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Greek vase making

As part of our Ancient Greece topic we designed and made Greek style vases. Children observed ancient Greek designs (primary sources) to help them design and make their own and then also looked at the skills involved in crafting a vase and how to work effectively with clay and useful tools. The children showed excellent perseverance and determination when things did not always go to plan and constructed some fantastic vases showcasing their creative skills.

Reading champions

In Year 5 and 6 we gave all children the opportunity to be the Key Stage 2 reading champion who would then be put forward to be a Leeds ambassador. After giving speeches in class, Elizabeth (year 5) and Aidan (year 6) were chosen to give speeches to Year 5 and 6. After a democratic vote, Aidan was selected to be our representative and we wish him the best of luck in his application.

Both Elizabeth and Aidan gave brilliant speeches outlining their love and passion for reading and how they help other children in the class and share their knowledge and passion. They were both fantastic.

Spring 1 newsletter

Here is the newsletter for this half term- please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Here are several examples of reading lists for Year 6 pupils that you may find useful when encouraging your children to read a range of quality texts:





If your child is interested in writing a book review for our newly updated book corner then it would be much appreicated.
LSMA Big Sing on Tour

The Leeds Schools Music Association organised a Big Sing. These events are usually held at Leeds Town Hall but, due to renovation work, there were 3 events held in smaller town halls. Year 6 all come to Morley Town Hall - a really grand building - and joined forces with a whole room full of children from 7 primary schools across the city. We sung our hearts out and it was an afternoon to remember!

LSMA Big Sing on Tour

As part of our sequence of orienteering lessons, we were visited again by Simon who provided two very challenging games for the children. A tag team race to find 12 flags as quickly as possible was first, with children sprinting all over the site to locate them. Jack and April finished first, Isaac and Charlie were second with Oliver and Toby finishing third. 4th placed Honour and Melody missed out on 3rd place by just one second!!!

The second game involved hiding toys beneath flags but the children were only given small portions of the map and had to work out where the points were based on their previous knowledge of the site.

I continue to be amazed at the children's ability to complete the challenges at such high speed. Their orienteering knowledge is absolutely incredible!

Science experiment

As part of our Titanic topic we explored upthrust, buoyancy and density to help us understand what happens to balloons when they are pushed under water and how to make objects like plasticine and tin-foil float on water by adapting and changing their shape. Children learnt that increasing the surface area is one of the main features to adapt in this investigation as well as changing the sides of the 'boat'. Children had varying levels of success with their boats as we tested them holding plasticine weights with two groups managing to hold 10 before they sank to the bottom of the water just like the Titanic!

World Book Day in Year 6

Here are some quotes from children in year 6 about their thoughts on World Book Day and their love of reading! We had a great time sharing our favourite books and characters and discussing why we think reading is such an amazing thing!

Reading books is important because they open your imagination. They also give you somewhere to go when you have to stay where you are. The more you read, the better your vocabulary will become, so your writing becomes better- Aidan

Reading is brilliant and gives you knowledge and gives you imagination and takes you away on a magical journey and gives you magical thoughts. - Cairo

I think that World Book Day is an important day to celebrate books, which help people with great ideas for brilliant writing and awesome imagination. Stories can transport people.- Cameron

I think World Book Day is good because it brings people together as they tell each other what their favourite books are and reading is the most important thing you can do- Toby

Books are amazing because you get transferred to a new world you can read and read and they make you laugh, cry and scream and it's amazing!- Charlie

World Book Day is important because books are very important to your mental health. - Riley

World Book Day is a great day to have in school because it's nice to express yourself in a costume and finding out what other books people read and maybe you can be inspired about books to read next. Reading is good because if something has happened reading will help you and also reading can make you smarter and wiser- Heidi

I think World Book Day is very important because it's a time to express what you think about reading! It's also a time to appreciate all of the authors that have given their time and passion to make and write books. Many books are also amazing as they help you use your imagination and improve your writing through your vocabulary! April B

I like reading since its transports you to new worlds of imagination and happiness- Oliver

Climate Action- Georgina Stevens

Last week, KS2 were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience being part of an interactive webinar with author Georgina Stevens (who wrote 'Climate Action: The Future is in Our Hands'). Georgina spoke of her back-story of what inspired her to write the book, but also took us through the book, explaining the importance of taking action now as a collective to ensure future security and safety. She explained about our use of fossil fuels contributing to the change in our climate and that the main things to focus on include our use of electricity, light and heat, factories, farming, tree loss and transport but to name a few. Furthermore, she informed us about Leeds declaring a 'climate emergency' and that Leeds have committed to achieving net zero carbon by 2030 - through our help!

Georgina inspired the children across KS2, so much so that children wanted to write letters to make a difference. Lower KS2 wrote letters to Mrs Bailey about things we could do in school to improve our carbon footprint, whereas Upper KS2 write letters to our MP Alec Shelbrooke on how Leeds could further improve. The letters were somewhat inspiring, so much so that Year 6 are planning on publishing their letters and sending them to Alec himself. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this and the children really enjoyed the coming together as a group to discuss this and produce some great learning.

Pig heart dissection

***Be aware that the photos do show images of the hearts so should only be viewed by Year 6 children and parents.rnrnLast week in Year 6 we had the fantastic opportunity to dissect pig hearts. It was an amazing experience for all of the children to take on a challenge usually conducted by secondary pupils. The whole class took part and really impressed me with their determination, maturity and their scientific observation skills throughout the process. It was very impressive how the children were able to overcome the unusual sights and unpleasant smells and carry out some fantastic learning about the various parts of the heart (aorta, veins, arteries etc) and this opportunity will hopefully be memorable for them in years to come and also builds on the knowledge they have gained in their science lessons this term.rnrnThis was by far the most incredible opportunity school has ever given me! Discovering what was inside the heart, and what it looked like was fascinating. I can not wait for more experiments like this.rnCharlotte rnrnrnThe heart dissection was not my favourite thing in the world, though I did understand and explore the inside.rnBellarnrnrnThe pig heart dissection will have to be the best science lesson ever, in my opinion. At first, I thought I would not want to do it, because I am usually quite squeamish. Turns out I really enjoyed it! There was a lot less blood than I thought.rnNellrnrnrn***Be aware that the photos do show images of the hearts so should only be viewed by Year 6 children and parents.

Reading buddies

On Tuesday the Year 6s and the Year 1s had their first ever reading buddy session. This has been in the pipeline for a long time but we were finally able to make it happen and both classes absolutely loved it. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed being able to support the children with their reading skills and also form the foundations of supportive friendships that will help in the playground as well. Both myself and Mrs Dockree were hugely impressed by the maturity of the Year 6 children and the wonderful behaviour and reading skills of the Year 1s, who raced through their books and were able to answer questions from Year 6 about what they were reading. It was fantastic to see!\n\nJoe – I played with my buddy outside.\n\nGracie – I waved at my buddy this morning.\n\nLily – I gave my buddy a cuddle this morning.\n\nMia – I liked reading with my buddy and we liked the pictures.\n\nEddie – I practised my reading with my buddy and I got it all right.\n\nTom – I played football with my buddy.\n\nJames – He helped me when I got stuck in my reading.\n\n nnIn my opinion, reading buddies are a great opportunity for year 1 and year 6. We can get to know them and also help with their learning.nCharlottennReading buddies is a great way to interact with the younger years, and a great way to get to know them.nThomasnnDuring reading buddies, it was really exciting to get to know the year 1’s a little more and watch them develop like we did in reading.nAprilnn


Year 6 once again tested their navigation skills when Simon came to visit Primrose Lane for some orienteering. There were a variety of activities to take on and children were able to work in pairs or take each other on by racing 1 v 1. As their teacher, I was absolutely blown away by their ability to complete the challenges and even more impressed by the speed at which they did it! Our current geography topic dovetails nicely with orienteering and the children's map reading skills were absolutely superb finding markers and completing courses stretching over the whole school grounds. All in year 6 had a brilliant time and are looking forward to future sessions in the summer!rnrnMaddie- "I absolutely love orienteering, it's fun to map read as well as sprinting off and racing against a partner- it's always so much fun."rnrnAidan- "Orienteering is amazing! Simon makes it fun and interesting. All of the exercises test us too."rnrnIzzy- "I love when we do orienteering because you learn how to navigate yourself whilst you also get to run around and have fun with your friends. You also become a lot fitter because of the exercise."

La Bamba!

This week, we have learned how to sing La Bamba in Spanish and we have mastered the fast and furious glockenspiel part - no mean feat! One of the pupils filmed our last performance. Enjoy!

Year 5 and Year 6 River Walk

On Tuesday 18th January 2022, as part of our Geography topic on ‘Natural Disasters’ (and focusing around oceans, seas and rivers), we took the opportunity to study our local Rivers Wharfe. We are lucky enough to be so close to a beautiful setting and were therefore able to learn all about relevant vocabulary to extend our knowledge of rivers, whether that be the course of the river, erosion, the flow of the river and many of its features (such as the weir, floodplains, deposits, pollution, sediments, meandering, tributaries and oxbows).

We were able to discuss at various points along the river about the features we saw, as well as link this to our knowledge of history of rivers (and why people used to choose to settle near rivers, compared to risks today). We also sketched images and discussed adjectives to inspire us in our writing back at school. We are now well equipped to take this learning back to class.
The children were well behaved throughout, courteous to pedestrians and responded well to questioning. We’d also like to thank the adults on the walk who accompanied us and ensured we were safe throughout the fieldwork
Here’s what some of the children had to say:
Matthew: ‘I really enjoyed watching the flow of the current and it was good to see the person swimming in the river to help us understand how deep it was and how cold it was!’
Harris: ‘I enjoyed seeing how still the River Wharfe was until it came to the weir, where the flow changed direction and started to speed up.’

Finlay: ‘I was fascinated when we were walking close to the river to see how wide and deep the River Wharfe was here compared to Kettlewell, where it was only up to my knees.’

Charlotte: ‘The river walk was a great experience to build on our knowledge of rivers in your areas and in general. We were able to expand our knowledge by being shown and told about the visible parts of the river; I particularly enjoyed learning about the weir and the salmon run.’

Chloe: ‘The river walk was amazing! I got to learn about nature and what’s around me. I learnt more about the different vocabulary linked to rivers such as: meanders, erosion and river banks and I am intrigued to learn more.’

Holocaust Memorial Day

On the 27th January year 6 learned more about the holocaust and explored this year's Memorial Day theme of 'One Day'. Exploring some challenging content, all of the children showed great maturity and expressed impressive insight into the topic; this built on their studies of World War 2 and their visits from Judith Rhodes and the Anne Frank trust in year 5. We learnt about the appalling treatment Jews and other groups received both before and during WW2 as well as the fact that that the Holocaust Memorial Day also raises awareness of other genocides that have taken place in history such as in Cambodia and Rwanda. The theme of 'One Day' showed us that we need to value each and every day as well as using the atrocities that took place as a warning to make sure it is never repeated and that 'One Day' can be the start of a new beginning. In year 6 we made posters summarising what we had learnt and also to raise awareness of such an important historical event and to ensure that the shocking statistic that 52% of the UK population do not know the holocaust took place definitely does not apply to the children of Primrose Lane.rnAidan- “On Holocaust Memorial Day, we learnt about Kristellnacht, the man who organised the Kindertransport (Sir Nicholas Winton) and more. I found it heart-breaking that so many children did not make it out.”rnMaddison- “Holocaust Memorial Day was really good for our knowledge so we know what happened in the past and make sure it never happens again,”rnMaddie- “Learning about Holocaust Memorial Day was a sensitive topic but I feel good that I know and can now spread awareness.”rn

Blood making

This week we extended our knowledge of the circulatory system by making our own version of blood from common household products. Using a combination of food colouring, cheerios, marshmallows, porridge oats and some water we represented the main components of blood: platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma. By creating the blood we were able to have fun whilst also learning about what the different elements of the blood do. It was great to mix all the ingredients together and to get a bit messy! Now we know how and why blood travels round the body and what blood does to help us day to day.
Chloe- “When we made blood, I enjoyed seeing how it ended up with the cheerios (red blood cells) , marshmallows (white blood cells) and oats (platelets) mixed in with all of the yellow water (plasma) making it look like blood.”
April Ryder- “I found making blood really fun and I liked learning all of the different components to make blood.”
Izzy- “My favourite part of making the blood was that we got to be very adventurous with the materials we used.”

Homework tasks- Spring 1

Here are the Spring home learning tasks for the first half term- all children should have a copy as well.

Murton Park Trip Dec 2021

On Friday 3rd December 2021, Year 6 went on their ‘Home Front’ trip as part of their World War Two focus in History this term. We learnt lots, ranging from experiences of evacuees, women’s roles and rationing, to general way of life during the war times, as well as various facts about the war itself. Throughout the day, the whole class represented the school impeccably, showing excellent behaviour, but also willingly showing to the leaders how much they already knew about World War Two, as well as experiences that children went through during this difficult time. The leaders were very impressed at the knowledge the children were giving and the eagerness they had with answering and asking questions. He said 'Primrose Lane already know so much about this topic - is there any point in me doing this?!', to which he taught them stimulus beyond what he would normally teach on the trip to further their knowledge!

Children got right into character for the day, coming into school dressed as evacuees, with their labels attached to them showing who they were and where they came from. Throughout the day, children were straight in role conducting usual jobs expected from children and adults during the 1939-1945 era. The jobs ranged from creating rag rugs, cleaning and drying clothes using the ‘dolly’, making flapjacks and butter, putting out fire-bombs as fire-guards and putting up the blast tape. Having said this, we did have a real life air-raid, where we ‘pulled together’ and shared Anderson shelters to keep us safe.

It really was a pleasure to see such great learning first hand, with handling such artefacts as ‘gas masks’ and helmets etc; as well as viewing what was a weeks ration for a child and adult would be.

William Morris- Recreating his art

As part of our continued study of William Morris and his work, Year 6 discussed how this pioneering and inspirational artist used colour (with a specific colour palette), line, shape, space and pattern within his work. The children engaged in very thoughtful discussion and recorded their thoughts on a double page spread and then began work on continuations of William Morris' work with challenging small examples of his work. Great effort Year 6!

Fruity solar system

As part of our science topic we investigated the relative distances of the planets from the sun. We used astronomical units and converted them into m and cm to help us recreate a significantly scaled down version of the solar system in the Primrose Lane playground.

After a shaky start, all of the groups managed to complete the challenge with some even extending themselves to doubling the amounts to make the solar system a little larger!

Year 5 and 6 Non chronological reports sharing session

On Thursday, Year 5 and Year 6 worked together to look at our recently written chronological reports.

Each child partnered up with a member of the other year group and the two children discussed each others' work. The intention was for the year 5s to observe the completed year 6 work and see if there was anything they could learn and any features they could pick up on. The year 6s could offer advice on how the year 5 work could be improved but also offer praise on what they had done well.

The process was a really positive experience for all involved and both sets of children benefited from the experience; this should improve the learning of both year groups in future lessons.

Commando Fitness

On Thursday afternoon, Mr Simpson gave the children a commando fitness session in the mud! Sit-ups, crawling, obstacle courses came thick and fast as the children threw themselves into the challenge- they worked individually and as a team to great effect.

Teamwork came to the fore as two teams transported patients on a stretcher to the end of the field and back. Thankfully the patients (including Mr Keen at one point!) were strapped in as there were a few bumps along the way!

The afternoon finished with a series of tug of war battles. Many children ended up on the floor and the phrase 'Dig In for Victory' was used more than once with varying degrees of success!

Thanks to Mr Simpson for his help putting on the session; the class had a brilliant time!

William Morris

In the first lesson of our art topic driver for the half term, we learnt about our focus artist William Morris. We discovered fascinating facts about him as well as his beliefs about the purpose and value of art as well as looked at some of his incredible artwork. Floral patterns are at the heart of much of his work, particularly his wallpaper designs which revolutionised how homes were decorated in the Victorian era.

You can see some of examples of the double page spreads that we completed that showcase his work and his life.

Here are some of William Morris' famous quotes:

• “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all details of daily life.”
• “There is no square mile of earth’s inhabitable surface that is not beautiful in it’s own way, if we men will only abstain from wilfully destroying that beauty.”
• “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
• “I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few.”
• “History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created.”
• “No man is good enough to be another's master.”

WIndrush work

In English this week we have talked about the Windrush generation which links to our PSHE topic around stereotyping. We found out about the history around the Windrush generation and its links to post WW2 Britain as well as the challenges faced as people made the brave choice to come and live in Britain.

The children used their knowledge to come up with a playscript or interview that included aspects of their learning. As a class we came up with some brilliant ideas that included stowaways (which we learnt about), the difficulties faced in Britain after migration and the contributions the Windrush generation made to life in Britain throughout history.

Propaganda Posters

As part of our WW2 topic, the children designed their own propaganda posters. This was after having looked at real life examples, evaluated them and then spent time thinking what was effective and how to apply that to their own work.

The process was interrupted by remote learning but there was still some fantastic work completed.

Autumn 2 Newsletter Year 6

In this half term's newsletter you will find an overview of what to expect for Year 6 over the weeks leading up to Christmas and a couple of key dates.

Internet safety

In our ICT lesson we explored internet safety and what it meant to protect your personal information and be safe online. We had some fantastic discussions around not sharing key information and how to not fall into traps and scams online. The children also showed an incredible understanding of how to treat each online and when using mobile phones and are aware of the dangers and risks of not sticking to the internet safety rules we discussed.

We made posters to show our knowledge.

Mouldy bread experiment

In Year 6 we began an experiment just before half term where we analysed the effect of different variables on bread and how bacteria would grow more quickly/slowly based on different factors. Sadly due to our Covid interruption, we did not get to completely finish the experiment but we did obtain some photos before the pieces of bread were put out of their misery!

The effect on the bread of water, bacteria, heat and other factors was significant as you can see from the images. It's enough to put you off your morning toast!

Year 6 Skipping Festival Fun!

Jodi came in again (through her Skipping School) and delivered a brilliant festival, where we learnt lots of new skills, including the forwards and backwards, Texas Star, Run-Jump-Out and many more individual skills. The children had an amazing time and it was great to have skipping back at Primrose Lane!

Maddie: The competition was exhilarating as well as competitive (extremely fun!)
Honour: I loved the skipping, I wish we could do it every day!
Phoebe: I have very much missed everyone getting together to share their skills! Even though I didn't quite make the Super Six, I still loved to see everyone coming together for an assembly!

School Council - A Democratic Vote!

In class, in order to elect our School Council representatives, we held a democratic vote in the class. As a result, the class voted for two remarkable candidates, who will represent the school brilliantly - Nell and Thomas Thornton and Harris. A massive congratulations to them both and I'm sure they will represent the class brilliantly.

Red- Lineham Explorers

Red group were praised for their amazing quiet approach to feeding Jeff the pheasant and their patience and interest in the local environment!

80s night

On our final night we got dressed up for an 80s themed night and thanks to Miss Robinson, Miss Warnock and Miss Simpson, Mr Keen managed to get dressed up as well!!

More photos to follow...

Yellow- country trail

On Wednesday yellow group went on the country trail in the area beyond Lineham Farm near Harewood. They learnt all about the plant life including exploding flowers from the Himalayas and other invasive species in the countryside. We also got to learn about the country code and how to look after the nature around us. We saw the set of Emmerdale and also picked many many blackberries! It was great to have an educational walk in beautiful surroundings.


A few pictures from the night walk on the first evening

Blue- Low Ropes and Nightline

The blue team tested their balance skills as well as their teamwork and communication as they took on the low ropes and the rope swing challenge. Testing their abilities to communicate and support each other in the nightline also brought out the best in them as they were praised for their teamwork by the instructors!

Yellow cycling
Tuesday evening- Talent show

Children from across year 6 displayed their many talents on Tuesday night in a fantastic TALENT SHOW!!! There was dancing, singing, death defying finger tricks, table tennis dancing, gymnastics and amazing magic. The confidence and courage of all the children was unbelievable and the final decision was incredibly difficult but April Ryder took home the trophy

Red- Archery

The red team took on the archery challenge and found their inner medieval archer hitting yellows, reds and blues aplenty and also competed brilliantly in the balloon and ships challenge. There was great improvements from all concerned and special mention to Melody who showed an ice-cool temperament and technique throughout!

Blue- Lineham Explorers

Blue group looked around Lineham Farm and all the amazing wildlife that lives there. They learnt about the animals and all of the plants and trees that help them survive as well as going foraging for anything they could find of interest!

Red- Nightline and Low Ropes

Red group took on the low ropes challenge in partners, then achieved success (with a few hiccups along the way- Nell, Cameron, Louis and others!!!) with the rope swing team challenge and then again worked in partnerships to guide each other through the night line! Brilliant effort from everyone!

Yellow group- Bushcraft

Yellow group went out into the wild (the forest) and discovered how to make fire (including the fire triangle) with a spark, how to setup a shelter and they made their own campsites.

They can now survive in the wild!

Yellow climbing

Yellow group took on the daring challenge of climbing and traversing the rock climbing wall- displaying confidence and agility to push themselves on to greater heights and no doubt inspire them to be future Olympic climbers!! Jacob's ladder allowed them to demonstrate their courage and to trust their climbing skills as well as their balance to climb higher and higher! Miss Robinson inspired the children with her own efforts as well!

Blue group- Crate stack

The blue group were set the challenge of working in 3s to pile the crates as high as they could without the crates (and themselves) falling down. The bar was set high by Charlie, Isaac and April who completed the challenge with 12 levels + the bonus crate, but their time was spectacularly beaten by Charlotte, Chloe and Izzy. The final group (Oliver, Aidan and Phoebe) overcome an even greater challenge of nerves to also complete the challenge with a special mention to Oliver who conquered his fears and helped his team complete the task in spectacular style. There was even time for Mr Keen to have a go, ably assisted by Charlotte who had excelled in her team challenge. Brilliant effort from everyone!!


Blue group went on a cycling adventure where they developed their skills across a range of challenges. Starting with the see-saw route, progressing to the more challenging courses where more than one member of the group found themselves in close contact with a tree or some brambles! We perfected the art of the graceful dismount on some of the tracks and were then ready to (try to) get some air on the jumps. Everyone gave 100% effort and pushed themselves and persevered brilliantly. April, Oliver and Isaac really tested themselves on one of the tricky tracks, improving with every effort! Everyone was brilliant.

Red group- Bushcraft

Watch out Bear Grylls! Primrose Lane children are now armed with the knowledge of how to make shelter in the wild and how to produce fire to survive. If they are ever lost in the village then red group will be in good shape to stay safe for the night! They all did a fantastic job of learning the fire triangle as well as using the correct technique to build their own shelter and cook lovely marshmallows on a fire!

We've all had another great day in glorious sunshine on Tuesday. The children have been crate stacking, exploring Harewood, learning about the wildlife around Lineham Farm,  bushcrafting, low ropes and nightline and attempting to be Robin/Robyn Hood with some archery. All the children have behaved brilliantly, supporting each other when things got tough and celebrating each other's successes (as well as eating plenty of tasty food!) everyone has settled in now and they're having a great time! 

We also finished the night with an awesome Talent contest (hosted by Mrs Crowther), with performances ranging from singing to dancing, gymnastics to magic tricks and many many more with children showing amazing courage and astounding levels of confidence to perform in front of their peers. After much deliberation and an almost impossible decision making process April Ryder was declared the winner for her dancing. Everyone did brilliantly and the evening was enjoyed by all the adults and children, who have made some fantastic lifelong memories as a result.
Welcome to the Year 6 class page for 2021-22!

It has been a very hectic start to the year, but the children have settled in brilliantly and have got to grips with life in Year 6 superbly. They are all looking forward to their week in Lineham Farm and all of the new adventures it will bring.

On this page you will find regular updates of what we have been learning about, useful documents to assist with learning and regular updates about events and news to do with Year 6. If you have any questions, please contact me via email.

Year 6 – Ysgol Hiraddug

Here you will find the half termly newsletters that provide an outline of our learning and key events for the half term.

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