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This week in Nursery

It has been a brilliant half term and the children have really made the most of their time in Nursery. The children have made new friends, told us lots about their life and families, explored Autumn, created incredible constructions, shared stories, made beautiful pictures, supported each other, climbed and chased, built dinosaur houses, developed their maths skills with teddy’s and pumpkins and worked together, to name but a few!
The children enjoyed exploring autumn and we talked lots about the changes we were seeing in our environment. On autumn walks they collected beautiful leaves, twigs and seeds, and we watched a squirrel collect and bury its acorns in the school grounds. They children brought everything we had collected back to the classroom and organised everything into different baskets ready for our autumn workshop where they made beautiful seasonal collages.
The children we so excited to share everything they have learnt about harvest at our harvest tea, including singing their harvest songs. In preparation for the event the children harvested the Nursery garden and gathered apples from the orchard, they chopped the vegetables up and made soup and cake, and they made beautiful table cloths from leaf and apple printing. Thank you to all of the families who were able to join us for our Harvest Tea!


We have been bonkers for conkers in Nursery this week. We have explored and discussed the appearance and texture of a conker, we have looked at capacity – exploring how many conkers we can fit into a container, we have counted conkers and created beautiful marks and colours through conker rolling with paint.


The children had started to notice seasonal changes in the environment and have been bringing in the autumn discoveries they have made on their way to Nursery.

We then went for our own autumn walk to see what we could find in the school environment. The children made excellent discoveries and were excited to collected leaves, acorns, lime seeds and crab apples! After collecting lots of lovely things, the children spent time organising and sorting the items into different baskets, ready for our autumn workshop!