learnt different styles of painting. I am very proud of my painting and I think I worked well with my group. (Evie)
I mostly enjoyed doing our own pictures of Boston Spa. I learnt how to make all the different techniques. We did not get on very well with our group. I am quite proud of our painting. We mixed lots of paint and we made a big mess! We got more paint on the table than on the canvas! (Rosie)
I learnt if you give it a go you can do it and it is fun. (Felicity)
On our art day I enjoyed the sketching. I learnt to do some splodges to make it nice. It was a little hard. The painting was very good when we looked at it. We worked very hard. (Amy)
I liked using Pointillism. My favourite thing was painting the pictures and drawing. (Jack)

Year 4 topic walk around Boston Spa

Year 4 went on a topic walk around Boston Spa. The children worked in groups to mark our route on a map, take lots of photographs, look out for features of Georgian architecture and complete a survey of the High Street shops. We walked all morning and everyone was very tired when we came back for lunch! Many thanks to all the parents who came with us, and well done to Year 4 for your super enthusiasm and brilliant behaviour.

On our walk I enjoyed taking pictures and marking places on the map. (Luke B)
I enjoyed going down Spa Lane and looking at the river and also I enjoyed looking at the Georgian houses. I learnt all about the window tax. I found it fun taking pictures of interesting landmarks. (Ava)
I enjoyed walking beside the River Wharfe and seeing the weir. (Bryn)
I loved the walk because we saw lots of Georgian features such as pilasters, crowning pediments and semicircular windows. (Elyssia)
I learnt where St Kitts and Wesley Terrace are. I was surprised that we came across so many blue plaques on the way. (Lucas)
I enjoyed looking at all of the old buildings in Boston Spa and I learnt about the window tax. (Maisy)
I enjoyed taking pictures with the camera and looking at the houses. I learnt about the Millennium Garden and why it was built. (Imogen)
I learnt where the Spa Baths were. I enjoyed seeing St Kitts, the Spa Baths and the Georgian homes. I learnt that the homes were made out of magnesian limestone. (Jonathan)
The walk was very interesting and I liked comparing the old and new buildings, and writing down all the types of shops. (Abbi)
I really enjoyed finding all the different landmarks and historical buildings. On the village walk I liked working in a team with my team mates. I learnt that the Millennium Gardens were to celebrate the year 2000. (Harrison)

As part of some work on poetry in our English lessons, we read The Magic Box by Kit Wright, chose our own items to put in our box, and described them using interesting vocabulary and similes.