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Purple Mash work
In Year 3 we have completed some work using Purple Mash. We are really enjoying using it and have created a project about Tudor Clothing. In class we looked at the differences and similarities between clothing for the rich and poor. We enjoyed learning about the different sorts of clothes they wore but we didn’t think it would be comfortable to wear a ruff!
We have also been learning all about Crime and Punishment in the Tudor times. We used some scenario cards and storyboard to learn about some of the situations that would have resulted in a punishment. We were very shocked about some of them and Miss Dealtry taught us about how we may have ended up in the stocks. We had to use our imagination as well as our new knowledge to decide what we were going to say we did as a Tudor and the punishment we received. Using Purple Mash we imported our faces into a ‘Mash-cam’ and described what we had done and how we felt.

Safer Internet Day
In Year 3 the children have been working on learning all about different scenarios they may find themselves in and what they should do if that happened. For example, if they were playing a game and something came up saying you need to buy something or that you had won a prize. The children discussed this sensibly and then created messages on a poster format to share what advice they would give. 

The children have been created a dance in their gem groups over the half term based on a theme of water. We listened to different types of water sounds to help us to incorporate these into our dance. The children worked on movements such as unison, canon, mirroring and call and response dance motifs. In addition, the children had to ensure that they were in time with the mood of the music and listen for the cues to alter their dance movements. The children also had to ensure that they incorporated different levels and a freeze frame at the end of the routine for the final thunder and lightning. This was based on the soundtrack from Bambi and they did a superb job remembering their whole routines. 

What an excellent experience for the children! When it was our turn to visit some of the birds we really liked hearing facts about the birds. After learning some new facts we got the chance to hold two of the birds. The children were all really brave and everyone had a turn. We all couldn’t believe how soft they were.

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their Orienteering Festival and we had some fantastic team work. Miss Dealtry felt really proud of all the children for their determination on what was a pretty cold morning! In the end, the competition was really close with the winning team managing to complete 10 stations of the course in 19 minutes and 47 seconds and the second place team achieving a time of 20 minutes and 6 seconds. Having said that the team who finished in last position scored just over 22 minutes – showing just how close it was. For the next part of the Festival the children had an individual course and some naughty elves were out trying to steal the win at the end by taking the orienteering cards away. It was great to see them encouraging their own team members as well as other children within the class not on their team. 

In class we have been working hard to improve our grammatical understanding. One element of grammar we have been working hard on is our use of conjunctions. Initially we learnt about FANBOY co-ordinating conjunctions: for, and, nor, but, or, yet. We then progressed our understanding and created WABUB monsters to help us remember the names of some subordinating conjunctions. ‘I SAW A WABUB’ stands for: if, since, as, when, although, while, after, before, until, because. We’ve also been learning a song to the Spice Girls by Naz Harvey to help us remember the purpose of such conjunctions. Take a look… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6NHIPh5cqI The children have now added this to their writing toolkit and are steadily building this into their writing. 

Year 3 have been working really hard on their understanding of the value of different digits within a number. To help with this we have been using hopscotch. This has been really fun for the children and they really enjoyed chanting as they hopped through. Some children progressed to hopscotch for a 4 digit number. It really helped us to develop our partitioning skills as well as adding and taking away 10, 100 and 1,000. 

Final Week of the Autumn Term
Year 3 are well and truly settled into Key Stage 2 life, working hard and trying to be good role models for the younger children. They are a lovely, polite, hard-working class who meet any challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

The last piece of writing we did was letters to Santa, in which the children had to introduce themselves, ask Santa some questions, tell him what they might like for Christmas and finish with a concluding paragraph. They could also add a p.s. if they liked. I was as always, impressed by the children’s imaginations and the different questions they came up with to ask Santa were unique and thoughtful. 

I have enjoyed teaching Year 3, and will most certainly miss them. I wish them all the best in the future and think Mrs Dealtry is very lucky to be their next teacher.

Miss Higson

This week has been all about minibeasts in Year 3. We started by researching minibeasts using books and then went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We looked under leaves and logs and in hedges and in the grass. We found lots of different bugs including a lot of woodlice.

On Tuesday afternoon we built a bug hotel with help from Mr Simpson. Although the bug hotel is looking good, it is a work in progress and we will be adding other things such as pine cones to make it even more inviting for little creatures and maybe even a hedgehog.


On Wednesday afternoon it was our turn for den building. Although it was quite windy and a bit tricky to get the covers on, the final dens were (fairly) stable and we all managed to have some fun inside our den.



Year 3 Viking Trip to Danelaw
Year 3 had an excellent day at Danelaw last Friday. The staff at Danelaw continually commented about the wonderful manners and superb listening skills that Year 3 demonstrated. We dressed as Vikings and spent the day carrying out Viking jobs around the village and learning about the Viking way of life. We made pots, ground grain to make bread, tended the fields and learnt how to use the Viking weapons. We even had to defend the village from a surprise attack from a lone Anglo-Saxon. 

Learning about the different jobs the Vikings do. Our first view of the Viking village (and Emma).
A Viking toilet (for two).  Learning how to be A Viking warrior.
Making oil lamps. Grinding the grain to make bread.
Gem Groups

The Year 3 class has settled really well into Key Stage 2 and are taking any changes in their stride.
Here we are in our gem groups.
Amethyst Group Ruby Group
Emerald Group Amber Group
Sapphire Group