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Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay!

The Nursery children have submitted an entry to this year’s Boston Spa Scarecrow festival!

Together they have created the wonderful Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay from Julia Donaldson’s story ‘The Scarecrow Wedding’.


The children helped to create all elements of the scene, including the remarkable animal paintings and Betty’s fabulously feathery dress.


The children love hearing the bell ring during session time, as they know it means someone is enjoying looking at their scarecrow scene!

Lots of the children have spotted other scarecrows in the local area and they are excited to find out which is the winning scarecrow at this weekend’s Scarecrow Festival! Well done Nursery!
The children had a great day out when we recently visit Cannon Hall Farm.


The children saw lots of different animals at the farm including pigs, goats, turkeys, sheep, llamas, alpaca, Shetland ponies, hens, rabbits, a family of meerkats, Guinea pigs and a highland cattle! We were lucky enough to see piglets that were just one day old, and we watched them feeding from their Mummy.


The children were also able to feed and pet some of the animals, and they were amazed to watch a cow being milked by the farmer.


After lunch we watched the sheep race and then the ferret race. The children had to choose which
colour sheep and ferret they thought was going to win, and we cheered them all on from the sidelines!


At the end of a busy, fun filled day, the children enjoy ice lollies in the sunshine and chatted about
the sights, sounds and smells of the day!
Tour de Primrose

The Nursery children participated in their own Tour de Primrose and the day was a brilliant success. In the morning the children were each treated to an exciting chariot rides, which they loved! Next the children participated in group races where they sped across the playground on their bikes or scooters trying to win the race. The children stopped for a well-deserved lunch break and restocked their energy levels for the afternoon’s activities.

The children opened the afternoon with the wonderful songs they have spent lots of time learning, and then they competed in more group races, this time cheered on by their parents and relatives. Then it was time for the afternoon’s main event – Tour de Primrose! They sped across the playground to the different stages of the race, peddling as fast as they could and trying to negotiate their way along the difficult route. The atmosphere was electric as the children received shouts of encouragement and praise from, their families and the rest of the school children, including Reception, who had made banners for the occasion!

After a final sprint to the finish line the children were exhausted and ready to relax with their family and friends. They enjoyed homemade afternoon tea in the sunshine, sat underneath the fluttering Tour de Primrose bunting.

The children showed great skill and determination throughout the day, they listened carefully to instructions and participated fully in the day’s activities. The children put lots of thought into, and shared wonderful suggestions during preparation for the event in designing tickets, deciding the route and making the energy bars after discussing what ingredients we should put in them. The Nursery team would like to say a huge well done to all of the children and a big thank you to all of the family members who were able to attend on the day. We hope you and the children enjoyed Tour de Primrose as much as we did!

A Letter to Parents
The children have added a scarecrow ‘scarebear’ to the Nursery playground. As a group, the children wrote this letter to explain why they built the scarecrow bear and what his job is.


The Nursery children had a very unwelcomed visit from Goldilocks recently!
One morning the children were talking about different cereals, so we decided to make some porridge and we talked about where porridge oats come from. Once made the porridge was too hot to eat, so the children suggested we go for a walk and wait for it to cool down. The children had worked very hard to pick all of the toys up and tidy their things away, so we left the porridge on a table to cool in our beautifully tidy, empty classroom. We went for a walk around the school grounds and looked at all of the new flowers and leaves that are growing. Unfortunately, when we left for the walk someone (who will remain anonymous!) realised they had left the classroom door open. We thought it would be fine but some of the children were worried Goldilocks might come and eat the porridge, so we quickly raced back to check our porridge was safe.


We could not believe what we found when we arrived back to the classroom. Chairs and pencil pots were tipped over, toys thrown on the floor and the porridge bowl was EMPTY! The children knew it was Goldilocks who had eaten all of the porridge and trashed the Nursery, and they were outraged. They checked in the bed to see if she was sleeping, but she had already left. Fortunately, Mrs Sketchley had hidden some porridge in the microwave, so all of the children could still have a little bowl of porridge. They were relieved Goldilocks hadn’t had the sense to look in the microwave!


The children tidied up the Nursery and thought about what we should do next. They decided we need to write to the police to tell them what has happened, and that we should put warning signs up to make sure everyone knows about Goldilocks. The children have made lots of signs telling Goldilocks to keep out of school, and out of the Three Bears Cottage – you may see some around school. Keep your eyes peeled for Goldilocks, she is not to be trusted – especially with porridge!
The Gingerbread Bakery

Thank you to everyone who came to the Nursery Gingerbread Bakery to buy a gingerbread man! The Nursery children worked really hard to bake over 500 gingerbread men and create posters to advertise the event. Some of the children even went into assembly to tell the rest of the school about it!

An Exciting Encounter!

The children were excited to see a fire engine pull into the School car park recently. We went outside to see the fire engine and speak to the firemen. The firemen asked if anyone had any questions – ‘do you put the fires out?’ one of the children asked.
The firemen answered the children’s questions and talked to them about the different tools and equipment that is kept on the fire engine. The children were invited to sit inside the fire engine, which was quite high, and they were able to see the firemen’s tools and uniform up close.
The children listened very carefully to the firemen and asked to see the flashing lights and hear the sirens. They were very excited when they came on, and it was so loud some children had to cover their ears! Since visiting the fire engine, there has been lots of ‘fireman’ play outside. The children have enjoyed playing with the different tools as they have driven their friends around, putting out fires.

Chinese New Year

The Nursery children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and our Chinese New Year celebration day. We have spent lots of time talking about the traditions of Chinese people in preparation for the New Year, and they have transferred this knowledge to their play, including in the Chinese home corner, where they have cleaned in preparation for the Kitchen God’s visit and enjoyed delicious Chinese meals.

The children prepared for the Chinese New Year by making Chinese lanterns and adding Chinese writing to their lucky red envelopes, which the children received on our celebration day. The children also decorated table cloths for their Chinese banquet, and made their very own dragon, complete with a ferocious face.

On the day the children enjoyed a delicious Chinese banquet where they tried different Chinese foods and tried to eat using chop sticks – which they managed brilliantly!

Afterwards, the children treated their families to a wonderful performance of dragon dancing, scarf dancing and a lions and dragons mask game. To close the celebrations, the children performed two songs they had learnt especially for the occasion, one of which they sang in Chinese. The children thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations and should be very proud of their fantastic performance.
Nursery’s Nativity

Before Christmas the children gave a brilliant performance of The Nativity Story. The children spent many weeks learning the songs, actions and lines to the Nativity and were very excited to perform this for their parents and families. We were so proud of all of the children for all of the effort and enthusiasm that they put into the performance! Later the same day the children also performed songs from their Nativity at St Mary’s Church in front of the whole school and local community.
The Nursery children have also been making lots of wonderful marks.

We have been getting to grips with technology. The children learnt how to operate the camera on the visualiser and loved taking photos of themselves and their friends. They also experimented with the Bee-Bot; pressing the buttons in a sequence to programme the Bee-Bot to move in certain directions using a number of different paces. They had him going round and round in circles!


There has been lots of dancing in Nursery. DJ Hughie hosted a disco for the children to attend and they loved dancing to different songs, holding hands, spinning each other around and finding their own unique ways to move to the different songs. They really enjoy party games and like to stop the music and freeze taking it in turns to operate the stop and play button. Their favourite song to dance to is the "Troll song" (Can't Stop the Feeling) which most of them know all of the words to, and it has become a bit of an anthem for the children!


The children thoroughly enjoyed our Nursery Diwali
celebration event. After learning about Diwali, the children helped to prepare a vegetarian curry, made beautiful mehndi patterns inside, pretty rangoli designs outside with chalk and participated in some traditional dancing. They enjoyed learning about the Diwali festival and had many animated discussions about how the festival is celebrated. In the afternoon the children enjoyed an Indian banquet together, including the curry they had helped to prepare.
The children thoroughly enjoyed our Nursery Diwali celebration event. After learning about Diwali, the children helped to prepare a vegetarian curry, made beautiful mehndi patterns inside, pretty rangoli designs outside with chalk and participated in some traditional dancing. They enjoyed learning about the Diwali festival and had many animated discussions about how the festival is celebrated. In the afternoon the children enjoyed an Indian banquet together, including the curry they had helped to prepare.

Spooky Goings On

We had a Halloween Party in Nursery and the children loved showing each other their costumes and best spooky faces. Witch Jubb, Witch Sketchely and With Carr made a horrible, yucky potion and added lots of disgusting ingredients, then when they tried it it made them dance! Some of the children were very brave and tried some of the potion - and it made them dance too! It was very funny! We had a disco and did the Monster Mash, played musical scary statues and enjoyed some party food. At the end of the party we tried the fantastically gigantic witched gingerbread house and it was delicious!


The children enjoyed exploring autumn and we talked lots about the changes we were seeing in our environment. On autumn walks they collected beautiful leaves, twigs and seeds, and we watched a squirrel collect and bury its acorns in the school grounds. They children brought everything we had collected back to the classroom and organised everything into different baskets ready for our autumn workshop where they made beautiful seasonal collages. 

It has been a brilliant half term and the children have really made the most of their time in Nursery. The children have made new friends, told us lots about their life and families, explored Autumn, created incredible constructions, shared stories, made beautiful pictures, supported each other, climbed and chased, built dinosaur houses, developed their maths skills with teddy’s and pumpkins and worked together, to name but a few!
Nursery's Harvest Celebration

Nursery would like to say a big thank you to all of the families who were able to join us at our Harvest celebration. Also a huge well done to all of the Nursery children who helped prepare for the festival by spending the week making soup, bread and a delicious carrot cake (that went down very well with everyone!) The children also created beautiful table cloths from leaf printing, and took some seasonal fruit and vegetables home with them, including the apples and pears they picked from our Nursery Orchard. It was a lovely afternoon to celebrate the Harvest season and the end of a brilliant half term. 
Here are some comments we received about the Harvest celebration from families and children: 

“It was lovely eating food the children had made”

“Thank you for a lovely Harvest Festival meal – it was delicious! Well done everybody – great baking! 10/10 for the carrot cake!”

“I enjoyed seeing all the parents enjoying what the children had made”

“I had the biggest piece of cake. It’s gone into my tummy!” – Hughie

“The carrot cake was yummy scrummy delicious! The soup looks like Vanilla ice cream” – Angus

“A lovely afternoon. Great conversation with the little ones. They were so proud of their efforts. Special memories”

“It’s (the soup’s) got potatoes in it” – Kitty 

“It was fun making it” – Benjamin 

“It’s soup-er!” – Esme 

“I liked the carrot cake but not the soup. I liked making the cake” – Rupert 

“Great for us to join in with the children and have a peek into their day”

“I loved everything” – Marley 

We had a wonderful topic on diggers and dumpers which ran for over three weeks, initiated by a group of the children who spotted the builders arriving to do some work at school. The children wanted to find out what the builders were going to do, so we spent lots of in the Year 6 classroom observing and outside with the builders asking questions and examining their work. This initial interest sparked lots of builder play within Nursery, across many areas of provision. The children made diggers, cranes, dumper trucks, cement mixers and undersea flatteners with the construction blocks, played at being builders outside and worked together to build a huge house for a mouse!

We've had a lovely start to the school year in Nursery, and nearly all of our new starts have joined us! The children have had a brilliant time playing, exploring the different resources and getting to know one another. We are delighted with how well the children are settling into the setting and the routines, and we're very excited about the activities planned over the next few weeks!