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Welcome to Year 2. On this page you will find curriculum newsletters (one per half term), useful documents about supporting learning at home as well and pictures and videos sharing our learning with you. If you have any worries or questions, please email me on: crowtherh@primroselane.leeds.sch.uk 
Our Classroom

We went on a class scavenger hunt this morning to get to know our room better. Children had to find some really random items such as: a frog (he's called Uncle Fredaricko), a plant pot, a whiteboard pen, a tray, a huge book about jets and a gluestick!

Reading for Pleasure

We enjoyed exploring the books in our Reading Area. Sharing a book with a friend is great fun!

Singing about The Great Fire of London

We are learning a song about the Great Fire of London. While Mrs Crowther plays the ukulele, we are going to try to sing as well as sign. If you want to practise at home, here are the lyrics...

Click here to sing along to the video. It's a really catchy tune. I hope you like it!

We just started to learn this song and some members of the class wanted to share it with you! Some verses are a bit tricky but listen carefully and you'll hear some lovely two-pert singing towards the end - so impressive! We will post another video when we are more confident with the words. Enjoy!

Year 2 Common Exception Words
We looked at our spelling display and realised that some of us could real a lot of the words already and some could spell and sound out the words. Because it was such a beautiful day, we decided to go outside to see if we could spell the words...with our bodies! As well as super spelling, there was some incredible communication and teamwork!

We are sharing what we know about the Great Fire of London and performing the song, September 1666. We have been practising and the signing and singing is coming along beautifully! These are the slides we are using:
Celebration Assembly

Year 2 wowed everyone in celebration assembly today. Our speakers communicated the information clearly and confidently and the singing, well, it was out of this world! So many members of staff fed back how moved and impressed they were by our song. To learn a two-part song and BSL signs in such a short space of time is incredible; these children are seriously talented! Here is the video of our final rehearsal; the improvement since the last video is plain to see...

Autumn Walk

As part of our science learning throughout the year, we are going to keep track of the changing seasons. We went to look for some early signs of Autumn. Despite the warm weather, when we searched, there were lots of autumn treasures to be found...

PE lessons are always fun! We have been learning some new warm up challenges and games as well as working on our hand-eye co-ordination by throwing and catching.
We have been getting up and about in maths lessons! In this game, we had to get in order at the front. There is only one rule, no one is allowed to tall (you can gesture and point etc but no talking). We got in order forwards, backwards, even numbers forwards, odd numbers etc. We worked together as a team and beat the times every time!