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A very warm welcome to Year 1

We are a friendly, happy class who pride ourselves on being kind, caring and considerate towards others in order to create a harmonious environment to play and learn in. We come into the classroom independently and ready for our daily challenge. We love receiving stickers and stamps and getting on the rainbow and sunshine on our Well Done Board! We are looking forward to all the exciting learning we have in store for the year

When Mrs Brough was outside on Thursday she noticed that there were lots of apples on the ground in our school orchard. She picked them, we washed them and then we ate them for our snack on Friday. They were delicious and we made a class list of words to describe them. We are going to be tasting some more fruit in the next few weeks and adding to our vocabulary list.


This week Year 1 have been revisiting counting and writing numbers from 0 to 10. We also used the Learnpads to play some counting games as well as.