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A Warm Welcome to Reception

In Reception, we pride ourselves on being kind, caring and considerate towards others in order to create a harmonious environment to play and learn in. We come into school and register ourselves with our milk labels and answer the daily challenge. We love to keep busy playing in all our areas of learning and choosing new topics to learn about!


Getting to know you

The Reception children settled in beautifully and soon began to fully enjoy all the areas of provision in the classroom as well as the outdoor area. Our new Reception bikes and ride ons have been a huge hit and continue to be very popular as we are lucky to have such a big space for the children to use them. We made a Welcome to Reception book where we each have a page all about our families and our favourite things, it's a popular and interesting read! We ended the half term with a fabulous Halloween Party where the children all made jellies and enjoyed eating the sandwiches they prepared. It was a very successful and enjoyable half term.

The North Pole and Christmas

This half term the children chose to learn about the North Pole! We really enjoyed learning about the animals that live there and particularly loved role playing in our class igloo!! We made lots of snowflakes to decorate it and enjoyed getting wrapped up and playing with the torches inside it. We went on to make reindeer faces and learnt how to make reindeer food so that we were ready for the reindeers on Christmas Eve!! The children had a lovely time dressing up as angels and sang their hearts out during our Nativity productions, I was very proud of them all and really impressed that they learnt every word! Well done Reception!!

People Who Help Us

Reception have been learning about 'People Who Help Us'. We have been lucky enough to have a wealth of volunteers coming to our classroom to talk about their jobs. We would like to thank all our parents who’ve been in to see us. Mr. Burland (Edward's Daddy) came to talk to us about being a fire fighter. He brought in his uniform and dressed up Miss Caggiano in it, much to the delight of the Reception children!! The children all had fun trying on a fire fighter’s helmet and looking closely at the uniform. We then had a visit from Nurse Duffy (Sam’s Mummy) who came to talk to us about being a nurse who specialises in pain relief. She very kindly donated a stethoscope that has been extremely popular! Dr. Stringer (Emily and Ellen’s Mummy) came to see us with her doctor’s bag. She showed us a model of our bones and joints in our hand and our feet as she's a joint specialist and also kindly donated them for our Doctor's surgery! We have been very lucky to have such kind parents, thanks again for sparing your time to come in, it means so much more to the children. We also had a visit from 2 of our local police officers who talked to the children about keeping safe, the children had the opportunity to dress up in small police officer uniforms and loved role-playing cops and robbers!!


This half term we have been learning about parties. We started off looking at Birthdays, the children all designed their own party hats and painted their own wrapping paper designs, they looked wonderful! We then celebrated Pancake Tuesday, where Mrs. Arthurs made everyone a pancake, the children had a choice of lemon and sugar or nutella for the toppings; nutella was very popular! Next, we looked at how we celebrate weddings, the children loved dressing up and getting married in the Home Corner! They enjoyed writing invitations and wedding lists and loved learning the song 'Daisy, Daisy'. We ended our topic with a teddy bear's picnic and party games, it was a lovely afternoon!