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Year 4 playing glockenspiels.
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Primrose Lane Spring Concert

Our annual Spring Concerts took place on Monday afternoon and evening featuring a variety of music from percussion groups, woodwind players, pianists, the school choir and recorder ensemble. Once again the children excelled in their musical performances with seventy children from Key Stage two taking part. Here are some quotes from the children which sum up another wonderful music event in our school.

"I really enjoyed it but I got a bit nervous when it came to my part. But then I overcame my fears and did it!" Ellen, Year 6

"I loved hearing all the wonderful instruments as well as playing my flute piece well. It was great to hear everyone's amazing talents." Orla, Year 6

"In the concert I sang in the choir and I think it's the best I've ever sung" Abbi, Year 5

"I really enjoyed playing my flute in the concert - it made me more confident in front of a crowd." Maisy, Year 5

"I like watching the new talents coming up and performing well." Edward, Year 5

"When it started I felt nervous and excited because it was my first time playing an instrument in the concert. It was all just amazing!" Imogen, Year 4

"I loved it and at the end I just wanted to do it all again!" Lucy, Year 4

"Being in the concert as a performer was epic, but I was really shy. My best bit was the choir as we sang two songs." Charlie S, Year 4

"I was a performer in the concert and it was awesome! I was playing the djembe and it was fun." Stanley, Year 4

"I enjoyed listening to people playing the flute." Keely, Year 3

"I enjoyed all the singing in the concert." Beth, Year 3
Here is our school choir singing 'See You Again
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Listen to our Recorder Ensemble playing 'Best Day of My Life' and 'Skat Cat Swing'
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Listen to Year 4's Rainforest soundscapes.
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Watch Year 2's response to the music 'The Snow is Dancing' by Debussy.
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Year 6 have composed samba style rhythm pieces after listening to 'Mambo' from 'West Side Story' by Leonard Bernstein. We wanted to create the energetic rhythmic textures and call and response features that we identified in the Mambo. The skills of keeping to the same tempo, maintaining our own rhythmic ostinato and creating and memorising a structure were really improved as well as having to listen to each other and work well together. Here is one example.

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