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Working Together in Reception!

This half term in Reception we have had to work together as a team on so many occasions but the biggest challenge has been our Maypole dancing! We learnt that everyone is important in the dance and that if one person is being silly or making the wrong choices, then it can affect the dance for the whole class. We agreed to always try our best and encourage our friends to do the same or help them when we notice that they are not.
The children in the May Queen’s Procession had to work really well together, walking around the playground at just the right speed so that the cloak didn’t pull our Queen over, or drag on the floor!
Throughout rehearsals we built on our skills and performed a fantastic routine on the day – everybody was so impressed!

We also learnt the importance of working together through playing Top Trumps – we even designed and made our own class set based on Traditional Tales characters!

We have been working together in Maths too! Here are Isla and Maddie looking very proud of themselves after using super teamwork skills to order the number cards to 20.

Our Royal Wedding Celebration!

Reception and Nursery came together to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We learned all about what would be happening on their wedding day and made preparations for our own celebrations too. Nursery were in charge of wedding cake design and production, whilst Reception arranged the catering – crown shaped sandwiches and crown shaped biscuits! We dressed smartly for the occasion and wrote our own ‘Royal Wedding’ themed song to perform for each other at the party. We also gave each other a preview of our Maypole dances and enjoyed sharing this tradition. We danced, played games and had a fantastic time before going home and getting ready to watch ‘the real thing’ and celebrate with our families!

Happy Easter!

We had a fantastic turnout at Boston Spa Library for our Easter Bonnet Parade. The children in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Two showed their fantastic creations and sang beautifully for everyone who came to see us! 
Book Week

Reception have had lots of fun during Book Week. The whole school have been reading 'Leon and the Place Between' so Reception thought about how we could join in with this too. We imagined we were in a magic box and wrote about the things we could see - the children had lots of wonderful ideas! Then, we put our thoughts together to make a whole class poem called 'The Magic Box'.

The Magic Box
When I enter the Magic Box I will see…
Lost numbers trying to order themselves, juggling rabbits, talking money and a bridge over magic water.
When I enter the Magic Box I will see…
Rabbits with wings jumping over the moon, a magic wand turning a snake into a worm, magic Lego that builds itself and a ball that has bounced into the box too.
When I enter the Magic Box I will see…
Candy and mermaids doing magic, a red shooting star, talking rabbits and lots of colours dancing.
When I enter the Magic Box I will see…
A red ring flying through the sky, a purple dancing rabbit, jumping clowns and cats with wings.
When I enter the Magic Box I will see…
A sweet factory, a talking butterfly, a letterbox making magic money and a golden egg from the world of gold eggs.
When I enter the Magic Box I will see…
Lots of candy breaking the moon, a vampire kitten, a red planet that will turn into a silver planet and Mrs Smith there too.
When I enter the Magic Box I will see…
A sky with no moon, no stars and no clouds – just darkness – and a genie making wishes come true!

We also had great fun at our circus workshop - we even mastered some magic tricks! 

Reception Stay & Learn Session 21.03.18


The aim of this session is to share some activities that will build on your child’s skills in reading comprehension. We hope you will take the time to enjoy books from our school and class library with your child, asking relevant questions which will deepen their understanding.

Reading is one of the most beneficial activities you can complete with your child at home. Whether building on their phonics skills by sounding out and blending sounds, reading key words by sight, or extending their vocabulary by conversation with an adult/older sibling – sharing great books can build on a child’s skills in many ways.

Before becoming a successful writer, you need to be exposed to a wide range of language, vocabulary and imaginative ideas and organise these through ‘talk’ before putting them on paper. The more opportunities we provide for children to do this (through sharing books and building conversation) the better chance they have at becoming accomplished writers. We have found that children who read regularly at home with an adult achieve significantly more in Literacy than those who don’t.

Here are some key questions you could ask your child when reading with them to consolidate, extend and further their knowledge and understanding. These are questions that they need to be able to answer and skills they must have to meet the end of year expectations for Reception.

  • Can you make a sensible prediction by looking at the front cover of the book and listening to the title?
  • Can you listen carefully to the story and answer simple questions about the text? You could use the pictures for clues.
  • Can you listen carefully and use the pictures to explain how the character could be feeling?
  • Can you identify that this book is a story book (fiction book)/information book (non-fiction) and attempt to explain why?
  • Can you make a sensible prediction by listening carefully to the story and talking about what could happen next?
  • Can you continue a rhyming string? (dog, frog, log etc)
  • Which sounds does this word begin with? (Playing ‘I Spy’ is great for initial sounds recognition)
  • Do you know the letter name for that sound? (e.g ‘a’ is the sound, ‘ay/A’ is the letter name)

Things to consider:

  • Can they use vocabulary and forms of speech that are increasingly influenced by their experiences of books?
  • Do they enjoy an increasing range of books?
  • Do they know that information can be retrieved from books and computers?
  • Can they read and understand simple sentences?
  • Can they use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately?
  • Can they read some common irregular words? (Red words, Reception Key words)
  • Do they demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read? (rather than just sounding out and blending the words)


It would be highly beneficial to share your own love of reading with your child. Children aspire to be like their adult role models so if they see you reading for both purpose and pleasure it can greatly increase their enthusiasm to do so too. As an adult, it can be difficult to find time to enjoy a book for yourself however, in the ever increasing technology fuelled world in which we live it is a priority now, more than ever, that children see the enjoyment that a good book can bring.

Opening children up to reading in the world around us is also extremely important – for example, signs in shops, menus, and public notices. Once children realise that reading skills allow them to access so much more around them, they seem to have a ‘light bulb moment’ and understand for themselves why it is so important that we learn to read.

Most importantly – have fun and enjoy spending valuable time together sharing books!

Stay and Learn – Maths

Parents, carers and younger siblings joined us in school for a great learning session in the hall. Together, they worked through a range of practical maths activities including, weighing presents, sharing cookies, packing a suitcase and a visit to Pirate Poundland! The children loved sharing their learning and spending time with their families in school.

Here are some thoughts from our parents:
  • ‘We loved this practical Stay and Learn – our favourite activity was rolling the dice! Great to have the space in the hall too.’
  • ‘Fabulous session! Really fun and informative – absolutely brilliant!’
  • ‘Super variety of activities. All very hands on. My child loved taking part with me. We really enjoyed the ‘Pirate Shop’ and the ‘Two Halves’. She is growing in confidence with number and shape, space and measure.’
  • ‘We liked Stay and Learn being in the hall as it gives more space and it’s easier to concentrate. Great interactive ideas.’
  • ‘Thank you for a fun time! We really enjoyed all the activities with my son, his classmates and his younger brother.’
  • ‘These sessions are much more worthwhile than the previous “Stay and Play”. It is great to see what the children are learning first hand.’

In Reception we have been so enthusiastic about all things ‘Supertato!’ and have done so much learning across the curriculum as a result of this. We have explored speech bubbles, comics, wanted posters, letters, weighing, measuring, freezing, melting, construction, invention, our imaginations and so much more as a result of being so immersed in such a fantastic story! Teaching which captures the children’s interests is so valuable in promoting enthusiasm and a love of learning and can be a great direction in which to steer our curriculum content. 

Inspired by the story, we designed our own Superhero fruits and vegetables and planned and wrote comics about them! We wrote some instructions on how to make them too!

We learned a lot about Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, the creators of Supertato, and lots of children loved their stories so much that they asked their grown-ups to buy some to have at home too! It was great to see children showing a real love of books and sharing this with their families.

One day we arrived at school to find that the Evil Pea had frozen a family of carrots in a block of ice and left behind a letter saying that Supertato had been taken too!

We tried to get Supertato down from his trap, thought of ways to melt the ice and free the carrots, made wanted posters to warn others about the Evil Pea and made traps to stop it coming back again – amongst many other exciting activities! Imogen even wrote a newspaper article about it!

The children then put all of their learning into a wonderful assembly to share the story with the rest of the school! They did a fantastic job, speaking clearly and acting out their roles in front of a large audience. Well done Reception, we are so proud of you!

Thank you for the fantastic turnout at our Stay and Learn session. It was wonderful to see parents/carers and children spending time together, enjoying learning. We hope this continues at home and that you can join us again for our next session on Monday 5th February at 8.50-9.30am when the focus will be letter formation.

Perfect Pizzas!

Reception are well underway with their latest child initiated topic of ‘pizzas’! It all began when they decided to turn the paper circles in the mark making area into delicious pizzas by adding colourful toppings and a crust. Evie W then told us that her Mummy had made dough at home and she had chosen the toppings to make her very own pizza. The next thing we knew, we were drawing a giant pizza on the floor, writing lists of ingredients so Mrs Booth could go shopping, and actually making our own pizzas to eat! We used our 5 senses to think of lots of describing words for the pizzas we had made and did our own fantastic writing about them too! We loved them so much that we decided to make a Pizza Café role play area so that we could continue the fun. The children have shown super turn-taking skills, being the waiter, customer and chef in our restaurant and listened extra carefully to make sure the orders are correct! We even managed to squeeze in some pizza based maths activities, sharing our pizzas fairly between friends and looking at the shapes we could see when we made a paper plate pizza. Phew – what a busy week!