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Hello and welcome to our Year 4 page. We have got lots going on this year throughout the curriculum and have started brilliantly. Below are our main focuses with regards to topics that we intend to cover this year:

Autumn 1: Boston Spa
Autumn 2: The Romans

Spring: Ancient Egypt & Extreme Earth
Summer: The Rainforest
Science of Sound

On Friday morning, Year 4 enjoyed a ‘Science of Sound’ workshop. They learnt the difference between volume and pitch from making predictions and testing our theories practically. Using technology, they could observe what sound waves look like and how they differ for different sounds. With junk materials, ‘Sam the sound man’ demonstrated how to make instruments so that we know how to have a go at home or in school ourselves. A fantastic morning! Here are some of Year 4’s thoughts.

Owen: It was fun! I never knew how to make instruments like that. It was cool when he made a massive sound with the shell.

Alesha: I enjoyed it when Sam did the sounds through the tubes.

Flynn: I found it interesting how he kept making instruments out of random things you find.

Ruby: I think it was really cool that he taught us stuff and also made it really fun. He made expensive things out of random items.

D and T

This term, our driver topic is textiles. This week, we began practicing our sewing skills using binka and thread in preparation for our task of designing and making a cushion next week. We have showcased some fantastic skills and worked brilliantly together.

Speaking competition

In Year 4, we have been working extremely hard on our speaking competition entries. We have worked collaboratively to choose a topic of interest, research key information and then rehearse how to speak loudly and clearly to an audience. We had topics including space, discrimination, the rainforest, Euros 2020, France, Ancient Egypt and World War 2. Our winning entry was 'Deadly Animals' by Nieve, Harris, Rowan and Toby.

Henri Rousseau!

In art, we have been learning about Henri Rousseau's life and style of artwork. We know that his work was based on the jungle, despite him never actually visiting. From our learning, we have then produced our own pieces of art in his style using oil pastels. Rousseau was known for his bold colours and we have really tried to replicate this in our own work.


Each Thursday this half term, we are orienteering during our PE lesson. Last week was our first session and we did brilliantly. Excellent map reading, team work and stamina throughout. Well done Year 4!

Commando Fitness!

On Thursday, we had a commando fitness session and we did brilliantly! We showed excellent teamwork, stamina and agility. A fantastic effort from everyone!


In Year 4, we are learning about electricity. On Wednesday, we made predictions about whether we thought circuits were complete or incomplete. We then tested our predictions and had LOTS of fun. We discussed how adding additional batteries would increase the power and result in our light shining brighter and that if we added more light bulbs that the power would be shared and therefore appear dimmer.

Remembrance Day

In Year 4, we discussed our value 'peace' in terms of what this means to us and the difference between internal and external peace. We then read the story 'Where The Poppies Now Grow' before using water colour paints to produce our own poppy fields.

Virtual After School Sport Club Opportunity!
Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Youth Sport Trust

As you will have seen from the email sent out, the Youth Sport Trust will deliver a free virtual after school club as part of a national response to the second lockdown. The 30-minute club will take place at 5pm each weekday on YouTube Live and be led by a different member of the YST’s Athlete Mentor network. Starting on Thursday 12th November with world number one female inline skater and 10-time British Champion Jenna Downing. Aimed mainly at primary-aged children, a different theme has been assigned for each day of the club - Adventure Monday, Tuesday Play, Wild Wednesday, Thinking Thursday and Fun Friday. Follow us using #YSTAfterSchool and click below for more information.


In music lessons, we have been learning more about body percussion and pattern. We learned a pattern and then came up with one together. These are the 'instructions' we used and links to the songs:

Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin 
Think by Aretha Franklin

Enjoy trying these at home. Choose a song and make up your own rythmn pattern. I would LOVE to see them!
Our Interview with Rev Steve Jakeman

In RE, we have been considering the different religions which are represented in Leeds. As part of our learning, we wanted to find out about the places of worship in Boston Spa: St Marys, The Kings Church and Boston Spa Methodist are our 3 local places of worship. Rev Steve Jakeman is the minister at the Methodist church and he agreed to give us a (virtual) tour of his beautiful church and he'd answer some questions we had prepared for him. We learned more about the life of the church and the difference lockdown has made. It was great to speak to him via zoom and to see the church. Each child who asked a question came to the front and posed their question clearly and sensibly. Rev Steve was really impressed with the questions and the children!

Our Questions for Rev Steve Jakeman
French Conversation

Comment vas-tu à l'école? We have been learning to talk about modes of transport in French. Here are three examples of conversations about how we get to school (some of the answers are a bit crazy - listen out for someone saying they go to school by boat!).

Milan & Finlay
Evan & Francesca
Sam & Alesha