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Welcome to Year 6!
Summer Term
Spring 2
Year 6, Week 26

Wow! This was a short week! Only 3 days. This is what we did:
This week, in maths we revised our work on fractions.
In maths we subtracted, added, multiplied, and divided fractions to prepare us for our S.A.T’S occurring in the following month. History:
This week we have been learning about the Ancient Romans;
Learning how they live their lives. We are also very privileged to be having a Romans day in the following week. Exact date is Tuesday 23rd of April 2019.
In science, we learnt about how over thousands of years, skeletons of animals change for example, a horse. We noticed how different parts of the skeleton had changed and made a paragraph about it.
This week - as well as learning, some of us entered a competition by designing a variety of different decorated eggs. We had a few choices to pick from for our Year 6 eggs. The categories were ‘Breggsit’ or the ‘Entertainment’ egg.
Year 6, Week 25

This week has been an extremely busy week, full of action and adventure! It started off with three days of bike-ability. Our class was split into 2 groups, which each had 1 and a half days of training. During the time, we learnt many skills. One of these was how to do a U-Turn. This was challenging for some, however, most of us completed it. The second challenge was to be able to signal. Some of us found this quite challenging and really struggled. We all managed to get there in the end! Finally, the last skill that we had to be able to do was to be able to do primary and secondary position. These were different positions when cycling on the road. We also found out what the production was.
We found out that the production was Mary Poppins on Thursday before we left school. We also got copies of the script and we are all really looking forward to performing it to the rest of the school and adults.
Year 6, Week 24

This week hasn’t been a busy week; however we have still been working hard in time for SATs. In Maths, we have been working on reading and interpreting Pie charts which has been challenging for some people, but others have found it quite easy. In English, we have been preparing to write a story about an image of a girl trying to escape on a helicopter. This will be written next week and some people are really looking forward to it. Next week won’t be that challenging to conquer: it is the last week of term and we think that a rest is needed. 

By Sam and Eve
Year 6, Week 23

This week has been a very different week compared to the normal weeks. It started on Monday with an extremely fun and enjoyable football lesson with Mr Lynskey at Boston Spa Academy. Here are some comments about the football:
Benjamin-“Football was really fun, because we started with dribbling, passing and shooting, then we went into some games. I really enjoyed it because it included all abilities.”
Imogen-“I really enjoyed the football at Boston Spa Academy, because it was really fun and a challenge too. My favourite part was the matches at the end: it tested my skills.”
Charlie.S - “This football session we had with Mr Linskey (at Boston Spa Academy) was really fun and entertaining. I mostly enjoyed the matches.”
Lauren- “I really enjoyed the football session with Mr Linskey, because we got to play matches and learn different skills.”
On Tuesday we had the amazing Spring Concert run by Mrs Ward. This is where the musicians in KS2 come together and perform in front of an audience including parents. And finally we had a bun-sale to raise money for RED NOSE DAY! It was also non-uniform day and we all had to dress up in an item of red clothing. 

By Sam and Eve
Year 6, Week 22

This week has been a week full of concentration and hard work. We have started to work on a reading test (going through it with the whole class) and how to get full marks on every question. We also tested our abilities on how to ‘skim and scan’ - which is where you try and find 10 words hidden in the text. Before that, we did a test that counted how many words per minute we read. Some people found this tough because it was against the clock. In maths, we have carried on with algebra and are nearly at the end of this topic. We had to complete different levels of challenging questions (which ranged from fluency to reasoning and problem solving). In PE we started a new indoor topic, it was dance! We got to listen to popular, modern music and had to come up with a series of different moves in groups and perform it to the whole class. In English we continued to plan our diaries about a book we are reading at the moment (called Kensuke’s Kingdom) and we wrote our diary on Thursday. I think we are all ready for the weekend.

By Sam and Eve
Year 6, Week 21

WOW! This week has gone really fast. Throughout the week, in maths, we have been studying algebra (it wasn't easy). We have learnt how to solve 1, 2, and 3 step problems - it was really complicated. In English, we have been preparing for another assessed piece of writing about Kensuke's Kingdom. To prepare, we have looked at features of a diary, also, we have been practicing how to include our words of the week. With Mrs Turnbull, we have been making Powerpoint Presentations about our trip to the Gurdwara last half term. On Wednesday, we watched a video about how you would draw a Japanese Temple in the snow. We all then had a go ourselves and it actually went extremely well. On top of all of that, we got to go to Boston Spa Academy to do a PE lesson with Mr Lynskey. We were doing a basketball lesson and we all really enjoyed it. We are also looking forward to our next PE session with him, based on football.

By Eve and Sam
Spring 1

Year 6, Week 20

It is the final week of the Spring 1 half term and it has been absolutely amazing. This was unlike all the other weeks: it was the “Hats of Faith” week where we have had the opportunity to learn about a variety of different religions. The first day, we all got split up into our gem groups. Each teacher from KS2 chose a religion to teach about: Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. 
Here are some thoughts about the week that we collected – 
“I thought that the Hats of Faith week was a great chance to learn new things about different religions.” Georgina 
“Hats of Faith week was extremely important because we have to respect other people for their religion.” Stanley
“Hats of Faith week was very educational and also a brilliant and successful week.” Lily 
As part of Hats of Faith week, on Wednesday, Year 6 went to a Gurdwara (a Sikh’s place of worship) with Ms Turnbull and met a practicing Sikh. Unfortunately, we only had the morning there – but we would have loved to have stayed longer. We got to go in a variety of different rooms like the Langa room where they eat food. 
We have had a very busy half term, with lots of different highlights (as you can see from all of the write ups below). Miss Deighton has sent us home with some learning to do over the half term to keep our brains ticking over. But she also insists that we have a well-deserved rest and do lots of things we enjoy doing!

By Lucy and Libby
Year 6, Week 19

This week we started off by doing double the time of Maths for reasoning, to make sure our learning is embedded. We struggled at the start of the week with some more complex problems involving conversions and measurement. However, by the end of the week, we were feeling much more confident.
We have been using Purple Mash to plan and write newspaper reports this week. They are linked to Kensuke’s Kingdom and tell the story of Michael falling overboard. We had to use direct speech, indirect speech and reporter’s language. 
On Tuesday, we did some coding using Purple Mash again. Purple Mash is such a great resource that we now have because we can use it for lots of different lessons. Miss Deighton set us coding challenges that we had to complete independently. It was quite tricky to start with but most of us got the hang of it and had fun!
With Mrs Turnbull on Wednesday, we had the pleasure of making sandwiches. The aim of the lesson was to make sure that there were as few as possible microorganisms in them by making sure the surfaces were clean, along with our hands. 
On Thursday, we had a visit from two headteachers from the ‘WVLP’ (Wharf Valley Learning Partnership), who came in to look at our school, focussing on KS2 Maths. They chatted to us about what we liked about Maths, how often we get to develop reasoning and problem solving and if there was anything we find hard. 
It’s been a busy week – we are ready for the weekend!

By Lucy and Libby
Year 6, Week 18

On Monday we kicked of the week by drafting the description that we were going to write on Tuesday about Kensuke’s Kingdom. We were challenged to use colons, semi colons, Alan Peat sentences and stylistic devices. Once we finished the description, we did a lot of green pen editing also using ARMS and COGS (an editing system). We also learnt about Edward Jenna and Alexander Fleming with Mrs Turnbull. They were both scientists and Alexander Fleming discovered an extremely important medicine – Penicillin - a drug which originates from mould. In Science, we have rounded up our mouldy bread experiments and written conclusions on our findings. Miss Deighton is very happy that there are no longer any green and smelly slices of bread around the classroom!

By Libby and Lucy
Year 6, Week 17

This week, we have enjoyed doing some art; half of the class did some paintings and the other half did collages. We got our ideas from Hokusai's Great Wave (a painting created in 1829 and finished in 1832). Hokusai was a famous artist in Japan, he gave us inspiration because on the front cover of the class book we are reading there is an extremely similar picture to the Great Wave.
As always on a Wednesday morning, we have Mrs Turnbull, who teaches us SPAG RE and science. This week we did a really cool experiment testing how much mould would grow on bread when it is placed in different conditions! We are going to monitor and record the mould growth over the course of 2 weeks.
On Thursday, we had a man come in and do an orienteering session with us. Here are some quotes children have said on orienteering:
"Orienteering was very fun and could be very challenging. I enjoyed working in partners to complete it and the last game with the elves was the best game." (Imogen)
"I really enjoyed orienteering, because not only is it good exercise, but you get to work as a team as well." (Toby)
To end the week we had Sharron and Chris from the Birds of Prey Centre come in to school, they brought in some different birds of prey to show the school and each class had a session with them. It was a great opportunity to meet the birds, handle them and ask questions about them. We really enjoyed our session and there are some pictures below of us handling the different birds that were in school.

By Lucy and Libby
Year 6, Week 16

Over the week we have covered a variety of learning. In English, we also debated whether or not an average family should go on a boat trip for a year around the world. We then planned and wrote a balanced argument to weigh up the reasons for and the reasons against. We worked hard to use higher level conjunctions and balance each point before reaching our own conclusions. 
In Science, we created our own animals and had to choose how to classify them? 
To round off the week we had an assembly about road safety and we learnt all about the green cross code – THINK, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN! 

By Libby and Lucy
Year 6, Week 15

We kicked of the week on Tuesday by doing some maths revision from the Autumn term on our whiteboards; every time we got a question correct we earned a Dojo point! We could also get a Dojo point for being resilient and not giving up. By the end of the session we ended up having around three hundred dojos over the whole class! Then, it was guided reading and our new topic for this term, which is a book by Michael Morpurgo named Kensuke’s Kingdom. 
As always on Wednesday we have Mrs Turnbull and we started a new Science topic; Living things and their Habitats. In this week’s session we had to create a zoo and put the animals in different sections for example: reptiles, mammals, sea creatures etc. This is called classification.
On Thursday we started another new topic in Maths; angles. We did lots of practice on white boards to start with but then moved into our books; we started to draw angles including: right angles, reflex angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. We have also been working hard to solve problems to find the missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.

By Libby and Lucy
Autumn 2
Year 6, Week 14

This week in English, we have been looking at reviews. We have written reviews about Jack and the Beanstalk (the pantomime we watched a couple of weeks ago). We had to make them eye-catching as well as making sure that they contained all the information that they needed to. 
One highlight this week has been indoor P.E, we finished putting together our dance based on the Sowetto Uprising and the Long Walk to Freedom. We have attached the video of the dance below and hope that you enjoy watching it. Can you see from our movements which group is portraying the students of Sowetto and which group is portraying the police officers? The dance ends in a rainbow shape with all sides holding hands. This is symbolic because at the end of the apartheid, South Africa became known as the “rainbow nation” and all people of all backgrounds joined as one. We hope you enjoy the dance. 
With just one more week to go, we are looking forward to a festive week with our class Christmas party, the carol service and a highlight of the school year – carols round the tree.

By Lauren and McKenzie
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Year 6, Week 13

Throughout this week, we have continued our learning about ratio in Maths; practiced answering 3 mark style questions in Guided Reading from the book “Journey to Jo’Burg”; developed skill in shooting and footwork in Netball during outdoor P.E; and we have continued to build our African dancing piece in indoor P.E. 

On Thursday, we really enjoyed our school trip to the pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk. It was a brilliant time to spend together.
Here are some quotes for our classmates:

“I really enjoyed the pantomime because the storyline was slightly different and unique! I think the actress who played Jack was really amazing and made me believe what was happening! Overall, I really enjoyed the pantomime and I’m sad I won’t see it next year.” - Tilly 
“I think Simon was funny – due to his jokes and costume. His costume was very silly!” – Charlie
“It’s behind you! ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ was an amazing pantomime! It made me sing along and laugh out loud; an incredible last pantomime.” - Lucy 
“I really enjoyed the pantomime, because it is never the same, and it also includes lots and lots of humour!” - Sam 

We are going to create comic strips re-telling the story of the pantomime and write reviews of it next week. Keep your eyes peeled also for some podcast recordings about Benin artefacts that we have recorded – coming soon!

By Lauren and McKenzie
Year 6, Week 12

Throughout the course of this week, we have been super busy with all of our exciting lessons. So, let’s start with Maths. This week we have been learning about ratio, we have learnt what ratio means and how to simplify it, and then we solved problems involving ratio. 

Here is one of the example questions that we had to solve, see if you can do it:

Shortcrust pastry is made using flour, margarine and lard. The flour, margarine and lard are mixed in the ration 8:3:2 by weight. How many grams of margarine and lard are needed to mix 200g of flour?

In English, we have been busy planning and writing stories. Miss Deighton gave us a choice between two different stories. She showed us two short videos to help us decide. Some of us chose to write our stories based on Chaperon Rouge (a version of Little Red Riding Hood, but with no happy ending….) And some of us chose to write our stories based on Moz the Monster – which was the John Lewis Christmas advert in 2017 about a monster living under a little boys bed. At the start of our planning, we described the main character in the story we had chosen, then we described the problem and resolution parts of the story. Finally we drew and wrote a setting description, before then writing our stories in full at the end of the week. 
In indoor PE, we have been continuing our African dance topic which relates to the Sowetto Uprising and Nelson Mandela. We have been building in a key feature of African music and dance – a call and response element. We have followed this learning through to our music lessons. In outdoor PE, we have been learning more about Netball and started to develop the aspects of a game in terms of accurate throwing, catching and footwork. Along with marking and “wrong-footing”.
This week we have also had the opportunity to learn about Ancient Benin jobs and roles. We worked in small groups to create a job advertisement, describing all of the attributes you would need to work in that profession. We were all also very excited when Miss Deighton was able to show us a replica of a Benin bronze plaque and a medical bag that Lady Hasting’s in Collingham have loaned to us. 
So, as you can see we have had a very busy week, and very interesting and engaging lessons!

By Lauren and McKenzie
Lineham Farm Residential 2018
Year 6, Week 11

Wow! What a week! Through the course of this week we have been planning recounts about Lineham Farm to share with Year 5. We have tried to include the Y6 expectations and we hope Year 5 enjoy reading them and are going to be intrigued and excited to go next year! 
For outdoor P.E., we have been looking at netball and all of the different skills. We have looked particularly at footwork and passing accurately.
In indoor P.E, we have been listening to African music; we are going create a dance with the music as a class. The piece we are listening to is called “The Long Walk to Freedom” so it links in nicely with our work on Nelson Mandela. The main objective in dance is to be creative and respond to the music. Some of us were a bit shy to start with, but we did really well once we got into it.
In maths, we have been continuing our learning by solving problems to do with fractions, decimals and percentages of amounts. This is a good life-skill to have, especially when working out percentage increase and decrease – definitely handy for the January sales!!
As a class, we are feeling a bit tired as we head towards Christmas, but we are looking forward to all that is to come and can’t wait to get that festive feeling soon!

By Lauren and McKenzie. 
Lineham Farm Residential 2018
What a wonderful week we had away together at Lineham Farm! The children engaged in all of the activities with enthusiasm and determination. There are fabulous stories of fears overcome and challenges met that make a residential so worth it. Keep an eye out for a full write up soon, but for now, here are some pictures that we have from the week.
Year 6, Week 9

Wow, this week has flown by! It feels like half-term was just yesterday. During this week in Year 6, we have been planning stories about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in celebration for Bonfire Night. To start with, we noted some key information about the story. When we write it, we will have to include much more detail. Then, we started thinking about describing The Duck And Drake Pub (the potential plotting place of the Gunpowder Plot). On Tuesday, we described the Duck and Drake Pub with descriptive vocabulary and stylistic devices. 
In maths, we have been learning how convert fractions into decimals and percentages using division. Here is an example:
2/3 = 0.66 = 66% - Unfortunately, we cannot show you the bus stop method, but this is what it looks like without.
We have been thinking about residential next week and we are SUPER excited for Lineham Farm. Keep an eye out for a great write –up and pictures when we get back!

By Lauren and McKenzie
Autumn 1
Year 6, Week 8

Where has time gone? We can’t believe that it is already half term (although we are definitely ready for it!) 
In school this week, it has been wildlife week. This is where each class has an animal that they learn about. Year 6 have been learning about owls. As part of this, we have been made an owl box by Mr Simpson, which we have found a place for and we hope that one day, an owl will make a home inside!
On Monday, the whole class drew pictures of Tawny Owls. We watched a tutorial video of how to draw a Tawny Owl, and then it was time to start drawing. 
Tuesday saw us taking part in a den building workshop with Year 1. We all really enjoyed the afternoon and found it both challenging and fun. It was a fun experience to work with the Year 1 children, and we got on very well together. Our dens were really good, and we enjoyed spending time in them once they were built.
On Wednesday, we made owl toast (just for fun) and very excitingly – we got to eat them! The ingredients that we used were: apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and oranges. Some people brought in other fruits, but these were the main ones. Of course, we had bread and chocolate spread, but if we didn’t like chocolate spread, then we could bring in our own spread instead.
We have also adapted the story “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell. This is traditionally a story for younger children, but we were challenged to re-write the story in much more detail. It was very interesting! We folded A4 paper and did it in a mini booklet that we intend on sharing with Year 1. 
We hope that everyone will have a happy half term and that everyone stays safe. 

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 7

Over this week, we have done lots of interesting things that have been really fun. For example, on Wednesday with Mrs Turnbull, we wrote our own explanation texts on the digestive and renal systems. We really impressed her with our learning and presentation in our books!
We spent time this week writing and rehearsing our class assembly, so on Thursday, we were able to perform it for the whole school and our families – we based it on Channel 4's Gogglebox. We talked about things that we have been learning about: the Benin Creation Story; Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid; dissecting a pig’s heart; making blood soup and; a Tinga-Tinga art showcase. Thank you to everyone who came and watched, we really hope that you enjoyed it!
We have been continuing to learn about fractions in Maths and on Friday, we all did a fractions puzzle investigation. This involved having little pieces of squared paper that made a jigsaw puzzle and for it to work, the fraction on the pieces of paper next to each other had to be equivalent fractions. We have some photos to show you of it down below. 
Finally, we have been continuing our learning for our history topic of The Benin. We wrote (and drew) mini comic strips about the Benin dynasty transition between the first Ogiso dynasty and the Oba dynasty that followed. 
We have all had a fantastic week!

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 6

This week has been a fun-filled week! We have been writing our newspaper reports on the Soweto Uprising, have a look at some of them in the pictures below. In Maths, we have started our learning of fractions, where we were ordering, comparing, adding and subtracting – there’s a lot to remember! In Maths, we have a choice of whether to choose bronze, silver or gold challenge levels. We all like to challenge ourselves in maths so lots of us try gold! On Friday, the whole school had a skipping festival. For our skipping session, we had a challenge; girls vs boys in “run, jump, out!” At the end of the day, there was a big celebration where we were able to demonstrate our skills. Our class had a “run, jump, out” competition where Imogen, Charlie C, Jasmine, Rhys, Lauren and Austin competed. It has been a great week!

By Stanley and Imogen.
Year 6, Week 5

This week, we have been working very hard in all areas of learning. Especially in maths doing negative numbers as well as magic squares. In our English lessons, we have been learning about introductions to newspaper reports, and learning more facts about the Soweto Uprising. We have been busy in science by learning how lungs work. We have been continuing doing our Tinga Tinga art, where we drew our paintings on A3 paper, and we could choose from felt tips or paint to complete them. We will continue our fantastic learning in all lessons.

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 4

This week has been an action packed week, full of interesting learning. In English, we have been learning about the events of the Soweto uprising during the Apartheid, in preparation for writing newspaper reports about it. In our Science lesson, we had another experiment with Mrs Turnbull; we dissected a pig’s heart! It was a bit gruesome but a great opportunity for some “hands-on” learning. In Maths, we continued our learning in BODMAS by applying our growing knowledge to different problem solving investigations. On Thursday and Friday, we looked at a type of African art, which is called Tinga Tinga art; we created our own versions using different colours and shapes. Also the main animals used in Tinga Tinga art are: Buffalo; Leopard; Cheetah; Elephant; Giraffe and a Rhino. Have a look at the photos below of our art work and the pig’s heart dissection!
We are really enjoying all of our learning in Year 6, and we are all having a brilliant time. 

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 3

What a week! This week we have been on the go every single day. In English, we have been planning and writing biographies about Nelson Mandela; and in science we have been making the circulatory system out of Play-Dough, fabrics and also using drawn representations. In Maths, we have been learning about BODMAS - which stands for ‘Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.’ This helps us to solve complicated calculations because it is the sequence we should follow in order to solve a calculation that contains different steps. Ask us to show you an example!
In our topic sessions this week, three of us have been drawing portraits of Nelson Mandela, five of us researched about The Benin and the rest of us drew a collage of Nelson Mandela. We were given a small section of a picture of Nelson Mandela to copy onto a small square of plain paper. We will put all of these squares together to create a portrait of Nelson Mandela. Keep an eye out on our page for the finished piece!"

As we said, we have been learning about the Circulatory System this week. Here are some models and diagrams that we created.

As you can see, we have been very busy and we are all very much enjoying our learning.
By Imogen and Stanley.
Year 6, Week 2

This week, we have been busy bees! We have been doing some SATS papers in maths – which were very challenging. In science, we made blood soup, to help us know what’s inside our blood. We have been writing introductions for biographies about Nelson Mandela and ourselves in English. Also, in geography we have been working out where different countries are (and called) in Africa. In our topic/computing lesson, we have been finding information for our biographies for when we come to write them. We hope that everyone is enjoying Year 6 so far.
By Stanley and Imogen.
Year 6, Week 1

This week, we have had our first week in Year 6. We have been having a taste of what it’s like to be in Year 6. Our class got an introduction to our new topic ‘Africa’. In our topic, we will be learning about: Nelson Mandela, The Apartheid and The Ancient Benin Tribe. In science, which is with Mrs Turnbull, we are educating ourselves by taking a look in the human body. In the near future, we will have a few experiments like making blood soup and dissecting a pig’s heart. We have our other lessons like English, where we have been writing letters to ourselves and writing autobiographies, and Maths, where we have been doing an investigation and going over some expectations. 
We are all looking forward to the rest of the school year, and having some fun along the way with Miss Deighton.
By Imogen and Stanley.