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A very warm welcome to Year 1

We are a friendly, happy class who pride ourselves on being kind, caring and considerate towards others in order to create a harmonious environment to play and learn in. We come into the classroom independently and ready for our daily challenge. We love receiving stickers and stamps and getting on the rainbow and sunshine on our Well Done Board! We are looking forward to all the exciting learning we have in store for the year
York Bird of Prey Centre

Today we had a visit from the York Bird of Prey Centre. We all got to hold one of the birds. It was fantastic! This afternoon we then went outside and did some bird spotting as part of the RSPB's Big Bird Watch. We saw lots of blackbirds, some pigeons and some red kites too.

Askham Bryan Wildlife Park

On Thursday we had a fantastic day at the Wildlife Park. We met lots of animals and even to got to hold some of them. Here are some photos.

Meerkat Mail

We have been enjoying reading Meerkat Mail in Year 1. On Friday we took Sunny on an adventure around the school and then used the photos we took to help us write postcards from Sunny to his family.

Gymnastics in Year 1

We have started a gymnastics unit of work with Becky. We have been exploring different ways of travelling.

More Maths in Year 1

We have been busy with our maths in the last couple of weeks. We have been learning to use a number line to subtract and have also been out and about in the playground exploring the different 2D shapes we could find. Can you spot the different shapes that we found in our playground?

Wildlife Week - Hedgehogs

This week has been all about hedgehogs in Year 1. We started the week sharing our home learning about hedgehogs. We had discovered some fantastic facts and some of us had even had a go at making our own hedgehogs.
Mr Simpson had made us two amazing hedgehog houses which we were able to hide in the school grounds. We found two quiet, safe spots and had great fun collecting twigs and leaves to cover the houses. They looked very cosy and hopefully with the weather cooling down some hedgehogs will find them and use them to hibernate in over the winter months.

Remembrance Poppies

We have been creating our own poppies today to make a class wreath which will be on display in the village on Remembrance Day.


On Friday Jodie came in to our school to teach us how to skip. We had such fun! She taught us how to hold the rope, how to turn the rope and how to jump over the rope. She turned us all into bunnies as well!

I can draw a poem

As part of our learning on senses Year 1 used their sense of hearing to listen very carefully to the poem 'What Shall I Draw' by Helen Dunmore and then had a go at drawing what they could hear.

What Shall I Draw? by Helen Dunmore

Draw a house with four walls
a white fence with a gate in it
four windows, a smoking chimney –
and the path must be lined
with cockleshells and sunflowers

What shall I draw next?
An apple tree and a plum tree
a sheet of grass, pale green,
a tent made from a blanket,
washing on the line.

What shall I put in my house?

A face at the window looking out,
four chairs, a table, a bowl of fruit
and in the room with the red curtains
you can draw yourself, sleeping

You can draw yourself, sleeping.
Even when the doors are shut
you can draw your way home.

What do you think of our drawings?


This week we have been using our senses to describe Autumn. This afternoon we used leaves and sticks to make some Autumn animal pictures. While we did this we were thinking about what we could detect with our different senses.


This week we have started learning all about the five senses. We used four of our senses to describe what an orange looked like, felt like, smelt like and finally tasted like. We really enjoyed eating them!

Rainbow Fish

We have been reading the Rainbow Fish in class. We decided it would be fun to design and make our very own Rainbow Fish inspired biscuits. We designed them, decorated them, ate them (obviously!) and then evaluated them.


When Mrs Brough was outside on Thursday she noticed that there were lots of apples on the ground in our school orchard. She picked them, we washed them and then we ate them for our snack on Friday. They were delicious and we made a class list of words to describe them. We are going to be tasting some more fruit in the next few weeks and adding to our vocabulary list.


This week Year 1 have been revisiting counting and writing numbers from 0 to 10. We also used the Learnpads to play some counting games as well as.