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Hi and welcome to our Year 5 page. We have got lots going on this year throughout the curriculum and have started fantastically well in these strange times! Below, you will find lots of information about what we have been doing, as well as learning that could be done at home for support and practise. 

Class Time Table (Subject to changes*)

Attached is the current class time table for your reference. This is subject to changes that happen across the year and will be updated if and when appropriate.

Half termly curriculum letters (and additional letters/messages)
How to help your child at home

Below are a selection of links that might help you with supporting your child at home with books recommended for their level, SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) knowledge, times tables pracitse, arithmatic practise and spelling word lists. Please contact Mr Jackson if you have any more suggestions, recommendations or requests for anything else. For further practise, please access Purple Mash activities, or Century for ‘Nuggets’ to practise.

Times Tables Test Practise Sheets

Feel free to print these sheets off or adapt them for your children to practise for their fluency in recalling their times tables to 12 x 12:

Websites to help with learning

Click on the link to check out some of the websites that will help with children's independent practise at home and websites that are useful for Parents/Carers to support children in their learning. Additionally, there are websites which will help with preparations for Year 6 also, but are more formal, rather than fun games and activities (such as http://satspapers.org/).

World War 2 Artefacts!

Children have brought in artefacts that they have from WWII, which compliment our gas mask, helmet, mess tins and many more. This has all added to our learning and given us primary sources that we can learn from - especially grandparents that have letters and experiences during the war. Thank you to these children for engaging with the History topic and providing us with more learning!

Year 5 Classification

In Year 5, we have started our learning on classifying living things. However, before we look to ‘living things’, we ‘worked together’ (as Primrose Lane Learners) and looked to classify some sweets (I’m not sure why they were all so excited!). We worked in groups to ask key questions in order to gain ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers, which worked as a branch diagram (or algorithm) to decided what the sweet was in terms of its ‘classification’. Next week, we will look to transfer these skills to classifying living things within our local environment – I hope the excitement persists like it did with the sweets! Here are some of the children working excellently in groups.

Reception and Year 5 Buddies!

This week, Reception welcomed their ‘Year 5 Buddies’ to their classroom for the first time. Now Reception children have settled into Primrose Lane school life, our wonderful Year 5 children offer a generous, helping hand to settle them in further. This is one of the ‘responsibilities’ expected by a Year 5 child at the beginning of the year, which they always look forward to! In WORKING TOGETHER (one of our Primrose Lane Values), they become better people and learn to cooperate in a school, as well as social setting. Year 5 get the opportunity to be role models, leaders and supportive of their new younger friends. The Reception children learn lots of skills and behaviours from their role models, but teach Year 5 about empathy, tolerance and patience, just by being their lovely selves!

The role of the Year 5 child is important to make their Reception Buddy feel comfortable, learn how to make new friends, play, feel safe and become more independent. They have got to know each other this week and played together outside. Reception children and staff would like to thank Year 5 for being such fantastic buddies, the effort and care are really appreciated! Equally, we would like to thank the Reception children for being polite, understanding and learning well from their Buddies. We are sure these relationships will continue to blossom over the coming year, where we will have reading sessions, learning sessions, walk to church and enjoy many more experiences.
Here are some quotes from the Year 5 children:
Sophia – ‘I have enjoyed helping out my buddy, making them happy. I’m very happy with my buddy as they are super cute!’
Harris – ‘I have enjoyed making my buddy feel welcome to Primrose and playing with them. I have told them if they struggle to find their friends, they can find me easier and I will help them.’
Ruby – ‘I have really enjoyed helping my buddy make new friends and keeping them happy and safe.’