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What Our Parents Say About Us
"Primrose Lane is the best Nursery in the area, and if you're looking for a warm, caring environment where your child will be nurtured and loved then look no further. Your child will take their first steps towards formal education in a safe place, whilst still playing, having fun and enjoying time with friends.
Our daughter moved from a private Nursery, and we weren't sure if she was 'ready' as it felt like such a big step, and to us she was still our baby! However, we have never looked back. She was welcomed from the start, and is always excited to go to Nursery. She has made lasting friendships, and learns so much, but always in a fun and engaging way. We were worried there would be tears upon separation, but she skips in with a wave and a smile! 
Mr Clarke is an absolute asset to the school. If he moved, we would follow. He's the most dedicated Nursery professional we've ever come across, and his passion sets him apart. Mr Clarke is truly on the children's level, and engages and communicates with the children in such a positive way. Our little one thinks of him as a friend, and she is always excited to tell him big news in her life. I never doubt that my daughter's needs will be met. Not only is she safe, but she is happy and feels like a valued member of her class.
The care at Primrose Lane is exceptional, and I cannot praise the staff and provision highly enough."
"Thank you for the fantastic year my child has had at Primrose Lane. Mr Clarke has been incredible. As a fellow teacher, I am exhausted at just the thought of all the hard work that he must put in behind the scenes planning. His enthusiasm,creativity and passion is so evident in everything they do. 
Throughout the year he has diligently kept us up to date on my child's learning (Evidence Me)  and all the exciting things he has been a part of (milking the cow will always be our favourite).
My child started off the year a very shy boy and not at all ready for school despite his age. This extra year has been very well spent and he is excited for his next steps. 
My child has an older sibling at another school and by comparison what we have seen this year at PL has been outstanding. The small insight we get each week in the newsletter of school life at PL, it appears to be a really great place to be for all and communication to parents we have found to be really commended." 
"I have just picked up my child from Nursery for the last time, which is obviously a poignant day for our household, as the last of our three children has finished at Primrose Lane Nursery. 
I just wanted to feedback as to what a wonderful experience we have had with Nursery. Mr Clarke is such a gifted teacher, and during this incredibly difficult year he has provided Ida with such a steady, fun, interesting and exciting Nursery experience that has made such a difference to our family. 
We are so impressed with how much my child has learnt this year, and how far she has come socially and emotionally- we know this does not happen by accident, and is testament to the learning environment Mr Clarke has created in Nursery. I went into Nursery to help make the Scarecrow, and it is so obvious that he knows all the children as individuals, and that they all feel so relaxed in his care."

"I just wanted to the take the opportunity on behalf of my husband and I to say how impressed we are with the provision at Primrose Lane Nursery. Our daughter is so happy and settled and this is down to the incredible members of staff.
We understand how difficult this first term has been and we could not have asked for a more settled, fun time for our daughter.
Mr Clarke always goes the extra mile, and this has been reflected in all of the activities he has planned with his class. My child absolutely loves attending your school."