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The children represented school fantastically and had an amazing time! Our day kick started with a volcano and rocks workshop. The children listened carefully and created a volcano out of playdough. They had to build this up in layers and then use bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid to start to create their own eruption. After this they looked at the layers of rock and drilled into the sides of the volcano to take out some samples. They learnt more about the ways the layers alter.

Next we took part in following some clues to discover which rocks were which. We had a number of tools to help us discover which rock matched with each clue. We learnt many new things.

Charlotte ‘In Magna I liked the fire tornado and the water pavilion. I learnt that there’s actually good reasons for living near to volcano.'

Throughout the day children visited many of the different pavilions. In the air pavilion the children were literally blown away by a powerful gust which they really loved! They discovered the power of air and how it can be used to create an instrument. The children were very kind and caring and took turns on all the different activities.

Heidi – ‘I really enjoyed the trip because I learnt a lot of cool facts! I recommend Magna 10/10 and 5 stars!

Nell - ‘I really enjoyed Magna and my favourite part was the water pavilion because I got splashed by water and it was funny.’

Jack - ‘The big melt was scary but amazing but my favourite part was the water pavilion.’

In the water pavilion the children explored the uses of water and Miss Dealtry’s group discovered that with all their weight combined they were made up of 50 litres of water! They had a go at all of the activities and really enjoyed the hands on learning approach.

Lewis – ‘I liked doing the water area because we could play a lot of games and it was a lot of fun.’

Bella – ‘I learnt about steel because of the big melt and I liked all of the activities. I really liked the water pavilion.’

Within the Earth pavilion the children were trying to lift buckets of coal – not everyone could quite manage it! The children compared their height to a large wheel in the entrance and couldn’t believe how big it was. Driving the diggers was a favourite as well as using the wheelbarrows to transport rocks. It was so great to see the children enjoying it but being so kind around some younger children who were there, allowing them to have a turn.
One of the most exciting parts was seeing the fire tornado. The children were excited to try on some firefighter outfits but thought they were a little too big! Miss Dealtry would like to thank all the adult helpers.

April B – ‘I loved Magna because it was really fun and I liked dressing up. My favourite part was the fire tornado.

Drowning Prevention

Drowning Prevention week 1

This week at swimming year 3 have been learning all about the ‘SAFE’ code and the flags and what they mean. They also did their swimming this week with their clothes on to experience what it would be like to be in the water with clothes on. They worked on understanding on what you should do if this ever happened and how to look out for each other.

Drowning Prevention week 2

This week the children have been learning about how to help someone if they were drowning. They listened carefully and learnt that you should never try to go in after someone. Instead you should lie down and see if there is something that you can reach in with such as a stick. Their swimming taught them how they should always make sure they don't put themselves at risk.

Father's Day

We listened really carefully to learn how to make a Father's Day card shaped like a shirt and tie. We discussed the important things our dads do for us. Some of us shared how we felt like they had a few people who were like a dad to them including grandparents and uncles. We hope you enjoyed your cards!

Stone Age

It has been fantastic to see the children being so keen to learn about our topic of the Stone Age. Cameron brought in some flint that his grandpa had discovered. The children loved hearing all about it and enjoyed getting to hold a piece of flint. They were excited to link this to the learning we had covered and stories studied such as Stig of the Dump.

Stone Age Art

Year 3 have been working really hard on their Stone Age topic and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the stories we've used for our topic. In particular Stig of the Dump and Ug where we looked at the cave art in these stories. After learning more about this we created our own examples using chalk and paints. We used many of the animals that were around during this time period.

In addition we have studied Stonehenge and created some silhouette art work. We chose the media we wished to use and used templates to create our own version.

Another recent piece of art work we have worked on linked to our instructional writing of 'How to Wash a Woolley Mammoth'. The children listened carefully step by step to create their own mammoth drawing.


Year 3 were absolutely fantastic at the Brownlee Triathlon event. Miss Dealtry was very proud of the way the children gave it all a go even though many felt apprehensive. They were so encouraging and supportive of each other it was lovely to see. We even had brilliant weather for the event.

Initially the children set out on their briefing and were quite intrigued by their orange swimming hats (we found them quite itchy and uncomfortable!) but we didn't moan and dived straight into swimming. The children then faced the task of cycling 2 laps of the stadium track and did an excellent job and had smiles on their faces. Some of our less confident riders were beaming with pride towards the end. After this the final event was running. Feeling very tired they all pushed themselves and it was wonderful to see so many sprint finishes and smiles at the end. Well done year 3!

Purple Mash - 2calculate
In year 3 recently we have been using 2calculate to work on spreadsheets and bar charts. The children had to gather their data and understand how to input this onto a spreadsheet. It did take patience and some debugging from the children and they successfully worked out how to convert this into a bar chart and how to adjust the colours of the bars on the chart to a suitable colour. Initially the children thought of data they could gather and then created a tally chart and completed a survey. After this they imported the data from their whiteboards onto the spreadsheets. Some children then progressed onto other challenges involving creating spreadsheets to add up money. In addition, children have worked on spreadsheets where they need to create calculations using dice and get the spreadsheet to find the total for them.

Tennis Festival
The children were fantastic at the festival at Boston Spa and represented our school brilliantly. We were very lucky as the weather was fantastic and the children loved being active in the outdoors during the festival. The Tennis Festival involved lots of short activities to keep the children engaged and provide them with different skills to help them to develop as tennis players.

Miss Dealtry was so impressed with all the children during the festival. There was some fantastic team work as well as some great skills shown. All the children joined in really well and it was great to see them having such a great time whilst keeping fit and healthy.

The children have been loving their orienteering sessions and have definitely been improving their map reading skills. Some of the children have said they like it even more when it's raining! Their endurance and team work is certainly improving and they are demonstrating a lot of determination and perseverance.

Dinosaurs Perimeter
Year 3 had a great time creating some enclosures for a range of dinosaurs. The children had to work in a team and solve the problems together. Some dinosaurs had to have enclosures of certain widths due to their size. It did get quite tricky but everyone managed to solve the tricky challenges too!

HenryVIII Jigsaw Pieces
The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating their HenryVIII jigsaw pieces. We worked on using oil pastels and creating a good blend of colours. We worked as a team to make sure that the pieces matched.

The children have been learning all about Plants. We have looked at the jobs of each part of the plant as well as how seeds get dispersed.

We considered which areas of our classroom would allow a plant to grow well and which ones wouldn't. In their gem teams the children discussed what the focus of their bean experiment was going to be. Some children investigated if the number of beans in their cup would affect the speed at which it could grow. Others decided to think about the positioning of the bean within the cup to see if this altered the growth. 

Each team have been carefully monitoring their beans on a daily basis and currently one has grown to 38cm! The children concluded that the area in the reading corner was the best place for the plant to grow. They also decided that measuring the water each day that they used to water the plants ensured they didn't over water their bean. 

Purple Mash work
In Year 3 we have completed some work using Purple Mash. We are really enjoying using it and have created a project about Tudor Clothing. In class we looked at the differences and similarities between clothing for the rich and poor. We enjoyed learning about the different sorts of clothes they wore but we didn’t think it would be comfortable to wear a ruff!
We have also been learning all about Crime and Punishment in the Tudor times. We used some scenario cards and storyboard to learn about some of the situations that would have resulted in a punishment. We were very shocked about some of them and Miss Dealtry taught us about how we may have ended up in the stocks. We had to use our imagination as well as our new knowledge to decide what we were going to say we did as a Tudor and the punishment we received. Using Purple Mash we imported our faces into a ‘Mash-cam’ and described what we had done and how we felt.

Safer Internet Day
In Year 3 the children have been working on learning all about different scenarios they may find themselves in and what they should do if that happened. For example, if they were playing a game and something came up saying you need to buy something or that you had won a prize. The children discussed this sensibly and then created messages on a poster format to share what advice they would give. 

The children have been created a dance in their gem groups over the half term based on a theme of water. We listened to different types of water sounds to help us to incorporate these into our dance. The children worked on movements such as unison, canon, mirroring and call and response dance motifs. In addition, the children had to ensure that they were in time with the mood of the music and listen for the cues to alter their dance movements. The children also had to ensure that they incorporated different levels and a freeze frame at the end of the routine for the final thunder and lightning. This was based on the soundtrack from Bambi and they did a superb job remembering their whole routines. 

What an excellent experience for the children! When it was our turn to visit some of the birds we really liked hearing facts about the birds. After learning some new facts we got the chance to hold two of the birds. The children were all really brave and everyone had a turn. We all couldn’t believe how soft they were.

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their Orienteering Festival and we had some fantastic team work. Miss Dealtry felt really proud of all the children for their determination on what was a pretty cold morning! In the end, the competition was really close with the winning team managing to complete 10 stations of the course in 19 minutes and 47 seconds and the second place team achieving a time of 20 minutes and 6 seconds. Having said that the team who finished in last position scored just over 22 minutes – showing just how close it was. For the next part of the Festival the children had an individual course and some naughty elves were out trying to steal the win at the end by taking the orienteering cards away. It was great to see them encouraging their own team members as well as other children within the class not on their team. 

In class we have been working hard to improve our grammatical understanding. One element of grammar we have been working hard on is our use of conjunctions. Initially we learnt about FANBOY co-ordinating conjunctions: for, and, nor, but, or, yet. We then progressed our understanding and created WABUB monsters to help us remember the names of some subordinating conjunctions. ‘I SAW A WABUB’ stands for: if, since, as, when, although, while, after, before, until, because. We’ve also been learning a song to the Spice Girls by Naz Harvey to help us remember the purpose of such conjunctions. Take a look… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6NHIPh5cqI The children have now added this to their writing toolkit and are steadily building this into their writing. 

Year 3 have been working really hard on their understanding of the value of different digits within a number. To help with this we have been using hopscotch. This has been really fun for the children and they really enjoyed chanting as they hopped through. Some children progressed to hopscotch for a 4 digit number. It really helped us to develop our partitioning skills as well as adding and taking away 10, 100 and 1,000. 

Final Week of the Autumn Term
Year 3 are well and truly settled into Key Stage 2 life, working hard and trying to be good role models for the younger children. They are a lovely, polite, hard-working class who meet any challenges with energy and enthusiasm.

The last piece of writing we did was letters to Santa, in which the children had to introduce themselves, ask Santa some questions, tell him what they might like for Christmas and finish with a concluding paragraph. They could also add a p.s. if they liked. I was as always, impressed by the children’s imaginations and the different questions they came up with to ask Santa were unique and thoughtful. 

I have enjoyed teaching Year 3, and will most certainly miss them. I wish them all the best in the future and think Mrs Dealtry is very lucky to be their next teacher.

Miss Higson

This week has been all about minibeasts in Year 3. We started by researching minibeasts using books and then went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We looked under leaves and logs and in hedges and in the grass. We found lots of different bugs including a lot of woodlice.

On Tuesday afternoon we built a bug hotel with help from Mr Simpson. Although the bug hotel is looking good, it is a work in progress and we will be adding other things such as pine cones to make it even more inviting for little creatures and maybe even a hedgehog.


On Wednesday afternoon it was our turn for den building. Although it was quite windy and a bit tricky to get the covers on, the final dens were (fairly) stable and we all managed to have some fun inside our den.



Year 3 Viking Trip to Danelaw
Year 3 had an excellent day at Danelaw last Friday. The staff at Danelaw continually commented about the wonderful manners and superb listening skills that Year 3 demonstrated. We dressed as Vikings and spent the day carrying out Viking jobs around the village and learning about the Viking way of life. We made pots, ground grain to make bread, tended the fields and learnt how to use the Viking weapons. We even had to defend the village from a surprise attack from a lone Anglo-Saxon. 

Learning about the different jobs the Vikings do. Our first view of the Viking village (and Emma).
A Viking toilet (for two).  Learning how to be A Viking warrior.
Making oil lamps. Grinding the grain to make bread.
Gem Groups

The Year 3 class has settled really well into Key Stage 2 and are taking any changes in their stride.
Here we are in our gem groups.
Amethyst Group Ruby Group
Emerald Group Amber Group
Sapphire Group