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A very warm welcome to Year 1

We are a friendly, happy class who pride ourselves on being kind, caring and considerate towards others in order to create a harmonious environment to play and learn in. We come into the classroom independently and ready for our daily challenge. We love receiving stickers and stamps and getting on the rainbow and sunshine on our Well Done Board! We are looking forward to all the exciting learning we have in store for the year.
Primrose Lane Astronaut School

Year 1 have recently completed a fantastic day at Astronaut School. Here are a few pictures of some of the things we got up to.

Maths in Year One

This term we have been learning our numbers to 50. We have been making the numbers using Base Ten and counters so that we have a real understanding of how the numbers are made. Once we were confident with how to make the numbers using tens and ones we then used inequality symbols to show which numbers were bigger and which numbers were smaller.

I can draw a poem

As part of our learning on senses Year 1 used their sense of hearing to listen very carefully to the poem 'What Shall I Draw' by Helen Dunmore and then had a go at drawing what they could hear.

What Shall I Draw? by Helen Dunmore

Draw a house with four walls
a white fence with a gate in it
four windows, a smoking chimney –
and the path must be lined
with cockleshells and sunflowers

What shall I draw next?
An apple tree and a plum tree
a sheet of grass, pale green,
a tent made from a blanket,
washing on the line.

What shall I put in my house?

A face at the window looking out,
four chairs, a table, a bowl of fruit
and in the room with the red curtains
you can draw yourself, sleeping

You can draw yourself, sleeping.
Even when the doors are shut
you can draw your way home.

What do you think of our drawings?

All About Me

As part of our All About Me topic Year 1 have been learning about the names of different parts of the body we can see. We drew around Elliot to help us remember the names of all the parts and then everyone worked with their learning partner to label their own person.

Year 1 have been doing lots of learning this half term. Here are some photos to show you what we have been doing.