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About the Nursery
Primrose Lane Nursery is an educational Nursery that provides the next steps for your child and prepares them for their progression through school.
Our commitment is to provide children with an exciting, stimulating and secure environment where they can develop at their own pace, becoming independent learners and allowing them to achieve their full potential.
We pride ourselves on:
• Having highly qualified and experienced staff (BA Hons Primary Education, NNEB);
• Creating a safe and caring environment;
• Having a free flowing setting, encouraging independence;
• Children being well prepared for the transition into any school by the time they leave us;
• Having well resourced, separate areas of learning, regularly enhanced to further development;
• Fabulous role-play;
• Promoting healthy eating and physical activity;
• Having fun!
We have constant free flow access to our secure outdoor playground, which is equipped with large-scale resources and areas of learning.

Our provision offers:
• Educational visits and wonderful sessions dedicated to different festivals;
• Advanced ICT;
• Learning through music, song, rhyme and movement;
• The government’s EYFS National Curriculum;
• 15 hours free entitlement to flexible sessions, tailored to your needs;
• Access to the main school’s enriched curriculum activities e.g. visitors to school, special assemblies.

Flexible hours
We are a fully flexible Nursery that provides both the government’s 15 hours of Nursery education and the option of taking on additional sessions.
What does this mean?
This means that we will be offering each child their five government funded, three hour sessions per week that can be taken in a flexible manner with the possibility of staying for lunch or purchasing additional sessions subject to availability.
What does ‘flexible manner’ mean?
Flexible manner means that you can choose when your child will attend their sessions. You could choose to have your child in Nursery all day Monday, all day Tuesday and half day Wednesday. Or they could attend all mornings or all afternoons. You could choose to send your child Monday morning and all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Although you are entitled to bring your child to Nursery for 5 sessions, if you do not wish to take up all 5 sessions there is no requirement for you to do so although we do recommend that your child attends at least three sessions per week. If you would like your child to stay for more than their five allocated sessions, there is the possibility of purchasing more subject to availability. Additional sessions (not including lunchtimes) can only be guaranteed on a termly basis. We will always endeavour to meet your needs but we are restricted by Education Leeds’ regulations. If any changes need to be made we will give you as much notice as possible.

All additional sessions and the first hour of the day (if staying for lunch) must be paid for. The first hour is charged at £4 (running from 8.45-9.45) and additional sessions are charged at £10. If children stay for lunch but do not want to start at 8.45 no charge will be made and their start time would be 9.45.
How will the sessions run?
The morning session will run from 8:45 - 11:45. The afternoon session will run from 12:45 – 3:45.
Lunch time will run from 11:45 – 12:45 and there will be a charge for the lunchtime cover.
How do the lunch times run?
Lunch times will be offered to all children but there are only 24 places available per day and these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Children can either purchase a school lunch from our on-site kitchen or can bring a packed lunch from home.
Lunch times can be taken up by any child regardless of the sessions that they attend. If your child comes to a morning session they could stay for lunch and would go home at 12:45. If your child attends an afternoon session they could start their nursery day by coming for lunch then attending their scheduled afternoon session. If you opted for your child to stay all day then they would stay for lunch and continue into the afternoon session.
The cost for lunch time cover will be £4.00 per day.
Come in and see us!
You are more than welcome to visit us and see our Nursery in action. Simply telephone school and we’ll be more than happy to show you around.