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Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark

Over this academic year I’m sure your children have enjoyed participating and competing in various sports and small games, as well as learning within their two hours of PE per week. There is now a huge focus on PE and Sport in all schools, not just to encourage healthy active lifestyles, but also to develop the children’s social and emotional enjoyment, which has been shown to link to success within other areas of the curriculum.

This year, again, primary schools have received funding called Sport Premium, which is ring-fenced and can only be used to specifically develop Physical Education (PE), sport and physical activity in school. After an evaluation, schools have then been awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award or nothing at all within the Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark.

Following our recent assessments, Primrose Lane is very proud to announce that we achieved the Gold for the Sainsburys School Games Quality Mark, up from Silver last year and Bronze the year before, which is a fantastic achievement! We would like to congratulate all staff and children for their efforts and cooperation within PE and Sport and hope it continues to progress further. Congratulations have also been received from SSCos Jon Lynsky from Boston Spa High School and Julie Smyth from Wetherby High School, as well as Partnership Development Manager Shaun Mulhern.

If you have any questions or suggestions of ways of further developing the PE and Sport here at Primrose Lane, please come and see Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator).

Sports leader training!

Year 5 sports leaders went to Boston Spa High School and learnt how to be a good sports leaders for Primrose Lane.
We were put into four large groups-made from six different schools (Primrose Lane, Lady Hastings, Collingham, St Marys, St Edwards and Harewood). Primrose Lane were in a group with Collingham. We learnt about how to be a good leader, first. Then we learnt an acronym. It was;


We went to Equipment first. We played a game called monkey football where we used one hand to stop a ball getting through our legs.
Next we went to Area. We played tag but kept varying the area.
We ate our lunch after the third session
After that we went to ‘participants’. We worked on how to put children into teams.
Finally, we went to communication. We made our own relay races, which went well.
We all enjoyed the day and feel confident now to deliver games in school to younger children. 

Intra Competitions and Participation
Gems Rounder Competition July 2017

On Friday 7th July 2017, KS2 had a Gems Rounders Competition, whereby each Gem group (From Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Amber and Amethyst) played each other in order to be crowned the Gem winners! The preliminary rounds were very exciting, with all teams scoring some great rounders, making good catches and fielding like they were pro’s!

Having collected results from the preliminary rounds, we had an enthralling final, where Ruby came up against Sapphire for the second time, which ended in a draw! For this reason, we had a ‘rounder off’ and the overall winners were Ruby! Congratulations go to them for working well as a team, but to everybody for their efforts!
Year 5 Level 2 Bikeability 2017

Last week, Year 5 did their Level 2 Bikeability course. The groups completed activities throughout the week to ensure proficiency in riding a bike, checking the safety, as well as riding safely and competently along the road. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience:

‘I really enjoyed Bikeability. My favourite achievement was breaking the school record for weaving in and out of cones’ – Ethan

‘I really enjoyed the Bikeability, because we did lots of fun activities (such as beating the record for the cross roads’ - Abbi

‘I really enjoyed all of the learning activities in Bikeability. My favourite achievement was managing to do a U-turn without breaking on my first try!’ - James

‘I really enjoyed Bikeability. Mostly it was fun, but some of the activities were really challenging’ - Anya

‘It was a really good experience of learning how to ride a bike safely on the road’ - Zak

All children successfully achieved their certificates and badges, loving the experience in the process! The class would like to thank the instructors very much for their help and enthusiasm (Angela and Jeff).
Individual Success!


Charlie and his Manchester City team flew out to Dallas on Monday 10th April for a football tournament, finally arriving at their destination on Tuesday (after a missed internal flight). The Ibercup tournament kicked off with a big opening ceremony on Tuesday night. First match was played on Wednesday, winning 9-4. Manchester City then won their next four games to reach the final!
The final was played on Sunday, winning 5-0. As you can imagine, there was a big celebration by the team and their coaches.
The team were also given a tour around the Dallas Cowboys stadium - the biggest in the world! A highlight was seeing the cheerleaders changing room according to the players!
The Ibercup is a world youth football tournament played by the best youth football academies in the world – therefore this has been a massive achievement for Manchester City to win.
Charlie was a big part of this success and as a result, has just re-signed his contract to take him into the under 10s. As well as his family and friends, all of us at Primrose Lane are very proud of his achievements and wish him all the best for the future with Manchester City.

Individual success!

Last week, Sam Alker (Year 3) officially signed a contract with Leeds United, following in his brother’s (Luke, Year 5) footsteps! He met several players and had a tour of the ground before the Preston game. He then, with his squad members (only 8 others for the u8's have been selected), watched the game from a box and did a half time tour of the pitch. His brother, Luke, was also able to get involved as he missed out when he signed for the club later.


Well done Sam, we wish you the best of luck for your football journey!

Orienteering success!


As a follow up to the recent school orienteering opportunity at school, Ben K and Ben K took part in the Orienteering School Games event on Saturday 25th March 2017, which they enjoyed enormously. They achieved very well on what was a glorious day.

They were also lucky enough to meet Paralympian Hannah Cockroft. Well done boys, from us all here at Primrose.

Mr Jackson (PE and Sport Coordinator)

Individual success!

Luke A (Year 5) recently competed in a National Athletics Competition on Saturday 25th March 2017 and came 40th out of 300 children. This is on the back of coming 2nd in the whole of Leeds in a regional cross country competition and 7th in West Yorkshire- through to the National Finals again in Loughborough! On this success, we wish him luck and will him to keep it up!

Mr Jackson  (PE and Sport Coordinator)

KS2 Orienteering, March 2017

Last Friday, 17th March 2017, all of KS2 enjoyed a thrilling day of orienteering with Simon from ‘Airenteers’. The children loved learning map skills, teamwork and couldn’t believe how tiring map work could be! All children got very competitive with the electronics involved, clocking in at the start of their task and clocking out once finishing, then gaining a time (which they were all wanting to beat each other’s time!).

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

The activities involved a ‘slug trail’, where children had to follow a trail and draw it out on their maps with their white board pens. They then ‘followed the leader’ and gave each other challenges. Secondly, children were given ‘kites’, where they had to hide them, identify a starting point (with a triangle) on their maps, as well as the finishing point (with two circles) for their challengers to find. Finally, they finished with the time trials, where they chose various different trails and were timed on their completion (which brought the element of challenge, and resulted in some very tired competitors!).

Here’s what some of the Year 5 leaders had to say about their orienteering:
Bryn- ‘We did three activities, they were all really fun. I did a four point course n 1 minute 38 seconds- it was amazing!’
Abbi- ‘I found the orienteering interesting and trying to beat mine and other groups time was challeneging!’
Anya- ‘I thought it was really fun, because it got your brain working and kept you active. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, which I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!’
Liam- ‘I loved it! It was clever technology. My favourite part was running the ten point trail and getting a good time!’

You are invited to the Orienteering Taster Event at the West Yorkshire School Games

Saturday 25th March 2017, Leeds Beckett University
Entry Individuals or pairs. Come as a school or individuals, no experienced necessary!
Age groups Y3/4 and Y5/6
Teams No team competition
Qualification No qualification needed
Further information

Registration from 09:00
Opening ceremony 10.00
Event start 11.00
Event ends around 12.00

Registration: See Yorkshire Sport Foundation website, above, to register your school or individual for this event.

Fee: This is a free event.

Courses: 2 courses specially designed for beginners and pupils new to orienteering using the park and woods.

Pupils may complete a course as individuals or in pairs. Courses are approx 1.5km and 2.0km.

5 Tennis Competition

On Wednesday the 22nd of March 2017, some Y5’s from Primrose Lane Primary School are going to Boston Spa High School to take part in a tennis competition. The four teams (‘A’ teams and ‘B’ teams) will play against different teams from lots of other schools in and around Leeds. The boys who got through were Luke Brooks, Bryn Sykes and Lucas Parish. The girls who got through were Maisy Seaton, Rosie Kemp, Ava Harper and Anya McGrath. Once all of the matches are over, the amounts of wins made by each school will be added up and the school with the most matches won will get a school trophy.

Some of the Upcoming players quoted:

Rosie Kemp - “I am really excited to go to the tennis competition, however, I am quite nervous and scared.”

Maisy Seaton - “I am really proud of myself for getting into the ‘A’ team and I’m really excited for the competition.”

By James Hepworth (Year 5 and Sports Leader)

Year 5’s Greek Day!

Last week, Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful curriculum day on Friday 3rd February 2017. We were able to branch out in our learning and experience what it may have been like to transcribe and write in the Greek alphabet; eat Greek food and compete in Gem groups to win our very own Greek Olympics!

Here, you can see groups competing with the javelin throw, as well as the discus, where we measured the distances and were able to identify the winners from each Gem group.


Additionally, we competed in the ‘Legendary long jump, again resulting in overall winners for the event. We added in our own creative game, whereby we had to bounce the ball into the basket, which required estimation, precision and control, all of which the Greek Olympians required.
Overall, the points were counted and the overall winners were Ruby, so congratulations to those members! Having said this, the children showed good gamesmanship, team work and ambition- all of which we’ve worked on with our Primrose Lane Learner Values.

To complete what was a fabulous day, all children helped prepare Greek food to eat and enjoy from a hard day’s work in the Olympics! It included the delicious houmous, feta cheese and pitta bread. We will be eating olives next week too! Mrs Shacklock (our class Governor) also kindly brought us some Greek yoghurt to taste, as well as helped out all day- Thanks Mrs Shacklock!


Here’s what some of us thought of the day:
James- ‘Today was really exciting and fun, because everybody was wearing their Greek outfits and I learned lots more. My favourite part of the day was our ‘Greek Olympics’, because I learned lots of new tactics and techniques for sports (especially discus throw!)’.
Ashlynne- ‘I really enjoyed the Greek day, because we did fun tongue twisters. I enjoyed running after the balls in our Olympics’.
Evie- ‘I have really liked the whole day. It has been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed it a lot.’.
Lucas- ‘Today has been really fun. My favourite part was the Greek Olympics, because I think I did well’.
Abbi- ‘I really enjoyed today and my favourite part was the Olympic Games, because we all got to work together as a team (and luckily the boys didn’t have to compete naked!)’.
Year 2 Skipping Preparation

Last week Year Two had their skipping training session in preparation for the Skipping Festival at the end of February. We learnt lots of new skills including how to speed bounce, side swing and how to skip face to face with a partner. All the children did so well and persevered even when they found it hard. We will be continuing to practise our new skills over the coming weeks!
I liked skipping because we got to learn more types of skipping- Jess F

I found it ok although hop skip was a teeny bit hard. The rest of the skipping was fun- Grace

I liked the side swing and face to face. – Amelia

I enjoyed all the skipping and got better. – Lucas

I think I got better at the side swing because at first I found it really hard. – Freya

At the start I found it all so hard but enjoyed and could do jump in jump out. - Christian

Year 5 Sports Leaders
Here are our Year 5 Sports Leaders. They have volunteered to lead sports and be ambassadors for keeping fit and healthy in school. They lead the ‘Golden Mile’ on Mondays (For Years 1, 2 and 3) and Fridays (For Years 4, 5 and 6), as well as various sessions for younger children throughout the week in terms of fun games, as well as structured activities to teach the younger ones. Also, they will be going on Sports Leaders training soon, to ensure they have the skills and ideas to teach the younger children.
If you have any questions about Sport, please come and see one of these children and they’d be happy to help or point you in the right direction!
Day one of 'The Golden Mile'!!!

The first day of the golden mile was a huge success! Lots of people participated in the mile and were very confident. A bit of hustle and bustle didn't stop people from rocketing around the course. The Year 5 Sports Leaders did a good job of helping the younger ones...

Whole School Skipping day, October 2016


On Friday 14th October 2016, each class from Reception-Year 6 participated in a skipping festival hosted by the company Skipping Schools, led by Jodi. The day was fabulous, with all children learning the benefits of skipping for physical activity and health, as well as socially playing in the playground and outside of school. Children also learnt about persevering and if they struggled, carried on giving it a go. Each class learnt how to safely skip, as well as various different techniques, ranging from ‘double-dutch, hopping, split legs, speed skip, side step, back-to-back, change places, side-swing, pretzel;’ and many more! Children and staff alike found how tiring it can be, as our heart rates raced up quite quickly. We all loved the experience. Here are what some of the classes had to say about the day:

Year 2:
Here are some skipping quotes from Year 2: 

‘I tried really hard with side swing’ - Amelia 
‘Face to face was my favourite one and last year I didn't do it because I had a broken arm’- Christian 
‘I enjoyed doing the double bounce because I like jumping’- Freya 
‘I like side swing because I like putting the kipping rope from side to side’ - Dylan
‘I think face to face is quite easy and I love doing it with a partner’ - Grace 
‘I surprised myself by doing a double bounce’- Florence 
‘I couldn't do the side swing before but now I can do it’- Jess F 

Year 3:
Here are some skipping quotes from Year 3:

Casper Critchlow " I was not the best, but I gave it all I could."

Charlotte Turner    " I was so proud, I gave myself a hug."

Harry Hallam   " I wasn't so sure, but I did it"

Henry Elliot    "I had to use loads of perseverance but I got there in the end." 

Year 4:
Imogen Edwards: ‘On Friday 14th October, Primrose Lane Primary School had a skipping day for the children as part of keeping healthy week. Year 4 started the skipping day off. They learnt two new steps: the cross over and backwards side-swing. Near the end of the session, Year 4 had a go at run, jump, out. Mrs McTaggart reported, ‘My favourite part of Year 4’s session was watching everyone be successful in run, jump, out’. At the end of the day, all of the classes got together for an end assembly. The staff at Primrose Lane are hoping that the children will be more active at lunch time by playing with the skipping ropes.’

Year 5:
Elyssia: ‘I was amazed at how many different skipping techniques there were, and it was really fun to watch’
Harrison: ‘I liked the new game ‘Red Arrows’, and I got a lot fitter!’
Ava: ‘It was great fun, but I found putting three different moves together the hardest thing to do’
Imogen: ‘The skipping was really good and I really enjoyed it!’
Year 3’s Football Festival.
On 14th October we were lucky enough to take part in a football festival at Boston Spa Comprehensive School. Leeds United coaches were on hand to put us through our paces with a series of skills based activities, culminating in mini- matches.

The coaches were very impressed with our football talent and Year 3 had a great time. Here are the teams.


Here are a couple of quotes from the budding footballers.

Beth Keachie “We had to listen carefully if we wanted to get it right. When it was time to walk back I was exhausted!”

Luke Perham “I liked learning new skills but on the way back my legs were very tired.”

Cian Sykes “I worked with Dominic Riley and I think we did really well on it. When it was the matches, even though we didn’t win I enjoyed working as a team.

Charlotte Turner “I felt quite nervous when it my turn but I did it. I was very proud of myself.

Benjamin wise “We worked as a team.”

Sam Duffy “I would definitely recommend this to other people.”

Emily Stringer “It was a fun afternoon.

Ethan Hennessy “I really enjoyed it and at the end I was shattered.

Year 5’s 'One Mile a Day' for Keeping Healthy Week!
In ‘Keeping Healthy Week’, Year 5 decided to run a mile a day, not just to improve our health, but also our fitness. We were trying really hard each day to run at least a mile and if we did, we tried to beat our time from the previous day. It was pleasing to see all children giving this a go and trying their best to beat their own personal targets, as opposed to competing against other people.


Once we had completed our runs, we filled in our ‘Mile a Day Diaries’ to reflect on our experience and how we felt, as we are focusing on REFLECTION as being ‘Primrose Lane Learners’. We were finding in general, that we were getting better each day, but when we weren’t, it was often because of being tired from the previous day, or having a slight injury. A lot of us quoted the same on entry back to the class ‘The run was worth it for these lovely watermelons to rehydrate us! We voted as a class that we wanted watermelons for ‘Keeping Healthy Week’ for this reason- to hydrate us after running!


All in all, we found it a positive experience and would recommend it for people to do every day if they can! We’d love to introduce this properly to the rest of school and think about doing at least a mile a week (improving on this each week!)… watch this space!


Here’s what some of us had to say about the experience:
Bryn- ‘I really enjoyed the mile. I think it’s really helped the whole class in keeping fit and healthy’
Abbi- ‘After the running, I was gasping for breath. I achieved seven laps of the playground (which is a mile) in 7 minutes and 24 seconds. I am very proud of my achievements’
Maisy- ‘It was quite tiring, but once you did it, you felt as though you’d achieved something’
Lucas- ‘I think the mile a day was very enjoyable, because even though you were running a mile, it was still very fun’
Ashlynne- ‘I thought the mile a day was good, because we were all active and we all enjoyed it and did really well’.
Inter Competitions
Year 4 Skipping Competition Regional Finals

After winning the local area Skipping Festival in April, on Wednesday Year 4 took part in the Leeds City Final, competing against the 7 other winning schools. After practising hard in our PE lessons over the last few weeks, every child took part in an individual, paired or team long rope event, with most of the class winning a bronze, silver or gold certificate. We were also very proud to win gold for our Skip Dance. Finally, after all of the points had been added up, we found out that we had come second in the overall competition!

Toby: I thought that we could win it if we were at our best but the other schools that participated were really good. A team called Westerton won and we came second. We got lots of golds, silvers and bronzes.

Joel: It was very tense. We all tried our very best. At the end we came second.

Eve: I really enjoyed doing the skipping competition. I felt really nervous before the competition but after I felt relieved that we came in second place. I was really happy when I found out that me and Georgina got gold in butterfly. I was exhausted after the 4½ minute exercise because it was non stop. I was really, really happy when we found out that we came second out of about fifty other schools in Leeds. My favourite part of the experience was getting our awards.

Austin: I really enjoyed it when we did the warm ups because Chris was really funny. I felt super nervous when it was our skip dance.

Charlie C: First we did the warm up, I was feeling excited because I wanted to win. When it got to my event, I was feeling nervous because I didn’t want to make a mistake. At the end of it we came second and we won loads of certificates.

Stanley: I enjoyed listening to all the different songs such as the spooky Ghostbusters and the joyful La La Land. At the start I was very nervous but as it ended I felt proud of myself.

Georgina: I loved every minute of it and I wish I could do it all again. Out of the whole competition, we came second and I felt proud of myself.

Daniel: I really enjoyed being part of the Leeds City Final. I saw the big trophy but we were 15 points off first place and we came second. I think everybody loved the whole thing and so did I.

Jasmine: I had lots of fun skipping even though we didn’t win. At first I felt really nervous especially when it was my individual skip but then it was finished and I was proud of myself and my team.
Years 5 and 6 Girls Football Competition June 2017

On Thursday 15th June 2017, Primrose Lane Girls Football Team made up from years 5 and 6 travelled to the John Charles Stadium to take part in a 7 a side football tournament.

Each game lasted 10 minutes and was played on the Astroturf. Although the girls lost their first 3 matches they really came into their own for their final match beating the opposing team 5 – 0!

They all represented Primrose Lane well and took part with great enthusiasm. Thank you to Ady for coaching the team and giving up his morning to join us.

‘I really enjoyed the football and it was a good opportunity to play with my friends in a school team. I would really want to do this again.’ Freya

‘I really enjoyed the football, because usually they get boys to do it and it showed that girls can too! Overall it was a great experience.’ Evie

‘Some of the games were quite hard, but altogether I think the whole team played really well! I really enjoyed the tournament.’ Ava H
Boston Spa Gala Football Tournament- WINNERS!
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Leeds City Skipping Festival Final


On Tuesday the whole of Year Two went to the Leeds Beckett University Campus to take part in the first ever city wide skipping final. There were eleven schools there and over three hundred children. When we arrived you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. To begin all of the children skipped at once, a fantastic site to behold and then after that the real competition began. Each child or pair of children took part in their chosen skill against other schools. All the children showed fantastic skipping skills and determination to skip their best and I was very proud of them all. Jess F and Ellie both won gold certificates for their skips and we all cheered on the other winners during the presentation ceremony. Although on this occasion we did not win overall we had fun talking part and enjoying such a fantastic event. Well done Year Two!
Boston Spa Gala Football Tournament- WINNERS!

Primrose Lane A were victorious in the Boston Spa Gala football tournament on Saturday!

Some excellent passing football, individual goals and some even better team goals, led to two comfortable victories in the group stage against Lady Hastings and St Edwards C. This set up a deciding group match against St Edwards A to see who would top the group, A hard fought 2-0 victory against a very good St Edwards team meant that it was us that ended as group winners!

Unfortunately, both other Primrose Lane teams unluckily failed to progress beyond the group stage leaving Primrose A flying the claret and blue flag with great support from the rest of the players! Nevertheless, all the teams played great, worked as a whole team and supported each other throughout- it was a pleasure to see.

In the semi-finals we came up against a very determined St Edwards B and after a hard fought game emerged 2-0 victors – a fantastic, crucial penalty save by our keeper, keeping it 2-0 and calming everybody on the sidelines nerves! And so we were into the final....

In the final we came up against a strong and unbeaten St Marys team. Up until the final we hadn’t conceded a goal in the whole tournament so it was a bit of shock when after only 20 seconds of the match St Marys took the lead albeit fortuitously when a brave save by our keeper rebounded into the St Marys player and rolled into the net. 0-1. Heads did not drop and Primrose took the game to them without being able to find the net. Half time came and we were still one down.

The second half started and with Oliver and Thomas rock solid in defence and Luke A working tirelessly marshaling the midfield, Primrose began to take control. With 3 minutes to go Luke B found himself in some space and fired a shot towards the bottom corner. A fine save by the goalkeeper saw the ball break loose and Lucas calmly slotted into the bottom corner 1-1!

And so to extra time...

Extra time started with both sides going for it
Midway through the first half Primrose Lane took the lead for the first time!

Lucas found some space in midfield and his perfect pass fell straight into the path of the advancing Luke B who smashed an unstoppable shot past the keeper and in off the underside of the bar. 2-1!

The second half of extra time saw all out attack from both teams but with Primrose Lanes defence holding firm we had the better chances. With two minutes left a fine breakaway move saw Lucas slot home his second of the final and make the game safe at 3-1. The sound of the final whistle wasn’t far away and Primrose Lane were deserved champions!

Well played everybody!

Written by Mark Brooks
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Netball Competition May 2017

Primrose Lane Primary School competed in a netball competition on Wednesday 17th March 2017 at Wetherby High School. The team, led by Mrs Brooke, consisted of Lucas, Bryn, Ava, Maisy, Edward, Abbi and Anya.

The team did really well, putting their learnt skills in the afterschool club to practise, with the passing and moving being very good. It was a great experience for them in order to realise the positioning and tactics required in order to achieve well, and as a result, the children loved their experience.
As the leader, Mrs Brooke wanted to express how proud she was of the children’s efforts, their achievements of their certificates, as well as their attitudes throughout the competition. All children behaved excellently and were a credit to Primrose Lane.

Kirk Deighton Football Tournament.


On Saturday 13th May 2017, Primrose Lane competed in the Kirk Deighton Wetherby Schools Tournament that was held at Grange Park Sports Club. Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 all fielded teams.

All the children behaved impeccably and were shining ambassadors for our school. They all demonstrated the values that we feel are important; sportsmanship, quality, co-operation and perseverance.

The Year 2 tournament was non-competitive; however no-one seemed to have mentioned this fact to them, as they were determined to win every ball and score as many goals as possible.

The Year 3 tournament was very competitive, with the team running for every ball and tackle. All the team were encouraging each other and working hard on closing down the opposition quickly. Their attacking players ran past the defence like seasoned professionals and the defence got stuck in, even though they were playing a year up!

Similarly, the Year 4 team worked hard and enjoyed competing, putting some great passes together and working as a team throughout the tournament.

Year 5 and 6 teams played with a lot of heart, unfortunately it was not their day. Both teams had their inspirational moments, and they all played with determination. Unfortunately they were knocked out before the semi-finals, but never gave up.

Well Done Everyone.
Tag Rugby Final- May 2017

On Thursday 18th May 2017, the Year 5 Primrose Lane Team competed in the Tag Rugby City Finals at the John Charles Centre for Sport in South Leeds. It was an exciting day – 20 teams from across the Leeds area competing to win. Every team had to play four games in the morning session and, although the competition was tough and we lost the first three games, everyone played really well.

Our best was left to last - a really exciting game leaving our opponents breathless at times! With a score of 7-7, the team narrowly missed a well-deserved win. Brilliant tackles from Thomas and four amazing tries from Ethan, supported by the rest of the team, made it a game to be proud of. Team captain Joe Butterfield commented, “I thought the team played incredibly well. Although we didn’t make it to the finals, we played our best. Good luck to year 4 when they play in the tournament in year 5!”

We were also lucky enough to meet ex Leeds Rhinos rugby player and scout Chev Walker, who signed our certificates and congratulated the team on getting so far.

Mrs Maxwell
Year 4 Skipping Champs!

On Thursday, Year 4 took part in a Skipping Festival, which included teams from Bardsey, Wetherby St James, Shadwell and Thorner. We had spent several weeks practising our skipping skills in our PE lessons, at playtimes and at home. We tried out for the events we wanted to participate in: some of us took part in individual events such as speed bounce and crossover; there were pairs events such as face to face and butterfly; and there were two long rope team events.


We had great fun and everybody tried their best. We won lots of Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates for our scores. Special mention should go to the long rope teams, who scored a huge number of points, and to Hannah who was picked out by the judges for her massively high score in the ‘pretzel’ event! In addition to that, we had to make up a Skip Dance, where we had to include as many different skipping steps as possible, set to music. We won the Gold certificate for our Skip Dance! We are looking forward to showing it to everyone at the Maypole afternoon later on this term. We had a tense wait while all of the scores were added up, and then we were announced as the winners of the whole event! We are now going to work hard to keep practising for the Leeds City Final in June.

Congratulations to everyone in Year 4!

Tennis Tournament

On Wednesday last week, year 3 and selected children from year 5 attended Boston Spa High School to take part in a wet afternoon of tennis coaching and group tournaments.

What proved to be an amazing fun filled afternoon resulted in non-stop matches with fantastic results.  Well done Primrose Lane!

Year 5 A team (Luke B)                                                     2nd place
Year 5 B team (Bryn & Lucas)                                         3rd place
Year 5 team (Maisy & Rosie)                                           2nd place
Year 5 team (Ava & Anya)                                               3rd place
Year 4 team (Emilie B, Edie, Sam A & Jacob)              3rd place  




‘My favourite skill was the sandwich. We had to balance a ball on a racket with other rackets on top of mine. At the end we got to watch the match. I really enjoyed the whole day’. Keely

'My favourite part of the day was when we had to make a sandwich, racket, ball, racket, ball. I felt a shimmer of fun inside me!’ Emily S.

‘I felt extremely happy because I learnt a lot of new interesting skills to do with tennis’. Henry E.

‘My favourite part of the day was when we did all the activities. I thought it was really fun and I would definitely do it again. I felt really happy and energetic!’. Charlotte.

‘My favourite part of the day was when we watched the match. I felt happy and excited’. Benjamin.

Tag Rugby Competition March 2017

On 17th March 2017, the whole of Year 5 competed in a Tag Rugby Competition organised by Leeds Rhinos. There were lots of Leeds schools involved, three of which were Primrose Lane A Team, Primrose Lane B Team and Primrose Lane C Team. Other local schools involved included the following which you may be aware of:
  • Shadwell;
  • Thorp Arch;
  • St Edwards;
  • Grange Farm;
  • Harewood;
  • Deighton Gates;
  • Collingham;
  • And Crossley Street.


All children thoroughly enjoyed a rather cold competitive afternoon, led by Leeds Rhinos coaches. The children in Year 5 all represented the school brilliantly and behaved very well, even when decisions didn’t go their way. Everybody showed excellent gamesmanship by shaking hands and wishing each other the best for the next game.

Primrose Lane’s A and B team did amazingly well, winning their groups as well as their quarter-final games…..then being drawn against each other! It was a very competitive game, with Primrose Lane B team coming out on top and winning to get into the finals! Unfortunately, the B team didn’t win the final, but are through to the Leeds Finals which will be played at the South Leeds Stadium in Summer, so we wish them well. The rest of the class have unanimously agreed to go and support the B team in the Leeds Finals, so watch this space! Unfortunately B and C teams didn’t make it through, but competed very well and scored a number of great try’s.

Here’s what some of them had to say about the competition:
Joe- ‘I thought the B team had excellent teamwork. We also had an AMAZING defence and great forwards (prop forwards!)’
Abbi- ‘I was in the B team in the competition and when we got through to the city final, I was amazed!’
Anya- ‘The tag rugby was really tiring; on the other hand, I enjoyed it!’
Rosie- ‘I really enjoyed doing the tag rugby competition, even though we didn’t win’
Bryn- ‘I think it was a great competition. It was unlucky that Primrose B Team lost the final, but I look forward to cheering them on in the city finals. A great day!’
Maisy- ‘It was an amazing experience- I loved it!’
Ashlynne- ‘I really enjoyed the tag rugby, because we all worked together as a team, even though C team didn’t win. It was a life-time opportunity!’
Thomas- ‘I was so glad that we got to play lots of different teams. Also, the B team did really well to beat the A team- getting through to the city finals!
The West Yorkshire Cross Country Finals March 2017


On the 16th March 2017, we (some of Years 4 and 5) travelled to Temple Newsam to take part in a Cross country competition, which was the whole of West Yorkshire. The track was 1,500m of grassy up and down hills.

If you came in the top ten, you would receive an envelope with a letter inside it quoting things like, ’Can your child make it to the Leicester final’

After the intense race, we were all very tired and out of breath. Congratulations to Luke Alker for coming seventh. We all wish him good luck for when he goes to Leicester. Also, congratulations for everyone else who took part – it is an amazing achievement to represent Leeds and get this far.

Written by Luke A and Edward T (Year 5 Sports Leaders)
Cross Country Finals Competition
“On 2nd March 2017, 19 children from Years 4 and 5 competed in the Leeds Finals Cross Country Competition held at Middleton Park (John Charles Centre for Sport). The children again represented Primrose Lane brilliantly; showing perfect behaviour, fabulous sportsmanship, perseverance and excellent attitudes.

Even through the strong winds, muddy terrain and mole hills, all the children put in their best efforts and cheered each other through every race, irrespective of their positions!


pecial mentions to the individual qualifiers , which were Luke A (coming second for Year 5 Boys), Joel B and Benjamin T (coming second and eighth respectively for Year 4 Boys), who were through irrespective for coming in the top 10 of their age group in Leeds!


We have now received results to suggest that our Year 4 Girls, Year 4 Boys and Year 5 Boys have made it through to the West Yorkshire Finals, which is a huge achievement! Congratulations to all competitors for getting this far and all being within the top 100 in Leeds- brilliant!

Thank you to all the Parents/Carers who turned up on the day to show their support.”

Mr Jackson
(PE and Sport Coordinator)
Athletics Competition, Final, January 2017 Years 5-6

On Thursday 12th January 2017, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school and competed against four other schools in the Finals of the Athletics Competition (along with Bardsey, St Theresas and Garforth). The events involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The team did exceptionally well and behaved impeccably, but unfortunately we didn’t win this time. We came third overall, but everybody enjoyed themselves and we were proud of our achievements in winning the previous two rounds. The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin. 

The results were as follows:

1st- St Theresas (176 points)

2nd- Garforth (120 points)

3rd- Primrose Lane (90 points)

4th- Bardsey (88 points)

Congratulations to the whole team for getting this far and proudly representing the school

Mr Jackson
(PE and Sport Coordinator)
Road to Wembley Football Competition 2016

On Monday 12th December, Primrose Lane Primary School competed in the Road to Wembley Football Competition at Wetherby High School. The other teams involved included St Marys, Whittkirk, St Theresas, Scholes and Colton.

-Dan M, Luke A, Luke B, Oliver, Sammy H, Edward T, Lucas P and Thomas A.
The results went as follows:
Whittkirk 0 – 2 Primrose Lane (Lucas P and Luke A scorers)
Colton 1 -1 Primrose Lane (Edward scorer)
St Theresas 1 -0 Primrose Lane
St Marys 2 – 0 Primrose Lane
Meadowfield 0 – 2 Primrose Lane (Lucas P and Luke A scorers)
Scholes 0 -2 Primrose Lane (Luke B x 2 scorer).

Unfortunately, Primrose Lane came third and didn’t qualify for the city final, but everybody really enjoyed themselves and showed excellent gamesmanship. Congratulations must go to everyone, who supported each other. We’d also like to thank the adults who supported on the day.
Athletics Competition, Semi-Final, November 2016 Years 5-6: WINNERS!

On Wednesday 30th November 2016, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school and competed against four other schools in the Semi-Finals of the Athletics Competition (Bardsey, Methley, Field Head Carr and Bramham). The events involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The team did exceptionally well and behaved impeccably, resulting in WINNING and moving through to the City Cup Final! The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin. 

The results were as follows:

1st- Primrose Lane (172 points)

2nd- Bardsey (164 points)

3rd- Methley (154 points)

4th- Field Head Carr (134 points)

5th- Bramham (98 points)

Congratulations to the whole team and good luck in the City Cup Final!

Mr Jackson
Athletics Competition, October 2016 Years 5-6: WINNERS!

On Wednesday 19th October 2016, pupils from Years 5 and 6 represented the school and competed against four other schools (Collingham, St Marys, Harewood and St Edwards). The events involved girls competing against each other and the boys competing against each other, then the results combined to give an overall score. The team did exceptionally well and behaved impeccably, resulting in WINNING and moving through to the City Cup! The events that the children competed in were individual races (along with hurdles), relay races (again with hurdles also), obstacle relays, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump and bull-nosed javelin.

The results were as follows:
1st- Primrose Lane (170 points, with the most first places)
2nd- St Marys (170 points)
3rd- Collingham (140 points)
4th- St Edwards (132 points)
5th- Harewood (112 points)
Congratulations to the whole team and good luck in the City Cup!
Cross Country Competition 
“On 11th October 2016, 30 children from Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in a cross country competition held at Brigshaw High School. The children represented Primrose Lane well; showing impeccable behaviour, fabulous sportsmanship and great perseverance. 


Even through the temperamental weather of torrential rain, wind and some sunshine, all the children put in their best efforts and cheered each other through every race! 

We have now received results to suggest that our Year 4 Boys, Year 4 Girls, Year 5 Boys and Year 5 Girls have all qualified to the City Finals in March 2017! Congratulations to all competitors! There must be particular mentions for Year 4 Girls and Year 5 Boys who won their competitions. Thank you to all the parents who turned up on the day to show their support.”

Miss Carse.
Curriculum PE


Year 2 PE Curriculum Skills

On Thursday Year Two had the Leeds United Football Coaches in for their weekly session. This however was a coaching session with a difference as we had some special guests. We were visited by the Leeds United players Hadi Sacko and Tyler Denton. We were practising our agility and defending skills and they were trying to catch the ball and balloons off of us. After the session we had a chance to ask some questions and take some pictures. Tyler Denton spoke about how his ambition had always been to be a football player and we explained how ambition is one of our Primrose Lane Learner Values.


In this half term’s PE lessons, Year 4 have had a rugby coach from Leeds Rhinos. We are really enjoying the sessions and have learnt lots:

Libby: I enjoyed ding rugby because I like the games and how it includes everyone. I’ve learnt how to throw the ball properly because at the start I couldn’t. I’m looking forward to kicking the ball next.

Jasmine: I am really enjoying our rugby lessons with Matt. At first, I didn’t really like or understand rugby but now I think it’s fun. I am really excited about it.

Lauren: I have been really enjoying rugby with Matt. My favourite part was playing cups and saucers for the warm ups. I have learnt that you need to move about because you can’t hesitate because you might get hit in the face by the ball.

Benjamin: I think rugby is amazing. My favourite part is the warm up. In my opinion, Matt is the best rugby teacher.

Eve: I am really enjoying our rugby lessons with Matt. I am really looking forward to moving onto kicking next week. We are doing a lot of teamwork in our lessons and I think it is really good to do teamwork.

Lucy: I’m really enjoying rugby. I’ve learnt lots of things but my favourite thing is the 6 o’clock pass. I’m really looking forward to doing some kicking as well.

Austin: I enjoyed passing and all the other drills we did with Matt. I would recommend this to future classes.

Kerrieanne: I enjoyed throwing the ball and playing. I learnt how to throw the ball with two hands properly.

Charlie S: In rugby, I learnt how to pass a ball and so far I really like it!

Joel: I have been enjoying rugby a lot with Matt. I am looking forward to kicking the rugby ball. It has inspired me to play more rugby.

Sam: I really enjoyed the games to help us understand rugby. I learnt the 6 o’clock pass. I am looking forward to kicking the ball.

Georgina: I have enjoyed it because I have learnt that I can pass to people whilst running or walking. I am looking forward to kicking the ball.

Harvey: I have enjoyed doing some mini matches and some catching games. I have learnt how to throw the ball. In this half term’s PE lessons, Year 4 have had a rugby coach from Leeds Rhinos. We are really enjoying the sessions and have learnt lots:
Football Team

Primrose Lane 1 - 2 St Josephs (Player of the match, Luke B) - 09.03.17
Deighton Gates 3 - 1 Primrose Lane (Players of the match, Luke A and Luke B) - 4.10.16
Primrose Lane 1 - 2 Deighton Gates (Players of the match Joe B and Oliver T) - 8.11.16.
St Joseph's (Wetherby) 3 - 1 Primrose Lane (Player of the match- Jamie) - 14.11.16
Bardsey 3 - 1 Primrose Lane (Player of the match- Sammy Harper) - 08.12.16
Bramham 2 - 6 Primrose Lane (Player of the match Oliver T) - 26.1.17.
Primrose Lane 2 - 0 Bardsey (Player of the match, Sammy H) - 28.03.17
Cup Matches

Primrose Lane 0 - 4 Holy Rosary (Player of the match, Edward T) - 21.2.17