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Welcome to Year 6!
Autumn 2
Year 6, Week 9

Wow, this week has flown by! It feels like half-term was just yesterday. During this week in Year 6, we have been planning stories about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot in celebration for Bonfire Night. To start with, we noted some key information about the story. When we write it, we will have to include much more detail. Then, we started thinking about describing The Duck And Drake Pub (the potential plotting place of the Gunpowder Plot). On Tuesday, we described the Duck and Drake Pub with descriptive vocabulary and stylistic devices. 
In maths, we have been learning how convert fractions into decimals and percentages using division. Here is an example:
2/3 = 0.66 = 66% - Unfortunately, we cannot show you the bus stop method, but this is what it looks like without.
We have been thinking about residential next week and we are SUPER excited for Lineham Farm. Keep an eye out for a great write –up and pictures when we get back!

By Lauren and McKenzie
Autumn 1
Year 6, Week 8

Where has time gone? We can’t believe that it is already half term (although we are definitely ready for it!) 
In school this week, it has been wildlife week. This is where each class has an animal that they learn about. Year 6 have been learning about owls. As part of this, we have been made an owl box by Mr Simpson, which we have found a place for and we hope that one day, an owl will make a home inside!
On Monday, the whole class drew pictures of Tawny Owls. We watched a tutorial video of how to draw a Tawny Owl, and then it was time to start drawing. 
Tuesday saw us taking part in a den building workshop with Year 1. We all really enjoyed the afternoon and found it both challenging and fun. It was a fun experience to work with the Year 1 children, and we got on very well together. Our dens were really good, and we enjoyed spending time in them once they were built.
On Wednesday, we made owl toast (just for fun) and very excitingly – we got to eat them! The ingredients that we used were: apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and oranges. Some people brought in other fruits, but these were the main ones. Of course, we had bread and chocolate spread, but if we didn’t like chocolate spread, then we could bring in our own spread instead.
We have also adapted the story “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell. This is traditionally a story for younger children, but we were challenged to re-write the story in much more detail. It was very interesting! We folded A4 paper and did it in a mini booklet that we intend on sharing with Year 1. 
We hope that everyone will have a happy half term and that everyone stays safe. 

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 7

Over this week, we have done lots of interesting things that have been really fun. For example, on Wednesday with Mrs Turnbull, we wrote our own explanation texts on the digestive and renal systems. We really impressed her with our learning and presentation in our books!
We spent time this week writing and rehearsing our class assembly, so on Thursday, we were able to perform it for the whole school and our families – we based it on Channel 4's Gogglebox. We talked about things that we have been learning about: the Benin Creation Story; Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid; dissecting a pig’s heart; making blood soup and; a Tinga-Tinga art showcase. Thank you to everyone who came and watched, we really hope that you enjoyed it!
We have been continuing to learn about fractions in Maths and on Friday, we all did a fractions puzzle investigation. This involved having little pieces of squared paper that made a jigsaw puzzle and for it to work, the fraction on the pieces of paper next to each other had to be equivalent fractions. We have some photos to show you of it down below. 
Finally, we have been continuing our learning for our history topic of The Benin. We wrote (and drew) mini comic strips about the Benin dynasty transition between the first Ogiso dynasty and the Oba dynasty that followed. 
We have all had a fantastic week!

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 6

This week has been a fun-filled week! We have been writing our newspaper reports on the Soweto Uprising, have a look at some of them in the pictures below. In Maths, we have started our learning of fractions, where we were ordering, comparing, adding and subtracting – there’s a lot to remember! In Maths, we have a choice of whether to choose bronze, silver or gold challenge levels. We all like to challenge ourselves in maths so lots of us try gold! On Friday, the whole school had a skipping festival. For our skipping session, we had a challenge; girls vs boys in “run, jump, out!” At the end of the day, there was a big celebration where we were able to demonstrate our skills. Our class had a “run, jump, out” competition where Imogen, Charlie C, Jasmine, Rhys, Lauren and Austin competed. It has been a great week!

By Stanley and Imogen.
Year 6, Week 5

This week, we have been working very hard in all areas of learning. Especially in maths doing negative numbers as well as magic squares. In our English lessons, we have been learning about introductions to newspaper reports, and learning more facts about the Soweto Uprising. We have been busy in science by learning how lungs work. We have been continuing doing our Tinga Tinga art, where we drew our paintings on A3 paper, and we could choose from felt tips or paint to complete them. We will continue our fantastic learning in all lessons.

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 4

This week has been an action packed week, full of interesting learning. In English, we have been learning about the events of the Soweto uprising during the Apartheid, in preparation for writing newspaper reports about it. In our Science lesson, we had another experiment with Mrs Turnbull; we dissected a pig’s heart! It was a bit gruesome but a great opportunity for some “hands-on” learning. In Maths, we continued our learning in BODMAS by applying our growing knowledge to different problem solving investigations. On Thursday and Friday, we looked at a type of African art, which is called Tinga Tinga art; we created our own versions using different colours and shapes. Also the main animals used in Tinga Tinga art are: Buffalo; Leopard; Cheetah; Elephant; Giraffe and a Rhino. Have a look at the photos below of our art work and the pig’s heart dissection!
We are really enjoying all of our learning in Year 6, and we are all having a brilliant time. 

By Stanley and Imogen
Year 6, Week 3

What a week! This week we have been on the go every single day. In English, we have been planning and writing biographies about Nelson Mandela; and in science we have been making the circulatory system out of Play-Dough, fabrics and also using drawn representations. In Maths, we have been learning about BODMAS - which stands for ‘Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.’ This helps us to solve complicated calculations because it is the sequence we should follow in order to solve a calculation that contains different steps. Ask us to show you an example!
In our topic sessions this week, three of us have been drawing portraits of Nelson Mandela, five of us researched about The Benin and the rest of us drew a collage of Nelson Mandela. We were given a small section of a picture of Nelson Mandela to copy onto a small square of plain paper. We will put all of these squares together to create a portrait of Nelson Mandela. Keep an eye out on our page for the finished piece!"

As we said, we have been learning about the Circulatory System this week. Here are some models and diagrams that we created.

As you can see, we have been very busy and we are all very much enjoying our learning.
By Imogen and Stanley.
Year 6, Week 2

This week, we have been busy bees! We have been doing some SATS papers in maths – which were very challenging. In science, we made blood soup, to help us know what’s inside our blood. We have been writing introductions for biographies about Nelson Mandela and ourselves in English. Also, in geography we have been working out where different countries are (and called) in Africa. In our topic/computing lesson, we have been finding information for our biographies for when we come to write them. We hope that everyone is enjoying Year 6 so far.
By Stanley and Imogen.
Year 6, Week 1

This week, we have had our first week in Year 6. We have been having a taste of what it’s like to be in Year 6. Our class got an introduction to our new topic ‘Africa’. In our topic, we will be learning about: Nelson Mandela, The Apartheid and The Ancient Benin Tribe. In science, which is with Mrs Turnbull, we are educating ourselves by taking a look in the human body. In the near future, we will have a few experiments like making blood soup and dissecting a pig’s heart. We have our other lessons like English, where we have been writing letters to ourselves and writing autobiographies, and Maths, where we have been doing an investigation and going over some expectations. 
We are all looking forward to the rest of the school year, and having some fun along the way with Miss Deighton.
By Imogen and Stanley.