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Year 4 Topic Walk

Year Four enjoyed a walk around Boston Spa as part of their topic about the history and geography of our local area. We took photographs, completed a High Street survey, marked our route on a map and looked for features of Georgian architecture.
“I enjoyed the walk and I think Georgian architecture is captivating. Church Fields surprised me because they’ve tried to blend the houses in.” Archie
“My favourite part of the walk was when we saw the difference between 1881 and 2015.” Matthew
“I learnt that the church wall is higher on one side than the other because the path and road keep being tarmacked over. My favourite part of the walk was feeling the milestone, it told you how many miles it was to other places.” Robbie
“My favourite bit of the topic walk was seeing the Spa Baths and where it was. I learnt that the Terrace used to be a hotel. I was surprised that they filled windows in to save money.” Natalie
“My favourite part was when we walked to the River Wharfe and saw that beautiful view over the bridge.” Ellison
“I learnt that the architects of Church Fields have made the houses in Georgian style to blend in with the rest of the village. I learnt that they bricked up windows to save precious money on the yearly window tax. At Church Fields they bricked up windows to fit in with the village.” Edward
“My favourite part of the topic walk was when we went on the bridge because I liked looking at the weir. When we slowly walked past Cooplands it make me very ravenous, as the aroma drifted up my nose.” Emily
To support their learning this term, Year 4 visited Leeds Art Gallery and a Sikh Gurdwara. It was a very busy but very enjoyable day. Here are some quotes from the children:
Olivia: I enjoyed the Art Gallery because of all the wondrous paintings. It surprised me how big some of them were!
Freya: At the Art Gallery I found it really hard to choose my favourite picture because there were so many.
Natalie: I enjoyed the Art Gallery because the activities were really fun.
Millie: I really enjoyed looking at the amazing pieces of artwork in the Art Gallery.
Ellieson: I enjoyed going to both of them because I had never been to any of them before.
Sammy H: I really enjoyed both but I enjoyed the Gurdwara the most because I could see what it was like in a real gurdwara.
Ben S: I really enjoyed going to the Gurdwara because I have never been to one and it is a lot better than looking at pictures. My favourite part was when we were watching the people singing.
Isobel: I enjoyed going to the Gurdwara. I learnt that there are clubs at the Gurdwara.
Heath: I really enjoyed visiting the Gurdwara because I got to see inside it and actually experience being inside a Gurdwara.
Joshua: I enjoyed the Gurdwara because I got to see the prayer hall with the Guru Granth Sahib.
Edward: I found the Gurdwara interesting because it was very welcoming as you walked in.
Archie: At the Gurdwara we didn’t take our shoes off because we weren’t in the Prayer Hall. We had a look around the langar (the kitchen). The Sikhs were vegetarians.
Year 4 Bikeability Training

This week Year 4 each had an afternoon of Level 1 Bikeability training with Angela Gaunt. Bikeability is a group session where you learn new skills, road safety and how to control your bike without falling off. We used the top playground to do all our activities. Despite it being very cold we all persevered and really enjoyed it.
One of our favourite activities was where we had to go round a roundabout and into the Valley of Doom without squashing any chickens! If we did, it meant we were a chicken slayer! (We didn’t use real chickens, they were really cones!) This taught us how to be aware of other people on the roads.
In another activity we practised how to brake safely. We rode as fast as we could and when Angela shouted, “Hedgehog!” we had to stop straightaway.
At the end we had a race but instead of going really fast we had to go really slow. This helped us to practise how to control our speed. The winner was the person who came last.
We learnt how to check behind your right shoulder before you put your bike in the road.
We learnt how to do the 'M' check where you check the main things on your bike such as brakes, wheels (spokes and bolts), handlebars, saddle, pedals and the cranks.
We also learnt how to do hand signals when you're turning a corner.
We all had great fun learning and practising our new Bikeability skills.

Our visit to the Bagshaw Museum

Year 4 visited the Bagshaw Museum to learn more about Ancient Egypt. We became archaeologists, tomb explorers and embalmers, finishing off the day by mummifying Skye! We had a really enjoyable day, with lots of great learning and super behaviour. Well done Year 4, and many thanks to the mums and dads who came with us.