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Welcome to Year One
We are a friendly, sharing, kind and caring class.  We are considerate of new pupils and staff in our class and make them feel welcome by asking them to join in.  We come to school everyday and aim to get the attendance cup at the end of each half term.  We eat our fruit snack every day and drink milk to give us energy and help us grow strong.  We use the adventure playground at playtime to help us keep fit and love to do PE.  We look after our classroom by tidying up and putting things back in the correct place.  We follow our class rules and make sure we listen to and respect everyone!

Year One have really enjoyed having Matt the tennis coach in to teach us lots of new skills. We have tried really hard to improve our throwing and catching as well as learning some simple racket skills. We loved playing the fun warm up games such as domes and dishes as well as rat and rabbit. Over the course of six weeks we got a lot more confident and have found out that we are much better at tennis than we thought!


Year One have been really enjoying learning how to use our new 'Learnpads'. We have used them to support our learning across the curriculum and are having lots of fun using all the apps.
It is a good job we did the sponsored spell because the 'Learnpads' are really fun! – Hannah
I like playing on the games - Katie
It was really fun - Lauren
I enjoyed the reading - Rhiannon
It was awesome- Charlie S
All the games are fantastic - Benjamin
Space Punctuation is great - Stanley
The colouring and drawing is good - Imogen


We have been doing lots and lots of writing this half term and trying really hard to sound out words by ourselves. We have been looking at stories that are from familiar settings. We really enjoyed acting out Charlie and Lola by Lauren Childs and Eat Your Peas by Kes Gray and Nick Sharrat. Our final story has been The Enormous Turnip which we retold as the Enormous Carrot for our Harvest Festival!


In maths we have been learning how to partition numbers into tens and units and have really enjoyed using our new found skills to help us with lots of other calculations. We are now getting really good at adding and taking away 10 from a number. In addition we have been learning how to collect our own data and use it to answer questions such as which is the most and least popular.

Topics - Ourselves

This half term we have been learning all about ourselves. We have had great fun investigating who is the tallest in the class and measured ourselves against a height chart. We have been learning about our senses and enjoyed trying lots of different foods and finding out if they are sweet, salty, bitter or sour. As well as finding out about ourselves we have been learning about our local area and thinking about what we like about Boston Spa. Lots of us like going to Costcutter because it has a great selection of sweets.

Topics - Light and Dark
This half term we have been looking at light and dark. As the evenings have drawn in we have thought about how dark makes us feel. We read ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson and wrote letters to the main character Plop to help him not be so afraid of the dark. We also investigated which materials are good to use if you want to be seen in the dark. We wanted to find out how night and day happen so Mrs Bailey helped us to find out information on the internet we really enjoyed looking at this website www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/interactives/science/earthandbeyond/dayandnight/ and we were really good at answering the questions!
Topics - Houses and Homes

Our Houses and Homes topic has been focused on learning about what homes were like in the past. We started by thinking about what we thought knew and how we could find out more information. We looked at photos of homes in the past and learnt about the different things they used around the house. We compared homes in the past to homes today and found it interesting that they did not have any electricity so there was no heating and they had to use fires. We found it very strange that most houses did not have a bathroom and that the toilet was outside and they had a bath in front of the fire. To finish our topic off we went to Abby House Museum where we had lots of fun. Click here to view the photo gallery.

Topics - Plants

Our plants topic has been so much fun. All the children have really enjoyed learning about what a plant needs to grow and how to look after them. We have written reports about plants and learnt that plants need water, sun and warmth to grow. We really enjoyed learning about the different parts of a plant you can eat and enjoyed trying them. We read the story by Eric Carle called 'The Tiny Seed' and enjoyed acting out the story pretending to be the seed and also writing letters about the places we might see as a seed. We have enjoyed this topic so much that we have started to grow different plants in our outdoor area! Watch this space for pictures of what we have grown!