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We are a happy and healthy place to learn and we are really looking forward to all the new learning we will be doing this year. Here is an overview of the topics that will be driving our learning over the course of the year:
Autumn 1: Roman Britain
Autumn 2: Architecture
Spring 1: Environmental disasters
Spring 2: Programming 
Summer 1: Leeds over time 
Summer 2: Construction 
Meet the teacher

For those of you unable to make the session last week. Here is the information discussed:

Adults working in Year 4:
Mrs Hardcastle - class teacher;
Miss Wragg - PE, RE (Thursday afternoon PPA cover) 
Miss Rampono  

What are the expectations at home? 
- read as regularly as possible 
- practice times tables
- Purple Mash
- Century

Dates for the diary:

Friday 26th January – Parent book look
Monday 5th February – Parents’ evening (face to face)
Tuesday 6th February – Parents’ evening (virtual)

Reading journal expectations:
Hand reading journal in each Friday. Children to document the date, title of their book and number of pages read. 
Weekly timetable
Lion Learners!
Stephanie Peters!

This half term, we are learning about Stephanie Peters who is an artist inspired by the natural world with a particular focus on volcanoes. Although Peters is a mixed media artist, we studied some of her water colour paintings and used them as inspiration to create our own water colour piece in her style. The results are fantastic and are up on display around school!

Multi Sports!

On Friday, we enjoyed an extra PE lesson! We played various games that focused on our ability to find space, to defend and to communicate effectively within a team. Some of us have now signed up to do this as a club after school each Tuesday!

Active maths!

In maths, we have been learning our 9 times tables. We have been using some active learning strategies to embed our knowledge and this is an example of rock, paper, scissors SHOW! This activity works by multiplying the number one partner shows with their fingers by the number that their partner shows. We enjoyed this and could use our hundred square to help us if we were feeling unsure.

Roman artifacts!

In year 4, we have been lucky enough to receive some Roman artifacts from Leeds city museum! Included in our package was a Roman coin, some pottery and a brooch! We discussed the importance of preserving the evidence and many of us chose to use gloves to handle the items. From this, we discussed questions we would ask if we could such as: What was the pot used for? How much was the coin worth? Where was it found and how long ago?
A brilliant history lesson!

Invertebrate hunt!

In science this week, we have been learning about invertebrates and we enjoyed watching a David Attenborough clip all about them. We then predicted which invertebrates we may find in our school grounds before starting our hunt! We used our classification key to identify the different living things which included beetles, spiders, centipedes and worms!


This half term, our focus in science is 'living things' and we began our discussions talking about how different living things can be grouped. This led onto our learning about classification keys, where questions are asked to organise based on features things have in common. We investigated using biscuits initially to get used to asking questions with 'yes' or 'no' answers. We came up with some fantastic ideas including - Does this biscuit have layers? Does this biscuit have chocolate chips? Is this biscuit circular? A great lesson!

Role play in reading!

We have been reading 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' in class and part of the story involves a disagreement between Lila and her father about her wishes to become a firework maker like him. We worked in pairs to role play how we imagined this conversation would look between the two characters before considering an alternative response from Lila's father and demonstrating how it would have given a different outcome.


To kick start our history driver for the half term, we discussed our understanding of the chronology of British history before creating a timeline of different events outside in the sun! A great start to our learning this half term!