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Bug Club
When your child starts a new reading colour I will upload all of the books for that colour to their Bug Club account. We have a number of books in school but there are additional ones on the website. Here you can see which books will be coming home so that you know which are the additional titles. 

In English we have written our own animal fact files. We researched different animals that are native to Britain using the internet and books. Then we thought about the title and headings and presented out information in a way that we thought would be interesting for the reader. We really enjoyed doing this and learnt lots of new facts about many animals that we see every day. We have also read Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis all about an imaginary creature that gets sick because it is removed from its own habitat. We then created our own imaginary creatures and wrote our own stories.

Would you live in a house like this?

This half term we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We have explored micro habitats in our school grounds and learnt about what makes a good habitat. We have read Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett and learnt about how animals have certain adaptations which help them to live in their own habitat. We have made our own bug homes and tried to attract as many animals as we could by making sure they had everything that an animal may needs from a home. We have learnt about food chains and thought about them in relation to the animals we have found around school.

Rainbow Factory

Year One and Two visited the Rainbow Factory, an interactive story space that uses the power of imagination to bring stories to life through drama, arts and crafts. The day started with an interactive performance of Jack and the Beanstalk, followed by a number of activities, including writing our own song. All the children had a fantastic day and the learning that started in the Rainbow Factory continued in class through our recounts and story writing.

It was a blasting day Freddie
I enjoyed making our own habitats- Imogen and Dominic H
My favourite part was the giant game- Edward
I liked making rhyming song the best Edie
I liked meeting Boggles Benjamin
My best bit was seeing all the models- Sam A
It was the best factory ever! Henry M

In English this half term we have looked at a range of stories. We watched a short film called ‘The Boat’ and we wrote our own stories about the adventures that the boat went on. We have also really enjoyed writing our own ‘Dear Zoo’ stories. We thought about different animals that could be included in the story and where else you could write to ask for a pet. Our stories included Dear Farm, Dear Pet Shop and even Dear Bear Grylls. As well as writing our own stories we also created our own front covers and blurbs. 

In computing we have been learning to programme. We have used Bee Bots and turtles on the laptop and learn pads.

On Tuesday Year 2 took part in the Cosmic Classroom, this was a national event linking children across the country with Tim Peake on the International Space Station (ISS). During the live link up with the ISS children from selected schools around the country had the opportunity to ask Tim Peake questions such as ‘What is your favourite button on the ISS?’ and ‘Does your heart rate increase in space?’ Tim also showed off so cool space tricks, such as playing space ping-pong with water droplets. It was a brilliant learning experience and the class (and I) were definitely inspired by it, with many giving up their playtime to watch it! Here is what the class had to say:

Max – It was even more fun than I thought it would be as I didn’t know that you could do backflips, float and put fizzy tablet in a bubble.

Dominic H – I enjoyed watching Tim Peake showing us all of the fun things that you can do in space.

Beth – I enjoyed watching the Cosmic Classroom because Tim Peake was doing lots of tricks and showing off with the microphone.

Casper – I enjoyed watching the Cosmic Classroom because they planned space ping-pong which you can’t play on Earth.

Henry M – We were watching the Cosmic because we are learning facts about what you can do in space and we figured out that you can fly like superman and there are lots of buttons in the ISS.

Wilson – In the ISS Tim Peake’s favourite button is the one to outer space.

Imogen – I liked that children were involved in the Cosmic Classroom because it was good to watch.

Charlie – I liked the start because I liked seeing all the children and which school they went to.

Edward – I liked it when he did the microphone trick and he made bubbles by squeezing a packet of water. The bubbles floated around so you can play with them.

Edie - It inspired me when he did lots of tricks to be able to do them. 
Autumn Term

Photos from our fabulous Nativity 'Prickly Hay'


In Maths this half term we have been learning our number bonds, ordering numbers, looking at different types of measure and lots lots more. We love Maths in Year 2!


This term our topic is all about the history of flight. We have been learning all about different pioneers of aviation from the Montgolfier Brothers and the Wright Brothers to Amy Johnson and the planes of today. Our studies have also led us to looking at the world and developing our map skillsand learning about different countries, particularly Australia.


In Art we have been looking at Aboriginal paintings. We have created our own pieces of Aboriginal art using cotton buds to make the dots.

Yorkshire Air Museum

On Tuesday 13th October Year 2 enjoyed a trip to the Yorkshire Air Museum to learn all about the history of flight.
Henry M: It was very fun. You got to see different planes that you hadn't seen before and you learnt facts about different aeroplanes and bombs.

Freddie: It was really fun because you got to go in lots of planes.

Beth: I liked the workshops because we go to make paper aeroplanes and shoot them from a machine.

Max: There was a plane called the Dakota that you could go. It had a really steep slope and on the window it said Emergency Escape.

Emilie: I enjoyed it because you could see people pretending to work in the control room.

Dominic R: I liked it because there was a man in the radio office talking to someone in Germany using Morse Code.

Wilson: I liked it when we saw Tallboy bomb and we went into the cockpit of the plane because you could crawl into where they bombed from.

Rugby sessions with the Leeds Rhinos

Since the start of the term Year 2 have been training with the Leeds Rhinos coaches every Friday morning. The sessions have focused on core skills such as agility and throwing and catching. The class have thoroughly enjoyed playing a range of different 'tag' games from scarecrow tig, wizard tig and toilet tig to rugby tig. Through these games they have learnt to be quick on their feet, change direction and find space. They have also been learning how to hold a rugby ball correctly, how to run with it and how to throw and catch it while keeping it in control. The class have really impressed me with their enthusiasm and determination; I look forward to doing some more rugby later in the year.

Sam D - I enjoyed playing rugby tig because it was quite hard.

Benjamin - I enjoyed rugby because we played lots of different games and it was fun.

Edward - I enjoyed playing rugby tig.

Beth - I enjoyed learning how to hold the rugby ball because I didn’t know how to do it before.

Bobby - I liked rugby tig because it was good to use your agility and it is a really cool game.

Charlotte - I learnt that you need to hold the ball on its tummy not on its ears.

Cian - I have learnt how to do a tumble pass.

Wilson - I learnt that agility is important because if you are going at full speed and someone was coming straight at you you can move to the left or right.

Matthew - I liked rugby tig because you had a partner and it was great fun.