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Welcome to the Year Two page. We are a kind, caring and helpful class who always try our best. We enjoy coming to school and try hard to be great Primrose Lane Learners. We enjoy working together across the curriculum and being good partners and friends. We are enthusiastic in all that we do and persevere even when it is hard. We are encouraged to be creative in all areas of the curriculum, problem solving in maths and science, storytelling in English and taking the lead role in the Nativity. We try hard to be ambitious, challenging ourselves to do more than we think we can and stretching ourselves in maths using bronze, silver and gold to help us do the best we can. During and after our learning we reflect on how we have done and what we could do to even better. Throughout everything we try our best to be enquiring, asking questions and doing our own research through our class topics.


Mrs Bailey regularly uploads updates about our learning so please visit regularly to see what we have been up to.

This Week
Stay and Read

This week Reception, Year One and Year Two had their first joint stay and read session. After the successful launch our new Rainbow Readers reading incentive program we wanted this session to focus on reading for pleasure. We want all children to enjoy reading and not see it as a chore so this session was about having the opportunity in school to sit with a special adult and share some quality reading time. The session was really well attended and it was lovely to walk around the classes, library and hall and see children and adults enjoying reading together. As well as reading we also had our first Primrose Lane Book Swap. Prior to the session all children were asked to bring in a book that they have enjoyed reading but were happy to give away. All the books were displayed in the all and every child was then able to pick a new book. There were lots of smiling faces as children left with their brand new books at the end of the day.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us to help your children to love reading!

Mrs Bailey

Changes in Living memory and lots more

What a busy week we have had in Year Two! In English we have been looking at poetry. We started by looking at fireworks poems and ended the week by writing our own versions of ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright. I was really impressed with some of the descriptive language the children used. We also started our history topic by looking at changes in living memory which was part of our holiday home learning. Lots of us had spoken to our parents and grandparents about the things that have changed since they were little. We were really surprised with how far technology has come and we can hardly imagine what life without mobile phones and the Internet must have been like. We started to learn all about The Great Fire of London and have been playing our own Great Fire of London games in the playground. Finally, we learnt about the lifecycle of a bulb and planted some bulbs outside our classroom ready for spring!


This week we have taken our learning about Paddington Bear on to non – fiction writing and have been learning about instructions. We looked at what makes a good instruction and played barrier games where we had to give detailed instructions to our partners. We learnt that instructions contain verbs (doing words) as well as often having adverbs and time conjunctions. We then made marmalade sandwiches for Paddington and wrote our own instructions. We really enjoyed making marmalade sandwiches and eating them and were proud of the instructions we wrote.


We have been learning about different materials and their properties. As part of our learning we investigated which material would be good to make a waterproof coat for Paddington Bear. We discussed how a good material would repel the water rather than absorb it. We used water a pipette and dropped water onto felt, plastic, paper and kitchen paper. We also looked at what happens when you cover a piece of paper with wax crayon. We found out that plastic was the most waterproof material and would be best for a coat for Paddington. However, we also found that when you cover a piece of paper with a wax crayon the paper becomes less absorbent and more waterproof.

This week we have been continuing with our Paddington topic. We have been writing our own stories all about Paddington visiting Primrose Lane and getting into all sorts of mischief including, flooding the cloakroom and climbing the trees in the playground. When we were writing our stories, we tried hard to make them interesting and extend our sentences with some conjunctions too. We have also had a visit from some Paddington teddies including one from a parent in the class whose mum used to have the surname Brown. Perhaps it was the real Paddington!

British Values

This week we have linked our learning about Paddington to our learning about British Values. We learnt that some children are not as lucky as we are and are forced to leave their homes due to war or natural disasters, becoming refugees. We thought about what it would be like to leave our home in a hurry and pack only our most precious belongings, this was harder than we thought. We also looked at ‘UN Rights of the Child’ and learnt a little bit more about what our rights as children are. We realised that we are very lucky to live somewhere safe, and to have an education and learnt that unfortunately there are some countries in the world where this is not the case.

To continue our learning we have been using the ‘Learnpads’ to conduct our own research about Peru and learn about the continents and oceans of the world. Here are some of the facts we found out about Peru:

  • Peru has a rainforest called the Amazon
  • It is quite a poor country
  • It is in the continent of South America and is the third largest country
  • There is a mountain range called the Andes it is the second biggest in the world
  • They speak Spanish and one of their national delicacies is roasted guinea pig
Season Watch

This week we started to talk about the seasons and the changes that we can see happening around us as we move into autumn. We discussed the recent Storm Alice and looked at the Newsround website to get a better understanding about how the weather affected people across the UK. Over the next few weeks I will be encouraging the children to bring in different things that they find linked to autumn as well as take photos of our school grounds as the changes happen. We also began looking at a map of the UK and where we are in relation to the rest of the world. We talked about the countries that make up the UK and learnt about their flags and capital cities.

Charlie and Lola

This week we have been reading the books by the author Lauren Childs including ‘I really don’t want to go to school’. We discussed how Lola used her imaginary friend Soren Lorenson to help her when she was scared about going to school. We then thought about what our imaginary friend would be like and where they would live. Some children even brought in shoe boxes that they had created as homes for their imaginary friend at home.

What a fantastic first week!

Year two have settled in brilliantly! I have been so proud of how independently they have all come in and how quickly they have learnt the routines of the class. As part of our week we have worked together to develop a set of class rules that we all agree with and the children have signed up to them to show that they know and understand what is expected of them. We have also really enjoyed using our new ‘Well Done Board’ and trying our best to get all the way to Neptune (harder than it looks). Finally, we have been practising our accurate counting skills in maths and have been trying really hard to write our numbers the correct way round.